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Chapter 05. the final countdown.

Pamela Spoke to Bob and instantly he went stiff as a board ; No I don't mean just his cock went stiff; his whole body went rigid and as he was told to lie down he actually fell over as it was the only way he could manage to lie down.

Thunder was still laid in the corner slowly licking his cock; whilst Jim his owner was smiling lewdly at Janice; when suddenly Pamela touched his shoulder and said "sleep". Instantly Jim's eyes shut tight and he seemed to relax.

Now Pamela moved over to Janice and touching her lightly on her cunt; before speaking. Immediately Janice began recounting how three days earlier she had began to notice how all male dogs seemed constantly horny and could stick their cocks out at the drop of a hat. Janice leaned forward as if she was in a cafe as she whispered that Bob had begun finding websites about the subject and how he had driven her wild with passion; She even confessed to being turned on watching her husband having a wank but could not understand why he was saving it in a bottle like he did.

Pamela suddenly interjected at this point; "That would be because he wants to shower you with his spunk whilst you are being fucked by a dog; he wants you to be on your back so you can kiss the dog properly with tongues; whilst he wants to pour the spunk over your tits." She added, "Then he can watch as the dog licks up that spunk from your nipples with the dog's bristled ticklish tongue; just imagine the rough haired tongue rasping across your tender sensitive nipples!"

All the time Pamela watched intently as once more Janice's cunt went into overdrive but never reached the finishing line; Janice cried out in frustration. Seizing the opportunity Pamela quickly asked what was the matter and Janice explained that for some reason she just could not manage a climax at all this week and she was now getting extremely desperate and horny. Pamela suddenly said, "Let me help you out of this predicament! I think that if I play with your cunt it may make you climax and your problems would be over!" then she added, "You do want me to play with your cunt; don't you?"

In a horny frenzy Janice begged Pamela to play all she liked just make her cum; Pamela smirked to herself as she thought; oh no my pretty fuck slut you have another day to wait for that. Instantly Pamela slid her hand between Janice's, red hot to the touch, thighs and immediately began probing the wet sticky recesses of cunt. One finger then another until all her hand was buried up Janice's well stretched cunt; as Pamela began fisting the soaking wet cunt; Janice began begging for more and more and suddenly she found herself begging Pamela to arrange for her to be fucked by the biggest dog cock she could find.

Pamela made suitable noises without making any promises about bringing about a much needed climax; when she thought she could not take Janice any higher; she pulled her fist from her cunt despite Janice's protests not to. Suddenly Janice's trigger words were used again and Janice sat quietly. Pamela went to her bag and took out a large black strap on dildo; handing it to Janice she told her to put it on.

Whilst waiting for this to happen; Pamela moved over to Bob and from behind her back she produced a silver canister looking object; Bob thought he saw her carrying a vibrator towards him so he smiled but what he did not know was that his silver canister was in fact a cock restraint. Unclipping the hasp she opened the cylinder and slipped it over his soft cock; quickly she closed the cylinder and locked the hasp with a gold coloured padlock. Then taking the silver chain hanging from the lower end she wrapped it around his balls and fastened the other end back to the cylinder. Now with his cock fully encapsulated she was able to really unleash her twisted dreams of revenge on a man's cock as she laughed almost hysterically at her next part of her plan. Taking a moderate amount of tiger balm she applied it liberally all over Bob's balls. Then she planted a trigger word that pain was pleasure and pleasure was pain; the more pain he felt the hornier he would become and the hornier he got the harder his cock would get. All the time she knew the cylinder did not allow for his cock to swell with blood as it stiffened; so this too would add to the agony of his balls feeling like they were on fire.

Ten minutes after applying the tiger balm Bob was sweating profusely and panting like a raging nymphomaniac; his balls threatened to burst into flames and his poor cock threatened to do its very best to burst the cylinder or at the very least a blood vessel.

Turning now to Jim; Pamela loaded him with his instructions and trigger words; for him it was a requirement that he behaved like a mighty stallion and he was to knock Bob down and fuck his arse like a stallion mating a mare and Jim was not allowed to talk his audible outputs was limited to snorting and baying like a horse. Satisfied she was about to witness the ultimate revenge over a cock and an absolute comedy spectacular she smiled to herself.

Once more she turned to Janice and spoke quietly; she instructed her that she was going to be the alpha male dog and using the rubber strap on cock; she was going to fuck Pamela. However there were one or two strict conditions she was a dog and as such she could not speak nor could she stand up on two legs. Then in a loud clear voice she announced the newly placed action trigger. Instantly Jim began snorting and nudging Bob who eventually went down on to his knees and Jim clamber between his legs from behind and then without using his hands began thrusting his stiff cock in the direction of Bob's anal ring.

At the same time; Janice dropped to her knees and began yapping and trying to nip at Pamela's thighs until she knelt and lowered her head to the floor raising her arse high in the air presenting a generous target for the thrusting rubber cock for the Janice dog. Again without the aid of any hands it was a hit and miss affair but to anyone watched from the outside it was a mixture of pure porn acting and hilarious comedy.

Eventually Both Pamela and Bob were nailed by their invading cocks and both began to enjoy the fuck of their life. Janice still pounding the fuck out of Pamela's upturned cunt as she actually slavered like a dog would as it fucked its bitch. Bob fared little better as Jim thrusts with hard powerful strokes just like a stallion would but neither Bob nor Pamela were complaining.

Janice was the unfortunate one for the more she fucked like a dog the more she got turned on but still unable to cum; Bob's arse pounding was not too bad because Jim's cock was massaging his prostate gland and he actually managed to cum inside his cylinder. Pamela had one of her very best orgasms at the hands of the rubber cock which because it never reach boiling point meant it kept on going for what seemed like forever. Jim Eventually gave way to his pent up passion to cum and blasted bob's arse full of white spunk. As for thunder he had the best job of all because he got to go round licking up all that erupted juices.

When they had finished fucking Pamela dressed and then planted one final action trigger in the three remaining subjects mind and that was that they would put the radio on and when they heard the 9pm news they would trigger the actions and once they heard the midnight news it would cease but between that time Bob was to fuck Janice up the cunt and then keep alternating with Jim between her cunt and arse. Oh and yes Bob had to keep the cylinder in place because Pamela was taking the keys home with her; For Janice this was going to be the first time of taking a double penetration and even worse it was going to be a three hour blitz of double team fucking. If one of the men failed to rise to the occasion then he would end up being fucked by the other two participant's one after the other.

As Pamela started to leave she called out over her shoulder, "Janice count slowly to Seventy and upon reaching that number all three of you will awaken and not remember anything which had taken place so far however you will all decide it was cool to carry out the other instructions and you Bob will set up a video camera to record the activities!"

Next morning Janice could not explain why but she just knew she needed to phone Pamela; No sooner had she dialled the number than she was telling Pamela all the sordid details of the previous night including how she felt to have the cold metal of Bob's cylinder pushed up her cunt and arse and how painful it had been because of the padlock. She felt embarrassed to tell Pamela how Bob had taken Jim's cock up his arse and had in return fucked Jim with is special cock cage in place.

Janice never fully heard the words Pamela whispered down the phone but she suddenly found the reason she needed to phone Pamela as she suddenly started begging and pleading with Pamela to find her the biggest dog cock to suck and fuck; she did not care if it was seventeen inches long and eight inches thick she just needed to relieve this infernal itch which had been driving her mad for the last five days.

Pamela smirked at this and played hard to get saying that she just could not think why a horny fucking lesbian slut would want a k9 cock, but Janice never heard the last of this because lesbian slut was her long term trigger and she immediately went into a trance awaiting further instructions.

Pamela quickly ascertained who would be there today being Saturday and discovered only Janice and Bob would be there; so she gave the following instructions.

1. Janice was to remove all the clothes in the house and lock them in the garage; this also included what they were both wearing right now.

2. Bob was to sit out in the back garden; in full view and wait for Pamela's arrival.
3. Janice was to take the largest carrot and largest courgette and stick them in the deep freeze.

4. Bob was to be blindfolded and then select one of the frozen vegetables to be shoved up his arse and he had to keep it there till Pamela removed it.

5. Janice had to take the other vegetable up her arse and likewise wait for Pamela to be there to remove it.

Then with a closing trigger word hung up the phone.

Seven hours later; Pamela rang the door bell of Bob and Janice's home and a slightly embarrassed Bob poke his head from around the back of the door and invited Pamela in. As she followed him into the living room she could not help but giggle for sticking out his butt was the green leaves of a carrot. Pamela had to laugh again when she saw Janice unable to sit down properly; so she was on her knees on the settee with the fattest end of a courgette still showing from her butt.

As soon as Janice saw Pamela she began begging again for Pamela to get her the dog cock she needed. Pamela snapped, "Why should I keep my word when you can't even follow simple instructions?"

"What do you mean by that?" responded Janice.

"2. Bob is to sit out in full view in the back garden until I get there!" retorted Pamela.

Suddenly Janice fell silent and stared at Bob; Bob immediately tried to apologise but Pamela would hear none of it. Instead she snapped that one of them was going to be punished and she was going to allow them to choose who that would be.

Ever the gent around his wife; Bob volunteered to accept whatever punishment Pamela wished to hand out. Accepting this Pamela told him she would think up a suitable punishment and then grabbing her mobile she dialled in a number and spoke into the phone.

Twenty minutes later Pauline answered the door and let in an Afghan hound standing four feet tall; a spindly Caribbean woman accompanied the dog and she immediately went over to Bob and manhandle his cock restraint before spotting the carrot buried in his ass. Quickly the woman Carmen walked over and whispered something to Pamela; immediately Pamela agreed and announced, "I have decided on your Punishment Bob!" she deliberately stopped right there and waited; meanwhile the afghan hound began sniffing at Janice's exposed cunt when it suddenly lashed it with its tongue and Janice nearly jumped clean over the back of the settee.

Slowly and deliberately Pamela began to speak again, "Bob you will remove your carrot and using the spunk in your bottle you will allow Carmen here to fuck your arse with the bottle and empty the contents into your arse; when the carrot will be replaced!"

"Then when Carmen is ready she will remove the carrot and you will eat the vegetable while Carmen here who is a spunk lover will eat your cold slimy week old spunk direct from your arse!" Pamela confirmed.

"Meanwhile Janice will sit down sharply on that Courgette and allow the hound here to fuck her cunt and accept everything that was going to be coming her way." she continued.

Walking out into the kitchen Pamela made two quick calls and then returned. "All set!" she announced.

Just as everyone apart from Pamela was setting themselves for things to begin; Pamela suddenly said out loud, "What a collection we have here; A Lesbian Slut, (Janice immediately went into her sleep like trance) A midget cock, (Bob likewise immediately went into his trance) and a black spunk vacuum (finally Carmen went into a trance also)!" I am just too good, thought Pamela.

Walking over to Janice she touched her left tit and asked, "What is your dirtiest fantasy, bitch?"

"A cum Shower but from a horse; in my dream it is always a big black stallion like the horse in Black Beauty!" Janice immediately answered.

Releasing her Pamela walked over to Carmen and again touching her left tit asked her the same question. "To be bound hand and foot and be used as a cum dump for seventy five or more old men; the men had to be so old no woman would want to fuck them!" Carmen replied.

Finally she approached Bob and taking hold of his balls she once more asked the same question. "Well I suppose it would be to watch my wife get raped by a group of big black men and me having to suck their cocks to get them hard enough to fuck her with and afterwards being made to lick their cum from her well stretched cunt and arse whilst having a baseball bat wedged up my own arse!" Bob lovingly declared.

As Pamela was talking listening she carefully as to not be noticed unlocked the padlock confining Bob's cock restraint and flicked open the latch and removed the silver cylinder; her nose was suddenly invaded with the rancid cheesy smell of a cock unwashed for days; she walked over to Carmen and touched her shoulder before whispering that she should go clean Bob's cock with her tongue. Immediately upon Pamela letting go of Carmen's shoulder she was sat beside Bob and lowered her head down on to his smelly cock; but to her it was sheer ambrosia; she lapped it up like a cat with the cream.

Just then the doorbell rang and Pamela quickly hurried to answer it; then she led the three black guys into the kitchen and quickly and rather too easily put them all under in seconds. After giving them all individual and group instructions Pamela returned to the living room in time to watch Carmen be rewarded with a face full of spunk from her tender licking of Bob's cock.

A wicked idea just hit Pamela and she was determined to see it through; she quickly went to Janice and touched her informing her to go upstairs to the bathroom; where she was to put the plug in the bath and then climb in but she was not to put any water in the bath, then she was to wait for things to develop.

Carmen was next she was sent to the Kitchen and was told she would find it empty but she would locate a tray and several large pitchers and fill them with fresh water; then return to the living room.
Bob was finally given his instructions; he was to keep topping up all the glasses of the people in the front room; whenever they got to below half a glass he was to be there filling it back up and during this time he was to allow his cock to be touched or handled in any way the person he was serving desired.

Pamela slipped into the kitchen and added more information to the three trance like state figures there before going upstairs to check on Janice. In the bathroom she found Janice in the empty bath on her knees and simply waiting; Pamela touched her shoulder as she said that she was going to become a public urinal; she would willingly allow who ever entered the bathroom to use her mouth for their toiletry needs; the piss she was to allow to fill her mouth but must not swallow and any shit should be scooped out of her mouth and smeared over her own cunt and tits. The trance state of Janice led to her accepting this as a way of life without a single word of protestation.

Pamela then instructed that she herself felt the need to go to the toilet right now and ordered her to open her mouth then crouching over the bath with her knees spread apart Pamela began to piss; a small trickle at first turning quickly into a raging torrent of urine. Janice leaned forward to get the first few dribbles and now was allowing the hot piss to cascade down her body from her still open mouth. As Pamela finished her piss she touched the back of Janice's head briefly and Janice instantly knew what was expected so she leaned forward and used her tongue as toilet paper to clean the puffy cunt lips of Pamela.

It looked weird a soaking wet female body kneeling and a small amount of urine now collecting in the bottom of the bath; but no sooner had Pamela hopped down then one of the guys from the kitchen entered the bathroom and demanded he take a piss too; Pamela held his snake like cock, a good eight inches of man meat and it wasn't even hard, and aimed it into Janice's mouth. Once more she sat patiently with her mouth open as he squirted his piss onto the back of her tongue and she could feel it running over the sides of her lips and down her body. In truth the feeling she experienced was electrifying and not at all as she would have assumed.

What Janice did not know nor could not see was the people downstairs filling up their bladders with water in the living room just to come upstairs and piss it all out over her body; but the level of piss she was kneeling in began to deepen.

Next guy up was Bob and he too needed a piss; only this time Pamela touched the other guy's shoulder and once he looked glazed around the eyes she fed him her instructions. Now Pamela left the room and the guy immediately took hold of Bob's cock and began aiming it at Janice; Bob's smaller cock meant he was almost on tiptoe as he pissed trying to hit her mouth but he only succeeded in hitting her chin and it did not help that Bob was aware of the guy not just holding his cock but stroking it.

To bob it felt wonderful and he began to stiffen as his mind wandered to what else the guy could do for him; what neither seemed to spot was Pamela now quietly videoing the scene. When Bob finally finished pissing the guy that had been holding his cock turned to leave and Bob did something he never ever thought he would do; on the spur of the moment he gave the guy a full on mouth to mouth kiss.

The Guy never reacted in any way and simply continued towards the bathroom door and was soon replaced by Carmen; she instantly climbed up on the bath sides and opened her legs and then had to show Bob how to direct her pissing stream. All the time Janice knelt there taking the soaking in everyone's piss and secretly loving every second of it.

By now the urine was two inches deep in the bottom of the bath and starting to go cold although there were still plenty of volunteers to keep adding their own hot piss just now. Soon Jim and the other two strangers had piss on Janice and by the time they had all finished the urine was almost three and a half inches deep; when Pamela summoned Bob to come up stairs. There Janice was told to stand at the tap end of the bath and Bob was told to start lapping up the strange looking yellowish bath water; when Bob hesitated Pamela hit him so hard between the shoulder blades he actually toppled forward and fell face first into the fluid.

In an instant Pamela held his head down so his nose and mouth were under the water line and he could not take any air from anywhere; Bob had a quick important decision to make start drinking or start drowning. The will to survive soon kicked in and he began vacuuming up the liquid in long sucks; Pamela laughed as she chastised him for being such a wimp; then leaning forward she flipped the plug from its hole and the piss soon ran away down the drain.

Next the still wet smelly body of Janice was doused under the shower and scrubbed clean without much care for her feelings; Not that Janice would have said much for she was still embroiled in her own fight to climax it had been six days now since she had managed to cum and her nerves were shot to pieces; she felt like someone had wrapped a bare electric cable around her ankle and placed an electrode against her clit; before discharging small but powerful jolts of electricity directly into her cunt; but still she just could not get over the peak to climax.

From somewhere she heard lesbian slut and then peace descended on to her body; she accepted her new instructions and found a new inner calm when she returned to the real time world. Immediately she followed Pamela and Bob downstairs and allowed herself to be placed in the required position even though the courgette still embedded in her arse was making her anal ring ache so.

So there she was legs folded back under her almost in the same position as she had been in the bath tub only now carpet was beneath her knees not the cold feel of the cast iron bath. Next Jasper the Afghan hound was brought over to her and Pamela whispered for Janice to check out his lunch box. Janice lowered her head and stared at his sheath; lips went dry and then her throat went dry and her mind filled with the thoughts of her tasting her first k9 cock.

Jasper was not exactly idle; he was already sniffing at Janice's inflamed impassioned cunt; his first sweeping lick nearly took the first layer of skin clean off her clit but she loved it. "Go on!" was all Pamela said and instantly Janice reached forward ad stroked the furry sheath of the Afghan; delighted squeals accompanied the first signs of his doggie dick's appearance.

Soon Janice was deep throating the eleven inches of dog cock like a season pro; much to Bob's jealousy. Suddenly a little way off Janice Bob was grabbed and spun round to find that stranger's eight inch soft cock now more like a ten inch semi hard weapon thrust into his face; without hesitation he opened his mouth and engulfed the black cock meat sucking for all he was worth but all the time wishing it was Jasper's cock.

He could hear the aahs and oohs from Carmen and Janice as she coaxed more doggie cock from its hiding place; but he tried to concentrate on sucking his own specially presented cock. Suddenly the cock was gone and replaced with a shorter thicker version but again it was in a soft state; undeterred Bob continued to rise to the challenge and sucked this cock up to its full glory of twelve inches before it too was pulled away from him. Now as he sucked the third strangers cock he saw out of the corner of his eye his own sweet wife succumb to the animal passions of mating and watched as she accepted her first ever dog cock. Instantly the cock he was sucking was gone and the three strangers simply stood around his wife wanking as they watched her dam final break and to say a tidal wave ensued would have been like calling the iceberg that sank the titanic an ice cube.

When Janice final cum it was very much like light the blue touch paper and retire for the fireworks inside her brain threatened to melt down her entire nervous system and her cunt sprayed thick sticky clear cunt juice like a road layer uses bitumen. The three strangers began to chant bitch, bitch dog's bitch as they increase they wanking tempo and suddenly eruptions from three solid black volcanos of cocks splattered Janice's face and upper body like laying a screed of plaster.

Bob was just about to rise to go lick up the mess when he felt the carrot yanked from his own arsehole and he rolled over in pain only to find Carmen examining it before she tossed it on to his stomach then like a much seasoned professional nanny; she gripped his ankles in one hand and flipped his feet up over his head before jamming the bottle neck into his expose wide open anal chute. Like shaking a sauce bottle she fucked his arse vigorously before lodging most of the stale cold slimy spunk up his arse. Finally grabbing the carrot she unceremoniously dumped that back up his arse like re-corking a bottle.

Meanwhile Janice was in seventh heaven the dog's cock had found her g spot and sent her into space and now the knot was pressing for entrance into her cunt entrance; with more than just a passing hint of pain the knot squeezed in and lodged. Now taking of his bitch completed Jasper the Afghan hound only had to impregnate her so he needed no further hard thrust as he unleashed gallons of scalding hot spunk deep into her womb.

Meanwhile Janice just about managed to suck clean the three strangers cocks before they disappeared; their spunk now cold clammy and drying on to her chin and upper torso; her tits a mask of white spunk.

Bob now managed to crawl over ignoring the pain from his own anal ring he began gently to lick up the still drying spunk from Janice's body as Pamela suggested that Janice ought to say a big thank you to her lover and at least kiss him; the trigger worked because Janice threw her arms around the afghan hound's neck and kissed him full on the mouth; well the slobbering canine responded by shoving his tongue almost down the back of her throat and swapped saliva with his new conquest.

No one saw Pamela and Carmen fist fucking each other to their orgasmic climax but Bob soon became aware of Carmen as she forced the carrot out of his arse and into his mouth ordering him to bite off at least half an inch and then she plunged the remaining carrot back up his arse. Only to repeat the feat a few minutes later until Bob had eaten the carrot and now Carmen went to work on his well stretched anal ring licking and sucking all manner of spunk and shit from him and happily swallowing the lot.

Suddenly Janice screamed out in pain for Jasper had turned tail to tail and was trying to drag Janice across the floor; obviously being tied wherever Jasper went Janice just had to go. And so she was almost paraded around like a new trophy for the next hour until suddenly the knot slipped free and she was released.

Pamela sat reflecting that her skill at hypnotism had once more allowed her to live her twisted dreams.

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Many thanks to you niteowl, your imagination and descriptive skills make your stories a pleasure to read. This story was one of the very best I have read for this subject matter.

07-28-2010, 06:16 PM
Why thanks G.O.Man, it is always a pleasure to write for such an appreciative audience.