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09-23-2006, 08:18 PM
The Forest pt. 1

The drive was long and tiring, yet relaxing. The day was so hot, and started on such a bad note. Bob just being Bob giving me one of his, ‘I’m in a hurry to get to work fucks,’ jumping up and running to the shower, to the coffee, to the car, and speeding out of sight. Only this morning it seemed not just disappointing, but aggravatingly thoughtless. I just grabbed a plane dress, the last of the coffee, my bag, keys, and hit the road for a therapeutic drive.

The forest up ahead I knew it from a long time ago, my mind as well as the car must have been on autopilot cause I don’t remember making the turns or the stops. How could it be so close to the city and still be so lush, alive, and unchanged? The forest it’s time during my youth; it’s funny I would drive here with my head in the clouds, after being away for so many years, and then again I always sought refuge from my troubles here.

The coffee ran right through me, I have to pee and don’t want to go back into town. Any way I remember the trails, and Ah yes a parking place. I love a clearly marked trail especially when I’m in a hurry. Boy… talk about dense foliage, ten steps and the city is gone. I’ll just squat right here and pee, it’s off the trail and no one can see me. Ah… that feels good, what a relief it’s so cool in here; the lushness is so inviting, I think I will walk around in here for a while. ‘Pouf…’ one piss, and this morning’s attitude and frustrations have been vanquished, by the magical embrace of my youth remembered.

So much time and so many firsts happened here in this forest along this very trail. I use to play in this forest when I was young pretending to be an animal stocking and slinking around spying on the people that came here. When I grew older and the boys started coming around, we would go into these woods and neck. I would come here to play with myself dreaming of being a grownup; it was here I lost my virginity to a banana. I was so aroused; feeling I was about to cum and didn’t, then rubbing myself raw. Funny how so much has changed around these woods yet they have remained untouched; maybe smaller, maybe a few more dead trees, and the trails are more obvious through use, more litter scattered about, but still more or less just as I remember.

Outside the tree line a blistering heat and an exhausting pace, inside cool and serene. I remember teasing my first boy friend in here, kissing and petting; he thought he was going to get a little, but I just jumped up and said, “I’m late!” and ran off home. Other times just walking and gazing or napping and fantasizing on the soft deep moss beds filled my days. I some times think I should have let him have me, tasted him, felt him spend his seed inside me, lord knows I had the hots for a cock any cock just no nerve.

Yes…just over… yes here is my favorite place, a thick bed of moss, off the trail, but close, close enough to watch the comings and goings of the hikers, it was here I saw my first penis in the flesh. He stopped to pee right in front of me, and never knew I was there watching, God how my loin swelled and throbbed at it’s sight.

Ah…I see it… just as I knew it; the moss covered indentation, next to a brush covered log on one side, and surrounding the rest was a dense wall of vine-covered tree limbs dotted with white blossoms every spring. No one can see in, unless they look closely, so I had my own private suite to lie in the sun or shade and to nap or tan in. I some times masturbated; fantasizing about some of the boys I knew, or men I had seen, while I twiddled my nipples and clitoris. Sometimes I would just listened to the sounds of the birds as they flew and the animals in the distance, or the wind, or the fading voices as they walked by.

I think I will nap here for a while it is so peaceful, and cool it’ll be just like old times. This morning is still so fresh; my sex life has dried up, I haven’t been able to get him to talk to me for thirty minutes with out saying some thing critical. I have to think of a way to get Bob to treat me like he at least likes me and stop humping me like a bitch, or stop letting him hump me all together, I should just tell him to go find another animal to hump somewhere. Shit we use to talk for hours when we first got married; try to turn each other on and satisfy our needs, I am not sure how it soured or even when, “Oh hell…! It just died and dried up.”

Oh the sun is doing its thing my eyes are getting heavy so I’m going to slip off to slumber land… Wuh…?! Oh! What is going on down by the road? It sounds like trouble? Wait a minute not trouble it looks and sounds like two people have come to play in the woods, and by the sound of their laughter these are two lovers who have come for a tryst in the woods, and it is my good fortune to be here and watch like I did in my youth. My… that is one good looking young male very athletic yet still plump, but strong looking with those big features I bet he is hung, yet a hint of femininity.

His girl friend is much smaller, with a beautifully lush round body, and pert tits; her long nipples really stand out, just a hint of baby fat over her muscles that give her bottom a very nice shape. Her thick head of raven hair and bushy eyebrows leads me to fantasize that she is a very hairy woman. She makes me hungry for my earlier days and my last girlfriend, even though we only teased each other it was still better than what I have now. Obviously they both spend time at the gym together, they have matching red sweats on. They act so comfortable together I bet they do a lot of things together. They both look so happy, it is easy to see who is the more sexually active. That small raven haired beauty acts like a lynx, I bet she keeps him well taken care of.

Wow…! They play rough, he just knocked her to the ground and jumped on top trying to pin her to the ground. Oh her shrieks and his grunting laughter they sound and look as though they are really having fun. We use to play like that when we first started seeing each other, wrestling around on the floor, or outside in the yard. Now I think he doesn’t even want to kiss me; now he just does it as part of the act, it is my fault for letting it go on for as long as I have without mention not finding new ways to excite him. Hell I don’t even think of Bob by name any more.

Oops she almost got away but he just flipped her over his lap and stuffed his hand inside her panties. I can see him wriggling his hand between her legs; I’ll bet he has at least two fingers in her now. That sure put a stop to her struggles, now she is just panting, and holding herself open to his fondlings. Oh! She gets wet when he touches her, I can hear his fingers splashing in her wetness now and I see a spot forming on the inside of her thigh, yep she is really wet her sweats are starting to sag and darken from her juices and the spot is starting to run. I think he is going to diddle his fingers inside her until he makes her cum. Bob use to do that to me with his fingers sometimes or go down on me and make me cum on his face; now the bastard just nit-picks about every little thing, stays at the office till late, eats at the café where we met, but won’t call me to meet him there.

I was right he is making her cum right now, boy she really moans gasps and squirms a lot. She has soaked the crotch of her sweatpants, still he didn’t slow her down she got right in his face and laid him down I guess it is her turn to make him cum now. She is slippery she just pulled his top off with a single tug. Wait a minute that isn’t a he? He is a she those are tits she is sucking on, small but pert little mounds, and positively feminine nipples.

I think I rustled some brush as I grabbed my mouth to stifle my gasp, though I doubt they heard me they are far too busy. I could here them talking, “You made me cum so good I have to pee. You just wait right there.” I can see her girlfriend’s nipples as she lies there, they are not as big as hers but they are the nipples of a woman. Oh… oh she is getting close. She is bold she just dropped her sweatpants and squatted right in front of me. Oh my but she is very hairy, her legs are densely covered with long black hair, and I bet it goes up her back. Ohoh! She is looking right at me, I think she sees me.

“Hey Sheila put your top back on we’re not alone. What…why are you spying on us?” She asked with a curious smile on her face.

“I wasn’t... I wa… I wasn’t spying.” I stuttered.

“It looked like you were spying to me. Don’t be scared we aren’t mad or going to hurt you or anything like that.” She said curiously.

“Sharon what is it? Who are you talking to?” Sheila pried nervously.

“I’m Renee I was just napping when the two of you woke me.” I said uneasily as the big one named Sheila came closer.

“So ya…”

“Quiet Sheila you are scaring her… a Renee is it? You come here often?” Sharon nosed gently.

“I use to live in one of those houses on the hill.” I answered pensively. I looked at Sheila, as she loomed closer, she was much bigger than I.

“Oh don’t worry about Sheila her bark is much worse than her bite. You know you were watching us and learning what our… secrete is so it is…only fair that we learn just a little something about you. That is a nice cozy little hideout you found. May we slip on in there and just talk a while?” Sharon asked nicely and smiling coyly.

I still felt nervous, as I was… spying sort of so I admitted, “I guess I should have let you know I was here but you looked like you were having so much fun, well I thought I would watch for a while and I thought for sure you would leave without noticing.”

“How long have you been coming here.”? Sheila asked in her rough sounding voice but looking interested in what I has to say, and casting teasing glances at Sharon.

“This is the first time in years, since before I moved into the city.” I answered calmly. I was feeling a little more at ease, becoming more familiar with these two new people, while the three of us sat talking in my secrete nook so I offered, “You know this little hideout of mine hasn’t changed much since I left the last time. I use to watch people as they went about doing what ever I never thought I was spying on them, but I guess it is spying if you are sneaking.”

“That is interesting,” Sharon sang, “You’ve been gone for years yet you found this place. Why is it a special spot?”

“I use to nap here out of sight of the passersby. It has escaped the ravages of time for the most part.” I went silent and pointed as two boys walked by and pissed on the trees across the path from us. The three of us watched and listened as the bigger of the two was bragging about his conquest from the other night. Their voices faded as they walked farther away. Sharon had snuggled in next to Sheila and Sheila put her arm around her, and we sat there quietly for a few minutes taking advantage of our furtive lookout.

“Don’t take this too hard, but you look like you are having a bad day.” Sheila remarked her voice sounding a little softer, and her face looking a little more relaxed.

“I was… I am… I don’t even remember making the turns to get here, it just went pop, and I was here. I use to come here all the time to wile away the days I had nothing else to do or when I was down or troubled about things. As you can see it is a quiet, private place. I guess it has changed some the tree line us to be farther back and the trail was harder to see.” I rambled on at ease now at their presents.

“You ever bring another gir…” Sharon was cut short.

“Sharon!” Sheila rebuked sharply, “Don’t mind her she is always digging into people’s sex.”

“Well why not! She saw you digging into my sex.” Sharon exclaimed then pried as an impish smile beamed across her face, “Have you brought any girls or boys into your… secrete hideout?”

“No I never brought anyone here. The two of you are the first people I’ve talked to here.” I felt a little challenged as I answered but still an attraction was growing.

“You never brought boys or girls here to make out? Huh!” Sharon challenged adding, “And you know what we are. How do you feel towards lesbians in general?” Both Sharon and Sheila looked at each other with an impish smile beaming.

“I didn’t say that tha…”

“Sharon stop being so pushy!” Sheila interrupted adding, “She always accuses me of being pushy or intimidating. I ask you do find me intimidating?”

“I did a little at first, but now I don’t feel threatened at all.” I replied.

“So. Renee tell us what did you mean to say?” Sharon pressed on.

“I never brought anyone here this was my special place. And just so you know we had two gay women working at the café where I used to work; they seemed nice enough and happy, they did their jobs, and I had no complaints about them, but I didn’t really know them. Any way with the men around here it’s easy to understand why women would want other women.” I explained openly and continued, “I had a lot of firsts in these woods. I saw my first penis; a couple doing it over there, behind those rocks and lost my virginity in these woods. Watching the couple do it was my first sexual experience. I use to tease the boys and watch their faces as they learned that they weren’t going to get lucky, when I got up to leave.”

“Did one of them get lucky?” Sheila asked.

“Now look who’s pushing.” Sharon interjected then she kissed Sheila’s lips and rubbed her stomach.

“Yes I took him to the rocks where I watched my first couple go all the way.” I described pausing to catch my breath I continued, “It was a clumsy pawing for the both of us I guess that is the way it goes for most of the first timers.”

“Yea that is what happened with both of us, we lost our virginity to sweaty pawings too. My boyfriend lost his sperm before he got his penis inside my pussy, he showered my legs and belly before he stuffed in into me.” Sharon acknowledged then asked slyly, “Did he wear you down too?”

“No I brought him here specifically to give him my virginity.” I said smugly adding, “but not before losing it to a banana first.”

“So you spy, you tease, and you are bold enough to take your own virginity with a banana then do it with a boy; so tell me did you cum the first time? How is that you look so dried up and unfulfilled now?” Sharon asked in a critical tone in her voice.

“No; neither time I just got raw and itched for days. I have been in a bad relationship too long. I don’t even remember when it turned sour, or when I started feeling trapped.” I sadly admitted.

“Sheila’s boy friends use to beat up on her all the time, and girls at school use to chase her around and beat up on her too. My boy friend got me hooked on drugs and sold to who ever would pay, for what ever they would pay. He made me work the streets till all hours and if the Johns didn’t beat me he would sometimes.” Sharon recounted their bad times then asked, “You ever bring a girl here and fool around? Did she make you cum?”

“We have each other now and together we chase the bad times away.” Sheila said liltly as she beamed at Sharon playing with her hair.

I was glad for the change of subject and replied; “Only once with my best friend and no we didn’t do it long enough to orgasm.” I told her adding, “I wanted to keep going because it felt really good but she started feeling guilty.” And then started talking about the two I watched and what he did to her.”

“Oh this sounds nice.” Sharon sang as she snuggled closer to her friend Sheila and then pressed, “Tell us about what the two of you did.”

“I told her about how he kissed her between her legs, and how she started sweating right away and moaning loudly. She told me she watched her parents doing the same thing. I asked her if she wanted to see how it felt. She didn’t answer for a while then she put her hand on mine and said, ‘it will be our secrete right’ I assured her I was just curious to see how it felt. Any way we only did it the once for a few minutes and that was it. She stopped just as I got wet, and pushed me away when she got close to orgasm. I have always wondered what would have happened had we kept going, and still think of her now and again.”

“Oh boo…! Well we were hoping for a wet story. Who knows maybe the two of you would have gotten married” Sharon said as she pouted then asked, “So what kind of marriage do you have?”

“You know what kind it is.” Sheila scolded.

“I want to hear her say.” Sharon urged as she rebuked Sheila and pressed, “Well.”

“It isn’t much of a relationship; he works and pays the bills, so I keep the house, fix the meals, do the shopping…” I paused as I realized that I was just a chore girl to him.

“What else?” Sharon pushed.

“I guess in a sense I am just a whore to him. He doesn’t love me anymore, but I let him fuck me when he wants, and suck him off when he asks me to.” I replied somberly and then explained, “He just gets real nasty towards me when I don’t let him ‘get some’ as he puts it.”

“Does he at least try to turn you on once in awhile?” Sheila asked.

“Not in a long time; we never go out anymore, and he rarely thanks me for anything. I should have never let any of that get started but…” I said.
“Boy you should move out that would show him.” Sharon snarled.

“Yea…!” Sheila chimed in, in support of both of us sounding quiet mad.

“I don’t have any money just a little from what he gives me for shopping, and no real skil…” I went quiet and pointed at another couple coming into the woods, an older man and a younger man in his early twenties. I motioned for them to move to my side and watch, so they quietly slinked to where I was sitting and we watched.

The older man gave a joint to his friend and lit it for him, and looked around as he took the first hit then watched him closely as he took another. We heard him refuse a hit when the younger man offered it so he took one more, big lung full and stubbed it then put it in his pocket. They both looked around guiltily, like they were going to steal something, they even looked right at us but they didn’t see us through the thick foliage.

The older man started massaging his friend’s shoulders and arms and with in a few minutes his hands were roaming all over the younger man’s torso and soon one hand found the young man’s swelling bulge and began massaging it. We heard him saying as he sighed “Oh that feels really, really nice,” and the older man got down on his knees, unbuttoned his friend’s fly, pulled out his surprisingly large dick and sucked it into his mouth. The younger man’s knees started to buckle as his gland slipped into the man’s mouth, and he fell back against the tree face turned towards the sky.

My mouth gaped at not only the older man’s zealousness, but at the size of the younger man’s now rock solid penis. The smell of sex hung in the windless air as the three of us just watched in silent awe as the older man sucked his friend’s dick taking its full length with ease. I wondered if the other two women were getting as wet as I was so I cast a quick glance at them and by the way they were holding each other they were. From where we were we had a perfect vantage point to watch and hear, as the two men had their tryst.

The older man was very eager and skilled at oral sex; he was getting the full length of the younger mans good-sized cock down his throat. Even though it softened some it was still big. As he sucked on the younger man’s dick he pulled his pants down just enough to free his large set of testicles to the manipulations of his hand. We heard the younger mans breath start to rush; just then the other man stopped and slowly moved his mouth to and started to suck and lick his friend’s scrotum causing him to gasp loudly.

As the older man licked and sucked the scrotum we could see precum oozing from the gland and running down his now rigid shaft. We heard the older man slurping it up and younger man’s whispered coaxings and urgings, as his gland slipped back into his friend’s mouth. We could hear the older man making exaggeratedly loud sucking noises as he drank the young mans precum, while milking his shaft. Again his breath started to rush out in gasps and again the older man stopped and waited for him to settle down but his penis stayed hard. Then very slowly started sliding his cock into his throat and back out, then back in teasing him making him wait for release. The young man was now sweated and in a heated frenzy as he wrapped his hands around the older man’s head and tried to thrust his penis into his open mouth.

He rebuked him telling him, “No only my shoulders and let me do the work.” Then started slowly milking that turgid shaft again with both hands and taking it all the way down his throat then squeeze his testicles. His whispered pleads turned into loud begging as he neared orgasm. I felt my own juices flowing as they use to, years ago weeping pass the elastic band of my panties and slowly ooze down my leg. Then he groaned and gasped and his face twisted with strain as he came, I even had a little sympathy orgasm. It was easy to hear the older man slurping up his friend’s sperm and swallowing. The gasping groans turned into loud sighs, the younger man’s face relaxed, and then they were silent. We could see the younger man’s stomach quake as his friend sucked the rest of his sperm from his gland like it was a straw, while milking the now flaccid shaft. The younger man appeared to be quite spent as he leaned back against the tree with his eyes closed, and his friend knelt there with the flaccid member inside his motionless mouth.

We heard the other two boys coming back, the same time they did; it was funny to see them scrambling to button up before they got close. Actually they were gone before the first two showed up and they left with out pausing.

“Alone again the three of us.” I said and sarcastically added, “I bet if the two other boys hadn’t happened along we would’ve gotten an encore performance. Sheila and Sharon were giving each other a passionate kiss and I thought, “I could orgasm even with one of Bob’s sick humps, I was so hot.”

I turned around and sat back against the mossy log, Sharon and Sheila sat on the soft moss in the middle of the indentation arm in arm. We all sat there quietly musing on the pleasures of the tryst we witnessed. I was still dazed at the skill that older man had, he was much better than me. I could see Sheila sniffing at the air and looking around, it was she that broke the silence.

“You know Sharon…” She paused as she sniffed at the air, “I think some one other than us is hot, and really wet.” Sheila sang as she smiled adding, “It isn’t the two boys or the pair who had a tryst, it is our new friend.” And she went silent as they both looked at me; I knew she was right I was stewing in my juices my fanny was soaked.

Sharon and Sheila had gotten to their knees when Sheila asked, “You want a little help from Sharon? She is really sweet about kissing a pussy.” And Sheila smiled at me daringly. I tried to speak but my words just hung in my throat. I opened my mouth and the only sound that came out was a garbled moan.

“That sounds like a yes please to me.” purred Sharon.

“You know I think you are right,” agreed Sheila as they moved in on me. I started to panic but couldn’t move; the muscles around my vagina were quivering and ached terribly, and my heart was pounding in my ears.

Sheila pulled me onto her lap, unhooked my bra, and pulled my shirt up high enough to free my breasts, ‘oh…!’ how my nipples ached. Sharon was undoing my pants as she tugged at them my shoes just popped off my feet. I heard Sharon sing as she pulled my pants down, “Oh! Sheila She has really wet her panties,” and then she nosed my hairs as she inched my panties down then she sang lasciviously, “Our friend has been a naughty little girl a naughty… naughty… little girl she has cum inside her little pussy I can smell it.” I found the saucy teasing quite arousing.

“Have you been a naughty little girl? Do you have cum in you?” Sheila whispered sweetly teasingly into my ear as she squeezed my nipple with the fingers of one hand and rubbed my belly with the other.

“Yes I… I have. I le… I let… He humped me like an animal and he came in me.” I said gaspingly.

“You mind if Sharon sucks it out of you.” Sheila asked seductively.

“Oh Sharon can do what ever she wants to do to me.” I sighed as I surrendered to their exquisite ministrations. I remember yelling and bouncing off the ground as Sharon sucked and bit the soft skin of my thighs and cheeks. She made it hurt as she pinched my skin with her teethe, but for ever how much it hurt it felt twice as good. I started begging chanting between my moans and gasps for her to, “Suck me…!”

Sheila bent down and kissed me sliding her tongue into my mouth just as Sharon sucked my clitoris into her mouth, and stifled my screaming gasps. Sheila wrapped her legs around my waist to hold me steady while I writhed from Sharon’s pleasuring. It felt like their tongues were wriggling inside my throat and inside my cervix at the same time, she stopped just as I tensed and started biting my thighs again. I came twice in only a few minutes when she renewed her sucking and licking of my clitoris and labia even after I went limp the first time she was still eagerly licking and sucking I felt her fingers slide into my butt and her thumb wriggling inside my vagina.

Sheila let go of my nipples, grabbed my legs, and held me open for Sharon’s tongue as she snaked it all over my vulva. Tonguing and sucking every little fold and again I felt my muscles squeezing and flexing as another orgasm roared through me. I could hear her swallowing as she sucked after my body went limp. I started to beg them to stop.

“Why do you want us to stop?” Sheila whispered in my ear while Sharon continued to suckle my clitoris.

“I have to pee really bad. I’ll spray it all over Sharon if she doesn’t move.” I moaned while I tried to squeeze my muscles closed, but her three fingers in my butt made that hard to do and her thumb was still wriggling inside my vagina causing the pressure to build fast.

“If you have to pee just let go of it, Sharon likes anything wet.” Sheila cooed in my ear then bit it still holding my legs open. I was still holding it inside until Sharon started running her other fingers inside my vagina while she bit and stretched one of my labia. I just exploded; my pee-pee gushed out of me and all over Sharon’s face, but she kept her mouth on my clitoris and her fingers inside me until the urine stopped flowing and I passed out.

I came to, with my cheek laying on Sheila’s inner thigh and Sharon’s arm around my waist. She had Sheila’s panties pulled to the side and her sweatpants bunched in her hand that held her panties open and was tonguing her labia. I instinctively started kissing her thigh.

“Here slide on up and put your mouth on her pussy,” she whispered as I did she started nibbling my ear and fingering my butt again. I felt her juices run down my chin, and tried to drink them as best I could. Sharon took my head into her hands and held my lips to the hollow of her neck, and I kissed her there, then she put my mouth on her breast and I sucked on her nipple then she pulled me on top of her pressing our mouths together, and Sheila laid on top of me rubbing Sharon’s nipples with mine. I felt my vagina turn warm again and my labia part as they swelled and wetted.

I started kissing Sharon and slathering my tongue in her mouth Sheila started probing me with her strap on dildo; it was bigger than Bob’s dick and bigger than anything I was ready for, but I still wanted it in me. I never saw it and don’t know where Sheila kept it, and didn’t care I was driven by my desire and theirs. I splayed my legs wider and arched my back to enable her easier access to my vagina. I began to tremble as the tip parted my labia, and I tensed as it pressed against my opening rolling my labia inward as it entered me. The tip felt pliable like a penis as it entered, Sheila gave it a little push the wide flared gland shaped tip slipped in. My whole vagina started aching as she worked it into me inward and back out then a little farther in.

My jaws ached as I salivated profusely, and Sharon swallowed every drop as it cascaded from my mouth into hers. Sheila had her dildo all the way inside me; I had never been penetrated so deeply before. It hurt and felt wonderful at the same time; I was being stretched by both its girth and reach. I yelled out as she started sliding its full length back and forth inside, and then just the tip popping it in and out quickly, taking fast short strokes. Sheila’s body started trembling the same time mine did, and my moans were lost to my gasping breaths as another orgasm swept across me.

Sheila started thrusting her dildo sporadically as she wrapped her arms around my waist, her hot breath rushed across my neck and I felt hot fluid gushing into my vaginal canal filling it and spilling out. I started gasping in panic as I realized that Sheila had put a real cock not a dildo into me, it was her cock. The shocking discovery was quickly lost by the exquisite feeling I had as she filled me with her hot sperm and the relief of having a real penis inside me. I imagined her vagina clearly in my mind there was no penis to be seen, just an open vagina, labia, and an erect clitoris; then I saw her panties pulled to the side and her bunched up sweatpants, they were concealing it. Sheila’s sperm was so hot as it flowed into me I surrendered to its pleasure and lay my head on Sharon’s breast. I felt that wonderful cock flexing inside me and then another flow of hot sperm would pool at its tip and ooze down the flaccid shaft and out slipping through my hairs and on to Sharon’s belly. I have never felt so much sperm inside me; my vagina was heavy with the thick pool. Sharon wrapped her fingers around it and started gently shaking it inside me. I felt it turn hard again, Sheila’s breath quickened, and she gripped my shoulders as she tensed and gasped and again she filled me with another flood of hot sperm. I heard Sharon’s hand splashing in it as she shook that cock, then Sheila went limp again.

We lay there for a long time I had to pee again Sharon and Sheila were tenderly kissing each other and me. Sheila’s dick was still inside me I could feel it turn hard and throb inside me then I felt it turn soft again. I did not want her penis to slip out, so I just lie there and let the pee trickle out. It felt strange to pee with a penis inside me, I could only make a small trickle but it still felt strangely good. Sharon was the first one to speak.

“You know this is Sheila’s most favorite thing to do, surprise another woman with her second organ.” Sharon explained with a sly smile beaming.

“I was certainly surprised; a little panicky at first when I realized what was happening and the pain from her huge member forcing its way into me.” I murmured as I nuzzled her ear.

“Yes she has a huge penis, the envy for any man, but you sure opened to it.” She whispered gaily.

“That cock pushed life back into my half-dead pussy and then the pleasure of all that hot sperm surging into me was overwhelming.” I sighed as I felt myself getting aroused again.

“I am going to pull out we have to get moving, ‘okay?’” Sheila said lazily.

“Yea I’m ready.” I acknowledged as I braced for her withdrawal. She was so gentle as she pulled, waiting for my muscles to relax each time but still when her flared gland popped out I thought my guts were falling out with her cock.

“You okay?” Sheila asked as she stood with her huge penis arching well beyond her or his, her belly.

“Oh yes…! I am fine…!” I gasped as I eyed the huge penis with amazement. As she rustled for her pants I begged, “Please let me look at you. Please let me look at your sexes.”

“Sure take a good look.” Sheila replied smiling as she laid back and opened her legs and handled her cock
My mouth gaped as I looked, to the right of her pelvic bone was a full sized penis but no scrotum, and to the left was a vagina with a small clitoris and labia, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to look like I was gawking,” I said adding, “My husband would be envious for your penis, but he still wouldn’t make it feel as good as you did.” I stood to put on my panties and as I spread my legs I felt more of Sheila’s sperm spill out, it was warm as it ran down my legs. Sharon started rubbing it all over my legs and buttocks; the smell of it was titillating.

Sharon knelt in front of Sheila and while milking her shaft she explained, “Sheila has everything but a cervix; her testicles are next to her ovaries, the spermatic cord and fallopian tubes are entwined and empty into her urethra. So sometimes when she cums both sperm and ovum are ejaculated. She doesn’t produce the enzyme needed for the sperm to enter the ovum so she can’t get herself pregnant, but she can get you pregnant, she is very potent, and as you found out very virile.”

“I haven’t ovulated in months, I think my body knows not to.” I assured and asked, “Even though the surprise is done do you think we might have another threesome some time?”

Sheila answered, “I think we might work something out. What do you think Sharon you want a three some with Renee?”

“I love to but only if she promises to cut the bastard off two weeks before hand.” Sharon replied then demanding, “I want her hungry.”

“Well that sounds reasonable. What do you say?” Sheila asked.

“Consider him cut off, and as fulfilling as you two were I will be starving by the time I get home.” I replied sharply. The three of us lazily walked back to our cars they were the only cars on the street. When we got there I said, “I don’t know what your schedule is like so call me and I handed Sheila my numbers and e-mail address. They each gave me a lingering kiss and hug, and then gave me their number and e-mail addresses, and we drove off in different directions.

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