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Accidental contact 03

Today being Saturday was the day that Lucy went off to get her body piercings done; I left her with the choice of either one nipple pierced and the clit hood piercing or both nipples and clit to be pierced. More importantly she was to try to carry out a separate task; or rather two related tasks; of cumming and then getting the guy to spunk her face and tits. This spunking she had to wear as a trophy until we met later that afternoon.

Here I will allow Lucy to tell her side of the story: I had a really bad night on Friday, could not sleep trying to think through the different scenarios for the next morning. I actually got up at seven am and as usual went into the shower; Master Ray had graciously allowed me free reign for the day to achieve my tasks and even allowed me the options of playing with myself if I needed to.

So after freshly shaving my cunt; I soaped up the sensitive skin around my cunt lips and worked my soapy fingers into my cunt wishing it was Ray’s finger’s. I contemplated trying to fist fuck myself like Master had done to me earlier but just could not figure how to get my hand at the right angle to slide it into my cunt; instead I settled on using a deodorant can and fucked myself to a massive climax; my knees nearly buckled as I cum and my mind’s eye just kept seeing the smiling face of my beloved master.

Eventually I turned off the shower and dried myself before collecting the clothes laid out by Master Ray for me to wear; they consisted of a sheer white blouse; short flared wrap around skirt and satin pink panties and that’s all. I returned to my bedroom and laid the clothes out on the bed when I saw a note from my master; it read, ‘Little fuck slut; (My master knows calling me a slut turns me on so much) Before you get ready to go for your appointment you will I assume have already showered and I want you to dab your favourite perfume on to your naked cunt lips. Yes I know it will sting but it will keep your cunt in the front of your thoughts as you travel to your appointment and ensure you are sexually primed upon arrival. So I decided to leave off the panties and go commando style.

My master thinks of everything; he knows how to get the best out of my slutty cunt even before I do. I gingerly dabbed on the perfume; boy did it sting initially but soon turned into a delightful warm sensation and Master Ray was right; there was no way I could forget about my cunt as I walked around minus my panties; for the slightest draft of cool air seemed to ignite the perfumes effects all over again.

I still had not formed a concrete plan of how to get the guy piercing my tits and cunt to make me cum let alone shoot his load over my tits; I figured I would take the situation as it came and go with the flow, (pardon the pun).

It was now time to leave the house and set off to the tattoo parlour where my piercing and task would take place; nervously I stepped out of the house and a sudden breeze caught my wrap around skirt and whipped it up around my ears. Forcing it down I looked around to see if anyone had seen my dilemma but the street was empty; thank god but the perfume on my cunt suddenly burst into flames and my cunt lips tingled like never before; I was sure I would climax before I even made it to the garden gate.
I did not however my cunt tingled all the way to the bus stop and then an old friend of my mother’s came along in his car and offered me a lift; I knew for a long time he fancied me and would have loved to have fucked me; so god only knows what he would have thought or tried if he knew there was only a thin piece of material between his gaze and my open horny cunt.

Demurely I got into the car and made sure to trap my skirt between my legs as we rode; it suddenly hit me I could not tell him to drop me off at the tattoo parlour; so quickly thinking I asked him to drop me at the shopping arcade just two streets away from my true destination. He kept stealing glances at my chest and I swear he knew I was not wearing a bra; he kept asking if I fancied a coffee but time was against us and besides my body belonged to Master Ray. I eventually suggested that he call in to see my widowed mother and take her for a coffee for she needed male company more than I.

I was honestly glad when I came to get out of the car but even that was fraught with some danger of exposing myself; for he insisted upon a peck on the cheek for the lift and as I leaned forward from the passenger side I knew he was looking down my blouse and at that exact moment the breeze caught the back of my skirt and two wolf whistles told me I had been clocked and seen.

I thanked him for the lift and quickly disappeared just inside the entrance to the shopping arcade until I saw his car drive off; now with a pounding in my heart which threatened to deafen me I quickly made my way to the tattoo parlour. My stomach doing somersaults and my cunt raging like a violent storm; I entered the shop and gave the guy my name.

He smiled as he showed me into a small back private room and asked me to undress; he gave me a paper dressing gown to put on and showed me where and how to sit so he could carry out his work.

Five minutes later he came back in to the room and took a stool; sitting on it close to my feet; I felt very exposed with my feet up in stirrups and my shaved cunt on display, but I was determined to have a real good go at completing the task set by Master Ray.

I feigned shyness although my cunt was on fire; I asked him if we could talk for a short while before he began and he agreed; mind you I don’t think any man would have refused to talk to a 20 something lady who was sat with her shaved cunt on display like this. I moved nervously or so I hoped it would appear and dropped my foot accidentally on purpose on to his lap his cock was already stirring. Apologising I tried to laugh it off and suddenly blurted out that if I was the cause of that stirring then maybe we could help each other out.

Suddenly the guy sat up straight and asked what exactly had I in mind; I explained that I was feeling so excited that I would need to cum before he went near my cunt with his needle and that if he brought me off any way he chose without using his cock (I explained that I was always faithful to my boyfriend) then in return I would give him a blow job and he could cum all over my tits.

The guy looked astounded; but quickly agreed and suddenly bent his head between my legs and began nibbling my clit; well in double quick time the fireworks inside my brain exploded and I almost passed out; strange thing was though no matter how hard I tried I just could not squirt as I did with my beloved Master.

The guy now started to undo his trousers when I whispered that it would be better if he did his work before his cock excited me all over again. This must have made sense to the guy because he quickly pierced my clit hood and I was surprised there was very little pain; not so when he pierced my nipple though. Despite him freezing my nipples with a cold spray the needle did not really hurt but pushing the gold rings through seemed like trying to push a baby through a two inch hole.

With all the piercing work now done the guy slowly unzipped his cock and pushed it towards my mouth; He looked shocked when I asked how much discount would I get for the cost of the piercings before I took his hold of his cock. He mumbled that if I was a good cock sucker he would charge me only £90.00 for the work instead of the usual £125.00. I insisted that he make it a firm arrangement before I would even touch his cock and he reluctantly agreed.

I kissed the head of his cock and slowly licked the underside of his head working my tongue up and on to his piss slit; wiggling the tip of my tongue in that slit had him gasping and as soon as I felt his length slide along my tongue I began sucking; not as you would imagine like a child sucks on a lollipop; oh no more like a vacuum cleaner sucks and my tongue flicking his shaft soon sent him over the top for I felt his cock tremble and only just got it out of my mouth in time for the spurts to cascade rather gracefully in a sweeping arc splattering against my tits.

Then without cleaning up I grabbed my blouse and quickly put it on; the material felt strange against the sticky mess of his spunk but I felt like a proper little whore. By the time I had my skirt in place he handed me my bill and instead of £90.00 he had reduced the bill even further to £75.00 saying with a blow job like that I deserved a generous tip.

I made my way rather gingerly back home what with the painful stinging in my nipples and the new sexual state my clit was going to constantly be in; I just hoped Master Ray would be early and be able to take care of this building feeling of passion emanating from my cunt.

Not twenty minutes after arriving home there was a ringing on my doorbell and upon answering it there stood my mother. Almost pushing me aside she barged through and into the living room; “I am told you have taken up with a man old enough to be your grandfather!” She challenged.

“Well what if I have and besides he is not any older than you! Mother dearest!” I retorted.

“Don’t you talk to me like that; remember I am still your mother!” Beryl responded.

“Yes you are still my mother; but how many mother’s help their husbands seduce their only daughter; Mother Dear?” I demanded.

Suddenly my mother was silent and looked angrily at the floor; I felt all my rage come to the surface and was determined to get a few things off my chest right now. “I know you are just frustrated at not getting any since Dad died but you cannot rule my life any longer for I am over twenty one!” I continued.

Just then the door bell rang again and this time it was Ray; I tried to tell him to come back in an hour but Mother barged in to the hallway and shouted he was a cradle snatcher. Ray stepped inside and closed the door before walking calmly up to my mother and saying, “That’s rich coming from a woman who could easily be in prison now for incest and contributing to the delinquency of a minor!”

Mother was enrage as she looked at me and demanded to know why I had shared our family secret.

Here Master Ray takes over the telling of the story.

I walked up to the woman I later learned was Beryl; Lucy’s mum and instantly slapped her face. She suddenly looked shocked and stunned as I told her that her so called family secret was safe with me and that if I read the situation correctly she was just waiting for me to dominate her like her husband had done before his death.

Stunned silence came from both women; so I continued. “Lucy have you done your required tasks this morning”; a somewhat shocked Lucy stuttered she had. “Very well then undress and let us see the outcome!” I demanded.

Lucy blushed as she began to undo her blouse; her mother stood silent and staring; I pointed out the stains on her blouse and Lucy confessed they were the spunk splashes from the guy. Taking her blouse I pushed the stains under the nose of her mother and asked her if she could remember the smell of fresh young spunk.

Almost trembling she nodded her head; “What I can’t hear you!” I demanded.

“Yes I can remember!” She repeated.

“Oh no that will never do!” I chided, “Tell her how she should have answered, slut Lucy!”

“Mum you should have said; yes I can remember the smell of fresh spunk as if it was yesterday and I love the feel of drying spunk on my skin!” Lucy replied.

“Yes I remember the smell of fresh spunk!” Beryl answered hesitantly.

“Taste It then!” I demanded.

As if on auto pilot, Beryl opened her mouth and snaked out her tongue but I whipped away the blouse before she could sample the taste. She looked at me confused until I told her that because of her outburst earlier she would have to find the taste of spunk on her own daughter’s tits. I watched closely as trance like she moved and began to lick around Lucy’s tits seeking out the taste of dried spunk.

Lucy just stood there her thighs trembled as her passions rose and she finally realised that her mother was mine to command exactly as she herself was.

“Now suck hard on her nipples; bitch!” I commanded and Beryl meekly obeyed. “Slut Lucy; when you were telling me about your father fucking you and taking your virginity and anal virginity too did your mother ever do anything to you?” I demanded to know.

“Mum held me down while Dad pushed his large cock up my arse; but other than that she did nothing sexually to me!” Lucy replied.

I ordered both mother and daughter upstairs and into Lucy’s bedroom where I made Lucy undress her mother slowly; drawing Beryl deeper into the humiliation of being undressed sexually by her own daughter; I made Lucy remove Beryl’s blouse and then comment on how her mother’s tits looked and how her nipples were already getting stiff.

Then when Lucy revealed her mother’s nipples I demanded that Beryl tell me if she had breast fed Lucy as a baby and upon discovering she did I asked, “Did feeding your baby by the nipple turn you on; did you want to cum whilst she was suckling on those long stretched sensitive nipples? Did Lucy’s dad share the breast feeding experience by breast feeding himself from your over ripe succulent tits and did he finger fuck you whilst doing so!”

Beryl took a deep breath and with a flushed face began to answer, “Yes I did breast feed Lucy and she was a very good sucker; I can honestly say she never made me cum but she did turn me on whilst sucking the milk from my tits; yes her dad did enjoy sucking them only after Lucy had taken her fill and yes he frequently fingered my cunt or arse whilst sucking on my life giving tits!”

“Good because now you are totally naked, Lucy is going to be breast feeding again and this time she will be using her vibrator on your cunt; whilst you will be teasing and squeezing her tits; however if you cum before I give permission you will have to take not only the biggest vibrator that Lucy has up your arse but also will have her force her whole hand up your cunt at the same time!” I informed the two of them.

Now Beryl sat on the edge of the bed; moved slowly back till her legs were off the ground and Lucy climbed on beside her. Then taking the vibrator I held out she slipped it into her mother’s cunt before making herself comfy across her mother’s lap and only then did Lucy begin breast feeding. Small groaning moans escaped Beryl’s mouth as Lucy really got to work and it was clear the buzzing of the vibrator was working its magic as was Lucy’s over heated mouth and tongue.

Suddenly Beryl cried out as her orgasm burst forth and she begged like never before not to be punished; excusing her actions as being the built up frustration of five years without a fuck. I accepted her pleas on one condition; that Lucy had to take the largest dildo up her arse whilst fist fucking her own mother’s cunt and Beryl had to satisfy my cock with her mouth. Then I asked Lucy if she was agreeable to accept some of her mother’s pain; Lucy thought for a minute and finally hugged her mother as she said yes.

Beryl was now made to lie on her back with her head over the side of the bed and Lucy moved beside her with her head to her mother’s feet; then she slowly worked her fingers into her mother’s cunt until all four were sliding effortlessly in and out and the crooking her thumb out of the way she slowly pushed her whole hand up her mum’s snatch. Meanwhile I was slowly working the fourteen inch long and three inch thick dildo into Lucy’s anal ring until more than half the length was buried up her shit chute. Only then did I offer my semi hard cock up to Beryl’s mouth and she immediately opened wide and allowed the cock head to slide into her throat.

I began to work a rhythm in unison between my cock and the dildo and watched as in sync Lucy fisted her mother’s cunt; at my insistence Lucy managed to form a fist and was now thrusting it heavily into the soaking wet gash of her mother’s cunt.

Now my cock was ramming in and out of Beryl’s mouth like an express train on the rebound; Beryl was clearly orgasming as if it was going out of fashion and between my thrusts she was begging for more. Suddenly I demanded Lucy pull her fist from her mother’s cunt and like I had done previously to her she kept her hand clenched and slowly pulled and pulled until with a loud plop her hand exited her mother’s well stretched cunt.

Now Lucy’s mother really concentrated on sucking my cock and pounding her daughter’s arse with the dildo; Lucy for her part was busy calling her mother a slut; whore and two bit tramp as she rode her way through a massive orgasm; I at the very last minute pulled out of Beryl’s mouth and sprayed my spunk over both women leaving them covered in thick white strands of spunk. They only took the once telling to lick each other clean from me.

In the afterglow of their passions we discussed the new rules and responsibilities of the pair under my instruction; Lucy was to remain my number one bitch and was always going to be left in charge of her mother when I was not around and Beryl was going to serve both of us or face the consequences.

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Great continuation of a good story; can't wait to see where this story leads.