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08-13-2010, 10:16 AM
I knew I was taking a gamble using the cross country track through the old Thompson estate but I was sure that taking the short cut would allow me to eke out the dwindling amount of fuel in my clapped out old hunk of junk just enough to get me home.

I lucked out and now I was in the middle of no where out of fuel and with no signal on my phone left with no choice but to walk the rest of the way.

On the plus side it was a warm dry night and the moon was high and bright in the cloudless sky, so my way was clear.

It had been many years since I had used this track it was rarely used as it only served the Thompson place which had been empty for as long as I could remember.

So I was very surprised when on rounding a bend the house came into view and several of its widows where bright with light.

I decided to go up to the house and see if I could use their phone on beg some fuel.

As I crunched up the gravel drive I was impressed by how grand the house was. I had never paid it much attention on the few occasions when I used the lane as a cut through but close up it was truly impressive.

It was still a little run down after years of disuse but you could see that it was being spruced up.

I could hear a piano being played and stood for a few minutes enjoying the tune feeling loathed to interrupt.

Eventually the music stopped and I stepped up to the door and rapped sharply with the large gothic door knocker.

After a short wait I heard a bolt being drawn followed by the click of a latch and the door opened.

I was left truly speechless as an utterly gorgeous woman stepped into view.

“Good evening” she purred “How may I help you”

She had a strange accent which I could not immediately place but it suited her glamorous looks wonderfully.

“I---- I hum, argh ---- hum”

I stammered fighting to clear my thoughts, forcing my eye to focus on her face and stop roaming her sensuous curves.

“Are you all right sir”

“Yes, sorry, you caught me by surprise”

“I caught you by surprise! Do you think it normal to go knocking on doors at 2 am?”

She had a point.

“Yes I mean No.” Dam what had this woman done to the link between my brain and my vocal cords?

“I don't make a habit of disturbing people at this time of night.”

“That's good the know, as I said how can I help?”

“I have run out of fuel, well my car has and if possible I would like the use of your phone.”

She looks me up and down, scrutinising carefully. A smile spreads slowly across her face.

“That's one I have not heard in many years” she says playfully “but I can not help you in that way”

“You see I do not have a phone yet, the house is apparently so far from the existing service it may take months to get a line installed and as you have probably discovered there is not mobile signal out here.”

“Oh dam, would you by any chance have some fuel I could borrow?”

“I can not aid you with that either sir.”

Oh well it was worth a try.

“OK thanks for your time and I am sorry for disturbing you. It looks like I have a long walk home”

As I start to turn away she catches my arm.

“You don't need to leave so quickly. Done come in for a while, at least until the storm passes.”

I turn back and a she leans forward my eyes are drawn in by her marvellous cleavage. I drag my eyes back to her face.

“Storm? What storm its a wonderful night”

As I finished the word night there was a crack of thunder and the night was made day by a huge flash of lightning.

I jump back in surprise, scanning the sky the clear moon is rapidly obscured by the fastest move clouds I have ever seen.

“Dam where did that come from!”

“I really could not say but you had better come in if you want to avoid a drenching”

“I think you are right.”

I cross the threshold into a grand hallway.

“Sorry how rude of me. My name is Michael, Michael Green.”

I offer my hand in greeting.

She responds with her hand, which I shake gently noting that her long elegantly manicured fingers are cool to the touch.

“Claudette de Sade a pleasure to meet you Michael Green.”

I look intently at her lovely face, now that I can see her more clearly I can see she has a delicate pale complexion, dark lush hair and wonderful green eyes.

“It is my pleasure to meet you. My friends call me Mick and I do so hope we can be friends?”

She smiles and a wicked glint comes into her eyes.

“Friends? Hum that could be possible, Yes we will have to see”

Another huge crack of thunder shakes the house and the lights flicker then abruptly go out swiftly followed by hard rain drumming on the windows.

“Stay where you are, I will fetch some light. Please do not wander off I see well in the dark and would not like you to get hurt occidentally.”

I hear the swish of fabric as Claudette moves to another room, leaving me pondering the strange emphasis on the last part of that sentence.

The room brightens as she reappears holding a candelabra bearing three candles.

“Now you can see, please follow me to the drawing room, by the sound of that rain you will be here for a while.”

“Thank you, you have a wonderful home.”

The drawing room is opulently furnished and Claudette leads me to a sumptuous scarlet settee.

“Thank you, my family has had it for many generations but I have only been here a few weeks. Do take a seat.”

“Thank you. I thought this place was abandoned years ago.”

Claudette moves elegantly towards a large drinks trolley.

“Abandoned no, mothballed yes” she selects a bottle from the trolley and pours two generous glasses of the thick amber liquid. “We went back to the old country for some time.”

“You will have a drink!” she says with a slight edge to her voice, passing me a glass.

“What is it?” I question as I take the offered libation. Raising it to my nose to test the aroma.

“Its a speciality that is produced for the family to an ancient recipe of herbs and fruit”

It does smell delicious. So I take a sip. It floats across my tongue, leaving a trail of warmth.

“Wow that's interesting. Cheers”

I take a larger mouthful as Claudette settles into the lounger opposite me. Her gown shifts to expose a shapely pair of legs sheathed in sheer lace topped stockings.

My cock starts to swell as the sexual tension that has been slowly building in me reaches a critical point.

I shift in my seat to try and hide the bulge and take another mouthful of the strange liqueur.
Its warmth now spreading through my body and I am feeling a little light headed.

“Wow I will have to take it easy with this stuff its mighty powerful. What is it called?”

“We just call it Essence. It does take a little getting used to.”

“I could defiantly get used to it,what a wonderful sensation as it goes down”

I take a large gulp without really thinking about it .

As Claudette reclines I can see just a hint of pale blue panties as her legs slide further apart.

My excitement is threatening to burst free for my trousers by now but as I shift again to try and get comfortable my head starts to spin.

“Oh dear I am feeling very light headed.” I complain.

“Yes Essence has that effect on your kind.”

I am now struggling to focus.

“My kind?”

Claudette is suddenly standing over me, taking the glass from my hand.

“Humans Mike, you mortals are very susceptible to Essence but then that's why we produce it”

My mind is struggling to cope with what I am hearing, Human? Mortal? Before I can make any sense of this I spiral into darkness.

When I become aware of my surroundings I am no longer in the drawing room. I am in a large bed and totally naked. My head is throbbing slightly but this is overpowered by the throbbing from my cock.

I try to get up, I can lift my head but my arms and legs will not respond.

I look to the bottom of the bed, Claudette is standing there smiling down at me.

“Good, welcome back. Do not try to rise, your body is mine now and I want you as you are.”

As I shift my vision further down I see my cock standing up like a flag pole, larger and harder than I thought possible.

“Another of the effects of Essence a rather fortuitous one at that.”

“Now look at me”

There was a power behind her voice and I was compelled to obey.

She reaches round to undo her gown and allows it to slid to the floor.

The figure that had intrigued me earlier was now revealed stunningly clad in pale blue lace.

In a short space of time the gown is joined on the floor by the matching bra and panties.

Retaining just the dark stockings and suspender belt Claudette climbs on to the bed and stand over my paralysed body.

If I did not feel so helpless I would be looking forward to the best sex in my life but something was nagging at the back of my mind. If only I could make sense of all this.

I was dragged back to the here and now by the incredible sensations surging though my loins as Claudette oh so slowly engulfs my cock with her mouth, she keeps sliding lower and lower until her nose was buried in my pubic hair and my swollen member is lodged deep in her throat.

After a long pause and at the same leisurely pace she withdraws it. Then slides in it and out gathering pace. Until her head is bobbing up and down at quite a rate.

The pleasure is so intense that much sooner than normal she has brought me to a peak and I convulse as my semen blasts into her mouth.

As the flow subsides my erection does not.

Claudette licks her lips.

“Oh yes, you will do nicely. I have abstained from humans for to long.”

That was it! What is it with all this Human, Mortal stuff?

But before I could say a thing, I was aware of her stockinged legs either side of my head and the scent of female sex filled my nose. Moments later her moist sex was hovering on my lips.

“Eat me and don't stop until I tell you.”

I have performed oral on all of my previous lovers but Claudette tasted like nothing I have ever tasted before and I complied greedily. I soon found here clit, there was no missing it as it swelled wonderfully. I lapped at it then sucked it in and out off my eager mouth.

“I think I may keep you for a while Mick I have not been pleasured so for many years.”

There is a voice in the back of my head shouting for attention but I can not bring it to focus.

I am still working my tongue and lips on the engorged clitoris that is the centre of my world just now.

I get a moment to catch my breath as Claudette moves round to get at my cock whilst pushing herself back into my face.

Initially I struggle for breath my nose and mouth engulfed by her dripping sex, the pressure eases as my cock is once again sliding into her accommodating throat.

I beat her clit with my tongue, varying the speed and pressure until Claudette explodes in a shuddering climax covering my face in even more wonderfully scented juice.

Normally I would back off at this point but the compulsion is still strong so I keep at it despite the fact that it is getting harder and harder to keep my tired tongue on target.

Wave after wave of pleasure rolls over her body until final she stammers.

“S S Stop now. No more“

I stop the instant the full work is formed and she sinks down onto me.

What the fuck. It hits me as her full weight is draped across me. Her chest is not moving. She is not breathing!

She sits up, after an orgasm like that she should be breathing like a sprinter but still her chest is motionless.

“ What the hell are you?” I squeak

“You haven't guessed? Perhaps this will give you a clue.”

Her smile broadens as she turns and suddenly her incisors are twice the length of the rest of her teeth and very sharp looking.

“A vamp, Oh shit your a vampire!”

I try to escape but what ever she has done to me is still working. Hard as I may try I can not move.

“Do not panic my lover. You are in no danger. Well not while you keep me satisfied.”

“Talking of which, we are not finished yet.”
Placing her hands on my chest rubs her soaking pussy over my still rampant cock. Then with a wriggle of her hips she eases the tip between her lips and slides down its length. She pauses just as I start to enter. I can feel something blocking my passage into her vagina. She lifts slightly then pushes down. I feel her hymen ripping and she gasps softly, my penis slides into her until our pubic mounds grind together.

“One of the down sides of my shire turning me whilst I was still a virgin,my hymen regenerates over time. The bastard liked it that way”

She started to move herself up and down on my cock, grinding her sex into me on each down stroke. God it felt so good. My mind not really processing the fact that I was being fucked by a vampire.

“You can do some of the work I think you can move your hips as much as you need to service my needs.”

Her command released the lock on my muscles and almost of its own accord my pelvis started to undulate against her.

Her lowered a breast to my mouth.

“You will pleasure my nipples now!”

Not that I need the command, I would have defied any man to resist the tempting morsel in the shape of that erect nipple proffered to his lips.

I sucked, licked and nibbled at it for ages until it was pulled away, only to be replace by this twin.

This Essence stuff must have some powers similar to ****** because even though she rode me hard for what seemed like hours I came twice and stayed rock hard thorough out.

She looks down at my sore but still rampant cock.

I feel thoroughly drained more tired that I could ever remember but she has more colour and looks much more full of life.

“That is enough for now. Your marvellous toy can rest now.”

She slides a finger slowly from tip to root and my cock droops in sympathy just like a plug has been pulled.

“Aren't you going to drink my blood or something?”

“No my love I don't feed that way. Gain my strength from our sexual energy. Passion sustains me”

“I have decided I will keep you for now.”

“You will want for nothing whilst you keep me satisfied. You will not try to leave the house.”

“You will need to conserve your energy for each night now from now on. So Sleep now!”

I try to form a question but as I slide into sleep my last thought is.

“What a way to go!”

08-13-2010, 03:37 PM
Nice story only one suggestion...... the red text hurts your eyes and helps lose your place..... much better to stick with the old faithful white text.

08-13-2010, 10:49 PM
Thanks, on my screen the text was a dull grey, which is hard to read on the black background when I previewed it, the red was much more readable. Please change it, as I can not edit now.

08-13-2010, 11:11 PM
nice story.