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Hi all -

Just joined this forum... I have been into IR sex for awhile but this is my first time writing a story. I got the inspiration this weekend and so far I have only typed out two chapters. They are below.

I would really appreciate it if you all read what I have so far and gave me advice! I'd love to hear suggestions on where I should go from here. I have a few ideas but I want to be creative about it. If you guys give me suggestions I'd be more than happy to work it in to the plot.

I also posted this in the Group Sex thread... because I wasn't sure where this belonged since it's interracial AND ends up being a gangbang. Read, enjoy, and let me know! Thanks guys.



Ch 1 - Anton

The creaky, squealing brakes of the L train could he heard as the cars rattled up to the 4th street station and lurched to a stop. 4:10, right on time. After a second of delay, the doors opened and a meager amount of people came out. It was a Saturday and nothing was really happening on this side of Chicago. Cassie flicked her cigarette away, blowing the last of the menthol smoke into the air and made her way towards the train. The clomp, clomp, clomp of her heels echoed through the train station. Cassie had on a denim blue calf length dress and shiny red heels. She loved those heels. She really loved anything gaudy – big bangle bracelets, large costume jewelry, big earrings – she loved to stand out.

That’s probably what caught Anton’s attention.

Cassie sat down on a hard plastic bench. These trains always smelled like musty odor. She put her earbuds in and cranked up the music to drown out the terrible squealing of the wheels. She was tired from working all day, but she was disappointed because it was only 4:15 and it was looking like she had nothing to do tonight. That was one bad thing to living in Chicago in the summer. Her friends all went home. Some of them were close, but the ones who lived close to her were busy with work, like she was. She had to pay for school, she had to pay bills, she had enough to worry about. So, she made a half-hearted attempt to text her friends and put her phone away. That’s when she noticed him.

He was sitting off in a corner, minding his own business at first. He got onto the train at the same 4th street station as her. Earlier he had bummed a cigarette off of her. She had made a semi-attempt to make conversation with him when he started complimenting her for smoking menthols.

“Damn girl, wha’s a chick like you doin’ smokin’ menthols!?” he had asked her. She just laughed and said “you’re welcome” and that was it.

He had on a grey worn-out button up shirt with a nametag that said ANTON over the right breast pocket. He was a well-built black guy with diamond earrings and a shaved head. He had a nice smile, and she loved his green-blue eyes. She just wasn’t into black guys. But… he seemed to be interested in her. Even as she strolled away from him she could feel his eyes burning a hole into the back of her dress. All the way from her glossy red heels, up her smooth, pale legs, to her big round ass and her long curly black hair.

She tended to get a lot of attention from black guys. She couldn’t help it. She had what she and her friends jokingly called a “ghetto booty.” It was just so round and thick. She liked it though. It wasn’t quite “badonkadonk” status, but t was a powerful, juicy, thick ass. She had these plump thick lips to top it all off. They were definitely DSLs, and she had been complimented many times on them… both from her girl friends and the guys she went down on. She drove guys crazy by taking their entire cock, and then staring up at them as she sucked hard and slowly rose up their shaft. She had piercing ice blue eyes and always loved to bring her colors out with makeup.

Today she was wearing the brightest shade of red lipstick she owned. She felt a little like a streetwalker every time she stepped off the train. She could tell she was being gawked at from every direction by the businessmen, blue collar men, and even the homeless bums. She liked noticing that they were checking her ass or 38 D tits out. It made her feel a little good about herself. She wasn’t a slut, but she loved sex. She loved sex with guys she LIKED. She tried not to randomly hook up with guys, but she definitely had a freak side. She had done her fair share of sucking dick in bathrooms or laundry rooms at parties. Occasionally one cute older guy would get to fuck her brains out. She had no idea of the sexual transformation she was about to undergo.

Ch.2 – I Owe You

She looked up from her iPod when the train pulled into the next station. More people flooded in and took up the vacant seats around the car. She watched Anton stand up and move back across the row from where she was. He was listening to some kind of MP3 player too. Their eyes met as he walked back. He seemed to be staring at her. She smirked a little bit, enjoying the attention. Even tired and worn out after a long day at work she was still turning heads.

She could smell him now. The open air of the subway station masked the cologne he had on. She liked it, but she had never smelled it before. It reminded her of some kind of Axe, except not as cheap. She stole another glance at him again. His arms were very toned and she could see a few tattoos. She liked tattoos…

She watched him look over at her again. Shit. She figured she’d better stop staring. She didn’t know him and didn’t trust random people in the subway. She didn’t want to start any trouble. She was just a girl and he was bigger than her. She stared down at her phone again, pretending to check it. All of a sudden, a pair of loose fitting black Dickies pants infiltrated the bench space next to her. Startled, she looked up and there was Anton.

“What up girl?” he asked her, smiling.
“Oh! Hey!” She stuttered and smiled. She wasn’t used to guys being this forward with her.

“Sorry… I didn’t mean to like, keep staring at you or anything” she apologized, “I just noticed your tattoos and I…”

“You like my tats?” he interrupted her. He seemed to have a very controlling personality. He quickly took charge of the conversation and started showing off his ink jobs. He rolled his sleeves up and Cassie tried not to stare at his biceps. “This one’s for ma momma, this here’s my last name, this my baby brotha.”

Cassie pointed up underneath his half-rolled sleeve. “What’s that one? The one that’s like half covered up?” He rolled up his sleeve all the way and Cassie felt herself melt a little as he revealed his cut shoulders and tricep. He pointed to the uppermost part on his arm, “Right there tha’s just a cross, you know I go to church, I try to stay on the good side of life, try to stay out of trouble” He winked at her and she smiled again.

“So girl... you got any ink? You gonna let me see it?” He leaned in to her and she hesitated a second. He had kind of a thug attitude she had never dealt with before. It intrigued her.

“No, sorry I don’t. I’m a wuss!” Cassie joked. He laughed. Then, out of sheer nervousness she felt the need to continue the conversation. He WAS sitting RIGHT next to her.

“So... I’m Cassie” she extended her hand. He grabbed it. His hands were strong; she could tell he did manual labor. “Cassie how you doin’, I’m Anton. You live around here?”

“Y-yeah... yeah I do.” She didn’t want to give away exactly where she lived Anton was still a stranger, albeit a somewhat cute and friendly stranger. “I um, I actually live right down the block from the next station.”

“Ohhh, no! You ain’t leavin’ me girl, is you??” Anton leaned back. “No, no, I don’t know ‘bout that. We just gettin’ friendly!” He joked with her. “Plus you ain’t gon’ just walk outta my life without lettin’ me pay you back for that square!”

“Oh no” she insisted, “It’s ok. It’s just a cigarette!”

He interjected. “No no no girl, now hold on. It ain’t ‘bout just the square no more, it’s about my thanks! You know, I just had a hard day at work, you know my boss be ridin’ my ass ‘bout all dis bullshit, you know, and I was about to snap, and I just needed dat square more than you know. Tell you what, I live like a few stops down like across town. You gon’ come to my house with me and Im’a pay you back for that smoke. I got like a carton of dat same shit at my crib, I jus’ forgot the mo’fuckers today. Jus’ lemme take you there I’ll give you a pack an’ I’ll drive you back to yo place.”

She only heard about the second half of what he said. His eyes drew her in. They seemed to change colors, and as the train turned and the sunlight went across his face they were even more brilliant. She loved a good set of eyes on ANY guy.

“Oh... uhm... sure! Like, honestly though, it’s really no big deal.” She didn’t want him to go out of his way – if he rode the train to work, he probably didn’t like to drive too much. He was probably just like her... couldn’t afford all that gas. To make him drive across town just for a pack of Newports seemed like a bitchy thing to make him do.

“Aww Cassie girl, you shut yo mouth baby! You ain’t even gotta worry about it! Trust me... I believe in karma. You know, you do good to people and they will be good to you.”

He made her laugh. She felt a lot more comfortable around him. For the first time, on the L train, she felt safe. Like no one could mess with her as long as Anton was next to her.

“Don’t you worry nothin’ about it, chick,” he said. “I owe you. I owe you”

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Thanks for the addiiton

Brigit Astar
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For a first effort at writing a story, this is simply excellent.

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dang, there I go agreeing with Brigit, again. Excellent story, well told and written. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

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Thanks everyone! I have a full time job so I have to balance that out with my writing... right now I have one more chapter written and I'm working on the 4th. I want to make sure Cassie at least gets into SOME kind of sexy trouble before I post again.

Trust me, by the end of Chapter 4, things will be well on their way.