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Damn, I was one lucky bastard. I had a wife, Debbie that had a body that men only dream about. A face that was one of a rich manís trophy wife. But her best part was her sexuality. It just poured from her. She knew every time she went out that guys, men and even boys couldnít keep their eyes off of her. Her cloths fit her to a tee and showed off her perfect body. She also knew that I love it when men would watch her. Knowing they would just love to get their hands on her, or better yet their cocks inside her.

After a day of shopping or doing other things we would go home have a cocktail and relax. What Debbie like to do was get next to me and put her hand over my dick and rub it through the material. She would say something like, did you see that old man walking around me trying to get a peek at my tits? How could I miss it, I told her. You know I let him look down my top a few times, didnít you? I love it when you do that, it drives me crazy, I said as she had my cock hard as a rock.

Baby, your hard cock is talking to me. It is telling me how much it turns you on knowing it makes me all excited. I told her to unbutton her top the way she did when the old man was looking. Her hands went up and unbuttoned the top three buttons. You mean like this honey? All I had to do was turn my head and I was looking at the sexiest black laced bra I had ever seen. If you looked close enough you could see her nipples threw the lace.

Looking at her nipples getting hard I told her that what was such a turn on was when we were sitting at the food court and she opened up her legs to let the three cub scouts see something they most likely had never seen before. I didnít think you saw that, she told me, but I am glad that you did. She was now rubbing my cock up and down, making it as hard as it has ever been.
I have a little secret to tell you honey, she said. You do, do you, I answered? Will you play with me while I tell you , she asked? I lowered my hand to the front of her short skirt and pressed it against her pussy. I was making a slow movement up and down against her slit, knowing I was also touching her clit.

The other night when we went to your folks house for dinner? Yes, I said to her. Didnít you notice the looks your father was giving me? I tried to think back to see if I could remember anything my father did. I might have seen him look at Debbie, but no more than any other man would I thought. Not really honey, was he, I asked her? More than any other time we had been to their house. I put my whole palm against her pussy and pushed hard as I rubbed up and down. Donít stop now, I want to hear more.

Oh Jimmy, your hand feels so nice and I am getting very turn on talking to you. As soon as we got there you dad got behind me to help me off with my little jacket. He held it as I pulled my arms through. He kept standing behind me and looking over my shoulder and down my blouse. I could feel his breath on my neck. Did dad get a good look at you, I asked? Iím sure he did every time I would breath in or out. Then your mother said, letís go out back and have a drink. You followed your mother and your dad followed me. He bumped into my butt a couple of times and said he was sorry, but he tripped.

After fixing the drinks he sat down next to your mom while I sat next to you. I kept catching his eyes looking at me most of the time. For the longest time he kept trying to look up my skirt. I could see that his dick was starting to get a little harder. You and your mother must have been really talking about something important because all your attention and your mothers was on the conversation. Donít be mad honey, but you know me. When I know some man is trying to fill his eyes with me, it makes me want to show off.
Your cock is staying nice and hard honey. I think you like what I am telling you. Debbieís hand was cupped around the material that was around my hard cock and jacking me off. Do you remember that I spilled a few drops from my cocktail while you talked with your mother? Yes honey, I do remember that and you said, no big deal and that you would take care of it. Thatís write, and you went back to talk more with your mom.

Well, I bent over to use my napkin on the carpet. I made sure my arms were pushing against my tits so they would look real big. Your father was drooling as he watched me and I made sure he got a good long look. When I straightened up I went to put the napkin on the table to my side. I spread my legs as I reached for the table. I knew your father could see my matching panties and I stayed like that for a minute.

At dinner he dropped his knife twice. Yes, he did, I said. You donít have to tell me, he did it so he could look up your skirt some more. He sure did honey and the times he dropped his knife I had my legs spread so wide I know he could see my puffy lips against my panties. Debbie was really turning me on as she told me what happened. I looked her in the eye and said, take your blouse off for me. But Jimmy the drapes are all open. I donít care, take it off rite now. She slowly undid the rest of the buttons and let her blouse slip off her shoulders. Fuck, she looked so beautiful. Her tits didnít move at all and not because she had the bra on. They donít move when her bra is off either.

I could tell by the look in her eyes that there was still more to the story. She told me she wanted to see my cock. I unzipped and it came flying through the zipper hole. Umm, that looks really good honey, why donít you stroke it for me. I began to slowly jack myself off, but it didnít feel as good as when she was rubbing me. She was watching me stroke my cock and I told her how excited I was listening to her. I told her if she wanted to she should do whatever she wanted as she talked to me. Rite away she began fondling her chest and pinching her already hard nipples.

What else did my nasty father do? When he talked to me he made sexual passes at me. Not touching me but just his eyes going all over my body. Out back by the pool when we all had a few more drinks your dad asked you mom to show you the photos she found when you were just a kid. Jimmy, I knew you didnít have a clue that your father was making a pass at me. You got up and went into the house and upstairs to your folks bedroom to look at the photos.

I was feeling pretty good by now, with all the cocktails I had and a bit turned on thinking that my own father-in-law was looking at my body. As soon as you were gone, that is when your dad turned it up a notch. He told me that I sure was the prettiest women he had ever seen. I thanked him and bent forward a little. He kept talking but his eyes never left my chest. We talked about the pictures your mom had found and laughed when he told me about the ones with you with no cloths on.

Here was my wife telling me about my father trying to see her tits and pussy and she was getting excited doing it. I said, why donít you do the same thing I am doing, you know it will feel so good. Her hands went down and lifted the hem of her skirt. She pulled it up and tucked it into the waistband. She slipped her hand over her pussy and began sliding her fingers along her slit. Very nice, I said.

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