View Full Version : New Name and look

08-30-2010, 11:50 PM
Hey All

By now Im sure that all have figured out we have had a change....a few things need to be fixed like the smilies.

I am hoping that we can keep at least the word Blue in our new Logo Tiger will have created.....We moved the site to a new domain to help increase traffic and hopefully gain alot of new Members.

Another interesting feature is the Home page....it is actually a kind of Story page....New or Old Members now have the option to post their stories here in the forum and on the Home page, or just post them there, or you can pos them in here and use the "promote to article" function in the post body under the user name info and that will send a link to a story or Article to the home page.

Articles are submitted and then have to be published, which Niteowluk or myself can do....there is a space for comments and all....I have already uploaded a few older stories and did a link so people could see how it will work.