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Life and times of a sexaholic.

By Niteowluk2003.

1. The early years.
2. Marriage disaster.
3. Prowling for sex.
4. Discovering my true self.
5. Swinging my early years.
6. Group sex and wild places.
7. Discovering bondage as a sex aid.
8. Scares and disappointments.
9. Coming to terms with my life.
10. The fantasy's continue.
11. Fantasy to reality the company and the dream.
12. Coming to earth with a bump.

Chapter 1. - The Early years.

The church says give me a boy until he is seven and I will give you back the man; maybe this is true usually but in my case it could not have been more wrong. I was born into a poor working class family as the youngest son of seven; I had four sisters and two brothers to look up to. Or so they thought but from a very early age I discovered I was not a sheep and therefore I was determined to make my own rules and go my own path. Of course this led to many clashes with my parents; but usually without their knowledge I got my way.

I suppose I should describe myself at some point although to be honest the youth I am going to describe bears no resemblance to the man I became; at fourteen I was a seven stone weakling at four foot tall; in fact to say I was unremarkable was an vast understatement. My only claim to fame at that stage was that I was only one in my family to pass the English 11+ exam which in the 1960ís meant that you could go to a better school called ďGrammar SchoolsĒ; now I said I was the only one top pass the exam in my family and not I was the only one to go to the ďGrammar SchoolĒ because money being so tight, my mom managed to persuade the education authority that rather than me be deprived of the schooling I had earned; it would be better for my older brother (He was two years older than me) to be allowed to go to the same school and therefore she had only to buy one new uniform each year after the first year.

I suppose it is a definite bee in my bonnet that the school systems even today are not tailored for younger siblings to outperform older siblings in education. So from day one at the new school I was to measure up to my brotherís standard; so I did I never bothered to complete homework; I never contributed in class and was frequently sent to see the headmaster where occasionally I would end up with the cane.... Something which was outlawed in the mid seventies.

Eventually a compromise was achieved between the class teacher and me where I would not disrupt the lesson and he or she would not expect homework; basically I wasted four whole years of my life making a point. Now you may believe I had damaged my work prospects by the stand I took but not really for I was allowed to leave school at fifteen provided I had a sound job to go into; which I did. I enrolled with the National Coal board in England as an apprentice Electrical Engineer which required attending college two days per week and three days underground work experience.

I managed to persuade the college to allow me to take years one and two together and completed a five year apprenticeship in three years; a first for the mining college, so you can imagine my glee at returning to school with full set of diplomaís in my hand saying I was an electrical engineer by the time I was eighteen.

Enough of my educational history; I am sure you are more interested in my sexual history; but remember what you read above because it shows my strength of determination and strong willed character which has made me the man I am.

I first became active with girls around 12 years of age but not losing my virginity until I was fifteen; strange you may say but let me try to explain. Having four sisters all at least four years older than me I was privy to various bits of free sex education right at home; I learnt really early about womenís cycles and how more often than not they became hornier when it was that time of the month. I knew intimately every bit of the female apparel from braís and bra sizes; even down to how to spot from a distance front opening bras from their counterpart ones which opened behind. I often over heard my sisters talking about boys and their habits, failings and successes.

Also around this time I frequently got free views of various parts of the female anatomy as my sisters often would forget I was around and remove a bra here or slip down their panties totally unaware of me sitting only feet away. It was at this time I suppose I discovered my love of stockings and suspenders; boy what a sad day when modern women turned to pantyhose and tights; even today I still find a pair of seamed stockings properly worn a terrific turn on. Give me the giggle band stockings any day over the sexless tights and pantyhose; yes I did say giggle band. For those of you who donít know the giggle band is the thicker band of stockings right at the top of the garment where the suspenders attach; so called because if I guy got past that point he was usually laughing.

My First proper girlfriend was Jo; the first time at fifteen I tried to fuck her, we were disrupted by her parents walking in unexpectedly even before I got to enter her. Typical sixties parents they chased me from the house and then later contacted my parents to say that if I made their daughter pregnant I would be expected to do the decent thing and marry her. My parent s could not believe my attitude when I said that if she was pregnant she should change her name to Mary, because only the Virgin Mary got pregnant without penetration.

The first time I actually went all the way was with a girl called Denise, she was what at that time was called a rocker chick; liked motorbikes and such. Strange thing was though she always wanted to be told exactly what to do; you know what I mean like take off your blouse and she would do it no matter where she was.

That first time of losing my virginity is still fresh in my mind forty four years after the event; We went for a walk one Saturday morning through some woodland in Sheffield and as usual Denise began talking about some sexy guy she had seen on a chopper motorbike; now at the time chopper bikes were fairly new to Sheffield and therefore a rarity to be seen. I teasing asked if seeing this bike rather than the man had turned her on and she freely admitted she had been and as the teasing continued I made a carefree comment about how would she feel with a vibrating chopper between her legs and she unashamedly admitted she would be wetter than a waterfall.

I pushed the point by asking her what her pussy would feel like and she responded by telling me her cunt would be open and eager to have something long and hard shoved up it. Clearly this was said to try to embarrass and shock me but I rose to the challenge and demanded she show me her cunt as she put it. Without any protest she stepped behind a tree and unzipped her jeans pulling them down over her hips exposing her bright yellow panties and then she pulled the crotch of these to one side and opened her legs as wide as her jeans would allow clearly showing me her cunt covered in downy blonde hairs.

I felt a lot bolder having had her obey me so easy; and now demanded she remove her jeans completely and to make sure her panties came off too. Again meekly she obeyed and we then walked hand in hand further into the woods before we came to a small river; here I demanded she show me her tits and again she quickly raised her tee shirt and showed she was not wearing a bra. Before we moved on the tee shirt joined the jeans and panties in my hand and now Denise was naked apart from her trainers.

She stood four foot seven tall with 36B tits and her pubic area covered with a downy soft blonde pubic hair; her shoulder length blonde curly hair framed her cute face and she seemed totally unfazed at being naked in the middle of the morning in a wooded area not far from the centre of Sheffield. As I looked over her naked body; I became aware of firstly her shallow breathing and the hard erect nipples indicating she was aroused or at least getting more aroused; finally I noticed the shiny traces of moisture at the top of her thighs and knew this was her cunt juice overflowing her hot wet cunt.

I gingerly reached out and touched her left breast; slowly moving my fingers towards her nipple; as my fingers closed tightly over her nipple I asked if she liked her nipples pinched hard or would she prefer them to be twisted. Excitedly she gasped that she loved it all; twisted, pinched or pulled she just loved having her nipples teased and even suggested I bite her tit hard and scrape my teeth over her nipples.

I quickly sucked her full breast flesh into my mouth and lashed her nipple with my tongue before slowly scraping my teeth along the flesh until I felt them come into contact with her nipple and then bite down firmly but not hard. As she gasped, my hand found her cunt and she was soaking wet; my finger easily sliding along her cunt crease before slipping the tip into her hot wet hole. As I have already said because of seeing my sisters partially nude or fully nude I knew that her clit would be a source of excitement to her and rather clumsily I probed my thumb against its position. Denise did not seem to mind my clumsiness; in fact she seemed to buck her hips against my probing thumb.

I was by now sporting a raging hard cock and wanted so much to stick it in her but I wanted her to beg me to fuck her so I made her walk with my hand pressed against her cunt; while telling me how she liked to be fucked. I was almost scared off when she told me her most erotic dreams always had her tied up so she could not move and usually on her hands and knees with a big hairy biker behind her slamming his hard cock into her cunt or rear hole as she called her anal ring.

I could not believe she wanted to be tied up but even if I wanted too I had not been prepared for this and had no rope or anything with us so I walked her to a clearing and then made her knee facing a fallen tree close enough to have her thighs almost touching it; then ordered her to lean over the rough bark covered tree trunk. Then I dropped my jeans and freed my cock before kneeling down behind her; I leaned forward and called her a fucking slut as I slipped my cock into her hot furnace of a cunt.

I only lasted three or four strokes before I came but remained hard enough to continue fucking her hard and fast. I lasted much longer the second time and actually made her scream out as I fucked her. In panic I thought I had hurt her and she confessed later she had screamed out as her orgasm got too much for her. Although when we stood up again I did feel rather sorry for her for my thrusting had obviously rocked her body and her tits looked red raw from rubbing against the rough bark.

Denise never complained and rather reluctantly put her clothes back on; as we made arrangements to meet at this exact spot the following week. I promised her a surprise for the following week; before we walked slowly back to her street where we parted company.

During the week I met Denise at the youth club and we walked to a dark corner of the yard containing the youth club building and she told me that she had experienced a narrow escape on that Saturday. I asked her what she meant and she confessed that her father often used her because her mother had left many years ago and unfortunately for her, her father wanted to fuck her that afternoon, she told me she had bathed and cleaned her cunt but the scratches on her tits were still clearly visible and her father had asked what had happened. She lied that she had been climbing a tree and had slipped causing her unprotected tits to scrape against the tree trunk and hence the scratches.

The following Saturday was my very first sortie into bondage and deliberate dominance of a female and I discovered I loved the feeling of power; something that was to stay with me even to today.

The following Saturday I took a carrier bag with me in which I had some string and a few things I was going to use on my willing subject; Denise must have had the same idea because she too turned up with a bag which contained more appropriate ropes and of all things several wooden spring type clothes pegs. She also had a vibrator; again I must confess it was the first one I had ever seen but I knew what they were and how they worked because of listening in to my sisterís conversations.

Once more when we were far enough into the woods she was ordered to remove her skirt and panties; quickly followed by her boob tube; then I tied her hands behind her back so she could not cover her 36B tits or hide her cunt from view should anyone happen to see us. Having told her this, I found it turned her on even more; a fact I checked on by slipping my fingers into her cunt only to find a thick viscous liquid already there. Without the slightest embarrassment, Denise apologised and explained her dad had caught her just before she had planned to leave and he had insisted she get on all fours and she had to take his cock up her cunt. Not knowing any different, I accepted the incest between her and her dad as sort of normal if unusual.

It sort of turned me on to feel another manís spunk up her cunt and I withdrew my spunk coated fingers and pressed them to Deniseís lips; eagerly she licked and then sucked them clean. On and on we walked and she almost got caught by a man walking his dog; but I quickly pushed her into a bush out of sight. The dog yapped his head off but the man assumed it was barking at me, so he grabbed its collar and pulled it away; once again Denise was high aroused and almost shaking as we continued on our walk.

When we reached the fallen tree we stopped and I explained what I was going to do; including tying her up properly and possibly leaving her defenceless and exposed. I threw the blanket I was carrying over the fallen tree and then forced Denise to kneel down and then lean on to the blanket; she was now resting her back against the tree, as I reached into her bag and withdrew the clothes pegs.

Now I squeezed her left tit and applied the first clothes peg half way between her nipple and the base of her tit. The second clothes peg was attached similarly on the other side of her left breast; the third peg was then attached halfway between the first clothes peg and her nipple; finally for the left breast the fourth clothes peg was attached in the same place between the second peg and the nipple.

The remaining four clothes pegs were similarly attached to her right breast. Now I simply pressed the nearest two clothes pegs, forcing her nipple up and out. Lowering my head until my lips met that nipple I gripped it between my teeth and shook my head gently; Denise whimpered but not in pain more like in exquisite lust.

My fingers played with her clit revealing her cunt juices running like a tap; suddenly Denise begged me to fuck her and to fuck her real hard; I then released her nipple and told her I did in fact intend to fuck her but I was going to fuck her arse not her cunt because her cunt would already be full of the vibrator she had kindly brought.

Denise feigned shock horror as I suddenly produced the vibrator and allowed her to lick it before moving it down to her cunt and slipping it inside her horny slit in one sharp movement. Then as I described how I was going to slide my rock hard cock; fresh from her wanton mouth; up her tight arse in one forceful push and I stressed that I hoped it hurt her like hell because she was going to experience the two extremes of passion and pain; I began to undress.

She started to beg me not to ram my cock up her but instead to gently push it up her arse; but a sharp slap across her tits made her shut up and accept her fate. Then pressing my cock to Deniseís mouth and she willingly opened her lips to take my member into her mouth; rapidly she began sucking my cock and flicking her tongue around the underside of its head.

When my cock was rock hard I pulled it from her mouth and dropped between her legs; then lifting her ankles up on to my shoulder I took a firm grip on the base of my cock and probed her anal ring. Applying more and more pressure forcing my stiff prick into her anal chute; as soon as my cock head was inside her shitter; I gave a hard thrust and managed to send half my six inches of cock meat into her; she gasped as if it took her breath away. Another hard thrust and my balls were banging against her but and I could feel the hardness of the vibrator pressing against my cock only separated by the membrane between her arse and cunt.

I fucked her hard and fast for ten minutes; while she fucked her cunt hard with the vibrator when she suddenly began screaming her way through a massive orgasm; her throes of her orgasm sent me over the top and my cock spewed its seed deep into the bowels of her arse. After she sucked clean my cock we sat there talking about her sexual likes and dislikes and she confessed that this was one of the biggest and best thrills she had ever experienced; she pointed out that nearly being caught by the man and his dog was the crowning glory. Denise confided that she had never been turned on as much as the moment the dog ran towards us barking and she let slip that the only other thing which would have made it even better was if the man had come over to apologise and been stood close enough to hear her breathing.

I dated Denise for another 9 months until her dad discovered she was fucking around outside the home and apparently she let slip that I knew he was fucking his own daughter and they then moved to Manchester and I lost contact with Denise. Strange how you learn without being aware of learning, for I learnt the basics of my need to dominate women with Denise but shelved those tendencies for a good few years and it took a failed marriage to reignite my curiosity about taking charge over women.

After Denise I found myself taking part in a couple of group sex sessions without being aware of the situation. Four of my mates and I were friends with a couple of girls; not really boyfriend Ė girlfriend roles but we just seemed to hang out together. Well one Friday night we went to help the two girlís baby sit and had ourselves a little party.

To avoid confusion I better introduce the characters at this stage; there was Kevin; a year younger than me but almost a foot taller, with a six inch cock: Martin who was the same age as Kevin only about the same size as myself with a small five inch cock: Michael who was a year older than me and taller than Kevin with a seven inch cock and finally for the boys there was Steven who was Michaels cousin and the same age as me; about six inches taller than I with an average five and a half inch cock.

The two Girls were Lillian and Susan; Lillian was Michaels age and was best described as a wiry five foot six girl with 38 C tits, fair hair and freckles, whilst Lillian was smaller and younger by almost a year; her extremely slim body was topped off with what to us boys seemed huge tits but I later found out they were in fact 38 D.

Well one the first night we babysat with them, things dragged on until someone suggested a game of strip poker, but the girls refused without someone providing a drink or two. Martin lived closest and decided he could get some from his dadís supply at home and ten minutes later he arrived back with a full bottle of scotch. Lillian got seven glasses from the kitchen and we all took our first swig of scotch; god it tasted awful but not one of us would say so.

Soon the cards were dealt out and Susan lost the first hand; she was given a choice of losing an item of clothing or doing a dare. Susan chose the dare and was told to stroke Kevinís cock through his trousers for one whole minute, Kevin squirmed at this but bravado prevailed and he allowed her to do her task. The next round was lost by Martin who chose to lose an article of clothing; quickly followed by losing hands for all us boys and all except me chose to lose an article of clothing. I suppose the alcohol was beginning to take effect when I had to complete my task and I was told I had to remove Susanís panties with my teeth.

Susan protested but was quickly convinced by Lillian that it would be fun and so it proved to be as I got to smell her aroused cunt at close quarters. Then Susan Lost her second game and chose to remove an article of clothing and the boys insisted it was her skirt; Susan agreed until she remembered I had already removed her panties and she tried to get eh article of clothing changed but as we pointed out we that had removed clothing had been told what items to remove.

Again with Lillianís persuasion she removed her skirt but sat tight legged so she only showed the briefest hint of her dark pussy hair. Martin then lost the next hand and chose a dare; he had to lick Susanís exposed cunt for one minute.

To cut a long story short it was some thirty minutes later that Michael, Kevin and I was naked; Martin and Steven had only underpants on and Susan was sat with just her bra on whilst Lillian was totally naked and happily showing off her shaved cunt as she sat with her legs wider apart than one would normally do.

We decided to play one final hand in which only the highest card won and everyone else had to remove whatever items of clothing they still wore and if they had no items to remove they had to do whatever the winner told them to do.

I won that last hand and watched with interest as Susan removed her bra, she cover her tits with her hands until I demanded she place her hands by her side; surprisingly she did so; Martin and Steven happily removed their underpants and showed their semi hard cocks with great delight. I made Michael and Kevin suck on Susanís tits for five minutes while I had Lillian sit on my lap and rub my cock against her cunt for the same period.

The room smelt of raw sex and both girls were getting turned on as I looked at Martin and Steven and told them to suck on Lillianís tits. Both girls now began begging for the five minutes never to end and Lillian rose enough on my cock to slide it into her cunt and not against it; now she rode me hard as she begged me to fuck her silly; Suddenly all the other activities stopped as everyone watched us; Lillian clearly began to cum as she panted and gasped for someone to fuck Susan and next thing we knew Susan was on the floor with Martin hammering her cunt missionary style while Susan sucked on Stevenís cock.

Lillian then asked me to fuck her doggie style from behind whilst she sucked on the other cocks; she alternately sucked Michael and Kevinís cocks until I could not hold out any longer and I spewed my potent sperm into her clutching cunt. No sooner had I pulled out of her than Michael was there ramming his cock up her cunt and I offered my sticky cock to Susan to suck and she did just that swallowing the mixture of my spunk and her best friends cunt juices as if they were the foods of gods.

We got to fuck both girls that night and then as they ate each otherís cunts those of us still capable wanked off over their writhing bodies before dressing and disappearing with the promise of helping them babysit again real soon.

I later learned that whilst Susan and Lillian were still using their tongues to clean up each otherís bodies the parents of the children they were babysitting arrived home and Susan was fucked by the father while Lillian happily munched on the motherís hot hairy cunt; apparently the parents phoned Lillianís mum and Susanís dad to ask if it was alright as it was so late for them to stay overnight at the babysitting address. Lillian told me later it took her three days to not feel like she was walking bow legged from the multiple fucking she took that night and she confessed she loved being used like a slut.

It was not long after this night; I met my future wife and so my interaction with this little group tailed off but not before I had taught Susan how to take a cock up her arse while having another one up her cunt.

Chapter 2 to follow.

Brigit Astar
09-04-2010, 10:06 AM
Fabulous writing and storytelling, Niteowl. Factual writing is sometimes better than fiction. I look forward with great anticipation for the next chapter.

09-06-2010, 01:55 AM
Great story more please

09-06-2010, 10:23 PM
Very interesting, thank you for sharing you memories with us.

09-07-2010, 04:16 PM
Are you sure this is a true story...... sounds like my ideal dream to me.... honestly please keep the story coming as it sounds really good.

09-07-2010, 05:50 PM
I promise that to the best of my knowledge not only is this true but I have resisted all urges to embellish the story in any way.

09-08-2010, 02:04 AM
Good story wheres chapter 2?

09-08-2010, 06:28 AM
Still being written.... the sedatives don't half slow you down you know.........lol

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Good story!!!!

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Chapter now appears in the true story forum and the remaining chapters will also appear there.

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nice story