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Intimate Intentions.

She was a goddess; standing six foot one tall long shoulder length blonde hair; the tight bodice of her blouse doing its very best to restrain the swell of her 38D breasts; the ivory skin of her neck shows little beads of sweat forming and seductively trickling down towards her impressive cleavage. Alex stands poised and ready in her red skirt and peach blouse; her outfit completed with those four inch high stiletto heeled fuck me shoes. She had been ordered to dress accordingly by a man she knew only via internet chats and now she was meeting him for the very first time.

Even now she could not believe how she had divulged all her secrets to a complete stranger; how could she have told a man she had been talking to for only six short sessions of internet chat that she loved to be dominated and more importantly that she loved to be used as a slut. She never thought she would be here at this stage meeting someone who knew more of her dark side than even her own parents.

Oh it had started simply enough, she had left a comment about a story she had read and that comment was relayed back to the author via a feedback link; this led to the author sending a thank you back and instigating the offer of chatting about story themes. Email exchanges became messenger chats and that was when she began to let slip her inner most thoughts; resulting in her being commanded to attend this meeting between them.

As scared as she felt about meeting a comparative stranger she also felt more sexually alive than she had in her whole thirty eight years; even more than when she married at the age of twenty one. In fact the only time she had felt close to being this alive before was during the birth of her son when she was twenty four. Her marriage had broken up ten years ago when her son had just turned four years of age and she had vowed to remain alone to bring her child up the best she could.

She had even told the master why her seven year marriage had failed and how she had discovered her husband was bi sexual and had begun to prefer men instead of her; it had started a year before they split up when she agreed to try to reignite their marriage passions. It was her husband who suggested a threesome with another man and she agreed.

They had contacted someone her husband had selected from a contact magazine and had eventually got her parents to babysit her son and they entertained the third man in the comfort of their own home. Nervously that night she had allowed her husband and this man to undress her and spend time playing with her responsive body, before taking one cock in her mouth while the other man slipped his cock into her cunt. Her body had become alive at the thought of being a plaything for the two rampant pricks and she felt really dirty and wicked being the centre of the sexual attention.

Alex had orgasmed so powerfully that she almost passed out as they used her body over and over and she had became semi aware of some activity off to her side and she could not believe her eyes for there was her husband and this stranger sucking each other’s cocks like their lives depended on it. In what seemed like a drunken stupor she watched as her husband had willingly allowed this other man to stick his hard cock, which earlier had been up inside her cunt, to slide into her well stretched anal ring.

She felt disgust initially as she watched for the first time in her life as two men had sex together she could not believe her husband was begging to become the cum slut to this man and was almost screaming for him to make him his filthy whore of a bitch. In her hazy state of mind she rationalised that what she was watching was in fact no worse than having a guy fuck her arse; and when that idea dawned on her she began to get turned on by watching them whilst they were unaware of her being awake. She could not believe her ears when she heard her husband say, “Oh god John it feels better than it has ever felt before and I am so glad that now we do not have to keep our relationship a secret from this scatty cow, if only she knew that for four fucking years I had been seeing you and getting my fill of a real man’s cock up my slutty arse!”

John added to the feeling of being betrayed when he answered, “Bobby, your arse is far better that that bitch’s cunt, I only fucked her as a prelude to getting my cock up your tight shitter!”
Later after John had left, she challenged Bob’s reason behind the threesome and when she quoted word for word the two men’s conversation; bob finally confessed he was bisexual and had discovered this when he had been approached at the gym by a gay guy who seemed to sense his fascination with the male cock. He confessed that once a week he had been meeting up with men, at first it had been at a glory hole he had been told about and later he had been meeting up with on guy in particular and that guy was John. Bob had shocked her when he said that he knew now he could not give up John as it actually felt more natural to him to take John’s cock up his arse than it did for bob to fuck her.

Well the strained relationship limped on for a further six months before Bob left during the night one day; he simply left her a note saying he realised he needed John more than he needed her so he was off to live with his lover although he promised to make sure that their son was well cared for he arranged to send her ample maintenance to take care of his needs.

Three months later she filed for divorce on grounds of irretrievable breakdown. The divorce uncontested went through speedily and the amount of maintenance remained as they had agreed before the proceedings began. Now virtually single again in all sense of the word except the fact she had a son who needed her love and care; she went from minimal sex to nonexistent sex life and this led to her discovering the website which contained adult stories on all different subjects.

She found reading bestiality stores turned her off and although the incest stories made her horny she could never imagine herself make advances to her son who was now fourteen years of age, however she read by chance a BDSM story about a woman who liked to be told what to do and when by a man who she called master; Suddenly it was as if a light had gone on in her head and everything seemed so clear to her now.

Alex found herself imagining herself in some of the situations she had read in Eleanor’s descent, although to be honest she found some of the things she read were happening to Eleanor a little hard to swallow and could never see her allowing herself to be made to do. She investigated all about the submissive side of BDSM and liked the idea of using a safe word and was intrigued by the idea of being tied up and helpless to prevent what was going to happen from happening.

Several times she found herself in the midst of an extremely horny wet dream where she was powerless to stop a group of six or seven men from using her body and leaving her face, hair and tits covered in gallons of slimy spunk. Two or three times that first week after reading the story she found herself waking up in a cold sweat with her fingers buried deep into her own soaking wet cunt.
It was at this time she read the “Discipline correspondent” story by the same author as “Eleanor’s descent” and decided to leave a comment on the site accidentally clicking the button which sent the comment as a feedback email to the author. So she was shocked and a little excited to receive a replay back thanking her for taking the time and trouble to let him know how much she liked the story and would she like to see her own details in a story wrote just for her.

She had never thought of such a thing but now the more she thought about it the more she wished she could be the heroine of a story and secretly wished she could be the star of such a story only she felt she wanted the story to be a true story.

Without thinking she wrote back to the author and briefly described herself and asked him to compose a story about her using an alias of course. Ray the author wrote the story and sent her the draft copy direct by email and Alex felt a touch of disappointment as she read the story because she did not feel the thrill exactly as she had anticipated; however she admitted it was a good story and was willing to allow Ray to post it to the website where she had originally read his work. It was two days later when she was on the site and she came across the story published; she felt the thrill she had expected, she reasoned that it was obvious the missing ingredient was the knowledge that others were reading about her as if they actions were her intimate deepest thoughts.

All that was literally three months ago and now she was stood waiting for this maestro of words to arrive and hopefully take charge of her mind and body. Each second seemed to take forever as she watched the seconds clicking by eagerly anticipating her master’s arrival. She was sure that every man who walked passed her knew why she was there and that soon she would be behaving like a whore or a total slut for a virtual stranger. God if her cunt got any wetter or hotter than she felt it was now she would be orgasming on the spot for the passing world to see.

Several times her nerves got the better of her and she seriously thought of walking away and going back home; the one thing that kept her there was the thought of this stranger knowing what she looked like and the area of London she lived in.

You see during each of their on line chats Master ray would set a task and demand a photograph as proof she had carried out that task. The first task was easy to complete she had to shave her cunt and send a picture of it freshly shaved; she did. The next task involved clothes pegs and elastic bands and was a little more painful to complete; for she was supposed to attach three clothes pegs to each breast, two on the flesh and one on each nipple; not only that but then she was to tightly bind the flesh end of the clothes pegs on her nipples with the elastic bands and then stretch her nipples for five minutes each. Again a picture was required as proof and it had to show both breasts with the pegs in place.

In fact Alex was rapidly become an expert in self posed photography using her large bedroom mirror; because the third task had her display her selection of her sex toys and she had to promise in the accompanying email that the picture displayed all her sex toys and she had to point out which was her favourite ones. The last but one task was to use two of the toys one up her cunt and one up her arse at the same time with the photo showing them in place. Alex was now so conditioned to supplying photographs with each task that she never thought when his final demand arrived and that involved her fingering her cunt to the point of orgasm and then taking a full facial picture as she actually climaxed. Master Ray always showed a just cause for the photographs whether it was just as proof she had completed the task to the last one he said would tell him what she was like when she climaxed; IE whether she was vocal or expressive.

In the truth of the matter was a little of both it would show him how she climaxed but also it would finally give him the picture of her face so he could recognise her when he demanded she turn up to this meeting she was now anxiously standing around waiting to happen.

Alex suddenly heard footsteps approaching her and she nervously turned to look in their direction and almost fled there and then as a grey haired unkempt looking man in scruffy clothes came towards her but her legs refused to work. The haggard faced man leaned forward and with foul breath asked if she could spare some change for a cuppa; she quickly fumbled for a coin and gave it the man before realising she had just given him a two pound coin. She smiled to herself as she thought that will get him two or three cans of strong cider or lager/beer.

She just about calmed herself once more when a hand touched her shoulder and a stern voice told her not to turn round; the voice said, “Slut Alex, I presume?”

Alex found herself tremble as her head nodded as she struggled to find her voice because her throat had suddenly gone very dry. The voice simply said, “I can’t hear you!”

She finally managed to respond with a curt, “Yes! Sir”

“Good, now just a quick check before we move on, so be an obedient bitch and open your legs!” the voice demanded.

As if with a mind of their own her legs suddenly opened and she felt a warm hand on the back of her thigh just above her knee; slowly but surely it moved up her thigh causing her skin to tingle and her body suddenly to perspire even more. After what seemed like hours the hand was lightly touching her cunt as she felt the hand’s thumb working its way between her arse cheeks and working its way to her anal ring. Just as it touched her anal ring a couple of fingers hooked themselves into her cunt and she almost jumped at the feel of the thick fingers intruding into her soaking wet cunt.

Instantly the hand was gone; and a firm hand took her arm and she was led away, now she got her first chance to see the mystery man who had begun to invade her every dream; her first reaction was he was a rough sort of handsome, not ugly as she had feared but not quite a Brad Pitt either. He suddenly leant towards her and asked, “Do you fancy a coffee?”

Without thinking she smiled and said, “Yes please!”

She panicked when she saw his facial features change as if he was angry, he snapped, “Don’t ever forget your place slut, I am your master and will be shown full respect at all times! Do you understand bitch?”

She apologised profusely, begging him to forgive her. Suddenly she saw him smile and she breathed a sigh of relief. They entered a small cafe bistro and instead of sitting opposite her he shuffled into the cosy seating booth beside her. No sooner had they sat down than his hand was on her thigh and move surely u her thigh until his fingers were making contact with her cunt lips. As she tried really hard to concentrate on the menu; he lightly but firmly stroked her clit causing her to occasionally shiver and squirm in her seat. As he continued with his ministrations he told her to call the guy over and to order her drink and get him a coffee made with milk.

Alex leaned forward against the table top as the guy approached and with a tremor in her voice she ordered to coffee’s made with milk and when asked if there was anything else she shook her head.
Master Ray smiled at her and said, “You will be punished for that!”

“For what!” she meekly asked.

“Did I tell you that you could hide your thighs by leaning forward?” Master Ray demanded.
Alex gulped as she admitted he had not and asked if she could be allowed that one mistake as a sort of learning curve, she promised never to disobey him again. Master Ray sat quietly as if considering her request, before saying, “very well consider that your only chance!”

After the coffee’s were delivered, master ray slowly brought his hand out from under her skirt and raised slowly the two fingers to his nose smelling the arousal of her cunt before holding the same two fingers under Alex’s nose. She made it obvious she smelt her own cunt juices. Master Ray simply pressed the fingers to her mouth and instantly Alex opened her mouth and sucked the fingers clean.

She had often sucked and licked her own fingers after she had orgasmed but now here in a public place it felt ten times more erotic and so filthy almost highlighting her feeling of being a complete slut and she was sucking this man’s fingers. A man she had met for the first time only minutes ago added to the feeling of being a whore to his wishes.

After they finished the coffee she expected Master ray to get up and allow her to exit the booth but instead he picked up his coffee cup which now only contained the remnants of the foamy milk of the coffee and slipped his finger into the cup scooping out some of that foamy milk he offered it to Alex and as she slowly licked it off his fingers he whispered that it almost looked like stale spunk.

The words seemed to be burnt into her mind as she realised it did look like thick white slimy sperm and she instantly had mental visions of sucking spunk from her own fingers. All this help to raise her level of anticipation even higher, so much so that she hoped Master Ray was not in any hurry to leave the cafe. Alex sensed that the way her cunt juices were flowing; it would be almost a certainty that she would have a large damp patch on the back of her skirt, which being red or scarlet to be more precise would show off any such patch much more clearly.

No sooner had she finished cleaning his fingers; then Master Ray stood up and taking Alex by the arm start to literally pull her from the booth. Alex took a deep breath and went with the flow hoping no one would notice if there was a wet patch; Ray moved over to the counter and paid for the drinks before together he and Alex turned to leave. Poor Alex felt the presence of eyes watching her leave and she actually blushed a little; fearing her horny cunt secret was out.

Now out in the street they walked slowly arm in arm towards his house and every step was exquisite agony for Alex, not only was she convinced that people could see her tell tale wet patch but they knew what had caused it and she could not stop thinking that every step she took was taking her closer to her being used as a wanton whore and cum loving slut.

Very little was said as they walked but Master Ray took every opportunity to refer to Alex as his submissive slut, like he would ask her, “What size are your tits, my little horny slut?”

Always she answered honestly and ended each reply with Sir, Master or Master Ray. By the time they had reached the end of his road; she was sure she had a river running down her legs from her overheated cunt; of course she did not but she did feel always on the edge of an incredible orgasm.

Once inside Master Ray’s home they entered then living room and there on a side table were six pieces of paper face down about the size of half a sheet of foolscap paper; Alex was immediately curious but dare not ask about them; Ray was aware of her looking at the pages but refused to mention them until he was ready.

He told Alex to sit down; then he asked her what her slut name was to be; she answered honestly that she had not given it any thought so she offered Master Ray the right to choose her slut name although she did say that being called simply slut turned her on no end. Master Ray decided she should be called slutty Alex; next they discussed her safe word and agreed upon on easily remembered by her again she was a little worried when he insisted she remember that if she was gagged and could not speak; was unable to use her arms or hands that she move her head three times to the right once up and then twice to the left as a safe action; which would serve as well as if she used her safe word.

Then he asked her deep searching questions about her beliefs and her likes and dislikes; before turning to the table with the sheets on it. He began, “Well Slutty Alex, it is time for you to tell me your subconscious thoughts; I will get you to select a piece of paper and turn it over; you must then look at what that paper contains and within a minute tell me what you are feeling sexually, emotionally and psychologically. I will know you are lying if I detect any hesitation and you will be punished for not being honest with me! Do you understand?”

Alex quickly replied with a confident yes although her mind was going ten to the dozen trying to think what was on these pages and what responses would she need to make.

“Pick your first page?” Master Ray demanded.

Alex turned over one of the pages and stared at a printed picture of her shaved cunt; immediately she said, “Master Ray, this reminds me that I am your slut to command and that as all good sluts should be; I need to keep your whore’s cunt clean and well shaved!”

“Very Good, Bitch” Master replied.

Then he turned and produced a camera and told her to show him she had obeyed that fundamental directive. Alex stood and raised her skirt and as soon as she exposed her cunt and opened her legs as wide as she could the flash went off on the camera as Master Ray took a picture. “Who else sees your cunt; slut?” enquired her master.

“No one only you kind sir!” she coyly answered.

“Wrong bitch!” snapped Ray, “You should have said only you and those you choose to make me show it to, master!” he added.

Then he took hold of her handbag and asked her to show him what lipstick she had in her bag, Alex was a little taken aback because she could not remember if she had any lipstick at home let alone in her handbag. She sorted through her bag and came up empty handed apologising as she explained that she had found no need of late to wear any makeup and therefore had no lipstick.

Going to a cabinet, Master Ray retrieved a tube of lipstick and made Alex stand perfectly still while her carefully wrote in bright red lipstick “Ray’s slut” just above her cunt lips. The he took another photograph and asked her how she would feel if he insisted she had that tattooed there permanently. Alex looked shocked and scared until she saw Ray begin laughing, he smiled as he told her she need not worry as he had no intention of tattooing it so; but he was pleased to see she was not a wimp as she had not even thought about using her safe word.

Slowly he undid his belt and trousers before exposing his eight inch cock and told her as a reward she could suck his cock for five minutes; if she made him cum in that time she would be given a safe card which meant she could misbehave once without punishment but if she did not make him cum then he would have five minutes to make her cum and if he succeeded then the next punishment she received would be double whatever he decided was appropriate. Then he asked her, “Are you willing to agree to this?”

Alex had never taken her eyes of his one eyed trouser snake and as if hypnotised by it she simply smiled and nodded; again she was reminded that he could not hear her and she eagerly said, “Yes master Ray, I whole heartedly agree!”

With that Alex was told to kneel and when he said go her time would start; quickly she knelt before him and upon hearing him say go she began sucking his cock and running her tongue along its length and paid particular attention to just beneath the helmet. All too soon the five minutes were up and he still had not cum so he made her lie on the floor and he began eating her cunt, he deliberately avoided any contact with her clit until about halfway through the five minutes and then he clamped his lips either side of it and sucked hard whilst flicking it with his tongue. Alex was powerless to resist as her body began bucking and she suddenly screamed her way through the orgasm.

Master Ray wrote in his little book that her punishment would be doubled; then he ordered her to remove her peach coloured blouse; and expose her large tits to his gaze. All the time she was removing her blouse he sat there with his cock on full view.

To be continued.

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What a great start to a story.... only thing is why stop right in the middle; I am on tenterhooks now waiting to see which page she choses next and what happens then....lol Pleas put me out of my misery and post the second chapter real soon.

Brigit Astar
09-10-2010, 08:08 AM
This is a model of the way a story should be written. That's all I have to say right now, except I will be waiting in great anticipation for the continuation of the story. I am learning about writing as I read it.

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Intimate intentions 02.

Alex now sat naked from the waist up; her initial reaction was to cover her tits as best she could with her hands but the look on Master Ray’s face told her this was a very bad idea; so she forced herself to lower her hands and actually sat on them so she could not panic into covering her tits.

Master Ray allowed her to do this for a short while; he meanwhile commented on her tits; “Well my little fuck slut; your tits are quite nicely shaped and should make a good target for a tit spanking and an even better target for my spunk if I choose to give you a whore’s facial! Tell me how sensitive are my slut’s nipples? I can see they are responsive already standing to attention like a whore’s soldier on guard!” he asked.

“Master, My nipples used to be almost dead, until the birth of my son who I breast fed and I think because of his sucking mouth and tongue it activated the sensual nerves in my nipples because ever since then they became so sensitive often just brushing them against the inside of my bra would become an exquisite turn on!” She replied honestly.

“Tell me then how did you really feel with the clothes pegs in place as I demanded?” Master Ray asked.

“To be honest, Master; the clothes pegs themselves felt great like little teeth biting into my flesh and tight against my nipples but when I added the elastic bands tightly bound around the closed ends it hurt like fuck and not a sexy kind of hurt; but your will be done, master!” she answered hoping not to annoy him.

Master Ray smiled at her honesty and simply reached forward and lightly run his finger around the size of her left breast reducing the circles as he went; he noted with some amusement that the smaller the circles the more Slut Alex seemed to pant like a bitch in heat until his finger finally nudged the hard erect nipple like one would knock a rubber stop. Then taking his forefinger and thumb he slowly closed them together over that nipple and slowly applied ever increasing pressure until a gasp from Alex told him enough.

Calmly now he held the nipple tight and slowly pulled it towards him; another gasp from Alex then twisting the nipple he watched again as her face beamed pure sex and she once more gasped and licked her lips seductively. “I see you like your nipples pinched, pulled and twisted, slut but what if I applied my mouth to that same nipple; would you react the same way if I sucked it, or maybe even bit it or how about if I lashed it with my tongue?” he asked.

“Master all that would be heaven although I must confess that I would be fearful of you biting my nipple in case you bit too hard for me to stand!” she replied in a trembling voice.

With that the hand was gone from her breast and she sat wondering if she had now upset her master for she had sensed from the moment he had turned up to meet her; a sense of kindred spirit between them, she could not explain why but she trusted this man more than she would have trusted any other. Was it his dominance or his demeanour; personality or simply the fact that he took the time and trouble to install safety words and gestures for her protection, she really could not say but she just knew he would not seriously hurt her.

Pointing to the five remaining pages face down on the table; Master Ray told her to pick another one and again upon turning it over she had just one minute to begin telling him what she thought and felt about what she saw.
Slut Alex turned over a page and right before her eyes was a woman tied to a bed naked her arms and legs spread wide apart; her hands bound to the corner posts of the bed head and her feet bound to the same posts at the bed base; the thing which really struck Alex though was the wide leather strap around the woman’s waist so tight it must have been preventing her from breathing properly and yet it spoke of ownership; this woman was owned by someone in authority.

She confided to her new master that the picture turned her on and how it showed sub ligation by the woman to a powerful man or woman who totally owned her body; so much so that they even controlled the amount of air she was allowed to take into her body.

Master Ray sat listening to the wise words of this woman; who until this very moment had just been another convert to submissiveness; now he saw her as an educated woman with, in built wisdom and intelligence. He leaned forward and pointed to the neck of the woman in the picture and Alex saw almost for the first time the bright pink dog collar around the woman’s neck another sign she was owned. He watched as her eyes lit up and she asked if the woman had to wear the dog collar all the time and listened fascinated as she learned it was only used during play time and had pointed studs which were placed behind the woman’s neck on the inside of the collar and obviously the collar was tight enough for her to constantly feel those studs but loose enough for her to still breathe freely.

Alex could not explain where it come from but she heard clearly her own voice asking if she may have one of these collars as her master’s bitch and use it when she fully belonged to the master. Master Ray pointed out she would have a collar similar to that one but only when she had truly earned the right to wear it.

“Tell me slut, if you were tied to the bed as the picture shows; firstly what would be your idea of heaven and then tell me your idea of hell?” Ray demanded.

“Oh, that is easy master!” she cried, “Heaven would be you fucking me in any hole you chose but coming on my face and tits like a trophy of me being a whore to your needs; whilst hell would be my husband and that bastard gay fucker he is with now being beside me and me having to witness their fucking love making ay close hand!” she snapped.

“Hmmm that is interesting, you think being a slut for spunk all over your body is heavenly but I wonder how you would feel if more than one man was to use your body as a fuck dump! Also you find man on man sex so hellish that you could not stand to witness it and smell their arousal to each other! I will have to consider this further!” Ray commented.

“Oh no master, I do not find man on man sex disgusting or hellish but the deceit of my husband to be doing it for four years behind my back and berating me in the process I find hellish!” she responded.

Master Ray now ordered slut Alex to stand, then she was to slowly remove her skirt and finally present herself as naked as the day she was born to her master. Slowly Alex began to undo her skirt and suddenly from out of the ethos of her mind came a thought she had never contemplated before; What if Master was disappointed with her body. She almost baulked at the thought that this maybe just a one time show; her excited mind prayed that it would not be so and her logic seemed to have deserted her.

For if she had been thinking logically she would have reasoned that he had already seen all her body by now; either in pictures or in the flesh for the only bit still covered had been previously exposed when he wrote slut in lipstick between her legs.

Still nervously she removed her last remaining garment and stood rather foolishly hoping for a comment or at least a happy smile from the man she now trusted with her life. Unaware of her latest panic of confidence Master Ray remained unmoved; although he did demand she open her legs and show him her wide open slutty cunt. He then made her turn around and said, “What an excellent arse, so ripe and firm ideal to take many a good hard spanking and I bet it hides a horny fucking anal ring just begging to be parted by a good stiff cock.

Alex almost burst out laughing in relief at the words she had just heard for now she knew he wanted her body and therefore it did not repulse him, without thinking she spun round and threw her arms around him landing a great big wet open mouthed kiss on his surprised mouth.

He reacted almost instantly and brought his hand up high in an arc before landing a crashing spank to her butt cheek; in a flash Alex realised she had once more over stepped the mark and pulling back she begged forgiveness explaining her inner most fears she had felt as she removed her skirt. Master Ray pointed out the futility of those fears as he pointed out there was not an inch of her body he had not already seen before even meeting her.

Alex realised he was right and she felt extremely foolish; but he moved closer to her and placing a comforting arm around her shoulder he spoke softly and quietly to her, “If I was displeased with your body; why would I agree to meet with you for all those photographs you sent me left nothing to the imagination and I still chose to meet you; because I want to own your body; I want to own you mind and soul; you will be my fuck slut for my pleasure and for the times I choose to share you!”

Now ordering her to take her seat again he pointed once more to the four remaining pictures on the table and told her to select one. Alex’s hand hovered over the face down pages and for some strange reason she was drawn to one in particular; she hesitated before selecting it wondering why it seemed to be pulling her hand to picking it, but pick it she did and turning it over she expected to find a picture but instead on it were several words.

It took several seconds for the words to register in her mind and make sense to her; the word was a single sentence. ‘Fill in your submission agreement!’ it read in bold type.

As she now looked up to the face of her master she saw he was holding a folder out to her. She had not seen where he had got the folder from but she took the folder with shaking hands.

09-15-2010, 08:14 PM
Great continuation of a wonderful story; I cannot wait to see where this leads.

09-15-2010, 08:26 PM
With the wonderful comments left for me by a couple of members on here; I have to confess that it has cost me dearly; I costs a fortune nowadays to have your doors widened to get your big head through......lol

But seriously thanks to everyone who has read my work and especially to those who left me any comments.

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Intimate intentions 03.

Taking the folder from Master Ray; Alex read the cover and saw it referred to Submissive contract; She looked up at her new master and was about to ask a question; when Ray spoke, “Ever since I had a submissive threaten to report me for rape I have introduced this folder; inside is a form of legal contract between you and I that excludes any chance of you claiming later that I raped or forced you unwillingly into something!”

Alex simply nodded and then opened the cover of the folder; inside was several sheets of paper and the top one looked very official and in bold typed print declared ‘SUBMISSION AGREEMENT’.

She continued to read and was impressed that someone could be so organised about what to her was her natural sexual feelings; she scanned the first page. This is what it looked like.

This agreement between Master Ray F****** (Referred to as Master) and Submissive ________________________;(Referred to as Slut) is freely entered into by both parties, where by the party of the slut gives free reign and power to the master in all regards of sexual nature and adventures.
The Slut will maintain an exclusive right to veto any action free from punishment or disclosure by use of a safe word appointed by the slut and or by a mutually agreed action indicating that in the event of being unable to speak the afore mentioned motion is designed to indicate the intention would have been to use that safe word.
The slut has chosen the safe word to be____________________ and it has been agreed that the serious of actions deemed to represent this safe word will be _____________________________
__________________________________________________ _______________________________
This agreement can be cancelled at any time by either party upon issuing of a signed dated release clause as found on Section four of this agreement pack.

This has been agreed to by Master_________________________
and Slut______________________________________________ _

Dated this day ________ of ______________(Month) in the year of our lord ________________.

Alex reread the page and suddenly felt a nervous anticipation as to what the other pages may contain if the opening page was so concise and legally binding. Clearly filling this in would leave no out let for claiming rape in whatever scenario she found herself getting into. She now thought seriously about whether she wanted to continue with the path she had start only three months ago; the more she thought about it the more she realised that this man had taken everything into account and was so sure of his dominance that he could quantify it all and it dawned on her that she would regret no pursuing this option right now with this man who clearly knew what he was doing and was so organised.
She turned the page and began to read the next page.
Rules and Regulations.
The slut will agree to undertake the following rules and regulations knowing that breaching any of them will result in at least a certain amount of punishment but repeated breaches will deem the contract to be broken and no further contact or interaction will take place. The level of breaches will be laid out in part two of this section of the contract.
Part one.
1. The slut will at all times show due reverence and respect to the master.
2. The slut will obey all reasonable demands made upon them by the master or if deferring that obedience will use the safe word or safe action.
3. The master will treat the slut as an equal at all times apart from the periods of sexual actions; planning of same or other times as agreed in advance.
4. The Slut will adhere to the dress code as stipulated from time to time by the master; the master will advise in advance of any changes to the dress code.
5. The slut will effectively deem themselves to be the property of the master in all matters relating to their training and sessions.
6. All financial implications to the training; training equipment and personal sex toys required will remain with the slut unless agreed to be waivered in advance by the master.
7. The Master will ensure that whatever scenario takes place the slut will be as safe as humanly possible at all times.
Part Two.
1. Breaches to rules 1, 2, 4; will be dealt with by corporal punishment on a level assigned by the master; usually minor breaches resulting in spankings of 6, 8 or 10 spanks.
2. Repeated breaches to rules 1, 2, 4; will be dealt with by a severe warning or if the warning is ignored the immediate termination of the contract instigating an immediate breaking off of all contact between the master and the slut.

On page three Alex began to understand why the contract was so precise; for in this section it demanded to know personal information which normally she would have been reluctant to disclose. She almost hesitated as she read that she would be telling this man she had known now for such a short period all those intimate details which she would not even disclose to her husband before he had fucked off with his boyfriend.

Personal details.


Sexual preferences

Next of kin.


Phone no.

Sex & Statistics




Fantasy details.

Section Four.
In this section it gives you the slut the option of cancelling this agreement and likewise it allows me the master to terminate the contract forthwith.
Slut’s Cancellation.
Dear master,
After due consideration I feel the contract between us is no longer valid and therefore I have chosen this option to cancel it from the date signed below.

Date________________________ Signed (Slut)_________________________________

I agree to the contract being cancelled as I agree/disagree with the reasoning of it being no longer valid.

Master’s Cancellation.
You the Slut have shown by your constant disregard for the rules and regulations in section two; that you no longer respect the authority of your master and therefore I release you from the contract forthwith.
Signed_______________________________ Date __________________________
Accepted/declined by (Slut)__________________________________

Master Ray then spoke; “Consider the contract and before you leave today you will either sign it or refuse it! Is that understood?”
Alex meekly nodded; until Master Ray demanded, “I can not hear you slut!”
“Yes Master!” she quickly responded.
“Very Well, it is time now for you to turn over another photograph!” demanded Ray.
Nervously now Alex reached for her fourth page and turned it over, she gulped as the image seared into her brain. For it was a picture of a woman sucking a cock just as it squirted its white hot seed over her face and tits. Alex sat silently staring at the picture until she was disturbed by the cough of her master.
“Master the picture makes me feel slightly sick but turned on no end! She explained.
“Slightly sick?” asked Master Ray.
“Yes master because the last time I saw anything like that it was my husband’s face and his boyfriends spunk pouring over his face! It was just before he left to live with that bastard of a gay fucker!” she responded.
“Does it still upset you so much that you lost the man to another bloke? Then if it does explain to me why?” Master asked.
“I don’t know, master, I just think I failed in some way to keep my man!” she answered.
“Why do you feel you failed; after all it was inside him to be homosexual and therefore nothing you could have done would have made any difference apart from maybe growing a penis!” Master Ray pointed out.
Alex smiled at this and waited to see what was about to happen; she was beginning to like the logic displayed by her master. Suddenly she was shocked when he said, “Suppose I was to get hold of your ex husband and arranged for him to come here; then when you arrived he was tied down and made to watch you become my whore, before you made him lick my spunk from your cunt!”
“No master, please I would feel betrayed and to let him see me like this would be unforgiveable; besides it would give him credence for his actions of leaving me!” She pleaded.
“You are wrong my little slut; he would see that despite his lack of interest he had lost a valuable asset; a woman who would sell her body as a whore to reward her master and yet still allow her master the freedom to do as he wished!” Master Ray explained.
Alex found herself agreeing with the sentiment and logic of the explanation and before she realised she had agreed to give Master ray enough information to trace her ex-husband.
Master Ray now demanded that Alex kneel before him and kiss his cock and balls; he had to chastise her when she sucked his cock instead of kissing it as she was instructed. Now he told her to open her mouth and accept his fuck stick; he demanded she show him her best techniques as a cock sucker.
Alex began by taking his erect eight inches as deep in her mouth as she could and then like a piston she pulled her head back with her lips forming a seal around the thickness; until her lips hit the underside of his cock head and then she flicked her tongue round and round his tender edge of the cock meat.
Over and over she repeated this while Master Ray described a scene for her; she was sucking not her husband’s cock but his boyfriend’s cock and her husband was fucking the wimp boyfriend from behind; every thrust of the husband forced more of the boyfriend’s cock into her mouth. He even described the boyfriend begging the husband to fuck him harder and him cursing her husband for not sending him over the top to stop this cock sucking whore from sucking his man meat. Then Master Ray surprised her by telling her that in his mind’s eye he could see her husband wincing at the very thought of his ex wife sucking the manhood he loved so much.
Secretly this made Alex feel much better as Master Ray knew it would and he kept up the pretence by making out that her ex-husband by now would be chastising his boyfriend about him not enjoying the sucking so much as it was a woman doing it. Then Master Ray suddenly groaned as the tingle deep in his balls announced the impending arrival of a load of spunk now travelling at speed from those balls towards firing out of his rampant cock.
He just about managed to pull out of her mouth when he spewed load after load of spunk all over her face; such was the force of the eruption and the amount of the load that poor Alex was blasted full in the face and now wore an almost mask of thick white sticky spunk.
Ray allowed Alex to scoop the spunk up in her fingers and lick them clean; until her face was clean once more and she confessed that she loved the taste of his sperm. She also had to admit that the idea of her husband getting upset that his boyfriend was enjoying her sucking his cock added to her feeling better about the situation.
Now in an afterglow of orgasm; she quietly filled in the form and agreement.

This agreement between Master Ray Francis (Referred to as Master) and Submissive Alexandra Green ;(Referred to as Slut) is freely entered into by both parties, where by the party of the slut gives free reign and power to the master in all regards of sexual nature and adventures.
The Slut will maintain an exclusive right to veto any action free from punishment or disclosure by use of a safe word appointed by the slut and or by a mutually agreed action indicating that in the event of being unable to speak the afore mentioned motion is designed to indicate the intention would have been to use that safe word.
The slut has chosen the safe word to be ‘blockbuster’ and it has been agreed that the serious of actions deemed to represent this safe word will be ‘three times turning her head tot he right before twice up and down and then once to the right yet again’.
This agreement can be cancelled at any time by either party upon issuing of a signed dated release clause as found on Section four of this agreement pack.

This has been agreed to by Master, Ray Francis
and Slut, Alex Green

Dated this day 21st of June (Month) in the year of our lord nineteen hundred and eighty seven.

Personal details.
Name Alexandra Green

Age 36 years of age

Sexual preferences Males mostly but a little bisexual.

Next of kin. Ex Husband Robert Green

Address Removed for security reasons

Phone no. As above

Sex & Statistics Female
38D – 24 - 36.

Likes All forms of sex but not too keen on anal; However I really do love been spanked and made to do things I would not normally do.

Dislikes Anything to do with gay guys.

Hates Being lied to and used for others pleasure without being included in that pleasure. A definite no no is anything to do with animal sex.

Fantasy details. To be tied up in such a way that prevents me from stopping whatever is planned and to be spanked between each fucking I received. I have often dreamt of being a spunk bucket for several men and always found my cunt to be so wet when I woke that it would be sheer heaven for me to be spunked on by at least ten men.

09-27-2010, 07:37 PM
Wow what an imagination you have niteowl.... where do you find you inspiration to think of all these things.

10-27-2010, 10:47 AM
I completely agree with grumpyoldman. your ideas are so amazing niteowl.... O.O