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I promise this story is totally true and have avoided the temptation to include embelishments in any way shape or form. Part one is to be found in the eortic fiction section because it conatins sex with those under 18 .

Chapter 2. A disaster of a marriage.

At the age of sixteen and a half I met a young lady whom I fell in love with; she was about a year older than I and suddenly all thoughts of being Dominant went clean out of my head; I wanted so much to make this person so happy and did not want to lose her. We both agreed we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and planned on getting married as soon as she reached eighteen.

Just after her seventeenth Birthday we found she was pregnant and we brought forward the wedding to accommodate the new change in status. WE still made love as often as possible but always in a gentler way and everything seemed really great; the marriage ceremony took place in Lynne’s local church. We even agreed to move in with her widowed mother to make things easier all round.

I think that was the first big mistake I was to make in the marriage; as it was suddenly always two women ganging up on the single male. I went through the usual pregnancy oddities like Lynne wanting Chips (French Fries) at 3 am and insisting that they were shop bought and wrapped in newspaper like they traditionally did in England in those days.

I walked the streets for an hour trying to find a chip shop that was open so late and in the finish went to my own mother’s house and made some homemade chips then wrapped them in greaseproof paper and then in newspaper before going back home. Wouldn’t you know it Lynne was fast asleep when I got in.

My first born Son was born just before Christmas and despite serious problems during the birth he was born by caesarean section, although mother and son were well enough. I often joked with my son in later years that his birth in such a manner had taken no long term effects on him apart from his tendency to try to get out of the car via the sun roof....lol.

We made a pact to move into our own home as I was still doing really well at work and would be able to set up home quickly; so we accepted the offer from the local council for rented housing and moved in to a new estate. I got involved with the youth on the estate in the capacity of setting up an under 18’s football team (Soccer for the American readers), this was to prove the second big mistake as I discovered by chance over hearing two of the soccer team months later.

Apparently when I had left for work at the coal mine; some of the older members of the team had called to see me and because I was not there they sat chatting to my wife; she started flirting with them. So it became a regular occurrence that they would pop round when they knew I was not around and one thing led to another and she ended up having sex with them. What had started out as two team members had by this stage had become six.

Apparently it had begun like this; Lynne would wait for me to leave for work and then would place an ornament; a ballerina figurine in the small window beside the front door and then she went to the bedroom and undressed putting on only a dressing gown before waiting for the doorbell. The six guys would all meet up at one of their houses and then wander down the community walkway only knocking on my door if they saw the figurine in the window.

Once inside the house while my six month old son slept; she would deliberately flash them an expanse of thigh or leaning forward would show them a flash of tit. Soon one of the boys would make a comment and she would fake surprise and then tease them by saying would you like me to really give you something to talk about. Without waiting she would then open her dressing gown and allow them all to look over her naked body.
The bravest of the team then would make a grab for her and then she would insist that they would play fair and they had to undress for her too; one thing led to another and she would soon be playing with six hardening pricks.

Apparently and this is how I discovered her infidelity; I overheard two of the group sharing the experience with another member of the team who had not been present and they described how she had sucked one cock while having a large seven inch cock up her cunt; a second one in her arse and two more she stroked one in each hand.

They described how riding on one cock up her cunt she would beg the others to begin wanking their cocks and asked them to cum all over her sweaty body; and as soon as one cock would pull out of her juiced up cunt and spurted on her white skin; she would select another cock to ride on and did not care whether it was up her cunt or up her arse. They laughingly joked she loved to take the spunk loads all over her tits and would delightedly let them then watch her breast feed those spunked up tits to our son.

When I challenged her about this she denied everything; but certain things made me well aware that it was true like the birth mark they described just under her right breast. I stopped all involvement with the football team and began to keep a closer eye on things at home; but the final straw in Sheffield was when I discovered that as well as paying for my own home; my wife had been giving my hard earned cash to her mother as hand outs. Now don’t get me wrong; helping out ones family is a good thing but not to the extent that half my wages were going as a gift to her mother.

I demanded she make a clean break and if she wanted to save our marriage she would have to move away from Sheffield and we chose London as the place to set up our new home. I thought with this new start I could once more learn to love her; but this was not to be because in moving to London we ended up moving in with my sister and her husband and two kids. This was while we qualified for a house of our own in London; at the time my sister was expecting their third child and was grateful for the extra cash, help and company.

She was near her due date when she went into hospital and as I left for work in my now security employment; I got to the bus stop and found I had left important paper behind that I need d=for a security exam I was taking at dinner time that day. I turned round and went back letting myself in and popped into the living room to find my son and my sister’s two daughters playing. I asked Graham where his mom was and was told she was upstairs with Kevin the girl’s dad, my brother in law. Thinking nothing of it I went upstairs to get my papers from our bedroom; only when I got to the top of the stairs I heard them giggling.

I barged into the room and there was my wife riding hard on my brother in law’s cock totally uncaring about the kids being downstairs or his own wife being in hospital having his kid. This led to us moving into a hostel although it proved too much of a problem and it led three months later to my wife went back to Sheffield but even that she did sneakily; choosing to do so with my son after I had gone to work. I got a letter from her solicitor saying I could have unlimited access to my son if I gave her a divorce on any grounds. I happily signed the forms and sent them back only to receive a reply telling me that they wanted her mother to supervise all access rights.

This betrayal by the woman I loved above all else really did affect me badly and it strengthened my resolve to return to happier times as a dominant male. I suppose I instantly put up barriers preventing women getting too close to me; and happily this worked for six years; where I admit I did go to town having sex with as many women as possible and not really caring for their feelings; something which now I am not proud of.

The first woman after Lynne left me was Tracey and she was only just eighteen; three years younger than me. Tracey was afro Caribbean lady who had afro hair and large firm tits. She loved the sight of my white hands trying to encompass her large brown tits and always referred to us as a couple as coffee and cream.

Her particular kink so to speak was to have anal and then suck my cock clean and then encourage me verbally to piss into her mouth; something she told me many times her ex husband had made her do and she had come to love it although she would never admit it to him.

Our brief relationship lasted only weeks; but she fucked like a rabbit and introduced me to the Brothas; they thought she was really weird wanting a white cock when she could have had a larger black one. The one session which stands out in my memory was when we went to a cinema in Balham, South London; now this was not an adult cinema and the film they were showing was something to do with the West Indies so really I stuck out like a sore thumb amongst all the coloured film watchers. Anyway I was willing to learn about other cultures so I agreed to go along; the film had been running for about five minutes when Tracey slipped her hand in through my unzipped fly and soon had my cock out and inside her mouth; when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw someone lifting her skirt and playing with her from the other side. I tried to tell her what was happening but she simply released my cock and looked over her shoulder and smiled as she said “Oh Leroy you made it!”

I then spit roasted Tracey in a general cinema while this guy Leroy fucked her cunt; later as all three of us went for a drink I found out that Leroy was in fact her own brother. Tracey looked great her dark skin with white luminescence of the spunk dribbling down to her chin.

After Tracey there was Jo; Sally and then Eleanor. Jo was a married woman and whilst I was not happy when I found out; she was separated from her husband so I considered her fair game. She loved dressing up to have sex; often she would wear her bridal gown (she told me it was the one she married her husband in) and she would pretend she was getting ready to go meet him at the alter and was going to have one last fuck with her boyfriend and always insisted I cum up her cunt and then wait until it leaked out into her bride panties. Then I was role playing as her husband after the wedding ceremony and when I found traces of spunk in her panties I was to act outraged and make her lick the panties clean. Whilst I duly obliged Jo I found the whole scene so distasteful that I only met sexually with her three times.

Sally was a widow who was twenty years older than me and loved to suck cock without her teeth in, or as she referred to it as gummi cares. I really knew from the start that we were never going to make a go of it but when it is offered on a plate as often as you want it and at a moment’s notice you know what they say; “A standing prick has no conscience!” Sally introduced me to my very first taste of swinging although not as you would expect; no nymphomaniac eighteen year olds I think the youngest female there was 66 years of age apart from the forty four year old Sally. I christened the group the crinkly wrinklies, for obvious reasons.

Eleanor, well what is there left to be said about Eleanor; if you want the full story of Eleanor please take the time to read Eleanor’s descent as this was true a submissive worthy of a completely separate story. For those not wishing to depart this story to read the exploits of Eleanor here is a brief resume.

I met Eleanor whilst working as a security guard and we hit it off really well from the very beginning; the first night I went back to her flat and this was without us ever meeting away from work; we went to bed together and during me fucking her in the missionary position she asked what my ultimate fantasy was. Rather taken aback I admit now I lied and told her probably having two women in the same bed at the same time; she simply said, “That would not be hard to arrange!”

I asked her to tell me her ultimate fantasy and after some persuasion she got out of bed and fetched a nine foot whip; the type you see in the old style westerns. I thought she wanted me to whip her ass or something until she explained that she liked it rubbed against her body and often wanted it to be used as a threat of punishment if she did not do something she was ordered to do.

This led to many wonderful sexual experiences for us both; from her streaking to retrieve a spare flat key from a shop over the road; to her walking on all fours like a bitch in heat; which was exasperated by the sting of the wild nettles I had rubbed across her cunt lips. Even coming across an embarrassed couple walking through the park did not deter her from acting like a dog on heat.

Then there was my second wife Karen; she became the mother of my second child another boy ten years after the birth of my first. She was of Jewish extraction but from day one she proved to be a randy slutty bitch and fitted in really well with my needs at the time. With Karen I began to explore the world of swinging properly.

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Great story. Keep posting them and I'll keep reading them.

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Gets more and more interesting, and the excellent writing continues. It is such a pleasure to read you.

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I have to agree with Brigit; this story is clearly not just written but you can read by its nature it has been lived.