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The life and times of a sexaholic. 03
Chapter 03. Prowling for sex.

Before I began courting Karen; I have to admit I had been prowling for sex on an almost daily basis, but remember here in England prostitution is strictly illegal. So for me that was a strict no go area although I admit going to well known night clubs where the rumours were that the female clients were extremely easy with their virtue, shall we say.

All this was at a time before the awareness of Aids or other S T D’s, So in many respects it was always easier to pull a girl and end up fucking her one way or another; it was at this time I met the first girl (Sammi) who actively encouraged me to finger her cunt to the point where she wanted me to fist fuck her. We met at “The Office” a small night club in the centre of London; a few drinks later we were walking out and to her nearby flat. Now Sammy was what you would nowadays call a BBW; she was five four tall about 220 lbs with large 42 EE tits. She shared a flat with another girl who was supposed to be away for the weekend, so we figured we had the flat to ourselves.

With this in mind she began undressing even before she handed me the key to unlock her front door; leaving a trail of clothing from the inside of that door to her bedroom. She asked me to undress and then eat her cunt for a while; but I insisted that she give me a tit wank before we did anything else. She seemed pleased that I was prepared to demand things from her; so she held her large tits together around my rapidly hardening cock and began to stroke up and down. She obeyed when I told her to kiss my cock head as it popped out the top of her tits and as she squeezed her tits around my cock I saw her pinching her own nipples hard.

Soon she was begging me to finger her cunt so I made her lie on the bed with her feet overhanging the side and then opened her legs wide; her hairy cunt smelled very aroused as I prised open her cunt lips to discover she had a clit bar piercing just above her clit hood. I closed my eyes and leaned forward licking firstly at the raised clit head and then dipping my tongue down into her cunt. Soon as I gathered pace in licking her cunt and clit I eased a finger into her tight anal ring which made her cry out begging me not to do that.

I stopped licking her cunt and asked her why; she confessed she was an anal virgin and knew it would hurt to lose that virginity. I then asked her why she wanted her cunt fingered but not her arse and that was when she told me that her friend had described being fisted and now she was eager to see if it was as good as her friend had said. I laughed as I warned her that my hands were larger than normal sized hands and therefore would need to stretch her cunt more than a small pair of hands, say a ladies pair would do.

She said she did not care as larger hands would probably mean much more excitement for her; so I began with two fingers rubbing along her cunt lips and occasionally dipping inside her to coat them with her juices. After five minutes I add a third finger and carry on by now Sammi is beginning to writhe on the bed so now I utilise my thumb to concentrate on her clit. Suddenly she jumps and groans so I add the fourth finger and apply more pressure. When I have Sammi groaning with every stroke I tell her that if she wants me to continue as she requested she will have to give me her anal virginity, she mutters no no and seconds later she begs me to fist fuck her and she will give me anything I desire.

Now closing my thumb into the palm of my hand I begin to push into her wide open soaking wet cunt; the resistance builds till the widest part of my hand finally slips inside her clutching flesh. Suddenly she bucks once on the bed and let out a huge deafening scream and her cunt actually went into spasm as her juices sprayed all over my arm and upper body. For what seemed like ages she continued to spray everywhere with her juices until collapsing back exhausted on the bed. I then began to see saw my hand into her cunt and her small whimpers told me another climax was building. I waited until she was beginning to move again and then clenched my fist inside her cunt and really began to thrust; wow she really took off like a sky rocket and sprayed loads more juices all around; by the time she had finished cumming her bed sheets were literally soaking wet. I slowly but firmly pulled my clenched fist out of her cunt and a loud sounding plop denoted its exit; Her cunt looked so wide you could drive a truck into her without touching the sides, (Ok that is an exaggeration but you know what I mean.) weakly she managed to sit up and complained about the wet sheets. I laughed as I said, “Well you did it!”

When she had recovered a little she asked if doing that regularly would damage her cunt and I pointed out that in moderation it should not because the cunt stretches to allow the birth of a child to pass through it but warned against constantly doing it because it would surely stretch the cunt lips permanently if she did.

Much more recovered now she quickly stripped the bed and dumped the sheets in the washing machine before using a hair dryer to blow dry the mattress; she thanked me for the most erotic experience of her life and for making her cum the hardest she had ever cum. I pointed out that there was still the little matter of me fucking her arse and she begged me to come back tomorrow to do that as she was physically exhausted.

The next night I did return but got no answer at her door and I waited for thirty five minutes but saw no activity in the house until an older woman approached the house and she introduced herself as Sammi’s mother, she apologised but explained that Sammi had gone at short notice to her dad’s house and would not be back for a while. The mother asked me why I had come to call on her daughter and I simply said because we had some unfinished business.

The mother then shocked me by saying, “So you are the young man who fist fucked my daughter until she could not stand up straight, are you?”

I meekly answered “Yes, why?”

“Maybe you will show me how you did it one of these days but not tonight! Wrong time of the month!” she said and with that she turned and walked away.

I never saw Sammi or her mother ever again, mores the pity.

I first met my second wife when a work colleague (Dave) went to book a holiday at a Travel Agents; well that’s not quite true, he had booked the holiday for him and his girlfriend over the phone and now had to confirm the details in person, being unsure of where the shop was he asked me to go with him. Eventually we found the right shop and the first thing Karen said to me was, “Take a chair!” as I approached the shop door carrying the chair she asked, “What the hell are you doing?”

“Well you told me to take a chair!” I laughingly replied.

“Bring it back here you dope!” she said through the laughter.

To cut a long story short whether through distraction or by total accident she messed up the booking and Dave had to take the paperwork back to get it sorted out and she asked him to bring his mad friend with him; he did.

That evening as the shop closed we took Karen home as otherwise she would have had to catch buses and seeing Dave had the car it was simple to offer her the lift. I sat in the back of the car with Karen and as we travelled through London’s evening rush hour she put her hand on my thigh right over my cock and began squeezing gently. I quickly reciprocated and had my hand under her skirt inside her panties playing with her hairy cunt.

I don’t know whether Dave was aware of what was happening in the back of his car but he never said a word and as we neared the place Karen wanted dropping off he nearly blow my chances completely for he saw an Orthodox Jewish man (A Frome) with the fur laced hat and made a quite racist comment about look at the Jewish beaver eater. Karen instantly protested and then turned to me and whispered that she was in fact Jewish was that a problem. I replied not to me it isn’t.

A few days later I got a phone call from Karen inviting me to meet her where we had dropped her off as her parents would not be home and we could get to know each other better. When we met I was whisked off to her house at double quick pace and within ten minutes she was naked on the bed with me.

She loved to be called a slut and be fucked from behind; four times we did so before I slipped out of the back door as her parents came in through the front. The next time we met was at my YMCA hostel but the regulations said I could not take her up to my private room so we sat chatting and she told me quite a lot of information which was to prove useful in keeping her, or so I thought, sexually satisfied.

Three months later we moved into together but not in London and I respected her religion by allowing her to keep a kosher home; no pig products; she repaid me one day whilst out shopping by popping into a cafe and having a sandwich and guess what she chose as the filling? Bacon.... no understanding women sometimes.

It was while we were living together that she began to hint at role play in our sex life and always she chose submissive roles to take; her favourite one was as a naughty child spanked by her daddy but it had to be bare arsed spanking and lots of touchy feely in between the spanks.

Then this led on to reading the contact magazines and contacting couples where the woman at least was submissive; although we did tend to find that usually it was both husband and wife who were submissive and looking for a dominant couple to take them in hand. Invariably it was always I who took the lead role in the role of Dominant person and this led to the first time I actually fucked another guy. That first time was really strange and I did feel out of my depth but hey bravado gets you almost anywhere.

This first submissive couple were Tony and Brenda; Tony a five foot six mailman who loved to wear his wife’s panties was medium build with a five inch cock. While Brenda was five eight and average build with 38 C tits; her fantasy was to watch her husband suck a big prick and then have him forced to guide it into her tight arse, fucking her arse something he wanted very much to do so she saw it as torture for him to have to guide another man’s cock into the prize he desperately wanted so much.

Also Brenda was bisexual and loved to lick cunt and even better if it was all spunked up; although she would never agree to licking any cunt that had with her husband’s spunk up it.

We met them at our home and Included in the invitation I wrote a set of instructions; these had to be carried out exactly or both would be punished and sent home without having any fun what so ever.

Instruction 1 was that Tony would shave his cock and balls on the day of the meet and then put on a pair of lacy panties, stockings and suspenders and a bra padded out with socks, blouse, skirt and then he could wear trousers and a top coat to hide the other clothes.

Instruction 2 was for Brenda to also shave her genitals; she too was to wear stockings and suspender belt but no panties and bra; further more she was to take her largest dildo and insert it into her cunt and a medium sized butt plug up her arse.

I knew they were travelling some thirty miles by public transport; so I figured that for both of them would be the thrill of being discovered so erotically prepared.

I was right because both confessed to being hornier than they could remember for a long time as they got on trains and buses knowing that they were hiding a deep dark secret. I quickly took charge of the three others present and ordered Karen to undress completely, and then she had to crawl on hands and knees and remove the butt plug from Brenda with her teeth.

While she was doing this I made Tony remove his coat and trousers and told him that as he was not a real man he would be called Tanya to night, I must confess I felt weird sliding my hand up his skirt and gripping his manhood through the lacy panties as I told him that this weedy cock belong to me and would only be used when I told him he could. With that I squeezed real hard and saw him wince, both Karen and Brenda heard his stifled groan and quickly shot him a look before Brenda laughed.

I immediately let go of Tony’s cock and walked slowly over to Brenda; she watched me cautiously but never moved; suddenly she felt the pain Tony had so recently felt as I grabbed and squeezed equally as hard on her left breast. I then told them all I would not tolerate them laughing, giggling or making fun of each other’s situations.

Karen knew better than to laugh and besides it was hard for her to laugh with her teeth gripping the handle end of the butt plug. I took the butt plug and pushed it quickly into Brenda’s mouth; scanning both Karen and Tony for a reaction, both merely turn their faces to the floor.

Karen was then told to go wank Tony’s cock off and catch his spunk in a tumbler as he was going to drink a spunk cocktail before he left that night. I ordered Brenda to remove all her clothes and to get on her hands and knees like the horny bitch she was, for I was going to fuck her while she sucked Karen’s cunt. Then as soon as Tony climaxed into the plastic glass he was told to kneel beside his bitch of a wife and he was going to suck my cock until it was hard enough to put into his wife.

Without so much as a murmur he obeyed and looked flushed as I exposed my eight inch cock to his view, I noticed he licked his lips before opening his mouth and waited to taste my cock. Soon he sucked and used his tongue on my cock and I found it not unpleasant as I had expected but rather good to be honest. As soon as I was rock hard he let my cock slip from his mouth and then took a gentle hold of my penis; looking me full in the face he asked, “Where are you going to fuck her, master!”

Karen never stopped licking Karen’s cunt but pointed her hand back on to her arse; instead of answering Tony I simply raised my hand and brought it down sharply on to her butt cheeks in a serious slap. Brenda’s cry of pain and shock was muffled because her mouth was suddenly forced harder against Karen’s cunt. I then pointed to Brenda’s anal ring and smiled, Tony simply moved my cock until it was lined up against her anal ring and I gripped Brenda’s hips and began pushing slowly and firmly forward; while Tony’s hand held my cock fast. Brenda’s sphincter muscle began to yield to the pressure of the forceful cock and my cock head suddenly disappeared inside her anal opening.

Then for forty minutes I thrust my cock into Brenda’s arse varying the length and force of the thrusts as often as I fell necessary and all the time Tony’s face was only inches away from the scene of my shit covered cock.

I pulled out just before I let fly with my spunk which arch high into the air and landed partly on Karen’s stomach and mostly in Brenda’s hair as each spurt grew weaker the trail of spunk moved closer to Brenda’s ravaged arse. Again it only took a quick command from me before Brenda licked up the spunk on Karen’s stomach and Tony licked the spunk on his wife’s back.

A little later I allowed Karen to ride Tony’s cock but only after Brenda had sucked him until he was hard enough and she had put a condom on his cock; when he came the condom was emptied into the plastic glass and then Karen was sent off to the bathroom to piss in the glass and return with Tony’s cocktail drink. What tony did not know was that the fluid Karen added was one teaspoon of cold tea and a quarter glass of tap water. He baulked at the idea of drinking this concoction of spunk and piss but he still held his nose and downed it in one gulp.

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An amazing story. So excellently told.

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A story so real it has to have been lived and not just written from the ethos of the mind.

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I've since reread this story, and my opinion of niteowl has only been reinforced. He is without doubt the best writer on bluestories (eroticxxxstories) or ssp.