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10-13-2010, 04:03 AM
Not my story, but written by an escort friend of mine.

John and I had been best friends for 8 years, we had never had sex, only kissed once when we had been drinking. When he told me he was getting married I felt so many different emotions all at once, but mostly a deep sense of loss. I knew I was supposed to feel happy for him, I just could not help but wonder what if..
I knew I had to know.

It was a few days before the wedding and him and I went out for dinner and drinks. We came back to my house and this is what happened..
We walked into my house, I laid my jacket on the chair and turned to
find him standing close to me. Without speaking I gently pulled him to me, feeling his chest against my mine, my head tilted towards his as I gave a questioned look into his eyes, a warm feeling embraced me from within. I pulled myself closer into him, he put his hands on my hips and pulled me into him. I raised my lips to his and gently kissed him. His lips parted, and my tongue caressed his, exploring him for the first time. Wanting to find his secrets, his passions...We melted into each others arms, becoming one in our desires.
As our kiss parted, we looked into each other's eyes, as if seeing each
other for the first time.

He kissed my cheek delicately, moving further back to my ears, my ear lobes, and down my neck. His hands were caressing my back, my sides and my arms, each touch creating sparks inside my head. A soft sigh escaped from my lips as he kissed me. He slowly began to unbutton my shirt, never taking his eyes from mine. I watched as each button was carefully undone, leaving my shirt open and inviting. He took my arms from around his neck and put them over my head against the wall while he took his other hand and in one smooth motion removed my front closure to my strapless bra...dropping it to the floor.

He stood there looking at my full breasts as he moved beneath my open shirt as my nipples strained against the silk. He released his hold on my arms and they went down as he slid the shirt from my shoulders, letting it fall. His hands found my naked breasts, lifting and cupping each one. His fingers teased my nipples as my hips moved against his, feeling the bulge that was waiting for me.

He stepped back, unbuttoning his shirt, staring into my eyes. I watched and each time my eyes strayed too low or too high, he paused, making the task take even longer than necessary. When, he finished and I moved forward, reaching up and removing his shirt as I kissed his sculpted chest. I ran my tongue under the ridge of his chest muscles, my lips found his nipples, taking each of them between my lips, sucking and teasingly nibbling, one after another.

My hands caressed his chest and stomach, making the fires within each of us more urgent. Smiling, he knelt and began to unfasten my skirt, kissing my stomach and licking lightly around my navel. As the zipper moved down allowing my skirt to fall away from my hips, he half circled my waist with short tiny kisses, pinching my flesh gently between his lips. He moved down to my thighs, just above and inside each knee. My sweet nectar filled the air, my moistness covered only by a small patch of cloth.

Delicately, he leaned forward and kissed me through the thin material, breathing slowly and warmly against the
sensitive skin. My hands pushed gently at his head as he reached up, gathering the elastic band into his fingers as he slowly pulled them down, kissing each new patch of my skin that appeared. He worked his way down, kissing my bareness and blowing a cooling breath after each lightly damp kiss.

As the fabric stretched flat, leaving only my labia covered, his tongue between my legs, circling my most sensitive spot, savoring my aroma and taste. I breathed a soft moan and he kissed my sweetness as he lowered the rest of my panties to the floor.. When I stepped out, he caught each leg, kissing my calves and the sensitive areas near my knees. At last, I stood before him, naked and beautiful, looking down at him wantingly...longing for him.

He stood while I unfastened his belt and pants, kissing his chest and working my way down his stomach. As I knelt, my hands paused, gripping tightly against the fabric. I slid my thumbs around and in one slow,
fluid motion slipped his pants and shorts to the floor. He watched as I let my breath escape onto the sensitive underside of his shaft, making it jump at the sensation.

He stepped out of his clothes, while I repeated the way he had enjoyed teasing my body, making him want me even more. Then I gently licked the very sensitive line running up between his balls with my tongue. My hand reached up, and held him straight as my tongue continued higher and higher, running the length of his shaft, to finally circle the head, making it grow and expand even more. I took him inside my mouth, deep inside and then he pulled me up as we passionately embraced.

He slid his engorged shaft between my thighs, letting me feel the heat of his passion.. My breasts against his chest and the warmth of me against his cock, it felt like it would set us aflame. Our tongues danced and our hands exploring one another, I felt us melting together.

Time stopped. The universe around us ceased to exist. We were together, our passions about to become unleashed. I moved us to the bed, and we laid down, still embracing, me on top,trying to melt down into him. My legs straddled and his shaft throbbing against my bareness as my hips pushing forward against his.

I felt the head slip past and inside me, my soft moan was lost in his mouth. We slowly inched together, savoring the touch of him against me. Of him INSIDE me. Neither of us able to contain desire, passion, or lust any longer. We both cried out simultaneously. A slow parting, as we both now looked intently at each other, watching our bodies, feeling joined.

We gained speed with each new stroke, our passions reaching new intensities. I could feel my wetness now, surrounding his cock buried deep inside me. I could also feel the steel rigidity of him, plunging into my depths. His hands moved to my breasts, cupping them and squeezing them together. He raised his head up, licking my nipples as I plunged down on his cock.

I began to see the perspiration glisten on us both as the heat of our passion filled the room. He sat up, grabbing me and pulling to me, kissing me fiercely, pressing my breasts against his chest. My arms around his neck. I returned the kiss feverishly, my tongue dancing rapidly in his mouth. We rolled over, with him staying inside me as we laid back on the bed.

My legs wrapped around him, pulling him deeper into my burning, wet pussy. His hands found mine and our fingers intertwined as we plunged on and down, into the depths of our desires. My pussy contracted around him, holding onto him tight. He stopped moving and flexed his shaft back at me, making me gasp and then scream with excitement. My hips moved again, drawing him deeper into my warm wet pool. He turned his
head, biting my nipple softly, pulling it away from me until my breast stretched slightly.

Again my pussy grabbed for him, but this time he continued to move. My pussy responded by clenching tight around his cock, as it expanded inside of me, filling me. My hips lifted up, legs trembling, I moaned loudly and came. As my pussy contracted around him, I began to flow my juices to cover us. Wave after wave came washing over me, I was completely lost in the moment. Sweat covered us both, and I could feel it dripping down on me from him.

I moved on top of him, lowering myself slowly on to his throbbing cock. The lips of my pussy parting for him to slide into my warm wet depths. I controlled him now. My every move had him at my mercy. I smiled and continued my slow descent, stopping just before I had him entirely inside me and I whispered, "what do you want?". He cried out "you...give me you.". I raised up, keeping only the head
inside, clenching my muscles against the soft sensitive end of his cock. Then I brought my hips down to meet his, him fully inside of me and his balls against my ass. I raised up and plunged down again,
driving him deep, making me gasp.

His hands cupping my cheeks, lifting me up and pulling me down as he began to move faster. He pulled my head down to his, kissing me with such passion and intensity. My breasts moved against his chest and we both could feel my wetness as it was making his cock wet and slick. His cock pulsed and throbbed, plunging deeper as I felt him swell inside of me as we kissed in a blind
lust, tongues pressed together, arms and legs wrapped around each other,
sweat covering our bodies. We moaned into each others mouths as we released.

As we slowly recovered, we stayed there in silence with our bodies wrapped around one another. At least for now, we had each other and we curled up close, happy and content, and drifted off to sleep.

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Thanks for the new addition

12-12-2010, 03:33 PM
great story,Will there be another part?

12-15-2010, 06:57 AM
I doubt it --- she only wrote that one --- or at least that is all I know about

01-05-2011, 12:00 AM
From the story:

"As we slowly recovered, we stayed there in silence with our bodies wrapped around one another."

As I put plastic wrap around the characters and store them into my refrigerator for later reading, I realize that I don't know their names.

I will just take a magic marker and write "Unknown" on it.