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Chapter 6 - Jake’s Party
We’d been invited to Jake’s cocktail party
Rachel did her hair, makeup and put on her black lacy panties- a thong -, bra, black stay-up stockings and a short black clingy cocktail dress. It hugged her hips and her buttocks, just covering her ass. She looked so sexy with her dress clinging to her body.

We set off walking to the party, it was only up the road and only took 10mins. Wendy greeted us at the door, she was looking sexy with a short skirt and low cut top. We got some drinks and introduced our selves to everyone and continued drinking. Jake was creating some super strong cocktails and almost everyone was knocking them back. After we’d been drinking all sorts of cocktails and absinthe everyone was well pissed.

Nick, Roland and Mike were sitting on the settee in the lounge, I was in the other chair. Rachel came into the room wanting to sit down. “Just sit on us”, one of them said. She said “Ok” and sat on Roland and lifted her legs on to Nick. As she lifted her legs and laid back on to the guys laps her dress slid up exposing the top of her thighs. Nick looked down; he couldn’t help but see her panties, which were now on display and pulled tight over her pussy leaving little to the imagination.

“Nice panties” said Nick cheekily.
She laughed and said, “You should not be looking”
“Can’t help it from where I’m sitting” he replied. Still looking at her pussy, her skimpy panties were so tight they were highlighting the lips of her pussy. He could feel his cock getting hard just looking at it, thinking what it would be like to feel her.

Nick moved his hand from her knee, up her thigh to between her legs, so it was just inches from her pussy and felt her thigh. Roland had moved his hand around her back to her front, just under her left breast and stopped.

“What are you pair up to” she said.

“Just making sure you don’t fall off” Nick said, as he moved his hand to her pussy. She jumped as his fingers made contact with her panties.

“Cheeky, what do you think you’re doing, keep your hands to yourself” Rach said.

He ignored her and felt the edge of her pussy with his fingers, moving them up and down tracing the entrance of her pussy through her panties. She moaned quietly. Hearing this, Nick knew she didn’t mind and firmly pushed his fingers over her clit teasing it. Rach gasped and moaned again.

While Nick was feeling her pussy, Roland had moved his hand to her breast. He was feeling and squeezing it through her dress, he had always wanted to feel her tits. They were firm, pert and her nipples responded to his touch becoming erect. He could feel them trying to push through her bra and dress.

She was moaning more as Nick pulled the hem of her dress up to reveal her panties and pulled them aside exposing her naked pussy. He could see she had recently shaven, not a pube in sight. He rubbed two fingers up and down her pussy lips until they parted and then pushed them deep into her pussy.

She moaned louder as she felt them penetrate her, forcing their way in. He began to finger fuck her, his middle finger at first, slipping it in and out and rubbing her clit with his thumb. She was getting wet now so he forced his index and 3rd fingers in as well, she gasped feeling the extra girth forcing its way in. Her pussy was tight around his fingers but he kept on forcing them in her while still teasing her clit, she had started to writhe her hips from the sensations.

As Nick was playing with her pussy, Roland pulled down the top of her dress exposing her bra, her 36C tits trying to push there way out of her black lacy bra. He quickly put his hands inside her bra, cupping a breast in each hand; they felt good in his hands. He could see her nipples, which were now fully erect; he teased them between his thumb and forefinger making them harder still, before lifting them out exposing them to everyone. He carried on feeling and squeezing and teasing her nipples between his fingers until he could not wait any longer and bent over putting his lips over her nipples, licking, squeezing and sucking on them.

Her moaning was now almost constant; with two men feeling her at the same time was such a turn on for her, wonderful sensations coming from her pussy and tits.

Mike had got up, put her feet down on the settee and walked towards her head. He undid his fly, got his hard cock out and rubbed it up and down her face. She got the message, she opened her mouth and he filled it with his big cock. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock and around the head, teasing the tip with her tongue. He was loving every second, she really knew how to use that tongue to satisfy a man.

Nick could feel her pussy was really wet now and spread her juices all over and rubbed them in her pussy. He wanted to fuck her tight pussy. He ran his hands up her legs, pushing her dress up to her waist, as he grabbed her panties; she, lifted her ass up so he could pull them off. He promptly pulled them off and threw them on the floor. She looked so horny lying on his and Roland’s legs, skirt up round her waist, no panties, her pussy and tits completely exposed. He was going to fuck her whether she liked it or not.

He moved slightly so he could get his cock out, positioned himself so his cock was closed to her pussy. He parted her legs, rubbed his cock against her pussy spreading her juices more and he slipped his cock in her, pushing it deep inside. She gasped loudly and moaned. Her pussy was tight and it felt great on his cock, he was fucking the sexiest and horniest woman in the room.

She moaned even louder as he started to fuck her, his big cock filling her tight pussy. He grabbed her legs together and lifted them up making her even tighter, he turned on his side so he could fuck her better.
She had three men fondling and penetrating her body and it felt fantastic.
Some other people from the party had walked into the room wondering what the noise was about, only to find Rach being fucked by three men. They just stood there and watched the show.

Mike had grabbed hold of her head and was now skull fucking her, ramming his cock deep into her mouth time and time again; Roland was still fondling and sucking her tits and put his other hand down to her pussy teasing her clit; Nick was fucking her tight pussy. She was now moaning like mad, she could feel a big orgasm building getting closer each time Nick rammed his cock in her. Roland had a big hard-on, his cock trying to burst through his jeans sticking into her back.

Nick was very close to coming and increased his intensity ramming his cock in her even deeper. She was screaming in pleasure even more now, he was hitting all the right spots, she had almost reached the point of no return, and she was almost ready to come… Nick screamed as he filled her pussy with cum; he withdrew his cock and sat back on the settee. Mike let go of her head and swapped places with Nick, he wanted some of that pussy too. He positioned himself and rammed his cock in her; he was going to fill her with his cum too. He was ramming his cock in her harder and harder, she was pushing back on his cock every time he thrust into her.
The pause had let her relax and her orgasm had subsided a bit allowing her to enjoy

Mike’s cock feeding her pussy. Roland was teasing her clit even more now, pinching it between his fingers and teasing it with his finger tips. She was writhing on Roland’s lap the sensations were almost unbearable.

Mike was ready to cum, a few more thrusts and he would fill her. Roland’s teasing was working she was reaching an orgasm, “Not long now”, Mike shouted as he orgasmed, pumping every last drop of cum into her pussy. Roland wanted her pussy as well, quickly he lifted her up in his arms, cum was beginning to ooze out of her pussy after the two guys came in her. Nick had sat down on the settee and still got a hard-on. Roland put Rach down on all fours between Nick’s legs, “Suck his cock as I fuck you” he ordered. Nick spread his legs wider and she put his cock in her mouth and began to suck it.

Roland grabbed her ass, running his hands up her body to her tits, squeezing them before returning back to her ass. He ran his hands down her butt cheeks to between her legs, spreading them to see her dripping pussy, he grabbed it with his large hands, forcing his fingers into her pussy, she shrieked as he entered her. He could feel she was very wet cum oozing out of her cunt, ready for his cock; before he fucked her, he wanted to abuse her pussy with his hand. He had big hands which matched his big cock. He had two fingers in her already, ramming them deep into her pussy, stretching her so he could get the rest in. The more he finger fucked her, the wetter she became, he pushed four fingers into her pussy stretching her to the limit, she screamed as he rammed his hand into her pussy time and time again without pausing.

She was shrieking now, it was time to fuck her, he removed his hand, wiped her juices on his cock; he grabbed her ass with one hand and his cock with the other. He teased the entrance to her pussy with his cock before ramming it hard into her. Grabbing her hips he slammed his body into hers, his cock filling every bit of space in her pussy.

She thought she was going to burst, his cock was huge. He fucked her hard, pulling her on to his cock with every thrust, every inch of his cock forcing its way into her.
She was screaming, the sensations were unbearable, she was going to have a huge orgasm

Nick not satisfied with a blowjob, he had grabbed her head and was forcing her to take every inch of his cock in her mouth, she was gagging every time he pulled her down; it just made him do it more.
Roland could tell she was about to orgasm, her body was stiffening, a couple of more thrusts and she orgasmed, waves of pleasure pulsing through her pussy. This excited

Roland even more, he grabbed her tits and rammed his cock into her a last time, pulling hard he pinned her on to his cock as he orgasm hard, filling her cunt to the brim. He squeezed her tits as his cock pulsed in her cunt as every last drop of cum filled her pussy.

After watching both of them come, Nick came in her mouth, forcing his cock to the back of her throat making sure she swallowed every last drop of his cum. She swallowed every drop and then sucked his cock until it was dry.

Roland withdrew his cock and sat down exhausted. Everyone shouted and jeered after enjoying the show. Rachel got up and sat between the two if them putting a hand on each of their cocks.

Tim had already got his hard cock out, “I have some of that” he said moving towards Rachel, he grabbed her legs, pulled her to the edge of the settee before spreading her legs wide. He could see her wet abused pussy oozing with her love juices and he was going to give her another fuck, he was desperate for it.

He grabbed his cock and rammed it into her pussy before she could object, thrusting it hard and fast into her swollen and sensitive pussy. She shrieked and moaned, not expecting another fuck. “Hi Tim, couldn’t resist could you” she said. Good job they were friends.

“What do you expect after watching you fuck three men at a party, I’m as horny as hell now” he said, as he carried on fucking her. She was moaning and screaming as he fucked her pussy.

Wendy went over to Rachel, sat on Roland’s lap and started to play with her tits. “I didn’t know you liked girls” said Rachel, she didn’t mind, being bi-sexual herself.

“Yes, when they are as sexy as you and now I’m really turned on after watching you get fucked” she said. Moving a hand down to Rachel’s pussy, she felt her way to her clit and began to tease it while leaning over and sucking on her tits. Rachel shrieked as Wendy found her very sensitive clit, the sensations were unbearable between Wendy teasing her and Tim’s cock ramming into her pussy time after time.

While Roland was watching Tim fuck Rachel and Wendy sucking her tits, he could feel his cock getting hard again pushing against Wendy’s ass. She could feel his cock getting hard and started to rub herself against it. Roland wasn’t complaining it just made him harder.

Wendy undid Roland’s jeans so she could get his cock out, she lifted her dress, pulled her panties to one side, positioned herself over Roland’s very hard cock and sat on it. She moaned as she felt all of his large cock work its way inside her filling her now wet pussy. She began to writhe on his cock feeling it rubbing inside her in all the right places while leaning over Rachel to suck her tits. Roland rolls her on to her side, grabs her hips and thrusts his cock deep into her pussy time and time again with increasing intensity. While Roland is fucking her, she moves one hand down Rachel’s body to her pussy feeling for her clit, she finds it and teases it between her fingers while sucking on her tits and biting them between her teeth.

By now Rachel is constantly screaming with pleasure and was getting very close to coming again. Tim was panting hard now and he was about to come. “I’m coming”, Rachel screams, her body stiffening and clamping his cock tight as her pussy pulsed as she came. That was enough to put Tim over the edge, one last hard thrust and he orgasmed shooting his load into her cunt. Wendy’s moaning and panting was getting louder and faster as Roland fucked her harder, while she still played with Rachel’s clit, which was making her writhe uncontrollably. Roland was very close to coming, watching Rachel get fucked again really turned him on and he was fucking Wendy even harder so he could come. A few more thrusts and his cock shot its load in to Wendy. She gasped and came moments after him.

Everyone cheered and applauded the show.

After watching her be fucked senseless, I took her home and fucked her every which way until morning.

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