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11-06-2010, 05:17 AM
Show on the Beach

I wasnít ever what anyone would call pretty. Most men would call me a plain Jane, or chubby. I was both. At the age of twenty-two, I was still a virgin. I had been on exactly one date in my life, and it wasnít fun at all, and we ended it early. Some creep had taken me to an amusement park and had tried to feel of my tits on the Ferris wheel.
I found that I liked to go to the beach, because, when I wore a bathing suit, men did actually look at me. I had nice, big tits, is why, I guessed. But anyway, I did like the beach. I liked to sit and read a book under an umbrella, and watch the people, things like that. I almost never went in the water.
One particular weekday during the summer, I was at one of the local beaches. It was one of the nicer ones, with trees behind the beach, and some even growing close to where the sunbathers would lie. That particular day, it wasnít very crowded, but there were a number of people lying in the sun and some playing in the water.
I spread out my blanket near in an area where there werenít too many people. There was a couple about a hundred feet away, and on the other side, no one. Behind me were the trees, and a steep hill that turned into a cliff.
I was lying on my blanket, and a guy came walking past me, carrying a hell of a bunch of stuff. He had bags hanging from each shoulder, and was carrying a big chaise in one hand.
He set up his area not ten feet away from me. He was muscular, with actual bulges at his pectorals and strong, lean legs, dotted with dark hair. He was brown. I figured, by his looks, that he was Mediterranean or Hispanic, and maybe even West Asian.
I pulled his chair apart, and the damn thing actually had a canopy on top of it. Low to the ground, with two high arms, the chaise looked very comfortable. One could stretch out their legs, and be covered from the sun at the same time.
He had a large blanket, and spread it out, and then put a towel hanging from each of the arms on the chaise. He sat there for a while. I went back to reading my book, glancing around me now and then.
He stood up, and bent over, pulling his blanket closer to me. I supposed it was too windy or something in that spot. He moved his blanket closer to me, and at the same time, to my left, until he was actually right in front of me, four feet away, maybe five.
He went back and dragged his chair over to the blanket, but he didnít put it facing the water. He faced me with it. He was wearing black trunks, but suddenly he turned sideways and took them off. He was wearing a tiny thong-looking thing, and I saw his muscular buttocks for a second.
Then he sat, facing me, his legs stretched out onto the sand. I went back to reading my book.
But I had noticed something, and I looked back up at him. His balls, or maybe half of each of his balls, were hanging out the sides of his bathing suit bottom. The suit didnít hold them in, but rather, it pressed them to the sides. I noticed two little ties, one of each side of the suit. It was a womanís string bikini bottom!
I almost laughed, but must admit that the site of his hairy balls excited me. I pretended to read my book, but watched him over the top of the book. I could barely make out, but sure I was seeing, the tip of his dick peeking over the edge of the bikini bottom.
He suddenly stood, and bent over, showing me his ass and his balls hanging out of the side of the bikini bottom. He pulled his blanket and his chair closer to my blanket, as if trying to find a better position away from the wind, or something.
He sat back down in his low chaise with the high arms, and faced me, not more than three feet away. He spread his legs, and yes, I was seeing the tip of his cock sticking out of the top of the bikini. He reached to the sides of it and pulled one string, and then another, letting it fall away from his groin.
His cock was sticking up somewhat, pointing at me, throbbing. He looked around, in both directions. He couldnít be seen by anyone but me; he was hidden by the canopy and the two towels he had put on each side of the chaise. He began toying with his semi hard dick, tugging it this way and that way. His balls were flecked with just a bit of hair, mostly smooth, heavy-hanging brown orbs that hung off the end of the chaise.
He moved the trunk of his body forward, and his feet actually touched my blanket. His cock was really beginning to grow, longer and fatter. He had a beautiful thatch of pubic hair, dark and full. Other than that, he wasnít very hairy, except a few hairs dotting his balls and some on his legs.
He scooted his chair closer to me, now about two feet from me. His cock was now fully erect, and very fat and dark, so fat that, his balls receded to the sides, and I could see the hardness of his cock all the way down to his ass hole.
What a sight that was, that big fat dick, right there on a public beach. This wasnít the number one prize winning biggest dick in the world, but it was certainly a large, hard, fat dick. He toyed with it, pointing it at me, and then stroked it a little. He continuously stopped and looked around, as if afraid of being seen.
This was a personal dick show for me, for sure. I was loving it. I knew that most women would scream, or run, or move away, but those same women would, that very night, go to a male strip club or go on the web and look at dicks. Oh well, thatís another discussion, I suppose.
For fully ten minutes, he played with his cock. Then, his dick seemed to become extremely rigid, and he began stroking harder and faster, his hand moving up and down the hard shaft like a piston, and then, it erupted. The cum bubbled up out of the reddish brown head of his cock like lava, and fell down the shaft onto his stomach and balls. I had never seen a guy cum in real life; only pictures and a few videos on the web.
I wanted to play with myself, but I was too exposed. Besides, it was too late. He pulled his original trunks back on, and stowed the bikini bottom in one of his bags.
Within a minute, he was fully packed up and heading for the parking lot.
I will never forget that hot show of the dick on the beach, ever!
---Marcia T., location withheld

11-06-2010, 07:30 AM
Good story well written..... Thanks for sharing it here.