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11-07-2010, 09:02 AM
Band on the Pun…..

Rock and rock humour……

Sign on a music shop window! Come in and pick out a drum – the beat it!

What do you mean you can’t Tuna fish, Just adjust it’s scales…..

Did you know that John Lennon at first refused to perform Jingles for fast food, but later decided to give Pizza chants…..

Newsflash….. A well known musical instruments store was robbed this morning, the thief took the lute!

Show me a piano thrown in an army trench and I’ll show you a flat major.

Did you know that all dead music writers are now de-composing!

OR When a guitarist messes up he simply re-chords his mistakes.

John Lennon was hungry, but he would not give pies a chance , he insisted on having a yellow submarine, but Paul just said, “Let it brie.”

Ladies don’t date a piano technician, he bound to string you along.

Musicians always need a leader because they simply don’t know how to conduct themselves!

There is a new novel about a musician in treble, it is a real clef hanger!

He tried to play the shoehorn but could only get footnotesI


She was given free violin lessons – no strings attached….

Hope you enjoyed a sample of my sense of humour….

12-03-2010, 11:44 PM