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Debbie had that look in her eyes as she slid her fingers along her slit on top of her panties. The kind of look where her eyes half closed, her mouth open and her head tilted. I asked her, was it better having my father trying to look at her body than it is when strangers do it? God yes honey, everytime I think about it I get all wet.

Somehow I think there is more to this story, I said. Yes there is, she answered. I know you father was having a good time trying to look at his daughter-in-laws pussy and tit, so I didn't make any eye contact with him. That way her could look all he wanted, thinking I didn't know. I had my head turned and my legs spread nicely for him. Jimmy, I love seeing you stroking yourself. It really turns me on. I like your story honey and you telling it to me got me this hard so I can stroke it for you.

How long did dad watch you, I asked? Long enough that her couldn't hide his hard cock sticking out against his pants. I finally turned around and was looking at this hard on, then asked him if he would fix me another drink. Of course, he told me. Getting up he tried to hide his cock but couldn't do a very good job because it was so hard. He is kind of big to honey, she said. After fixing us another cocktail he brought it over to me. I didn't close my legs at all. He couldn't stop looking up my skirt and he damn near triped bringing it to me.

He sat down next to me and we toasted each other. Honey, he told me. There is one thing I don't have of you. Whatr's that dad, I answered? I don't have any pictures of you. Why would you want pictures of your old daughter-in-law, I said? For one thing, you are not old and to be quite honest with you, I happen to think you are one of the most beautiful women I know. DAD, come on, I am just a frumpy housewife. Well, if you think of yourself like that, then it should be okay with you if I take a few shots of you. I really don't know why dad, but if you want to, it is fine with me.

I knew something was up his sleave and I hoped that you and your mother would stay upstairs so I could find out what it is. He went to one of the cabnets and pulled out a nice looking digital camera. Why don't you just sit like you are and I will take one or two of you there.

He was standing across form me again and pointed the camera my way. I didn't want to close my legs for two reasons. First, if I did he would know that I knew my legs were spread. Second, I wanted him to have something to show all his buddies. Damn Debbie, you must have been driving him crazy, the poor guy. I reached over and unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it apart and slid the halfs past her tits so I could see them in her sexy black laced bra. Is my little baby getting all excited listening to mommy's story? When she said that my cock jumped all by it's self. Fuck honey, your so sexy, don't stop I told her.

After your dad took a couple shots of me her walked rite up to me. He was standing over me looking down. I knew he was going to get some good pictures of his daughter-in-laws bra incased tits and I wanted hime to. I kind of leaned forward a little and pushed my arm together some, making my tit almost fall out. Here was your dad standing in front of me taking pictures down my top with his hard cock poking out. Then he told me, gosh honey, you are so beautiful. I want to take some more pictures of you, it that is alright with you. What could I say, my nipples were poking out a good half inch and if he didn't see them, then he was blind.

I told him that would be fine with me, but you should take them soon, before Betty and Jimmy finish looking at his photos. I want to see you pussy, I said to Debbie. Show daddy how good your cunt looks. You nasty boy, she said back to me. Reaching up she began to slide her panties off. Her fingers came back up and she pulled her pussy lips apart. It is starting to leak honey, she told me. You like my pussy, don't you? Don't answer that, she said.

I asked you dad where he wanted me so he could take a few more pictures of me. I can't tell you how hot I was getting Jimmy. You and your mom upstairs and your father wanting to take nasty photos of me downstairs. What a turn on. I am watching Debbies fingers slowly sliding passed her pussy lips, into her cunt. More baby, what else went on, I asked?

He pointed to the fireplace wanting me to sit on the bricks in front. I sat down as he looked through the view finder. Dad I said, before you take any more, I want to take one of you. What, he asked? Come on I will only take one, it is only fare, I told him. He came over to me and handed me the camera. He backed up a little and was standing straight in front of me. No dad, not like that. I walked up to him and turned him sideways. His cock was sticking straight out and there wasn't a thing he could do to hide it. But, but, but, he said before I cut him off. Listen daddy, if you want to take the kind of photos I think you want to take. Then I want to have one that shows how much you like looking at your daughter-in-Law's body.

Sorry about my spelling. I forgot more that I knew.

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