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Uncle David
09-25-2006, 01:26 AM
My 14th summer....pt 8 , first year of high school.


Well, my 14th summer was coming to a close. Freshman year of high school was starting, it was a little scary, but exciting too. This country boy was really looking forward to it. For any number of reasons

Ricky and I had been having a hell of a time with Sherry , and D.J. both had been fucking our brains out, not to mention the other shit that had happened, but I wander. We will get back to Spencer and the boys at the beach and the two girls, Sherry and D.J. are probably a chapter by themselves.

Ricky and I had started freshman P.E. as nervous as we had ever been about anything. Everybody dressed the first day and that meant that everyone got naked and dressed and got naked again and showered and got dressed again, all in an hour and 45 minutes. Needless to say in was hectic in the locker room. And my goodness, what a collocation of cocks and asses. All colors, sizes and shapes. I think I saw the littlest and the biggest cocks I have ever seen in that gym class.

We ran and played basketball and ran some more and then it was off to the showers. There weren't many blacks in that particular school but there were several black boys in my gym class. the only black cock I had ever seen was in a porno mag. I remember they were big in the pictures, Spencer had said that he had seen a black guy with what looked like 15 inches, but he wasn't sure and he didn't want to stare. (Well, he did want to stare, but , well you know...)
When I finally got the nerve to go in, there were only two or three guys left in the showers, two black guys and a Mexican. I knew the Mexican form grammar school. As I soaped up my balls and ass I glanced at the black guys. Holy shit, Spencer was right, this one dude had a cock on him like a damn horse. It must have been 14 or 15 inches long and thick and very black with a dark pink head. It must have been two and a half inches thick. I couldn't help but stare, and I got caught. I was just staring at that cock , with my mouth hanging open apparently, when he started to stroke it and said "What the fuck you lookin' at boy? Never seen a real cock before?. You like cock little boy? Maybe I will just come over there and make you suck it." he was stroking his cock with soap and he was getting hard. What the fuck was I going to do. He started walking toward me, squeezing his cock so the head got really big. He got closer, i backed up till I was against the shower end wall.

"Hey man. I didn't mean anything by that. I just am new around here and, well...."

" Well what Mother Fucker!" he walked even closer, his cock still hard in his hand. "You better get on your knees boy and get ready to suck this black meat.

Actually that didn't sound terrible. That was a challenge cock if this little bi white boy had ever seen one. I just wasn't looking forward to being made to do it.

"That will be about enough of that Leon. You are scarring the shit out of him." said a male voice from behind the shower end wall. It was Mr.Witt, my gym teachers voice. "Get dressed and get your ass to class. Don't fuck with the new guys. I am not writing you up this time but you better watch your black ass, you here me?"

"Yes sir, Mr Witt." Leon jumped, his hard on was gone instantly and he grabbed his towel and headed for the lockers.

"Sorry about that," he said, "David, isn't it? Leon is mostly talk, but he is bi sexual, so watch him, unless of course you play that shit too, then be my or more like his guest, after all, that is an impressive piece of meat."

I wasn't sure if what i heard was what I heard so I said, "Bi-sexual?

"Ya, you know, he likes boys too. Really, I just think he likes his cock sucked and doesn't care who sucks it. Go on, get dressed, they will be locking up the gym pretty soon. You need a ride home? he asked.

"I live out in Oakford. I take the bus."
I told him.

" I think the last bus is gone already. " Looking at his watch. "Up to you, offer is there."

"Why not." I said, might as well take the ride. Beats having to listen to moms crap about missing the bus.

I met him in the hall outside the gym and we walked to his car. Nice wheels, BMW 525i, expensive ride. "Nice Beemer," I commented, thinking he had good taste in cars. (I am a foreign car gear head).

"I like it, had a 3 series, but the fives are just sexual, I mean sexy. I need to run by my house, if that is OK with you."

"Sure" maybe mom would cool down some by the time I got there. I would just have Mr. Witt come in and explain to her.

He lived in a small house on a huge lot. The house was in the middle if the lot and the yard was all around it. There was a pool Barely visible thru the open garage door. Nice place.

Go on in and have a seat, Want something to drink?" he asked.

"Sure, whatever you have."

He came out of the kitchen with a glass of iced cola of some kind and led me to the sunken living room. There was a big screen TV, a couch that went around three walls and a bar.

" I have to make a phone call, I forgot about it earlier, It will take about a half hour, you can wait for me here. The T.V remote are on the bar. 124 channels and a whole video library. Help yourself to whatever you want and I will be right back." He excused himself and I was all by myself.

I took a look in that the videos but I didn't really see anything that I liked. Well, I thought, Cable T.V cool. I picked up one of the remotes and pushed the power button. I heard the T.V come to life behind me and turned to see what was on. Well, there on the 56 inch plasma T.V. is Mr. Witt, naked as can be, on his knees between the legs of, oh shit, between the legs of Leon. He was on his knees with both hands wrapped around Leons enormous cock. I had just had a little peek at Leon before. The cock was a monster. 15 inches if it were a foot and as thick my wrist. With that Mr.Witt leaned forward and licked the head of Leons cock. Precum glistening, he licked that off the tip and slowly slid Leons entire cock in his mouth. It just kept going in and going in and going in. How the fuck did he do that. Must be a camera trick. Mr. Witt finally got it all in his mouth and he started to slide it back out.Out it came. I swear, I have never seen anything like this before or since. Mr. Witt puled his cock out of his mouth until just the tip was in his lips and them he sucked it back in again.

After about five minutes of this incredible blow job, he let the cock slip from his lips and turns around and presents his ass to Leon. Oh My God. Leon was going to fuck him in the ass, I had to see this, My cock was pretty hard by now. Leon knelt down behind him and took his hips in his hands. Mr Witt leaned his shoulders down on the bed and reached back between his legs and took Leons cock in his hands, pressing the tip up against his asshole. There must have been others involved because the camera angle changed to a view from Leons point of view.

He presses Leons cock against his asshole and pushes gently back. Leons monster starts to slide into his ass. Slowly he pushes back, taking first the first inch and the a couple more . Grinding his hips back as Leon guides his hips. The monster is about a quarter in his ass now. Damn, talk about stretching an asshole. And I couldn't believe what I was seeing. All of a sudden Mr. Witt said "AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGG" and shoved himself back on Leons cock, taking it all up his ass.

This was the wildest thing I had ever seen, Leon was just fucking the shit out of Mr.Witt, and he was loving being fucked. This was weird.

Guess I lost track of time because all of a sudden I hear behind me, "Well, guess you found something to watch." I turned around, startled, and there stood Mr. Witt.

"I didn't...it was already in the machine...I just turned on the T.V.......I won't tell anyone.....I swear..." I was scared shitless, as we said back then.

"It's O.K., What did you think? Big fucking cock isn't it'. 15 inches, ever suck a cock David?' He asked, looking at the lump in my crotch.

He walked over and took my cock in his hand and started squeezing and rubbing thru my pants, I was hard as a rock. He unzipped me and reached inside my pants and unders and pulled my cock out. "My," he squeezed my cock, "Aren't we well endowed" he said and dropped to his knees and took my entire 9 inches in his mouth in one gulp. Clear to my pubes. He started sucking my cock with a passion, up and down on the shaft, I took the side of his face in my hands and guided him up and down the shaft of my cock. It didn't take long, I slammed my cock deep in his throat and let go of my load. He didn't lose a drop. Wow.

Mr. Witt had his pants off in a second and said"I want to fuck you. Get on your hands and knees." I didn't even think, it seemed so natural, I just got down in front of him and he very gently but firmly slid his cock up my ass. He stroked in and out of my asshole for about two minutes and grabbed my hips and slammed his cock deep in me,

"Oh Fuck Meeeee," He screamed and I felt hot cum deep in my ass, feeling that was all I could take and I came again, spraying cum all over.

Well, I got home a little later than I had expected and I couldn't wait to tell Ricky nd the other guys, I had my cock sucked and got fucked in the ass by my teacher. This high school was going to be fun, my ass was going to be a little sore, but I kind of liked that

I called Ricky and told him all about the shower scene and being saved by Mr. Witt. Then getting caught watching him have sex with that big dicked black kid,Leon. Ricky came over later and we sucked each others cocks. Ricky wants to see the monster cock. I kind of want to see it my self. Maybe more than just look...........

more to cum........

Uncle David
09-25-2006, 01:28 AM
If you guys like this I can bring the rest of my stuff over from SexStoriesPost

Uncle David

09-25-2006, 02:01 AM
Thanks for posting it....I dont know how many replies you might get....but we wlcome all Authors...so post away Uncle David

Uncle David
09-25-2006, 10:14 PM
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My 14th summer.....pt 1



[left]Small town life can be boring as hell for a young man, especially in the summer time. There was a bunch of us guys about the same age that spent all of our time together, usually down at the river. We had a beach that we went to everyday, it was a ways from town and no one but us ever went there. We called it "Bare Ass Beach", because we had a rule tat you had to go naked when you were there.

The day started just like any other. Donnie and Spencer came by about 10 and off we went to the river. When we got there the other guys were already laying out in the sun. There were six of us that hung out together all the time. Spencer was the oldest (He was also the only one who had fucked a girl), Donnie was next, he lived right next door to me, then the brothers, Kenny and Joe, their parents owned the grocery store, and last but not least, me and Ricky, he was Donnie's nephew or cousin or something like that, he lived with Donnies family.

We spread our towels out and stripped off our cutoffs. Spencer brought a six pack he stole from his dad so we all had one beer. We were just sitting around sipping on our beers, feeling pretty grown up. A porno magazine showed up and the guys were passing it around, me and Ricky couldn't hardly wait, we had never seen actual people having sex and were pretty excited about it. We finally got our turn and I couldn't believe my eyes. This thing had regular boy,girl fucking and sucking but toward the back there was another set of pictures that were of two guys and one girl. One showed the girl getting fucked and sucking the other guys cock but on the next page the guys had their cocks in each others mouths, and a couple pages later one was fucking the other in the ass. I had had some wet dreams and had woke up with a hard on a couple of times, but these pictures made me hard as a rock.
Looking around I saw that everyone had hard ons, but Spencer had a really big dick. He was the only one who could actually cum, or at least was the one who had fucked a girl. Donnie said "Hey Spenc, why don't you jack off so all of us can see what it is like to cum." Well, no one had to ask him twice. We all got in a semi circle with Spenc in front with the book in one hand and hi cock in the other. He opened the book and lay it down on the ground and started beating off in earnest. I had seen him hard before, I had gotten here late one time and he was laying on his back with his cock standing straight up. It looked huge, circumcised with a huge head and a really thick shaft. He turned over as soon as he saw me and I didn't think any more about it, until today that is. Every one was staring at him as he stroked his cock, he just kept stroking and staring right at me with this little smile on his face. He was stroking faster and faster, still staring right at me, when he groaned real loud and shot his cum onto the sand, he must have cum a quart. Funny thing, now my cock was as hard as a rock. This was my first "Official" hard on and I was surprised how big my cock got. I was almost as big as Spenc, and bigger than any of the other guys.
' If you can't cum yet, jump in the river, the cold water Will make that go away.' Spenc said, motioning to my hardon. I ran and jumped in the river, damn this was cold, but he was right, Hard on went right away. We Spent most of the day don there, swimming and tanning , and looking at the porn mag.

When I got home and took my stuff out of my back pack, there in the bottom was the porno mag. I wasn't sure how it got there, but I was sure happy to see it. Later after I went to bed I got it out and took it under the covers with my flashlight. It was a really nasty book, the pictures gave me a giant hard on again. Funny thing, I spent most of the time looking at the two guys sucking each others cocks and fucking each other in the ass.

I came for the first time that night. And the second time and the third and so on and so on. Now I had something special, I was a man!!

(to be continued)

Uncle David

Uncle David
09-25-2006, 10:35 PM
My 14th summer......pt 2


When I woke up the next morning my cock was hard as a rock again. So I got out the magazine and got down to jerking off again. It didn't take long and my nuts tightened into little tiny rocks and I sprayed cum all over. It was on the bed, the floor and even all over my hand. I thought "Hmmm..." and licked a little of the white gooey fluid from my fingers. Wow, I kind of liked that. I licked some more of the stuff from my fingers, this time I got enough in my mouth to swallow. "Not bad" I thought.

I got up and went to shower. Washing my cock and balls gave me another hard on so I jacked off in the shower. This cumming thing was pretty cool.

Spenc called while I was still in the shower so when mom told me I went in and called him back. "You goin to the beach today? Spenc asked.

"Don't see why not" I answered. I really couldn't wait to see his cock again. That was a little strange, but when I thought about his cock, my own cock seemed to stir in my pants. "Hmm...oh well" I thought

"The other guys said they will meet us there. So just come here and we will go down together." Spenc said.

We rode our bikes down to the beach. The other guys weren't there yet and when I mentioned it Spenc said Donnie and Ricky had to go Worth Donnies mom and the brothers had to work at the store so it was just us today. This was a little strange, but oh well, Spenc and I would have some fun anyway. We swam for awhile and then went to lay in the sun. Spenc threw me his tanning oil and said" Oil me up. Would ya?"

"Sure thing" I answered and grabbed the oil and poured some on his back. I rubbed oil on his back and legs and when i stopped he said "What about my ass? I can't get it all over, so would you please do it?""

This seemed a little strange to me but what the hell, no one was around, so I took the oil and poured some in my hand and rubbed them together. I started at the very top of his ass cheeks, working my way down, spreading as even a coat as I could. He spread his legs a little and i could see his ball sack between his legs. Damn it, there went my cock again. What was I going to do now. He I sat with a raging hard on, rubbing oil on my friends ass. Yikes. i jumped up and ran and jumped in the river. Hoping he hadn't noticed.

When I got out and went back to the towels, Spenc was kneeling with The oil in his hand, "Your turn" he said.

"What?" I asked, nervously.

"Lay down right here and I Will do your back" he said as he motioned to the towel.

Well, there was not going to be any arguing with him so I lay ed down on the towel and hoped for the best.

As his hands touched my shoulders I could feel my cock stir. What the fuck was going on. By the time he got my back completely oiled my cock was hard as a rock. Spenc said for me to spread my legs a little as he started oiling my thighs. His hand brushed my balls a couple times. Well. now my cock was hard as a rock and Spenc says "Turn over, I will do you front"

Well this was not a good idea, not with my cock as hard as a rock. So I told Spenc, "I got a hard on."

"Oh fuck, don't worry about it. Turn over" Spenc ordered.

So I turned over, and my cock stood straight up.

"Wow." Spenc exclaimed. "That's a pretty big specimen for a youngster. Do you cum yet? he asked.

"First time last night" I said proudly.

"Cool, congratulations" he said. With that he reached out, grabbed my cock and plunged his mouth down til the whole thing was in his mouth.

I could not believe my eyes, but it sure felt good. Spenc worked his mouth up and down on my cock, swirling his tongue around with each stroke.

Well, I couldn't take that for very long, and I came in his mouth. He swallowed every drop of it.

He sat back on his heels, "How was that?" he asked, grinning.

All I said was "Your turn"

He moved up on the towel til he was right next to my face. I just reached out, took his cock in my hand and and put it all in my mouth. I had never done this before and I had only seen it in pictures but I think I got pretty good at it pretty fast because he grabbed my head and started fucking my face. About a minute later I felt his cock get harder in my mouth and he pushed deep into my throat. His cum hit the back of my throat, I gagged a little and swallowed as much as I could, but I still had cum running down my chin. Spenc reached out, wiped some of it off with his fingers and licked it off. "I taste pretty good." he chuckled. Yes he did, I thought to my self.

"Lets swim" Spenc said. and we dove in the river.

We swam around for a bit and then went back to the towels.

"Well, if that was your first orgasm with another person. I Would say you haven't fucked yet either." he said, reaching out and taking hold of my cock again and licking it a few times.

Well, so much for the hard on subsiding, I was hard as a rock instantly. With that he pushed me down on my back and straddled me, taking my cock in his hand and guiding it into his asshole he slowly lowered himself until my cock was buried to the hilt in his ass. He rode up and down on my cock, his own cock hard and bouncing up and down as he fucked my cock.

He fucked my cock harder and harder. I felt my cum building in my balls and suddenly I shot my load deep in his ass. He must have liked that a lot because he came too, spraying cum all over me.

As he grinds on my cock I hear applause. I look back over my shoulder and there are the rest of the guys, clapping their hands.

I look up at Spenc. obviously confused and scared about being caught, he just smiles and says. "We have been doing this for a year or two, you and Ricky are the last virgins.

With that, the other guys, came over, took off their clothes and started sucking each others cocks. The brothers lay down and started going 69. Donnie walks over and sticks his cock in Spencs mouth. About four or five deep strokes and Donnie groans and pulls his cock from Spencs mouth and sprays cum all over both of us.

We fucked and sucked each other all afternoon and on the way home we all made plans to do Ricky the next day. Sure hoped he liked this as much as I do, but that is the next chapter.

09-25-2006, 11:24 PM
Good series...thanks for posting these here

09-25-2006, 11:55 PM
Thanks Uncle David....great to see ya as always...

Uncle David
09-26-2006, 12:04 AM
My 14th summer.........pt 4


Everyday in a small California town is pretty much the same for a 14 year old boy, or so the average person would think. Well, this particular summer for this 14 year old was anything but. Let us recap; I got my first real hard on, had my first orgasm, sucked my first cock, fucked my first asshole and had my own cock sucked, and the summer was just beginning.

I woke up real early the next day (wonder why), cock hard as a rock, again/still. I got up and took a shower, soaping up my cock didn't make it any less hard. I washed my ass and slipped a soapy finger up my ass. Felt pretty good, actually, so I worked another in slowly. I was thinking about what Spencer said about fucking me in the ass today. My right hand found my monster hard-on, well , looked like a monster to me, felt like one too, as I worked a third finger into My asshole. It hurt a little but it felt real good at the same time. It didn't take long and I blew cum all over the shower wall.
Whew! What a relief. I finished showering and got dressed in a hurry. Cut offs and a tank top and called Donnie.

"Hey." I said when Donnie's sister D.J answered their phone. "Donnie there?"

"Hang on." she snapped. "Donnie, phone!" she yelled. "It's your asshole friend next door."

"Wassup" Donnie said as he picked up his phone. "Hang the other phone up D.J." he yelled back at his sister. "O.K. you can talk now." he whispered into the phone, "D.J.'s a snoopy little cunt, have to be careful what you say around her"

"Cool. Spencer wants us to go down to the beach early and he will get Ricky down there." I whispered back.

"Why are you whispering" he chuckled

"Cause you were I guess." I said, in my whole voice.

"Lets go. I will call the brothers, Ricky is at the store with mom. Meet you out front."

"Cool." See you on the street" I replied and hung up the phone.

Donnie came out his front door at the same time I did. The brothers lived right down the street about two blocks. We got to the end of the first block and they walked out their front gate. This was going pretty good. Think they had done this a time or two? I would have to ask Spencer and Donnie how this all got started. It must have been the two of them first, after all they are the oldest. It was almost a mile down to the beach, but that was O.K. The brothers had bikes and they rode me and Donnie down on the handle bars.

We got to the beach and found our hiding place in the bushes. This place was a real "blind". Any hunter would have been proud. We weren't there long when we heard Spencer's voice up on the road and in a second, Ricky, followed closely by Spencer pushed through the bushes that hid the beach from the road. They started taking their clothes off as soon as they set their stuff down and Spencer looked right at us and winked. "Lets get wet." he yelled at Ricky, and ran for the river and dove in. Rocky was right behind him. They swam for a while and then they got out and spread their towels down.

"None of the others can come today. Some crap with their parents or some shit. So it is just us." Spencer said as he tossed Ricky the sun tan oil. "Here, oil me up. Would ya?'

Spencer lay ed down and Ricky knelled down beside him. Pouring oil in his hand he rubbed it all over Spencer's back. Working down he stopped and Spencer said " Ya. My ass too." and spread his legs . Ricky did as he was told and soon he was done and Spencer git up and said "Your turn."

Ricky lay ed down and Spencer gave him the same treatment that he had given me the day before. When he turned him over, Ricky had this enormous hard on. I had seen him hard before, once but I didn't remember it being that huge, Anyway, Spencer did his thing and took all of Ricky's cock in his mouth,. Ricky lasted just about as long as I did and Spencer swallowed every drop and raised up and stuck his cock in Ricky's mouth. Ricky didn't seem to mind and he proceed to give Spencer one hell of a blow job. Spencer blew in his mouth. He couldn't hold all of it and some ran down his chip. Spencer reached out and wiped it off with his fingers and licked it off. "Lets get wet" He said and ran fro the water. Ricky followed> I looked around and Donnie was on his knees sucking both of the brothers cocks. He saw me and reached for mine and deep throated me. He took turns deep throating each of us until we Erhard them get out of the wart and then we went back to our vantage point.

Spencer had Ricky on his back already and was sucking his cock. He got him hard again real fast and climbed up and straddled him and slid heard cock all the way up his ass. He had turned his back to us so we had a great view of him getting fucked. Spencer bounced up and down on Ricky's cock until Ricky groaned and slammed his hips up wards to meet Spencer's downward grind. He was obviously cumming in Spencer's ass.

About this time we all step out of the blind and start clapping. Ricky looks startled at first. but then he smiled when he saw me and motioned me over to him. When I stepped up beside him he reached out and grabbed my cock and put all of it in his mouth. He deep throated me about three times and I blew down his throat.

Well needless to say this after noon turned into a real orgy. All six of us were involved now. That is a lot of cock sucking and ass fucking..

Well, I am about out of space so I will continue this in chapter five.......see you there...mpre too cum....

Uncle David
09-26-2006, 12:09 AM
My 14th summer.....pt 3


Needless to say, I could hardly wait for tomorrow. Spencer had stayed for awhile after the other guys left my house, said he wanted to talk to me.

"So, what dd you think about today?" Spencer asked, flopping down on my bed. "Have fun?" What do you think about Ricky?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I thought maybe you could get him down to the river tomorrow. You know, kind of like I did today." he said. " Me and Donnie and the brothers will head down there first. I will call you from my house when we leave. We can hide out and watch you guys."

"Watch us guys." "What do you mean?" I asked.

"I think you should do with Ricky what I did with you today" Spencer answered, winking at me.

"I don't know if I can do it. You should do it." I told him. I wasn't ready for that. "After all, I sucked my first cock today"

"And you should be very proud of the job you did." Spencer said, reaching down and squeezing his cock. "I can hardly wait to fuck you tomorrow."

"You are going to fuck me tomorrow? I thought tomorrow was
Rickys turn."

"It is, but we all get into it after I turn him out., and I want to put my cock up your ass. That O.K. with you?"

"I don't know. I hadn't thought about it." I lied. I had thought about it a lot. I wanted him to fuck me right now' but I wasn't about to tell him that. My cock was hard as a rock just talking about it."

"Oh, you get to fuck me too. You fucked anything yet?" he asked "Of course you haven't. You just came for the first time yesterday." asking and answering his own question.

Now my cock was really hard, throbbing hard. I just wanted Spencer to go home so I could jack off. We said so long till tomorrow. I guess we had decided that he would take Richky down to the river and I would go down with the others and hide out and wait for the show. This was going to be fun. I really liked porn and the live sex that I had seen (and done) today was really a turn on. Watching Spencer seduce Ricky was going to be fun.

My cock was throbbing hard so I closed my bedroom door and pulled off my shorts, my cock was harder than it was earlier. I took some oil and poured it on my hand and took hold of my cock. I rubbed the oil all over my hard shaft and the purplish head, slowly stroking and twisting my hand. I was so hot that it only took about a second or two and i shot cum clear across the room. Whew, glad I did that, but I was still stirred up, thinking about getting to watch Spencer do to Ricky what he did to me today. I took a shower and went to bed. Early day tomorrow, exciting day tomorrow. I could hardly wait.

pt. 4......cumming soon.

Uncle David

Uncle David
09-26-2006, 12:12 AM
My 14th summer......pt 5


Well, needless to say, the afternoon got very busy. First, of course, Donnie was on Spencer's cock like a the mad cocksucker he was. I swear, I think he lived to suck cock. Ricky and I were sitting on the towels, watching Donnie work over the cock in his mouth. Spencer had him by the sides of his head and was slow fucking his face. The brothers walked up on either side of us and offered their hard, throbbing cocks to our eager mouths. Ricky sure gobbled up Kenny's purple throbber as quickly as he could. Joe had his cock in his hand and I just took it from him and stroked it very slowly. I leaned forward and licked around the head of his dick, slowly letting the tip separate my lips, just a little at a time. As I very slowly slipped my lips over the tip of his cock my tongue is making little circles around the tiny hole in the end. Slowly, his cock head parts my lips. As they slide over the crown edge of his head, I allow my tongue to slip under the shaft and slowly lick, back and forth, up and down, back and forth and then swirling around the head again. At this point Kenny couldn't take it any more and pushed forward, forcing the entire length of his cock into my mouth. I gagged a little but I managed to actually deep throated him on the first try. He grabbed the back of my head and held his cock in my mouth, grinding a little, his pubes tickling my nose.

As Kenny fucks my face, I look over to see Joe and Ricky doing the same thing, except Joe is taking long strokes in and out of Ricky's lips. I guess yesterday was kind of a blur, because I didn't remember Joe's cock being that big but he must have been 9 inches and thick with a big head. Looked like fun. (Must remind self to suck that cock too.). Ricky has both hands holding and massaging Joe's balls so I reach up and take Kenny's in my hand. Well, guess what I got for me reward, Kenny threw his head back, yelled "AARRRGGHHH" buried his cock to the hilt in my throat and about blew my fucking head off with the load of hot cum he deposited on the very root of my tongue. Damn, I really liked this, and I had a hunch we weren't through.

Joe saw what his brother had just done and he couldn't stand it either, he fucked Ricky's face faster and then he pulled his cock out and sprayed hot gobs of cum all over Ricky's face. Ricky opened his mouth wide and Joe directed the jets of cum into the back of his throat, Then he took hold of his face and slowly slid his cock into his mouth again, inch by inch until he was once again buried to his pubes in Ricky's throat.

Spencer had undoubtedly cum by now and Donnie had him on his hands and knees and was about to fuck him in the ass. Donnie bent down and licked Spencer's asshole and the slipped one and then two fingers in . Spencer leaned forward until his shoulders were on the towel, ass sticking up in the air and reached back between his legs for Donnie's cock. Donnie moved forward until Spencer could reach him, then Spencer took his dick by the shaft and pressed the head of it against his asshole. Spencer pushed back against Donnie's dick and I watched as first the head slipped through his tight brown ring. Then Donnie took him by the hips and slowly, very slowly pushed the rest of his rock hard shaft into Spencer's ass. Dannie picked up the pace and soon he just fucking the shit out of Spencer, holding him by the hips and driving his cock up his ass. All the time Spencer is telling Donnie "Harder. Faster" "Fuck me.' 'FUCK ME!" "Donnie yelled "Fuckkkkkkkk" and slammed deep in Spencer's ass.

The brothers and Ricky and I all went and dove into the water and swam around for a bit. Looking up on the beach I watched as Donnie slowly pulled his softening cock from Spencer's ass and slapped him on the butt cheeks. Spencer fell forward on the towel, laughing. They both jumped up and ran for the river, cocks wagging back and forth. After awhile we all kind of wandered out of the water and fell down on our towels. Everyones cock was still about half hard and Spencer threw a porno mag out in the middle of all of us. "Here,check this out" he kind of chuckled. The mag was all guys this time. One of the pictures was of six guys laying on their sides sucking each others cock. "It' called a daisy chain. You guys want to try it?" he asked. Silly question I would say. So we all lay down cock to face in this six boy circle. Pretty soon everyone had a cock in their mouth. I had Spencer he had Ricky. Ricky took Donnie in his mouth and Donnie took Joe and swallowed his entire nine inches. Kenny Lays down between his brother and me shoves his cock in his brothers mouth and takes mine and takes all of me in one gulp and starts sucking like I have never had my cock sucked before or after. These boys were talented. I am not sure what he did but I shot my load down his throe in about a second and swallowed it all. Spencer pulled his cock out of My mouth and said, " Come on, I want to fuck you." I Very obediently got up and went over to the towels,
. Spencer said, "On your hands and knees." I did as I was told and Spencer knelt down behind me and stuck his finger Ruhr up my ass. It actually went in pretty easy and he slid another in right beside it and kind of pushed his fingers apart, spreading and loosening my asshole. Next thing I feel is his hand on my hip and the head of his cock up against my browmeye. Slowly I push back and he slides slowly up my ass hole. Slowly at first and then faster and deeper. Grinding and ramming deep in my ass, he just fucked the hell out of me and then I reached back between my legs and grabbed his balls. Well, he rammed his cock as deep in me as he could and I felt his hot cunm explode in my ass. Feeling this made me cum and I sprayed hot sticky boy juice all over, without ever touching my cock.

Well, we fucked and sucked our brains out for the rest of the afternoon. We rode home and planned to meet again tomorrow. oist of the time the rest of that summer we spent down at Bare Ass Beach. Sucking and fucking and talking about sex.

The up coming chapter deals with something a little different. There may be more to this sex stuff that the boys realize right now.

Uncle David

Uncle David
09-26-2006, 12:15 AM
My 14Th summer........pt.6


There were lots of hot days at Bare Ass Beach, but some other things were going on in the boys lives. Ricky and I had become almost inseparable, joined at the cock, so to speak. The six of us didn't spend as much time together but when we did, well, you can just imagine.

Ricky and I had been at his house most of the day, giving each other head, going 69, fucking and jacking' off. We had rode our bikes down to the store, the brothers were working and Donnie and Spencer were at the movies. So we headed on back to my house to get a new porn mag that I had found in my brothers room. We were in my room when we heard D.J., (Donnie's sister, Ricky's cousin) and another girl getting out of D.J's car and walking up to their house. Ricky grabbed my hand and said,"Wait a til they are in the house for a few minutes, then I want you to see something. This is the secret I have been waiting to tell you about." He had said there was something the other day but I couldn't get it out of him.

"Lead the way." I said, feeling the excitement that only a 14 year old boy can feel.

"Shhh, be real quiet, we will around back." he held his finger to his lips.

We very slowly crept into the back yard and sneaked up to D.J's bedroom window. The shade was pulled down, but there was a space at the bottom of about an inch. We slowly raised up until we could see through the space in the shade. D.J was sitting on the bed while Sherry danced to whatever music they were playing. As we peeked in the window, Sherry pulled her t-shirt up over her head, WOW! Sherry was bra less. This boy had never seen a girl half naked in real life, and this was a girl that I had some contact with almost everyday. I always thought she was real cute, especially since my cock came to life. Seeing Sherry in shorts or a bikini had become a boner maker for me, and judging from what I heard my brother and his friends say, there was lots more to see!

Sherry turned and shook her ass at D.J. Hooking her thumbs in her shorts, she slowly started to slip them down over her hips. Swaying back and forth she slowly pulled her shorts down over her ass and hips. Down they went to the floor, she kicked them and stood there in her panties. Tiny panties. Turning back around, she walked over to D.J. sitting on the bed and grabber her and shoved her tits in her face. Rubbing them on her friends lips . D.J wrapped her arms around Sherry and started to suck her nipples. My cock was hard instantly. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my hard cock, stroking it slowly, a drop of precum forming on the tip. Ricky looked over at my cock and wiped the precum off and licked it off his finger.

Looking back in the window we see D.J pull Sherry' panties down, what a beautiful ass, I had no idea I was an ass man, but fuck me! I had never seen anything as pretty as Sherry's ass. It was perfect. It would be years later before I would realize this but believe me, it was the prefect 17 year old girls ass.

D.J dropped to her knees right in front of Sherry and buried her face in her tiny little patch of pubic hair. Sherry grabbed D.J's head and spread her legs and just started to grind her pussy on D.J. face. Throwing her head back she sort of growled, "I'm gong to cum, I'going to cum. I'm I'm cumming" and ground her crotch in D.J's face, D.J. grabbed her ass and pulled her into her.

Sherry let go of D.J's head and pulled her up from the floor, planting a big wet kiss on her and pulling at D.J's clothes, ripping her blouse, tearing at her at her pants buttons and pulling them down and pushing her backward onto the bed. She grabbed D.J's panties and pulled at them. D.J. raised her hips and the panties were gone. There, right in front of us was the first pussy I had ever seen in person. Sherry got on her knees between her thighs and pushed them wide apart. D.J had more hair than Sherry(I would find out later that Sherry shaved a lot of her off) It was blondish and looked like silk. Very neat little triangle. D.J put her feet up on the edge of the bed and scooted her ass forward. Sherry leaned forward and licked her pussy from the top to the bottom, spreading it open with her fingers I got my first look at pussy lips, all purplish and pretty and this little tiny knot/knob looking thing right at the top of the lips(her clitoris, I would learn later). Sherry licked faster and faster on the little knobby thing and the more she licked the wilder D.j got. Rolling her head back and forth and saying "Eat me Sher, oh god eat my pussy. Stick your tongue deep in me. D.J grabbed her head and pulled her face deep in her crotch. "Oh damn, eat MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

We watched the girls play for a few minutes more but we couldn't stand it so we went back to my house and sucked each others cocks, got hard again and fucked each other.

When we told Donnie and the gang about it they were all really turned on by it and we had more cocks to suck. Funny how that worked out.
And they wanted to figure out how we were all going to get to see this show.
More to cum soon ...........

Uncle David
09-26-2006, 12:18 AM
My 14 th summer.............pt 7


Summer was on its way into fall, still a few hot days at the river. Things were always hot at the beach but that had been winding down some to. Ricky and I had found some new and exciting ways to watch the girls. They sure seemed to like to eat each others pussies, and what beautiful little pussies they were.

Sherry, you remember her, pussy eater, great ass, anyway, she was spending a lot of time at D.J.s house. I think they were having boys over too. We hadn't been able to catch them yet but we got luckier than we could have ever hoped one Saturday afternoon.

Rickys aunt (donnie's mom) worked at one of the local parks. She was gone most weekends so the kids had the run of both houses. I had spent the night at Ricky's. He woke me up early but gently by stroking my cock until I had a raging hard on and the he dove under the sheets and took my entire 9 inches of raging hard on deep into his mouth. I turned around on the bed so I could reach his cock and started licking around the head and up and down the shaft, teasing but promising at the same time. I slid one and the another finger into Rickys asshole, he relaxed and I slipped in a third finger , I just had to fuck him.

I stood up and helped Ricky get on his hands and knees, he leaned his shoulders down on the bed, leaving his very inviting ass sticking up in the air. I got behind him put one hand on his hip and took my cock in the other. Placing the head up against his asshole I gently pressed forward against him, my cock head slipping in past the crown. Ricky relaxed the rest of the way and I easily slid clear to the hilt, all nine inches (we measured). As i slowly stroked in and out of his tight little asshole he got wilder and wilder, ramming his ass back into me, taking all of my cock he could get.
Ricky reached back between his legs and took my balls in his hands. That was it, bingo, bango, boongo!!! "OH FUCKKKKKKK" I growled, slamming my cock hard and deep in his asshole, my cum exploding deep inside of him.

After about three more strokes I yanked my cock from his asshole and sprayed the rest of my load all over his cute little ass.

Knock at the door as it opens, "Have you guys seen....What the fuck are you two doin, ......I knew it.. I told D.J. you guys were queer for each other." Sherry stood at the door, I am kneeling behind Ricky with my cock in my hand spraying cum all over his ass and back. Sherry closes the door and walks over to us and takes my cock in her hand. "Holy shit little boy. Where did you get that?" She stroked my cock a couple of times , squeezed a drop of cum from the tip and bent down and licked it off, running her tongue around the head.

"You ever fuck a girl? Sherry asked, jerking on my cock squeezing my balls with her other hand.

"NNo." I answered, my voice shaking. "I have just barely seen a real one naked."

" Really?" she squeezed my cock harder. "Who did you see naked?"

"My cousin" I lied, it was her and D.J. but I wasn't going to tell her that, not with my hardening cock in her hand.

"Want to?"

"Want to what?

"Want to fuck a girl?" she squeezed my cock hard again. "And if you say who, I will tear your dick off." another squeeze, followed by a lick and then she took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

"Well? she let go of my cock and stepped back, unbuttoning the top button of her low rise jeans. "Do you?" she pulled the top of her jeans and they came all they way open, she had nothing on underneath and I could see that tiny patch of pubic hair that I had seen D.J.s nose buried in.

"You mean fuck you?" I stammered.

"Are there any other girls here, silly boy?" she hooked her thumbs in the top of her pants and wiggled them down over her hips, dropping them to the floor and kicking them aside. She pulled the tie on her halter and it fell away, revealing those perfect little tits.

She took two steps toward me and was on her knees in front of me with my cock in her mouth before I knew what had happened. She took my whole cock in her mouth all the way to my pubes.

She let my cock out of her lips and took my hands and pulled me down on top of her. " Fuck me. Fuck me now with that big, beautiful cock."

She threw her legs around me like a wild woman, pulling me to her wrapping one arm around me and taking my cock in her other hand and guiding it toward her waiting pussy. She rubbed the head up and down on her soaked lips, pushing the head in just slightly, then suddenly thrusting her hips upward, burying me to the hilt in her hot little snatch.

"OH GOD!" I moaned. I had never felt anything like that. This was hot, soft, wet, silky, slippery. smooth........pussy!!!!!! I was fucking a girl!
And it was Sherry, every guy in town wanted to or had fucked her. She was the only girl that Spencer and Donnie ever talked about. Well, Spencer always said he was going to fuck D.J., Donnie's sister, but he didn't say it when Donnie was around.

Sherry slowly worked her hips up and down, I finally got the rhythm and we started to fuck for real. Harder, deeper, she pulled her legs out and threw the up over my shoulders, opening her pussy completely to my thrusting cock, pounding deep in her, faster and faster until suddenly it happened, I came in as explosive an orgasm as I have ever had. Thrusting deep inside her I unloaded about a quart of cum. There was so much that it squished out and ran down the crack of her ass.

Meanwhile, Ricky had jerked off watching us fuck and there was cum all over him, the bed, the floor, every fucking where.

"O.K. you two. This is our little secret. Yes, Ricky I will fuck you too, just not right now. I have to get home, I have a date. I will call you tomorrow or the next day. The three of us will get together and have some fun. Cool?' she pulled her pants back on , grabbed her top and threw it on and was out the door.

Ricky and I stood there looking at each other. My cock still half hard and glistening with Sherry juice, him with his cock half hard and cum all over everywhere.

"Holy fuck man, what just happened here?" Ricky asked in disbelief.

"Well........exactly what you thought happened," I laughed out loud, this summer was cumming to an interesting end.............

pt. 8 cumming soon......

09-27-2006, 02:38 PM
Greeat Story Uncle David...thanks for posting it here

09-27-2006, 02:39 PM
Another great chapter....thanks

09-27-2006, 02:40 PM
Glad you shared this with us...thanks

09-27-2006, 02:41 PM
Great twist there...thanks Uncle David

09-27-2006, 02:42 PM
Hummm could we be seeing an orgie?....hahah thanks again

09-27-2006, 02:45 PM
good serious, isnt really my cup of tea sorta speak but very well written. Im sure some of our members will really enjoy your writings. Please continue doing more wonderful work and contributing. Thanx for sharing your stories with us.

Uncle David
09-30-2006, 02:51 AM
My 14th summer.........pt 9


School was going alright, work was not to hard. Guess I was smarter than anyone thought. It was finally Friday afternoon and school was out for the weekend. Ricky and I rode home on the bus together as did most of the kids from Oakford. Sherrys little sister, Bridget, was there.

She was the same age as Ricky and me. She had grown some over the summer. The chick was stacked. Beautiful face, great skin, pretty blue eyes and a body to die for. 34-24-35, would be my guess and that ass. OH MY FUCKING GOD. Now sherry has an ass that had been my total female experience thus far and she is pretty well built, but Bridget, I am much , much older now and have seen an ass or two in my time. Bridget has the ASS. The one they meant when they invented the word. I don't think I have ever seen another one to compare, but anyway, I get ass distracted,still.

Bridget was sitting behind us and she got off first so she had to brush by me on the way out. As she passed, she rubbed her tits against my shoulder.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She stopped right beside me in the aisle. A wicked little smile on her face, sorry my ass, she did it on purpose. She was a tease.

. "David, my sister said to give you this if I saw you." She stopped right there and bent down and started looking through her backpack. The back of her low cut jeans was so low that her thong under ware showed. She stood back up and handed me an envelope, it was sealed so I put it in my pocket To read later.

"She said you should read it and give me an answer." She stated matter-of-factly, placing one hand on her very cute hip.

"Oh, O.K." I replied, digging the envelope back out and tearing one end off and blowing into it. (Just like my dad) I shook one sheet of folded paper out of it, unfolded it and read. "David, how is school. Hope you are having fun. I really need to fuck you again and you friend too. Call me on my cell. 354-2221.".

I handed the note to Ricky and he read it and his head snapped around. "You are going top call her? Please tell me you are going to call her" Fuck , even if I didn't want to, how could I disappoint my best friend.

"Tell your sister that sounds like a plan." I told Bridget. She picked up her things and wiggled that ass down the aisle. Well, I was going to fuck her big sister, but damn, that fucking ass.

Ricky and I went to his house after school. No one was home so we went to his room to use his phone. I punched the numbers into the portable phone. Were my hands shaking? Hmmmm.

One ring, two ring, three ring, "Hello.' There was that voice, that sexy, fuck me voice.

"Hi Sherry. It's David." This was weird. She had hardly ever even known I was alive. "Got your note, glad you sealed it, considering the contents.

"Oh.. hi David, you got the note? And, what do you think?" she asked. "And sealed what? she sounded confused.

"The envelope the note was in." what did she mean sealed what, what else could I mean.

"I didn't seal it. I am allergic to the glue. My tongue swells up. And I gag and choke."

She didn't seal it? Did that mean that Bridget had read it? Or maybe she just sealed it for her sister.
"Do you think your sister read it?"

"I don't think she would do that. And so what if she did. Bridg isn't as innocent as you think."

"Does she know that we had sex?"

"Well I didn't tell her, if that is what you mean, but if she read the note then, yes, I would say she knows." she said laughing, kind of a sinister laugh.

"Anyway, my folks are going to be gone over night and Bridget wants to stay at one of her girlfriends, so I thought you and Kenny might like to fuck tonight." The girl said what she thought, that was for sure. "So why don't you two guys come over here about seven and we will bar-b-q and swim if you want. We have a big hot tub too. I want you both to fuck me at the same time." She said that part like she said the part about swimming. Just matter-of-fact. I liked this girl.

We got to Sherry's house at 7 on the dot. We weren't going to miss a second of this, but we didn't want to seem too eager.

Sherry met us at the door. She was almost wearing these shorts that would have shown less if she didn't have them on. As low as these were cut, you could actually see her pubic hair. Just a wisp at the top. But there was hair there alright.

She lead us thru the house, this place was huge. Three stories, six bedrooms. The entire top floor was her parents bedroom suite. Four bedrooms and four baths on the second floor. and one bedroom (handicapped accessible) on th ground floor, it was in the very back of the house and it had its own patio out onto the pool, a separate entrance, and a garage of its own. Quite the bedroom.

We went out the back to a yard that looked like a park. These people were loaded! The pool was the biggest I had ever seen at someones house. Fuck, it must have been as big as the one at the park where D.J.s mom worked. Then there was the hot tub, twenty people if it would fit two.

Sherry cooked for all of us and we drank some beer and smoked some real good weed. Next thing I know we are all naked in the pool. Sherry had Ricky and I sit on the top step of the shallow end stairs. She got between us and took a cock in each hand. Leaning forward she started at his balls and licked slowly up the shaft of Ricky's cock. When she reached the head she tongue swirled it and took it all in her mouth, clean to his pubes. I thought he was going to cum right them. She sucked him in and out of her mouth about five times and then she let him slip from her lips and turned to me.

Sherry stroked my cock up and down a few times , causing quite a lot of precum to form at the tip. Just as it looked like it was going to run off, Sherry buried my cock in her mouth, slowly working her mouth up and down, letting me go and taking Ricky again.

She did this double blow job for some time, until we were both so hard we thought our cocks would explode. When she was satisfied with there hardness, she pushed Ricky back on the couch and straddled him, reaching behind she took his cock in her hand and guided him to the entrance of her hot little hole. She rubbed it back and forth a couple times to get the tip wet and then she just plunged her pussy down on him, taking him to the hilt.

Slowly at first and then getting faster and faster, she fucked him like a wild woman. Slamming down on him harder and harder. After about what seem like a long time she stopped fucking and lay her body against his.

"David, I want you to get behind me, straddle his legs and put your cock up my ass. I want you both in me at the same time."

I got on my knees, straddling his knees. sherry reached back and rugged some K-Y on her asshole and then reached for my cock and rubbed some on it. She pulled me gently toward her and pressed my cock against her asshole. Slowly she began to push back against my cock. Slowly the tip parted her tight little asshole, first the tip, the a bit more, then the corona of the head slipped thru her tight little ass. Once the head was in she wasted no time. One push back wards and my cock was buried in her ass. I could feel Rickys cock rubbing against mine thru her body. Damn this was hot. I went wild, I just grabbed her hips and fucked the shit out of her.

I am pounding her asshole and Ricky is fucking her pussy. My nuts tighten and I explode in her ass. Rickys feels me cumming and that is all it takes, he cums too.

Sherry falls forward on to Rickys chest and I fall forward on her back, both our cocks still in her body.

We all showered and the we went and fucked some more. This time, she got on her hands and knees,(doggy) and sucked Rickys cock while I fucked her pussy. I came again real quick, so she tells me to rest and she wants Ricky to fuck her now, in the ass. So Ricky gets behind her and slowly pushes his cock up her ass. All the was in and all the way out. About six strokes and he shot cum deep in her ass.

We spent most of the night fucking. She wanted to watch us suck each others cocks and then she wanted me to fuck Ricky. Then she goes to her dresser and comes back with this strap-on. Now she wants to fuck me in the ass. Well, we all know how much I like to get fucked in the ass, but this was a first. She stepped thru the straps and took the big rubber cock in her hand pressing it against my asshole. It went right in. My ass loosens up when I am excited. Anticipation I guess.

We fucked and sucked all night long. Ricky fucked her while I fucked him in the ass. He fucked me in the ass while I fucked her. She fucked him in the ass while he fucked me. It was a veritable fuck fest.........................

More to cum.........

09-30-2006, 02:58 AM
another nice addition thanx for sharing it.

10-02-2006, 01:50 AM
Great start to your series!

11-23-2006, 04:27 PM
This is a great series...bumped for others to enjoy....all chapters are available.....;)

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Bumped for you to enjoy