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The plan.
Chapter 1. In the beginning.

Rosemary Collins had met her husband 17 years ago, when both were in their early 20s. She and James or Jim as she called him, had dated for six months before deciding to get married, for neither of them was this their first love, neither were virgins but they did have limited experience. I only mention this as it becomes paramount in the story I'm about to tell you.

Their wedding was a simple affair taking place as it did in the local registry office, with a bare minimum of friends and colleagues present, in fact the only members of either of their families was Rosemary's Uncle Jack. To be honest in never bothered Jim that his family was not present at the wedding is apart from his elder sister he never really got on with any of them. For Rosemary though there was slight regret that her mother and sister had been unable to attend but this was because she could not afford for her father to know of the wedding and therefore be able to stop it.

There was the usual commotion when the new Mr and Mrs Collins broke the news to both sets of family but legally they will wed and nothing could change that. They slipped away that night for the honeymoon and as I said despite not being virgins they were a little let down by the magic of the wedding night, for Jim had less than average equipment and Rosemary had a fairly high sex drive. She promised faithfully that this would not be a problem for her as she would learn to adjust to his pattern and his equipment. To her credit she had never been unfaithful and had coped with the situation for the last 15 1/2 years but over the last 12 months the undefined feeling of emptiness had invaded her sleep especially after the sessions of making love to her husband, which by now was less than once a week.

As a final result of this dwindling love life they had sat down and discussed what they could do about it, after the initial shocks and embarrassment at having to admit their love life was far from perfect, came the awkward and difficult decision as to how to begin to put it right. Rosemary was honest enough to let Jim know that she still loved him and especially the way he used his tongue on her sensitive 38 C breasts and in particular her inch and a quarter fully erect nipples. Jim for his part confided that he loved the way she would nibble her way from the base of his 5 inch penis to the underside of his cock head and always felt extremely excited when she took him fully into her mouth.

They both admitted that the mutual shaving they had begun three years ago was still a great turn on as they both enjoyed the ritual of shaving each other's privates and the silky feel of a properly shaved cunt as it is rubbed along a cock and balls totally devoid of pubic hair was for both of them out of this world.

Rosemary was first to approach the subject of the actual act of making love and had to confess of late she had begun to feel something was seriously missing, Jim quickly comforted her and assured her he loved her as much if not more than the day they wed, but he too responded by admitting he too had felt something was not right and it was as if something was missing. After an agonising half-hour silence with Jim slowly scanning every feature of his 5 foot 10 slim bodied blond haired wife he hinted that he was about to make a suggestion.

Rosemary slowly looked up from the floor allowing her eyes to travel from the feet of her 6 foot one husband before she offered a faint smile. Jim tried his best to offer a reassuring smile in return as the explained his proposal. What we should do is both separately write down our personal fantasies and seal them in an envelope. Instantly Rosemary looked shocked and almost baulked at the idea until Jim explained further.
He continued in this way in three days time we would exchange envelopes and for that one night he suggested that he would sleep in the spare room whilst Rosemary would have the master bedroom, when we have both read each other's fantasies, the idea was for them both to silently pass comment on them by simply doing one of two things. If we are offended by the others fantasy we make sure that the bedroom door we are using is kept closed, but if we are happy to assist in the others fantasy we make sure that the bedroom door remains open. In this way I will know if you accept my fantasy without any embarrassing crosswords and likewise you would know the same.

It was James turned to now look anxious as he waited for a response from Rosemary, after what seemed like an eternity she agreed but with a couple of provisos, one is that the fantasy has to be totally honest and not what you think the other person would want to hear. The second proviso is that if the fantasy proved to be too much for the other person then the envelope and written words are destroyed and never ever mentioned again.

Quickly Jim agreed and sliding his arm around his wife he began to nibble her neck as he whispered into her ear that he loved her more than life itself. Strangely enough the pair of them felt totally at ease with each other despite the potential of conflict looming on the horizon. I mean what really would happen if one or the other actually felt not only offended by the others fantasy but actually felt repulsed by the suggestions found in those envelopes.

Jim then when to his desk and removed two envelopes and the same number of sheets of paper and split them into two and passed one envelope and a sheet to Rosemary and keeping the remaining ones himself. He then suggested that in order for this to work properly he moved into the spare bedroom that night and this would allow each of them three days thinking time before having to swap envelopes.

That first night sleeping separately was extremely strange for the pair of them but he did allow him to think through just what he intended to write as his fantasy. For almost 3 years now Jim had thought about watching his wife make love to a stranger but not just have her being unfaithful no that wasn't good enough he wanted to be tied down as naked as the day he was born and unable to hide his manhood or play with it for that matter while being forced to watch his wife giving her all to another man, not just that but afterwards been made to actually lick her clean by this mystery man.

As he analysed this thought for the umpteenth time this month he realised that he was most excited as he thought about the manís cock, not only entering his wifeís cunt and depositing its load deep within her, but more about looking at another manís cock was as big a turn on for him. With all these thoughts going through his mind is first concern was how will his wife react to this and secondly what was the best way to explain his wishes to make sure she knew that he loved her more than ever so much so that he considers it a pleasure to share her charms just once with another man.

Rosemary too had problems in deciding how to explain her fantasy in a loving careful way to husband so as not to damage their relationship beyond repair. In Rosemary's case she had often found herself thinking back to something she had witnessed as a girl of 14, her Uncle Jack and his wife Sally had been unaware that Rosemary had been awake and even less aware that she had been stood in the hallway outside their bedroom peering in through the slightly open door as Jack had first of all tied down Sally, secondly that he had verbally abused her by calling her names like slut, whore, bitch and tramp whilst making her suck on his large 8 inch cock. Rosemary was transfixed as instead of being offended by the name-calling Sally became excited and sucked harder on Uncle Jack's cock until with a loud groan he had pulled it from her mouth and shot his spunk all over her face and tits. The images she had witnessed at haunted dreams for weeks afterwards and she finally managed to push them aside after she lost her virginity was an old boyfriend but recently they had begun to resurface and to be honest she wondered what it would feel like a to suck such a large cock and be what it would feel like to have it coming all over her face and tits. But how was she going to maintain her respectability with her husband and still fulfil this longing.

For Rosemary the thrills she felt were a mixture of sampling a hard cock much larger than her husbands and even more so after being tied up in such a way as to be unable to refuse, often in her deepest fantasy she would find a manly voice echoing around her brain calling her a horny bitch or a fuck slut of a whore. Many a time she wished her beloved Jim would force himself on her nad call her a slut as he fucked her but he seemed incapable of doing so.

Several times after her marriage she had invited Uncle Jack and Sally to stay over on weekends when Jim was out of town and had always made an excuse to retire to bed early listening for them to come upstairs and then she would creep out into the hallway and hope they would give her a repeat showing. In seven visits to her, she only witnessed their sexual play once and she quickly scurried back to bed when she heard Sally beg to feel her Uncleís cock push deep into her slutty little roseís cunt.

As she lay in bed thinking about it she realised that they were role playing with Sally playing the part of Rosemary and her Uncle having incestuous sex with her if only by association. She found herself getting wet whenever she was close to Uncle Jack and often had to move away before she revealed her state to him.

To be continued.

Brigit Astar
12-30-2010, 02:25 PM
Very interesting introduction and set-up. It leaves the reader wanting to read more.

12-30-2010, 08:02 PM
Thanks Brigit, I paused the story at this point as I was not suree if it was worthy of continuing.....

02-01-2011, 11:37 AM
Wow, I find this to be a pretty hot story, and my mind is leaping ahead at the possibilities! I shall look forward to any more you wish to write on this story NiteowlUK, now that I've re-discovered the forum after my original pc dying.. thanks!