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01-03-2011, 12:46 AM
It began like every other discussion that turns into an argument the wife wanted to spend money we didn't have on things we didn't need after the fight was getting a little out of control and like the other times when this happened she ran to Mom and after crying to her Mom decided to fix things. My wifes Mom came over and told me that my wife was upset and wanted to end things so I told her that her daughter could do whatever she wanted since the honeymoon had been over for awhile and that the bed room was just a place we slept. Acting surprised to my honesty she began asking silly questions about private matters, She then said she was sorry that she had spoiled her Daughter and it was her fault that she was that way I accepted her apology and asked if she would like a glass of wine she drank the wine and then it happened she wanted to pay for her daughters trouble. I told Mary that it was OK that there wasn't anything she could do but I was wrong she placed her hand on my crotch I tried to pull away but she had me in the corner of the couch she began to unzip my pants and told me how hard it was without her husband for the last six years. She said she was tired of rubber toys and that she needed a real cock inside of her she longed for the taste of pre cum she moved her hand inside my pants and began to stroke my cock making it hard as she leaned in to give me a kiss.After about five minutes of stroking my hard member she slipped it out and began licking around the head driving me crazy I reached out and began to play with her nipples through her blouse All I wanted was to cum but she wasn't ready for that she stopped sucking my cock I begged to cum but she didn't listen.Mary stood up and slowly exposed her breast she said I could cum on them she would use my juice for lotion I wanted to cum all over her she then removed her jeans and there it was the prettiest pussy all trimmed and it was glistening wet I pushed her back on the couch and started licking her oh the taste of that pussy was so good. Soon we were in the 69 position my mouth working over that pussy my cock working like a piston in and out of her mouth I could feel the cum ready to explode so I pulled my cock from her mouth and let loose on her tits and face. She rubbed the cum in like face cream an asked if that was all I had I said no and she sucked me hard again I spread her legs open and shoved my cock in I fucked her good and hard she had several orgasms Then we laid in each others arm. Several hours after we stated we got dressed just in time my wife came home wondering where her Mother had gotten off to we told her we were discussing our situation and I apologized to my wife and mom left since the I find reasons to go over to Moms on a regular basis ;rose

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I like Mary...

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Thanks again for another new addition

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;rose;rose This is a great story!!!!!!;rose

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Very nice story, I enjoyed reading it

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different but nice