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01-04-2011, 11:36 PM
I am a handyman in the small California town of Lodi and as such I get a lot of jobs from small farms. On a cold November day I received a call that a heater quit working it was a little late but I didn't want someone to do without heat so I went to see what I could do. I arrived at a the house around seven and knocked at the door a very nice looking blond answered and asked if it was going to take long as she was having a party I said I would check to see what it was going to take and went to the heater room to look at the heater I could hear people arriving as I worked. I found the heater to be old and in need of some parts and would have to wait til morning so I called out to the owner to let her know. Patty the house owner came into the heater room she was wearing a robe and said the house was so cold and asked if I could help warm things up with her friends as I began to gather my thing to leave she said that the party was in need of just one more thing and she dropped her robe exposing a body that was as perfect as one could be I couldn't beleive it she was naked right there in front of me you could tell it was cold and she wanted help warming up she invited me into the great room where I found several others were also naked she said they were short a couple of guys and asked if I could help out without hesitation I said I would.
I was over dressed so I removed my clothes and asked were I was needed patty began to grab and stroke my cock she said that at some point we would fill all the need in the room as she played with my now hard member she called one of the other ladies over and had her lick her pussy while she was jacking me off then to my surprise I felt my cock slip into someones mouth and when I looked down it was a dude pulling back with some concern Patty said that it was alright that these parties had no rules and that if it feels good go along with it so Terry took my cock back into his mouth and I had a large pair of tits in my face. After a few minutes went by people started shifting and everyone was fucking everyone.
I found myself thinking about Patty and looked for her another guy was pounding her ass over a chair she smiled and asked if I wanted her I said yes she said she was in the mood to have two cocks in her at once so I took up a position were I could slide my cock in her it felt so good also I could feel the other cock in her as began to get into stride with each other one of the other girls began to lick my ball and ass as I fucked Patty ooh what a rush I have never felt anything like it before And my cock began to quiver as I came. Stepping back form Patties pussy I could see the cum dripping out of her pussy I thought it was done but two other girls came over and started playing to get my cock hard again as the kissed I began to lick one pussy then the other soon my cock was in the mouth of another.
the party continued until the sun came up I was exhausted and very well taken care of I left and came back later that day with the part for the heater Patty was still there and was completely satisfied with the job I had done I am now on the party list and hope to be back soon only this time the heat will be working making for a even hotter time. ;hubba;hubba;hubba

01-05-2011, 12:36 AM
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