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01-07-2011, 12:20 AM
My wife and I have been married for 10 years I thought that we were doing just fine, for our wedding anniversary I gave Laurie a coupon good for anything she wanted I figured she would wan to go somewhere warm or on a cruise about a week after I gave her the coupon she came to me and asked if it truly meant that I would let her have anything she wanted and I told her I would everything and anything she wanted. Laurie was a little reluctant to tell me what she wanted I figured it was like a new car or something big so I pushed the issue. Finally she came out and told me what she wanted it seems that I was not enough for her she wanted to have sex with as many men and women she could I was a little taken back by this but as to my word the coupon was cashed in with the rule that I had to be present every time this happened.

It was a month later and Laurie had her first invite of one of our friends Bill, Bill was a single dad of two who was divorced and Laurie had alway's looked at him with a little smile Bill came over for dinner and we sat in the game room talking then Laurie told Bill of her coupon Bill was a little reluctant with me in the room thinking I was going to go postal if anything were to happen between them I reassured him that this was OK with me. Laurie moved next to Bill she took his hand and placed it on her breast she then unzipped his pants pulling his cock from its hiding place. I was having a hard time with it but I kept my promise as she dropped to her knees taking Bill's cock in I watched as her head bobbed up and down in Bill's lap he thrust his hips up to meet Laurie's down stroke I was getting a little excited as I watched my wife sucking another mans cock I pulled my cock out and began s to stroke it faster and faster until I shot a load on the game table Laurie was working over Bill cock I saw bill rise up a little then he made a very loud gasp as my wife swallowed his cum. Bill just sat there wondering what he just done witha smile on his face he said good night and went home.
The next week Laurie went out to a club she found another man he was 6'2" tall good looking she brought him home I was doing the dishes when they came in she took him into our bedroom and explained the situation Jason said he was OK with it I think he was horny and just wanted some pussy I came up and sat at the dressing table it didn't take much Jason came out of his clothes he had a cock that had to be 12 inches Laurie looked at his cock and with a big smile she undressed I could see that she was into this big cock she took it in her hands and got it totally hard she read into the night stand drawer and pulled out a tube of KY she lubed this huge cock and proceeded to put it in her ass she moved up and down on his cock enjoying every inch I wanted Laurie to suck my cock but she was busy riding Jason until he came. Jason got dressed and thanked Laurie for the ride and left I cleaned the cum from our bed and Laurie went to sleep. The next day I had confessed to her that I wanted some of what Bill and Jason had received she said that the next time I could join in.
Three weeks went by and Laurie said it was time I hadn't had sex in a moth and I was horny as hell Laurie had spoken with her friend Chrissy they made plans to meet that night. Chrissy came over and we sat in the living room drinking some wine Larie got up and whispered something in Chrissy's ear she smiled and shook her head in agreement then they went upstairs feeling a little left out I began cleaning up then Chrissy called and asked me to come up. I went up stair and into the bedroom that's when I saw it Chrissy had tied Laurie up she gagged her Laurie was vulnerable Chrissy got down a began eating my wife she told me that I should replace her gag with something else so I put my hard cock in its place Laurie sucked my cock it was so good but I wanted her to feel like I had when she was with Bill and Jason so I removed my cock from her mouth and pulled Chrissy up I pushed my cock in Chrissy's mouth then I began to eat her Laurie was begging for us to come back to her but I wouldn't let Chrissy stop I moved around and began to fuck Chrissy Laurie was struggling to get loose but the ropes were well tied she begged to be part of the fucking that was going on I asked Laurie "how dose it feel to watch me fuck someone else and not give you any you slut" I made her watch me shoot cum on Chrissy's tits the I put my cock in Chrissy's mouth until I cum again. After we were finished I made Laurie to promise to include me in the future. Later had Bill,Jason and Chrissy over every one was satisfied when they left Laurie is still out collecting new friends for us to have.My wife is finally getting enough as I am also;kowal

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