View Full Version : Don't Say I Love You!

10-05-2005, 07:27 AM
We walk together in the warm night,
Talking of our future.
You say you miss me,
I reply the same.

We talk of marriage.
We say we like each other.
But in the time we've been together,
Never once has I love you been uttered.

I can feel it in your hands,
See it in your eyes,
But never has it passed our lips.
I know why I have never spoke,

Never said those sweet words.
In my life those words have become meaningless,
An automatic response, no feeling behind them.
I would rather never hear those words,

But see the love in your eyes,
Feel it in your hands as you hold me.
I would rather show you by caring,
By giving you everything that I am,

Always being there for you.
That's why I don't say I love you.
If you never say those words - fine.
Just as long as you show me,

Touch me, Kiss me, Hold me,
Never take me for granted.
If you do this -
I'll do the same for you.
If we never say I love you,
We'll still know.

10-05-2005, 10:48 AM
Super ---thanks for sharing it with us