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The two young studs were taking turns pounding my beautiful wife's upturned pussy. She was standing naked on all fours with the two guys behind her. They were both trim, and fit, and hung like horses. They were clearly not new to group sex and knew that to make the fun last, one should not be quick to cum. Joy, my wife, had no trouble with making the fun last. She was also superbly fit and trim and had a nice firm pair of lovely tits. Despite their firmness, they shook like jelly as the guys pumped her pussy from behind.

They were taking turns. Just as one was about to cum, he would pull his thick dick out of her pussy and let the other guy take over. I had in mind taking a turn, but found it to be quite nice just to watch the three of them.

I did not know their names, and I think, neither did Joy. The were just two horny cocks, pleasurably working Joy's willing little hole of fun.

But it was turning me on to see the two big cocks change places at Joy's rear. The guys did not lose their erections when they pulled out of her, but stood on their knees with their big dicks I hand. The one who was at that time not pumping Joy would give his dick an occasional stroke, just to keep it hard.

They were alternating roughly every three minutes. Sometimes the guy who was waiting would lose a bit of tone and then he would struggle to get it into Joy when his turn came again.

Joy would then berate them, talking dirty: "Stick that big meat of yours in my pussy" and "make me cum with your big rod". "I want to feel your hot cum inside me"! And so on.

This would have an instant effect. The guy behind her would get all hard again and shove his dick into her waiting pussy.

From my side I could see his lean body straining to get it in, and I watched the contortions of their bodies as they fucked my wife good. All the time her tits would hang and swing with her nipples all pointy.

We were outside by the pool and it was late afternoon, pleasantly warm. Warm enough for a swim. Other members were swimming or walking about. Joy was fucking the guys in plain sight of everyone, but everybody was naked and would soon be engaged in something similar.

One guy even commented on the action, and was invited by Joy to join in. The guy fucking her at that time confirmed that she was a quality Fuck: " You should feel this pussy," he said, "I have had some great fucks, but this is the hottest! She uses her pussy muscles to suck your dick like it is a blow job!"

We got there a few hours before. It was only our second visit to the club, after the initiation. It was a lazy Saturday. Members had been invited to spend the afternoon, at what was referred to as "the Mansion " because of the resemblance to Hugh Hefner's place. It also had a stately rambling house set in a secluded garden. After an afternoons fun in the garden there would be a barbeque style dinner, and after dinner, more fun.

Joy and I were excited at the prospects it offered. Joy groomed herself meticulously. I could not help but wonder if she had been so enthusiastic in her preparations when we were first dating. She made sure that she did not have a pubic hair out of place. With her other hair she was more casual, but she was particularly concerned with the view she would present while standing spread legged on her knees and what the view would be like to someone eating her pussy. This was
quite understandable. One would like to make a good impression when meeting new people. And in this case it was almost a given that the new people were going to have an intimate view.

I was in a funny mood. I was more looking forward to seeing Joy pleasured than looking forward to fucking. It gave me great pleasure to see Joy preparing for a fucking and knowing that those intimate parts of her that I knew so well would soon be on display, and be enjoyed by others.

On arrival we had been shown to what was called "change rooms" but were in fact only rooms where you could hang your clothes, not change into anything else. But changing from fully dressed to fully nude was exciting change all ready.

Joy came out of the change room beaming with delight. She looked also delightful. Her body was beautifully displayed with her lovely tan. Only a small triangle, where her G string usually covered her pussy, was milk white, with a small strip of hair ending where her pussylips began. I always enjoyed the view that her pussy presented. It was not too big nor too small. Her inner lips protruded just a little bit and her slit came round to the front, not hiding between her legs as some
woman's pussies do. Guys could have a good look at the pleasure point without her being able to conceal it. Not that there was any indication that she wanted too. Instead, she clearly liked the guys eyes playing over her slit and tits.

Her nipples, usually soft, big and pink were very pointy and tanned almost invisible.

Just in front of the change rooms we encountered two couples, also naked. But the two women seemed to have more plans for each other than for the men. We said hello, looked them over good, and asked if they wanted to join us by the pool. The women politely declined and made of for the privacy of the house. The guys, after eying Joy's naked pussy, were eager to join us. They were, as I have said, apparently as fit as racehorses, and hung like it too.

I cast an eye on their ‘hardware'. One guy was a natural blond, with a great bunch of blond pubic hair. Even though extremely bushy, his cock hung from it at great length. He was uncut with an enormous bulbous glans, giving it a classic daffodil look. The shaft was etched with blue veins, like his cock had been working out. More like working IN, I thought to myself, with a chuckle.

The dark guy had a very dark cock, and I wondered wear every wear it had been ib. It seemed as if it had seen a great deal of dark places. His cock was also covered with prominent veins, but they did not show blue on account of the darkness of his skin.

Joy had also sized them up and remarked to me that they seemed like nice young men. from that, I gathered that they had her completely wet.

So we set off to the swimming pool, carrying only our towels and our crown jewels. Around the pool was a lovely lawn, where we spread our towels and lay down. Joy first lay on her tummy with her legs in the direction of the two men with me beside her. The two guys made no secret about it that they positioned themselves so as to get the maximum view of Joy's private parts.

"Then I take it that I should not keep my legs together" said Joy, accommodatingly, and opened them up. In so doing she presented a lovely view of her two tight buns flanking a generous pussy. They, being old customers, though young in years, openly discussed Joy's privates.

"I love the way your pussy bulges. " said the blonde guy, "and your innerlips are protruding more now." he continued. "Are you getting wet?"

"Are you getting hard?" Joy retorted, "I better turn over so that I can see you too." And with that Joy turned over, supporting herself On her elbows. She opened her legs wide and looked at the two through between her knees.

She now presented even a better sight. From where the two guys were sitting they had a beautiful view of her slit, running between her legs, joining with the crack of her bum. The position of her two holes, though not open, was well defined.

We had been to nude beaches often, where we were used to guys manoeuvring for good views, with Jenny often being very co-operative. But this was something completely different. This was foreplay with my wife that I was watching and she was playing along. What a long way from the shy, conservative woman that I married, to this playful sex machine, I thought proudly!

As if in answer to her question, their two cocks were beginning to show a life of their own. The uncut one was stretching out, now showing its tip, like an eye opening up. The other guy was scratching his bolls and rummaging his growing cock into a more comfortable position. I too was getting hard.

"I guess I am getting wet." said Joy, referring to the dark guys Earlier question. Still lying on her back with her legs open in the direction of the men, Joy dipped a finger in her slit, as if to test the veracity of her earlier statement. Then she started playing with her innerlips and clit for the guys' pleasure. Soon we all sprouted
bone hard erections.

"Do you masturbate a lot? asked Joy, matter-of-factly. Replied the Blonde guy: " to tell you the truth, the more I fuck, the more I masturbate. Tonight in bed I will jerk off, thinking of your pussy and how I fucked you!" "Well, you had better get on with it then" said Joy and turned on her knees, offering her pussy to the two guys.

Now her face was inches from my erection, and the two guys busy with her rear. I had no desire to find someone for me, but just enjoyed seeing the two guys pound her pussy. I put my hand on my shaft and pulled, thinking of how the guy must be enjoying the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of my wife's love tunnel. I knew the sensation so well I could almost feel it.

Joy leaned forward and kissed the crown of my dick, "jerk it for me" she almost pleaded. I pressed back hard on my balls, making my dick tower out towards her. "I think I am going to cum" said Joy. "She is cumming" said the dark guy, whose turn it was now. I could see from how franticly he was pumping Joy's tail that he was going to cum too.

"Ooohh" he moaned and pulled her back by the hips onto his cumming cock. "Yes, yes " said Joy "cum in me" and to me "cum for me"

I have it another deep stroke and felt the cum rising in me. Then the guy came in great big waves which telegraphed itself to Joy. Her eyes became huge and I knew her pussy was spasming wildly. Then I too erupted, sending silvery plumes into the air and dripping over my hand. Through the haze I noticed that the blond guy could not resist and was cumming out of his hand too.

Joy flopped over on to her back with her knees drawn up and her legs spread and lay there exhausted with her cream pie for every passerby to inspect.

That evening, at the barbeque the blond guy, who we had learnt was called Luke, was especially attentive to Joy. What had happened to the other guy and their two female companions, we did not know. But Luke had gone out and bought Joy the most beautiful flowers and Belgian chocolate. He appeared quite smitten with Joy. He was generally attentive, seeing to it that her glass was filled and everything she wanted to eat was brought to her.

Joy, on her part, looked radiant and beautiful. Considering the nature of the club, she had dressed in white, sheer, almost see-through soft skirt and top. The log skirt softly folded around her tanned legs, revealing their form ever so slightly against the light. Likewise, her top folded softly over her breasts, It was clear that she had nothing on below. Her nipples could just be seen through the fabric, if you looked closely. She also had nothing on below, below. The material folded softly over the curves of her beautiful round buns and soft stomach. If you looked closely and the light was just right, you could see the outlines of her pussy and get a hint of the little stripe of pubic hair. She was like a fairy tale come true. When she moved it was like her body was dancing underneath its thin, soft veil.

After the barbeque there was some dancing. Luke took Joy in his arms And glided across the floor with her. But only after gentlemanly asking my permission as well as hers. His manners were impeccable and his style was very gentle. After every dance they would return to where I was sitting and before every dance he would ask again if it was OK with me. In fact I was very much OK with it. I took it as a compliment, and was also a little turned on by the attention Joy was getting.

Luke even asked permission to kiss her. After he had fucked her thoroughly that afternoon, it was a nice touch, and off course I said it was OK with me, if it was OK with her. So after every dance Luke would give Joy a gentle peck on the cheek. What he did not do was ask permission to fondle her ass, which we both had no objection to, in any case.

And so a was treated to the sight of a handsome young guy treating my wife like a goddess, Kissing her gently while dancing with his hands all over her exquisite derrière.

After a while he kissed Joy on the mouth, and in keeping with the gentle approach, she tenderly kissed him back. And still he returned her after every dance. In between dances, she kissed me tenderly, with Luke waiting patiently. But I could tell from her kisses that the gentle approach had great aphrodisiac effect. Also on me.

At one stage, Luke and I kissed her passionately in turn, and while she kissed him I put my hand under her blouse and fondled her nipples. They were already rock hard. Joy turned round to me and now Luke took the opportunity to slip his hands under her top from behind and feel her soft, warm breasts in his hands. The moment he touched her tits I could feel her mouth tighten with excitement and her tongue started frantically working in my mouth.

"You had better test if she is wet, Luke." I said with a smile. He smiled too, and obliged by slipping his one hand under the elastic waistband of her skirt and felt for her pussy. I was sitting on a bar stool, with Jenny standing in front of me between my knees and with Luke behind her. Between Joy and I, I could feel her move to
accommodate his hand, while still kissing me. Her body moved away from me slightly and her legs parted a little bit. I could feel his hands move between Joy and me, and then she gave a little gasp as he hit the spot.

All the while other people moved around us in the soft light. They danced, and every now and then a couple would retire to one of the bedrooms, to try out another partner. We were drawing no attention.

"You seem to have found some responsive spot." I said to Luke, "I think I must make sure." And with that my wife turned around to kiss Luke, while I explored her under the skirt. Now I was presented with her soft but firm ass against my front while my hands went round her from behind beneath her skirt. First I played with my fingers in her belly button, then went downwards to where I could feel the little strip of pubic hair. Then down further to where I could feel the little bulge and the
beginning of her slit. As I reached her clitoris I could feel her tense up and push against Luke, kissing him more intensely. I reached right down and stuck a finger in between the soft folds of her warm and wet pussy, and heard her give a little gasp.

To Luke I said:" We are right, she is wet." while digging in some more. "We had better find us a room!" Soon we were wandering through the house, looking for an unoccupied room, everywhere people were fucking, some in groups some in pairs, and mostly with the doors open. At the rear end of a passage we found a delightful room unoccupied. It was furnished with a double bed and a few chairs.

"Take of your clothes and sit down, and I will do a little strip for you two." said my wife. So we quickly undressed and sat down. Like me, Like was already fully erect. I marvelled again at his ample genitals. He had pair of balls which could gestate a horse and a dick to match. Sitting as he was his erection almost came to his chest, and I cast a furtive glimpse at my wife to see her reaction, but there was none. As was again struck by the enormity of his glans, which was still just
still covered by his foreskin,, which, as we watched, he pulled back altogether, revealing an enormous eye. He absently scratched his balls, as if in anticipation of the action. It was the nearest he had come all day to doing something impolite, and I could not blame him, with Joy about to reveal herself.

Down the passage we could still hear the music, and Joy started swaying her hips to it, legs wide apart. Now one could get the full benefit of the see-through fabric of her dress, even in the soft light of the bed lamps. Her skirt, as on the dance floor, folded softly around her curves. She did not have much to take off and I was about the enjoy it while it lasted.

Joy turned round and pulled her top over her head. Then she turned round to us with her arms folded over her breasts. Even though I had seen it many times and even Luke had seen it, it felt like the first me. Swaying in time to the music my wife slowly removed her arms from their protective position. Her magnificent tits tumbled into full view. Tanned and tight, her tits were just lovely with her nipples hard. My wife turned around again, and still swaying to the music, stepped out of her skirt. Two delightful round orbs with a hint of a string tan were wiggling at us. Then, to please us some more, she opened her legs and bent over far forward. Luke and I were confronted with the sight of my wife's pink pussy, showing between the tanned orbs of her ass.

There was no doubt that she was as turned on as Luke and I were. Her outer lips were engorged and big and her inner lips were protruding a little bit.

"How do you like that?" I said to Luke and he just grinned at me, but I could see from the hardness of his rod that he liked it very well, thank you.

Joy turned round again, standing upright. Now one could see her lips from the front, framed in a milk white triangle, where her minute g string bikini protected it from the sun's rays.

"Not enough" said Joy, it was a statement introducing another turn and bend. Again we watched her full pussy from the rear, while she placed a hand on each ass cheek and pulled them apart. Her pink puckered ass hole came into view, delightfully. Pulling a bit lower down, revealed the pink inside of her pussy. Luke and I were about to burst.

"Come to the bed, you guys." said my wife, leading the way. "Kneel at my head, while Luke eats my pussy," she instructed lying down on the bed on her back. With my dick in her face, Luke knelt between her legs and eyed the offered pussy. I watched him bend down and gently lick the top of my wife's slit. Then he licked the entire length of it with a broad tongue. Joy gasped and began jerking my rod. After a few more licks, jenny turned over, offering her rear. Luke immediately
appreciating what she wanted, licked her between the buttocks. I leant over forward and took a bun in each hand, pulling her privates open for Luke's admiring eyes. There was her puckered pink asshole, slightly open. Luke gently placed the tip of his tongue in my wife's waiting asshole and his thumb in her pussy.

Then, he put the tip of his cock, where his thumb had been, and pushed. I watched as his big tool slid inch by inch into my wife's cunt. I watched, fascinated, as Luke eased his big cock into my wife's willing and able pussy. Lying on her tummy, with her legs spread wide, she offered and easy entrance. Luke supported his upper body on his arms, which gave me a view of my wife's lovely bum with her puckered pink hole spread open above a shock of curly pubic hair where his shaft entered her soft, warm, insides.

He slid his big snake home in her and then abruptly pulled it completely out, with the big bulbous glans just hanging at her entrance. She could feel him hanging there, ready to penetrate her again, but he held back until she begged for it' " For fuck sake stick it in, I am dying here!' she almost screamed. Obligingly he positioned his dick head between the folds of her pussy, then rammed it home, making her cry out. Then he repeated the tease. It could see some of Joy's whitish
lubrication sticking to the base of his cock, before he rammed it home again. Each time I marvelled anew at the size of his dick and the ease with which Joy was taking it.

"Don't cum in my pussy" said Joy, "I want you to cum in my face and mouth." From the way the veins where bulging in his dick, I too thought Luke was about to cum. Joy could probably feel by him twitching in her pussy, that he was close. She had hardly said that, when he pulled out holding his dick in his hand. "Here, here." he

Joy turned over in a flash and took his dick in her mouth. He was so big that she barely could get her mouth round it. But he did not cum. The move had cost him his momentum. But all was not lost. Joy sat with her mouth open in anticipation while he coaxed himself to a climax. His hand pulled on the now naked head of his dick and his shaft strained while he pushed his balls back. Then he started cumming in great big gushes. The flood was to much for my wife to accommodate
in her mouth and great blobs of cum ran down her cheeks while she did her best to swallow what she could.

When Luke finished cumming he bent down and kissed Jenny on her still cum besmeared mouth. "Here is more" I said, jerking my rod behind her. She turned around just in time to take my load too. Again Luke kissed her on the mouth tenderly, while I wondered what the mix of cum tasted like.

Luke recovered remarkably fast. Joy turned over on her tummy again and Luke stuck his dick into her again. Soon she was cumming while he kept pumping away. I thought I might leave them alone a bit to savour each other, and wandered off, still naked, to see what the other people were doing. As I left the room, Luke was humping my wife like never before.

In the next room was a couple who had just finished having sex. The woman, seeing me in the door, waved me over, to where she lay with her legs still spread. Her companion was an older man, a bit bald and with a bit of a pouch. His sagging balls seemed like they had seen a lot of action and was about to see some more.

"My wife is in the next room," I said to him cheerfully "I think she'll be happy to relieve you of a load." He smiled and thanked me for the invite, and set off, also completely naked. I climbed on to his wife and stuck my rod in her unceremoniously. After a while we both came and fell asleep.

On waking up again, I went to see how Joy and Luke were getting on With the new arrival. The bald guy was sleeping on the bed next to Joy, who was still naked, and Luke was nowhere to be seen.

"I fucked the old fart for an encore" said Joy "and Luke has gone off" said Joy to my enquiry. "Let's go dancing naked" she suggested. I could see that my wife's playfulness had just started, and agreed.

Back where the dancing was going on, quite a few couples had returned from their fucking and joined in dancing naked. Even with many women being naked Joy still caused a stir when she walked in with her beautiful body. Luke was sitting at the bar where we joined him. The barman also seemed quite pleased to see Joy back without clothes.

"It is good to see you back" he said to Joy.

"Do you want to see more?" asked Joy, to whom there was no stopping now.

She put both her feet up on the barstool with her knees apart, presenting a full view of her pussy with all its folds and bumps. "Do you like my clit?" she asked while jiggling it to erection. He offered her a cigarette. "I do not smoke, but my pussy does! It's a trick a saw in Emmanuelle, the movie, and found it to be a good exercise for my pelvic muscles. She took the lit cigarette that was offered to her and inserted the tip in her cunt, and just like in the movie, proceeded to suck it with her pussy, and then taking the cigarette out and blowing a plume of smoke from it.

"Hey, come see this" the barman called out to the others.

Joy hopped on to the counter so as to accommodate the gathering little crowd of viewers. So she sat on the counter with her legs open so that everyone could have a good view of her pussy. Again she took the cigarette, put it into her pussy and sucked on it. To tremendous applause she blew a stream of smoke out of her pussy. To which Luke said to the small crowd :" You should feel her fuck with that pussy, she sucks it with her pussy, like a blow job."

Offering to demonstrate to all, Joy lead the crowd to an area where a few leather coaches were. She climbed on one and stood on her knees with her rear upturned, available to the crowd, who had now grown to about ten males. They mounted her unceremoniously, in turn, one after the other cumming in my wife's willing cunt.

When most of them had taken a turn at fucking her she turned over and laid on her back and told them "Who hasn't had a chance to cum and the ones who think they can cum again are welcome to jack off on my face, tits and my whole body". She told them she would help by sucking as many as she could and helping them jack off. Before it was over she was covered in cum from head to toe and the guys were beat.

I got her up and went headed to the car. I had picked up her clothes and put them in the car, but told her I didn't want her to put them on. I spread a towel on the seat since she was full of cum and stilI leaking some from her pussy and ass. I told her I wanted her to ride back to the house completely naked and covered in the cum and when we get home I was going to fuck on the front lawn so the neighbors can see what a sexy wife I have.

The neighborhood we live in is very open and I have shared her with most of the surrounding neighbors so I knew there would be no problem with fucking her on the front lawn, in fact a neighbor or two might see and decide to join in.

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