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02-14-2011, 03:12 PM
*Not sure if this is the right section for the story but oh well. This is my first to be posted on this site so please be gentle lol.

A personal touch.

I let my warm robe drop to the floor as the cool breeze from the window caressed my skin. I loved this time of the year, the air always smelt like rain and it was just starting to cool down after the summer months.
I pull back the sheets and climbed into bed, the soft material warm against my naked skin. They were deep purple and I loved the way they looked against my pale skin, contrasting in the dim light from outside my window.
I close my eyes and get comfortable on the bed, moving to the middle so I have plenty of room. My nipples are already getting hard, a combination of the cool air and anticipation of what’s to come.

First I let the bed sheets warm where my skin is against them, my eyes closed enjoying each sensation. I run my fingers up my arms, my smooth skin grazing against skin as my hands brush against my throat and neck. I feel the dip at the base of my throat and let one hand slowly travel across my chest, careful to not to touch the mounds of my breasts, not yet.

I push at the skin on the sides of my breasts, pushing them together, as my fingers travelling further down my stomach. I feel the curves of skin and grab at them, softly and rough at the same time, feeling myself. I lift my knees together as my hands run over the tops of my thighs, my knee caps and back up my legs. I lift my hands back up to my breasts, slowly tracing my finger around and around in circles and I feel my nipples tightening with arousal.
Once I reach my nipples I rub them softly with the tips of my fingers, then the palms of my hands, pinching and pulling at them. My breast mounds bounce with the weight of themselves and I play with my nipples.

I moan softly as I feel the familiar tingle in my vagina, the bare skin sensitive under the sheets. I keep one hand grasping and pinching my nipple and the other cups my pussy mound. With my eyes closed I rub my outer lips imagining a man, his hands all over me, rubbing my wet pussy. “Mmm that feels good mister, rub my pussy” I say to myself as I slide a finger between my slit.

I imagine he is rough, only here to use me, his hands grabbing and his voice dominant. I want him to talk dirty to me, use me and have his way. I finger my clit, using some of the wetness, spreading it up and down my slit. “Mmmm finger fuck me mister” I moan out loud as I slide a finger into my cunt hole, probing myself and opening up my own vagina. I use my other hand to fish in my draw for my glass dildo, its very thick and smoothly shaped like a penis. I push it into my mouth, forcing it in as I moan and gag around it, the stranger calling me a dirty slut in my head as I early suck the cock.

I slide another finger in my pussy, the stranger finger fucking me hard now as I suck his dick harder, hungry for it. Taking the dildo out of my mouth I slide it along my lips, my nipples and my wet slit as I slide my fingers out.
“oh fuck me mister, please fuck me, I need that cock deep inside me” I beg. As I talk I feel the cool glass dildo rub my open cunt hole, threatening to pop inside me.
I moan out loud as I slip the head of the dildo inside me, spreading me open as it fills me up, making me push myself further down its shaft.

I leave it there, buried deep inside me as I cup my breasts, enjoying the full feeling deep to my womb. Slowly I thrust my pelvis up and down, feeling the dildo move inside me as it wedges itself against the bed. I bounce my ass on the bed slowly, building a rhythm and I imagine the stranger grasping my throat, holding me up against the wall and thrusting his cock inside me. He is so thick and hard inside me, he just wants to use my body for his pleasure.

I thrust harder on the dildo, groping and pulling at my breast as my other hand eagerly rubs my clit, out loud I moan “Ahhh much me Mister, fuck my cunt”. I feel the long shaft deep inside me as I fuck it harder, the stranger pounding me roughly against the wall.

As I feel my pussy gripping the dildo I imagine he is about to cum, telling me he is going to force me to take his sperm. I grip the dildo and use two hands to thrust it inside me as I gasp and moan out loud, my cunt milking the strangers cock as I cum, I imagine his sperm filling my womb.

I slow down my thrusts with the dildo, coming down from my orgasm as I slide it out, laying it on the bed beside me. As I close my legs I run my hands over my tender pussy mound, and over my belly. As I come to the end of my fantasy, the strange man leaves me there in the ally, used and filled with his sperm.

I feel so sleepy I leave my glass dildo laying under the sheets with me, maybe ill use it again before I get up, I think and I gently fall asleep, content.

02-14-2011, 06:15 PM
Good erotic story well told. Thanks for sharing it here.

02-15-2011, 01:15 AM
Nice job WW

08-29-2011, 12:35 AM
Very good telling, I could imagine the scene well. I will have to look for another story from you, thanks

08-29-2011, 02:27 AM
Look for similar stories by our own Bridget. She has written 2 about masterbation and even started a special section for it.