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It's been a long time since I posted a new story. Thought I'd share this one. Hope you all like it. It's a mix of horror and BDSM, enjoy!

The wind blew like a demon howling in pain. The power had been out for hours and with it being Halloween she was more then a bit nervous. Luna had always been sensitive to anything otherwordly. Ghost seemed to love to stop by and say hi, not to mention the glimpses of other dark things that she saw from the corner of her eye. Being surrounded in nothing but the small light from her candles let those shadows and glimpse grow.

A limb hit the house, making her jump out of her seat with a gasp. Feeling like an idiot she sat back down, pulling the blanket around her tight to keep the cold away. A cold shiver ran down her spine and she got the eerie feeling that someone was watching her. Closing her eyes she tried to ignore the feeling. A soft tap started at the window behind her and moved slowly one tap at a time to the next window.

Heart racing Luna sank lower on the couch wishing that she hadn’t lit the candles. Then at least she’d feel like whatever it was couldn’t see her.

“It’s kids,” she told herself as she began to shake with fear.

The tapping got louder and stronger the closer it got to her front door. Suddenly it went from a tapping to a loud solid knock on her front door. Screaming softly, she debated on going to the door. Sitting up, she heard the sound of children faintly calling ‘Trick or treat.’ Feeling like an idiot, she made her way to the door with the bowl of candy.

Without looking up from the bowl she said, “You all are some die hard tricker treaters to be out in this mess, take two candy bars.”

When no one answered, she swallowed the lump in her throat and looked up. There in front of her was no child. This had to be the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Her pale skin seemed to glow just faintly. The darkness of her hair seemed to steal all the light that touched its silky waves. Looking into her eyes they were a beautiful shade of brown, but seemed to be ringed with a hint of red, blood red.

Luna stumbled for something to say to the beautiful woman on her porch, “I’m so sorry. I thought I heard children at the door. How may I help you?”

A slight smile spread across the woman’s face, “I seem to have broken down in this storm and it’s so very cold in my car. I could see your candles and thought perhaps I could partake of your hospitality until I can get a tow truck here?”

Luna couldn’t tear her eyes away from the woman. It was like she was hypnotized as she smiled and stepped back motioning her to come in. “Please be welcome. My name is Luna. It’s not much warmer here, but the wind can’t get to you as easy as a drafty car.”

Smile widening the woman entered quickly and shut the door behind her. “My name is Dena, it’s a true pleasure to meet you.”

Luna walked towards the living room, “Please make yourself at home, would you like a drink or are you hungry? I could fix you a sandwich if you’d like.”

Shaking her head no Dena patted the couch, “Just simple company would be fine Luna. Please don’t go out of your way for me. I will feed myself a bit later.”

Luna set down on the couch quickly. Her hand brushed the other womans. There was a tingle of electricity and iciness. Looking up at the stranger, she felt the first tingle of fear. “You certainly, uhm, are, well cold.”

“Yes, I get cold easily. Seem my blood flow of late isn’t very good. Alas, this weather doesn’t seem to help me any.” Dena reached out and took Luna’s hand, “You though are very warm. And,” she stroked Luna’s face, “very pretty.”

Luna blushed bright red stammering, “Thank you.”

Dena smiled and Luna gasped as she noticed her teeth, “Oh why me?” Luna groaned.

Laughing Dena’s smiled widened, “What do you mean?”

“You’re not human are you?”

Dena actually looked perplexed for a moment, “Very well done, most humans fall under my glamour, but I feel you’re not quiet normal. That’s sad for you. The glamour makes what I do less painful for you. I could have also mad you forget this night, but now I will be forced to kill you. A waste really.”

Luna stood up and tried to move away, but by the time she moved Dena was already next to her waiting on her. Screaming she scrambled back. The vampire was too fast for her and always a move ahead. Dena grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her back on the couch. “Stop running, making it more difficult is not in your favor little human.”

Luna pushed her auburn hair out of her hazel eyes and tried to think. How was she going to get out of this alive? Perhaps complying until an opening appeared might be the best idea. Wait for an opening.

“I knew tonight was going to be a bad night. I’ve seen to many dark shadows today.”

“Ah, so you are a sensitive. That explains much. I shall have to consider my options.”

Luna saw a ray of hope and grabbed on to it. “I don’t know what you would call it, but the stuff in the world that isn’t human seems to be attracted to me. I don’t know why or how to control it.”

The vampire became thoughtful for a moment, “Even if I let you live tonight shall be very painful for you. All though some of it might be enjoyable. Come, this I not the setting I want to play with my new toy in.”

Dena grabbed Luna’s arm tight in her iron grasp causing her to cry out in pain. The vampire laughed enjoying the sound. Pulling her out the door, Dena spun her and grabbed her from behind. The next thing she knew the vampire had her in the air. Everything she knew flew by underneath her in a rush of colors. Luna didn’t even think a jet could move this fast.

They flew for what seemed forever before a dark shape loomed before them. A dark mansion made it’s self visible against the moon lit horizon. “Welcome to my home, my pet, yes, my pet you shall be.”

Dena landed easily on the front steps of the mansion. “The first we need to do is get you in your room and get you properly attired for you new position in life as my pet.”

Luna shivered and felt cold inside as the vampire touched her. “You know if your glamour doesn’t work on me I will escape. I will find away to go home.”

“Don’t worry little one, we shall find out just how many of my powers work on you and how many don’t.” The door in front of them opened and Dena pulled her through behind her. “Come, let the fun begin.”

The house we beautiful with its antiques and dark wood everywhere Luna looked. She was given little time to look as the vampire opened a heavy black door and pulled her down the stairs. Luna’s hear began to race as they rushed down the stairs.

There in the middle of the room was a round bed. That wasn’t want disturbed Luna. Shining against the black sheets of the bed were chains, thick heavy chains. With one move Dena tossed Luna on the bed. One of the shackles collided with her temple, knocking her out cold.

Luna woke sometime later alone. Wondering if it was a dream, she opened her eyes. Head spinning she tried to look around. Everything was blurry from the blow to the head, but she knew that it wasn’t a dream. Slowly she set up and the sounds of chains rattling followed. Looking down she saw the metal cuffs locked around her wrist and ankles, a fifth chain led to a thick metal collar around her neck. The metal wasn’t cold and upon inspection she could see that it was lined with leather. She had free movement on the bed, but the way the chains rested, any attempt to move off the bed left her being jerked back in the opposite direction. It wasn’t like she was going to try to leave in the state she was in anyway. The vampire had very deftly removed all of her clothes while she was unconscious, leaving her pale skin and large d cup breast very stark against the black sheets.

As Luna’s eyes adjusted to the light in the room, she began to make out shapes on the walls. There seemed to be every short of torture, bondage and sex toy imaginable and some that Luna couldn’t even begin to imagine the use for. There was no way to tell what time it was or how long she’d been out. Reaching up to run her fingers through her hair, she saw two tiny puncture wounds on her wrist.

“So, she fed while I was unconscious.”

The voice from the shadows startled her, “You didn’t expect a girl to go hungry just cause your head is softer then a piece of metal did you?”

Luna jumped to the far side of the bed away from the vampire. Her heart was racing again, but not out of fear. Out of the shadows, the light slowly trailed over Dena as she moved like time was almost frozen. The light traced up her shapely calves to her soft, but firm thighs. It seemed like her legs went on forever as the light slowly traced the soft hairless V between her legs. Luna gasp, not only from site of her naked, but also from the reaction that her body was having as she watched Dena approach.

As the light moved up her body, Luna couldn’t tear her eyes away as the vampire ran her hands up and over her beautifully perfect breast. Sighing in awe at the perfection of her body Luna found herself on the edge of the bed trying to get closer.
Dena stopped before the light hit her face, “Seems some of my powers work on you. But only the sexual ones. Oh, yes, you’re a gift to me from the dark one. My very own personal pet. We shall be such great friends.”

The way she said it left Luna shaken. It was true, she’d never been attracted to a female the way she was to the vision that stood in front of her. All she longed to do was touch Dena or have Dena touch her.

“Please come out of the dark Dena,” Luna asked softly unsure of what was her and what were the vampire powers.

Dena laughed and stepped into the light completely. Her face pale white and eyes blood red as she spoke to Luna, “You will call me mistress from this day forward. You will never question an order or say no to me do you understand me?”

Luna fought to answer truthfully, but the words that flowed from her sounded strange, “Yes, mistress. I only serve you and your needs. I am yours and nothing about me is mine.”

As Luna watched Dena moved to the bed and with a flick of her wrist the chains fell away. Feeling the urge to flee she thought of moving, but just as quick as the feeling came it left and she crawled closer to the vampire.

Dena reached down and grabbed her around the throat lifting her from the bed. Luna gasp trying to breath, but her body seemed to have other things on it’s mind as the pain from lack of oxygen ran through her body. Pulling her close, the vampire bit into her left breast sucking hard at the warm fresh blood.

“You taste so sweet. Now for some fun of another kind.” The blood made her skin turn slightly pink, making her look almost alive.

Starting to black out Luna hoped that she put her down soon. Walking to the wall directly behind the bed Dena snapped her fingers and from the wall appeared a saw horse looking apperatus. The main difference was that the top board was shaved into a sharp point. As Luna watched Dena lifted her over the saw horse and set her down on it hard. Crying out in pain as the board bit into her surprisingly wet vagina, she tried to lift her self up.

“Now we can’t have any of that.” Reaching over to the wall Dena pulled long lengths of rope and began to bind Luna to the wood. The rope bit into her skin leaving harsh marks and bruises. Reaching for the ropes around her legs, she panicked as Dena grabbed her arms and tied them behind her at the elbows and again at the wrist.

The position forced her to lean forward and press her clit harder against the splintering wood. Gritting her teeth at the pain, she was afraid to cry out and wondered if she’d even be able to if she did try. A smiling Dena moved into her line of sight. Reaching for Luna’s large breast she squeezed them hard enough to bruise, forcing a yelp of pain from her.

“What a beautiful sound. Please, if it hurts let me know. I love the sound of a human’s pain.”

Grabbing Luna’s nipples the vampire twisted hard, before attaching a set of alligator clamps that had small teeth on them. The teeth bit into her making her bleed. She couldn’t help but to scream in pain as Dena twisted them, causing more blood. Dena laughed and licked the blood off her breast.

Stepping back the vampire admired her handy work. “There’s something missing. Oh, yes,” disappearing from sight Luna tried to turn to look but couldn’t thanks to the ties.

It only took a moment for her to find out what was going on. Dena shoved her forward on the saw horse and slipped a huge dildo into her wet pussy and before she could try to move to stop her, the vampire slammed a huge anal plug into her. Screaming at the top of her lungs from the ripping sensation, the vampire jerked her back up.

“Oh you are delightful. But we’re not done, don’t pass out on me ok?”

“Yes, Mistress. I am yours to do with as you please.”

“Lovely, oh yes, we shall be the best of friends.” Sitting her back up, Dena wrapped a thick leather strap around her throat and attached it to a hook in the ceiling. It held Luna’s head up straight and forced her to sit in such a position that both plugs and her clit were pressed against the wood. Suddenly both plugs began to vibrate.
Dena slipped back onto the bed to watch as Luna began to squirm and rock on the board. “Beg me, I know you want something. Beg me for it.”

Feeling free to use her voice for the first time since she awoke she did as Dena asked, “Please, let me go. Itttt….oh god…it hurts. Fuck, please….” Her voice trailed off as the first orgasm began to hit. It hurt, yet felt good all at the same time.
Over and over again, the pain would begin then fade into an orgasm. As she became used to the pain level she found her self trying to rock and press the splinters into her clit to increase the pain. Suddenly she found her voice again, “Please mistress, make it hurt again.”

Dena simply smiled and began to touch herself as she watched Luna squirm in front of her. Slipping her long fingers inside of her wet pussy, she began to pump them in and out of herself. Brining herself almost to the point of orgasm she stood and walked up to Luna. The vampire admired her sweat covered body. Taking a deep breath she could smell the juices running down the wood and pooling in the floor.

Reaching for Luna’s nose she held it closed until she opened her mouth to gasp for air and then slipped her juice covered fingers into her mouth. “Lick them clean.” With the other hand she dragged her razor sharp nails down the girl’s skin making it slick with blood. With no warning she slap the girl hard enough to leave her face purple. Suddenly the girl gasped and started to shake with the hardest orgasm so far of the night.

Luna slumped in the ties that held her. Shaking with exhaustion she tried to brace herself for what was next. Dena watched her with a grim satisfaction. “My you are a delight and a screamer to boot.” With a snap of her finger all of the bindings and plugs were gone. Luna fell in a crashing heap to the floor exhausted and hurting. The next thing she knew she was floating to the bed. Dena slowly licked the blood from her body, leaving her in a state of arousal.

Dena left the bed and walked to a set of drawers in the wall. Opening them, she removed a few things that Luna couldn’t see. When she make her way back to the bed she smiled and straddled Luna’s face. “I hope you like pussy cause you’re fixing to eat a lot of it. But you’d do well to concentrate on that, it’ll keep your mind off what I’m fixing to do.”

Luna could smell the juices of her pussy and eagerly slipped her tongue deep inside the vampires pussy licking and sucking as fast as she could wanting to catch every drop. Moving just a bit she was able to reach her clit and begin to suck and nibble at it. Suddenly her concentration was broke then Dena grabbed her clit and pulled on it hard. Trying to ignore it she concentrated on seeing how far her tongue would go into the vampires pussy. Suddenly a horrible pain ripped through her clit and she screamed agony into Dena’s pussy.

The pain was so great she didn’t even notice when Dena leaned back and pressed her pussy down on her face forcing her to lick deeper and faster. She was running out of air quickly, but just as she started to pass out Dena began to orgasm lifting just enough for her to get air as she lapped at the sweet juices running on to her face.
Dena stood and smiled down at Luna, “Very good my pet. I am pleased. I’m sure you’ll come to love your new toy. Have a look.”

Luna raised up and could see a thick ring right through the middle of her clit. It was a ten gauge easy and two inches around. She couldn’t begin to imagine why it was so big until Dena pulled on it. Luna’s mind produced horrible images almost faster then she could comprehend them. Panicked she began to breath hard.

“Sit up, I have another gift for you.”

Luna’s body obey despite her mind’s screaming. Reaching down on the bed Dena produced a thin metal collar. Wrapping it around Luna’s neck she whispered a few words. The metal got hot for a moment, before she let go.

“Very pretty,” Dena smiled and reached out petting Luna.

Luna reached up to feel of the collar. It was a solid piece of metal and she figured out quickly what the heat had been. There was no way to get it off. Looking at the vampire she wondered what would happen next. As if on cue the nipple clamps came ripping off. Luna screamed at the top of her lungs. Smiling Dena closed her eyes and listened quietly.

“Time to clean you up, feed you and then truly feed me.”

Gently she helped Luna up and led her to a shower in the room washing her wounds. Once that was done, she had one of the house servants bring down a wonderful meal. Luna was starved and barely tasted it. Dena had left while she was eating. When she returned she was dressed in a tight black latex dress with knee high boots. She was breathtaking.

Luna set her plate on the table the servant had left. Dena motioned for her to lay down. Stretching out she watched the vampire move as if she was floating. Slipping onto the bed almost weightlessly, Luna watched as Dena kissed the inside of her thigh.

“This will be the most exquisite pain, my pet,” and with that simple statement it felt as if someone was stabbing her with hot knives. As the vampire fed she could almost feel her life slipping away with each sip. It was a strange sensation as she watched the black creep into the edges of her vision. Just as she thought she was sure she was going to die, the vampire stopped and looked up at her with solid red eyes, “Goodnight pet.”

Those eyes were the last things she saw as she passed into a painless oblivion.

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very interesting.

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As normal, Freedom excellently written and so lurid in your descriptions. Thanks for sharing and a big welcome back.

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Thanks Nite. Glad you liked it. There's a chapter two that I'll put up soon if anyone wants to read it.

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Thanks for the new addition Freedom

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