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A Navy wife gets into trouble when she attends a party
with other Navy wives and some hot guys.


I would first like to tell you a little about myself. I
am quite a shapely and attractive 26 year-old blonde with
dark tanned skin who has been happily married for a few
years. I wasn't a virgin when we married but I had had
sex with only one other guy besides my husband.

My husband is in the Navy and obviously travels a lot. I
really hate being by myself while he's gone but have
resigned myself to the fact that this is his job and I
try to support him as best I can. I never imagined I
would get into the kind of situation I found myself in on
one spring evening almost a year ago.

I recently met Trudy at a get-together for the wives of
the sailors Trudy's husband is also in the Navy and we
hit it off wonderfully. Later on that evening when the
other wives began to slip off to their homes, Trudy and I
were just getting started. We were both getting too tipsy
to feel lonely anymore and were dancing with some of the
guys in the bar.

Finally, around ten p.m. one of the men invited us back
to his place for drinks. I never would have gone by
myself but Trudy twisted my arm and half an hour later we
found ourselves in quite a large house with about forty
or so guys. Trudy and I were the only females so we
commandeered a lot of their attention. After a few
minutes, I looked around the room for Trudy.

When I saw her I couldn't believe my eyes! She was French
kissing one of the guys who had pushed her halter-top
above her breasts exposing her nipples to everyone's
view. Another guy was feeling and sucking on one of her
exposed nipples as they headed toward a car to leave I
thought I should also try to leave at this point, knowing
it had gone too far, but I couldn't lift myself out of
the chair. I noticed that all other male eyes were
watching me to see how I would react.

A sexually exciting shiver shot down my spine and
straight into my clitoris as I realized that I was their
prey. All these men were now undressing me with their
eyes and I realized this was a potential gangbang
situation. The amazing thing was that I didn't feel
scared. If anything, I began to feel incredibly sexually
excited by the thought of being fucked by all these sex-
crazed men.

I was transfixed by the thought and I couldn't even move
when one of them came over to me and kissed me on the
lips and I felt his tongue invade my mouth. I couldn't,
and didn't, want to stop him.

He told me that my friend was a party girl and well known
to the guys. He asked me if I was a party girl too. But I
didn't get the chance to say no as his hands pulled my
legs wide apart against my will.

My body cried out for him to keep going. I could feel but
not respond as his long fingers traced over my pussy lips
through my panties. Then his larger finger pulled back my
panties and I soon felt him find my wet hole and slide
his fingers into my pussy. I made a feeble attempt to
disengage his hand, but then my body began to respond to
his manipulations. I began to gasp as my hips humped
involuntarily up against his fingers.

Then he announced to all the others that I was ripe to be
fucked and that all should get ready for a gangbang. I
almost came with expectation as I heard him say those
words. I really couldn't believe the heat and the
feelings swelling up in my crotch as I felt myself
wanting it to go on and on and have myself invaded by all
forty or so of these men I hardly knew.

My vagina became wetter and wetter as I felt the 80 or so
hands touching me and invading my body's cavities. I soon
became delirious with the sensation of so many men
feeling, groping and touching me.

I closed my eyes as their hands began to strip me of my
clothes. They first removed my blouse and bra and my
dress then I felt hot male lips encircle the nipples of
my breasts. Then I moved my hands up to my blouse and bra
and my dress then I felt hot male lips encircle the
nipples of my breasts. Then I moved my hands up to cup my
breasts, offering them to all of the men who wanted me.

Not surprisingly, I felt the sudden rip of my panties as
they were stripped from my body exposing the wet and
swollen lips of my throbbing vagina for all to see. Even
though my eyes were closed I felt 40 pairs of eyes
watching my body. Intoxicated by the raw sexual desire to
have all these men penetrate me, I slowly but very
deliberately lifted my pelvis upward towards their gaze
and opened my thighs wider so all could see my wet pussy.

I heard them all praise my pussy. I never opened my eyes,
not believing this was happening to me, but next I felt
several hands gather under my body and lift me to a
nearby table. Then I felt the heat of a man's body move
between my thighs. I also felt an extremely large penis
pushing at the lips of my vulva, demanding to enter me.

I was past the point of saying no to all these men as the
large penis head suddenly parted the lips of my vagina
and thrust deep into the wetness of my womb, almost
impaling me. God he was huge and his length hurt at first
but as he pushed against the back wall of my cunt, my
cervix seemed to move to accommodate his massive size.

In a flash I could feel his testicles up against me on
each deeply penetrating stroke and I knew that he had
forced my vagina to enlarge to make room for him to
entirely fill me.

Other men took it in turns to suck on my breasts as this
huge guy, who I did not know, hammered his enormous penis
into me. I heard him say that I was delightfully tight
and that he was going to enjoy filling me full of his
cum. Hearing him say those words sparked my to body to
react again.

"Here it comes," he yelled, and he buried his huge penis
balls deep into my pussy, his fingers digging into my ass
as he struggled to get it even further past my cervix. I
could feel his cock-head swelling inside me as though it
was doubling, then tripling in size.

Soon the swelling became an incredible pulsing, as I felt
the length of his shaft twitch severely with each spasm
of his ejaculation. I felt the boiling heat of his semen
as it hit my cervix. It was like having sharp jets of hot
goo shoot into me. He seemed to cum Forever. When he
moved a little I felt his prick move around inside the
slipperiness of my now cum soaked vagina. After he
removed his prick, for a moment, I thought it was over.

It was, however, just the beginning as I opened my eyes
just a little to see all those 40 men standing there
holding their enormous pricks just waiting their turn to
penetrate my body cavities.

"Sloppy seconds," yelled another as he quickly entered my
cum-soaked cavity. He came in seconds and was soon
followed by the next man and the next and the next. My
body was orgasming with every penetration. Many hands
again lifted me but this time one guy sat on the table as
the rest of them lifted me over his huge phallus and
lowered me so that my bum hole began to be skewered on
his dick.

With cum seeping from my cunt down over my anus, he was
able to use the slippery liquid to make an easy
penetration of my ass. As soon as I had accommodated him
inside my ass another guy positioned himself over my
pussy and began to slide his prick up my cum-soaked and
slippery vagina. Now I had two enormous pricks inside me
working their way to what felt like a simultaneous

Another line of men quickly formed at my head as huge
dicks with enormous helmet-like heads were offered into
my mouth from either side and above me. All were
attempting to push as far down my throat as possible so
they could ejaculate load after load of thick and salty
semen into my stomach. At one point there were three
cocks trying to fill my mouth although only one large one
managed to attract the full attention of my tongue.

I relished the taste of each cock my mouth could
accommodate as I swirled my tongue around each huge glans
until I felt a familiar pumping spasm along the length of
the tubular urethra. As they began their involuntary
muscular contractions it signaled the pumping of several
spurts of the thick white semen from their testicles into
my throat.

The whole time, other men stood beside my face
masturbating their loads of semen onto my face and into
my eyes and nostrils. When I tried to open my eyes all I
could see and feel was a creamy haze covering them. It
felt strangely exciting as the cum slid into my eyes but
did not sting.

As penises withdrew from my mouth, the cum left there
felt and tasted like a melted salty ice cream. Yet as I
swirled the white goo around with my tongue I could feel
tiny lumps of more solid gel-like lumps sprinkled through

I heard a roar of approval as I pushed some cum up to my
lips, opened my mouth for all to see and dribbled a
little down my chin. That seemed to push many of the guys
past the point of no return. They frantically pushed and
shoved their cocks into my cunt and closer to my face to
ejaculate their semen into and onto me. The heat of the
semen hitting my lips and mouth turned me on more and

I ran my hands down my stomach only to feel that all of
my breasts and stomach were covered in thick jelly-like
semen from other guys who also couldn't wait and had
dumped their white loads over me. I felt my navel and
found it was also full of semen. As I did this, I noticed
one guy with a video camera move in closer as fresh semen
once again covered my face and body and filled my mouth.

I recall thinking that I wished my husband could see me
now. My meal for that evening was a bucket load of semen
as these guys ejaculated not just once but two, three and
four times each and I swallowed as much as I could scrape
off my face into my mouth. I worked out I was consuming
just over a liter of cum. When I realized this I began
sucking cocks more feverishly -- almost like Dracula
sucking blood. It was wonderful and even though I had not
eaten since lunchtime, I felt so full. I wonder why?

I must have passed out but I awoke the next morning with
thick crusts of dried semen in my eyes, nose and hair,
and all along my body. I felt a little ashamed but I felt
even worse when I noticed that my pussy had been clean-
shaven while I was out of it. It was so naked and bare
and so smooth that I loved the way it looked, even though
my cunt lips were so incredibly puffy and swollen from my
pussy's battering by more than 40 cocks.

John, who owned the place, told me that I was a fantastic
fuck and that he enjoyed fucking and videotaping the
action. He said that every guy, without question, felt I
was the perfect slut and they wanted to continue fucking
me at every opportunity He told me that each of the men
had fucked me, cum inside me and on me, numerous times
until roughly 7am.

John confessed he had dumped at least eight loads of his
cum inside my pussy, and once in my ass because I had
become too sloppy to really pleasure him with my cunt. He
said I should be prepared for another round that
afternoon as he had organized a repeat gang bang with
most of the men who I had already taken on and several
local football teams.

This time he was expecting about 100 men to turn up.
Listening to him describe what he had done sent another
hot shiver of excitement through my body, causing me to
become instantly wet again. However, I wondered just how
my pussy would stand up to the punishment of more than
100 men.

I began to feel that I was getting in too deep, that I
had gone too far so I told him that it was all a mistake
and this could not happen again. He just laughed and held
up a videotape and said, "This is you," he laughed. "Just
try to keep me or my friends out of your cunt and this
goes straight to your husband, his superiors and as many
blue movie distributors as we can find."

I begged him for the tape but he would not give it to me.

That was six months ago and since then I have all but
become a sex slave to vast groups of strange men who
fuck, suck, and shoot their semen in my mouth, my cunt or
my ass. I think John really knows just how much I enjoy
each group session with his male friends. I regularly go
to John's place when he commands and act like "the
perfect slut," doing anything he or his male friends

In one of my favorite sessions I was led naked and
blindfolded into a group of men, where I was placed on a
table, had my hands bound to my thighs, and had my thighs
tied so the straps were pulling my legs far apart. This
allowed almost two guys at a time to penetrate me. This
session began on a Saturday at lunchtime and I was
finally released from the bondage on Monday morning.

I knew nothing of who had been fucking me or filling my
mouth with their cum. John later told me that while I was
being fucked and cum on by the first group of men, he had
visited various bars and clubs and given out the address
to every man he could find.

Apparently, more than 700 men walked through the door and
emptied their cum into me between the Saturday and the
Monday morning. I must say it was an extraordinary
feeling to have so much time pass while you are trussed
up and blindfolded where all you are able to do is feel
strange pricks penetrate, cum, and withdraw from you. To
have hands feeling you all over and strange male lips
french-kissing you while you are trussed in a position
from which there is no escape is an incredible feeling.

I totally enjoyed being fucked on such a massive scale! I
have tried to keep my own count so I estimate I have
fucked and swallowed cum from more than 2000 different
men in the last 6 months. By my own calculations that's
about 600 liters of male semen. John still invites scores
of men to "empty a load in me" and offers my vagina as a
"condom-free zone."

He particularly likes to have groups of men stand over my
face and ejaculate into my mouth. That way he says my
mouth fills up with cum more quickly for the video before
I swallow it. He likes to video me taking as much semen
in my mouth until my tongue has all but disappeared in
the white jelly liquid in my mouth.

He videos me telling me to rotate my tongue through the
pool of semen mixing it up in my mouth like a cement
mixer. Then he videos me as I swallow the entire mouthful
of salty white cum in one big gulp. He also likes to
video the large gobs of cum sliding out of my vagina
after I have been gang banged by a big group of his

Sometimes he takes me to a sleazy bar and offers me to
anyone who wants to "fill me up with cum" while he videos
the bar patrons ejaculating into my mouth and on my face.
Depending on the bar he takes me to, it has involved
between 10 and 100 guys at a time.

One time, after my torso had been literally covered in
fresh cum, John decided to get on top of me and slide his
way into my very sloppy cunt with the cum lubricating his
actions. At one point when I had just finished accepting
a fresh mouth full of cum from a couple of guys, he
french-kissed me as he rode me. This must have excited
him enormously as I felt him jerk violently as he emptied
his semen inside me while kissing me with my mouth still
full of.

I must admit I have come to love the taste and feel of
semen in my mouth and inside my body. I get especially
excited when a group session ends and I get up and walk
around feeling the semen of scores of men inside me and
dripping down from my pussy lips as I walk. John also
videotaped me standing on a table with my legs apart as
all his male friends watched their semen slide out of my

He got great shots of it running down the inside of my
legs and pooling beside my feet (they bet on which cum
gobs hit the table first with the winner having me to
himself to suck him off). After videotaping this, he told
me to squat down and slide my vagina around in the pool
of semen or told me to lick it up and to immediately
present my mouth to any cocks that are ready to cum

I have no idea how long this will go on for or whether my
body or my marriage can take it all. I know that I feel
enormous sexual arousal and a flushing sexual heat within
me when John tells me about the next "gangbang" he has

I know I shouldn't be like this but I do love being a
slut when it happens, though I don't want my husband to
find out. I am, however, very happy about one development
from my forced gangbang Activities -- the fact that my
normally petite breasts have vastly increased in size,
all of it due to the high level of protein in the form of
huge amounts of male semen I'm eating each week.

I really do hope they get bigger, too!


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