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My wife Carole and I have a game we play involving bets about all kinds of
things. . sporting events, who's right about some little fact of history,
well you get the idea, right? The payoff for these bets is something
personal that one has to do for the other. Recently, our bets have taken a
more sexual turn. If she wins, I have to pay for some new outfit she wants
to buy. If I win, she has to wear whatever I say when we go out for the
evening for dinner or drinks. Sounds like I win either way, doesn't it?
Well, I've won several bets in a row, so I suggested that in addition to
wearing what I wanted, she should have to take off some article of
clothing whenever and wherever I asked, without question or hesitation.
She objected vigorously at first but after my insistence she finally gave
in and agreed.
"But, only my bra or panties, or something like that, right? I mean, you
aren't going to ask me to strip naked in the center of town, are you?"
As appealing as that sounded I agreed not to ask her to do that.
One night we drove over to a nearby resort town and had dinner by the
lake. It was late August and while the days were hot, the evenings were
starting to cool down. The place we were having dinner was a classy
Italian restaurant set on the edge of the lake. Since it was a bit classy
and we were all dressed up for a night out. At my request - having won the
bet - Carole was wearing a leather skirt, knee length, with a zipper up
the back, black patent four inch high heels stockings, a button front silk
blouse and one of those push-up bras that gave her some spectacular
cleavage through the sheer white blouse.
We had a lovely dinner, during which I asked Carole to unbutton her blouse
enough to give the waiter an eyeful during his many stops to our table. In
case you guys haven't figured this out yet, this is a great way to improve
the service at your table.
After dinner, we stopped in the bar for an after dinner drink, and were
surprised to run into an old friend Steve, who was there with another guy,
Brad. We joined them for a drink and some chatting about the good old
days. Steve explained that they were staying at a hunting cabin on the
opposite side of the lake with two other guys, getting it ready for
hunting season.
During our chat I noticed both Steve and Brad ogling Carole, and then I
remembered her unbuttoned blouse. Since I was sitting next to her I hadn't
been looking directly at her. I looked out of the corner of my eye and was
shocked to see a very delightful sight. The push-up bra was doing it's job
and with the un-done buttons half of her breast was clearly exposed.
By now we all had finished several drinks and were feeling pretty good.
Not wanting to end the evening, Steve invited us back to his place to see
the cabin and have another drink with them. Without a doubt they were
hoping to see more of my wife.
I looked at Carole for her decision. She shrugged, smiled and said, "Sure,
why not?" Clearly, she was turned on also. We followed them around the
lake, and when we got to their cabin, we had to park in an area just off
the road and walk down a path to the cabin. It was difficult for her to
walk through the dirt in those high heels so I put my arm around her to
help. During the walk, I slid the zipper on her skirt way up nearly to the
top, but hadn't noticed, or if she did, she didn't protest. When we got to
the cabin we found that it was very rustic and quaint, with gas lights.
There were two other men sitting outside by a camp fire having a drink.
Introductions were made all around and the two new guys, George and his
teenage son, Ken, were equally impressed by the beautiful woman next to
Steve made Carole a tall rum and coke and I could see him pouring a lot of
rum and not much coke in it. Did he have some ulterior motive? Carole and
I sat in lawn chairs and the four men sat on logs and stumps around the
fire. The weather was beautiful, cool and pleasant.
George mentioned that they had been coming up to that cabin for years but
that Carole's skirt and high heels were a first and therefore a cause to
They drank a toast to her outfit and encouraged her to drink up! She took
a small drink of the rum and coke, whereupon one of them teased her by
saying she was chicken for not finishing her drink like they had. So she
tipped it up again and choked the rest of it down. After that, they
immediately poured her another one.
I began to get the feeling that these guys might have something else in
mind for my wife other than just talking. I felt a stirring at the thought
of her being the center of attention of all these men.
She asked where the ladies room was and then excused herself. I caught her
hand, pulled her down to me and whispered, "While you're in there take
something off."
It was the game, and now I was demanding the payoff. Usually, I asked her
to pay her debts when we were in a strange bar for the bartender, or while
we were driving in our car so that truckers could see her. This was the
first time I'd ever asked her to do it in private company, and I wasn't
sure how she'd react.
Her eyes flew open in shock at the realization of what I was asking, "No,
I can't do that with this young boy here!"
"He's not that young. Anyway, look at him - and his father; They're dying
to see more of you."
"No, I can't..."
"Just DO it! You lost the bet. I'll take responsibility. You have to do
what I ask. Remember?"
"Oh, that damned bet. Alright, but just this one thing. And remember, when
George get's angry at me, you made me do it."
With that, she stomped off.
The thought of showing herself to these men must have intrigued her,
because when she returned I could clearly see that she had left her bra
behind. Her white blouse was very sheer and I could clearly see dark
nipples, hard and pointed poking through the thin fabric.
They guys didn't notice right away, but before long Ken was staring at her
breasts and then he whispered something to George. Within seconds they all
knew. After ten or fifteen minutes, I whispered to her that it was time to
take off something else. The drinks were making her very uninhibited and
she just smiled and shrugged as she stood and excused herself. When she
returned, I must have looked depressed because she whispered to me that
she felt a draft and I knew she'd left her panties behind. She sat with
her legs properly crossed but the tiny leather skirt kept rising up. She
would uncross and re-cross her legs frequently and the George and Ken
across from us were getting a great sight.
I decided to see how far she was willing to go. Sober, she never would
have done this, but the drinks were having an effect on her - on all of
"Take off your blouse," I whispered to her.
Her eyes flew open. "No! That's too much."
"Come on, you lost the bet. You have to do it. Please!"
"I'll undo some buttons," she compromised, casually sliding her fingers
across her blouse and playing with the top button. Unbuttoning it after a
few seconds, she looked at me for approval.
I smiled and nodded, mouthing, "Another one."
Her hand moved to the second button. It was very sexy watching her. With
two buttons undone, her creamy breasts were clearly visible from Steve's
vantage point and her motions were not lost on him. He'd noticed her
undoing the first one. Now, he couldn't take his eyes off her.
We talked and laughed and told stories and after an appropriate time I
again whispered to my wife. At my request she excused herself to go to the
bathroom once again. As she was walking away she turned and winked. I
smiled at her and said out loud, "Same dare," The guys heard me and wanted
to know what I was talking about.
I just said, "Wait and see."
She came back without any stockings on, and they noticed immediately. They
applauded and said "Nice legs," She smiled broadly, loving the attention.
I then told the story of our betting, and that she had lost several a big
bets to me. The payoff was that she had to wear anything I requested and
take off an items of clothing whenever I asked. They loved the idea of
making her lose clothing with them there.
A few minutes later, one of the guys came back from the bathroom carrying
her things in his hand and asked, "Did somebody lose something?"
She was a bit embarrassed, but quite turned on, too, as were all the rest
of us. She looked at me and I nodded so she gave a little shrug and
announced that she had to excuse herself to go to the bathroom. The guys
all cheered when she got up said they couldn't wait to see which of the
remaining two things she'd take off.
I thought she was safe though because she had her shoes on. As she was
walking away, one of the guys yelled out that "Shoes don't count!"
The temperature was dropping and it was getting cool, We were all
disappointed when she came back with the same outfit on that she left
with. They all booed her, and I asked if she was going back on her bet!
"No, it's just too cold to take anything else off!"
Steve piped up, "Stand over here by the fire and you'll be warm." She left
me and crossed over standing next to Steve. Then I went over to her and
turned her skirt around so the zipper was in the front and I zipped it
open to the waistband so it would just barely stay on.
"That's not much help," chimed in Steve. "The skirt is covering up too
She thought she was safe and she laughed about it, but I agreed with them
and he told her that she could at least undo the rest of the buttons on
her blouse. Well, their cheers and attention got to her, and she feigned
being shy, but with a small grin on her face, she unbuttoned it all the
way and pulled it out of the waistband of the skirt. They applauded
She said her feet were a tired because of the very high heels she was
wearing, so I suggested she sit in the lounge chair. When she did, her
skirt fell open in the front and left her uncovered in the firelight. The
blouse was barely long enough to hang at her sides but it wouldn't stay
closed so she sat there totally exposed to them. They all agreed that she
looked better sitting than standing! She moved her legs around, crossing
and uncrossing them so that each man in turn got an eyeful of her lovely
legs and pussy.
One of the guys had a flashlight with him and he turned it on her so they
could all get a better look. When he did that, she acted like she had
given up trying to stay modest and she stood up and took the skirt the
rest of the way off and said, "There! Is that better now!?"
They looked astonished, but were thrilled with her. She now paraded around
for their pleasure in just a blouse that was completely opened and spike
heeled pumps.
They guys were all totally enraptured with her. She flirted and teased and
made some comments about the bulges they were all sporting in the fronts
of their trousers. But, she kept away from making that final move. The one
that would have turned a very sexy gathering into an orgy. Each time one
of the guys touched her she smiled, gently slapped his hand and said,
"Lookee, but no touchee."
As we said our goodbyes, Carole embraced each of the four men and gave
each a deep open mouthed kiss. I could tell their tongues were playing
and, although they were all behaving like gentlemen, none of them could
help but put their hands on her and stroke her body. It was a sad
goodnight for them, and they kept urging us to spend the night. But, she
insisted that this was not to be. Not tonight anyway.
As we were walking up the trail to our car, Carole remembered her clothes.
Ken still had them folded neatly behind him. She asked me to go get them
for her. Instead, I pulled her blouse off her shoulders and then
completely off her arms.
Holding her blouse I looked at my beautiful wife, dressed only in high
spike heels, "No, you have to go get them yourself!"
She gave me a long look and then said, "You really want this, don't you."
I didn't reply, just looking at her. With a determined look, she said,
"What the hell...", and went back down the path to the camp fire. All
mouths dropped when this nude beauty walked back into the light of the
"Excuse me," she murmured as she leaned across Ken to get her clothes, her
breasts brushing across his face. This was too much for him and he opened
his mouth eagerly taking in one of her nipples. He pulled her down closer
to him, creating a very sexy sight. She was standing, legs spread, knees
straight, bent over at the waist. The view was of her gorgeous ass and
pussy fully exposed.
Steve, rising from his seat, and looking at me, "This is too much, I'm
sorry but I've got to have to have some of this. He moved quickly behind
her dropping his pants. He cock sprang out in front as he closed the short
distance. Hardly stopping, his cock slid deep inside my lovely wife's
pussy. I heard her gasp and then moan. Steve, holding her hips in his
hands began thrusting with long deep strokes into her. With a cry she
began to climax and her sounds and motions brought Steve to a sudden
climax. He lunged into her harder and harder with loud, almost animal
grunts. Finally, he stopped and
Then he turned to me, stuttering... "I... I'm... sorry... I..."
I was speechless and just stared at him.
George broke the ice, "Steve, maybe we should go inside where Carole will
be a bit more comfortable." It was clear that the other three wanted some
of the pleasures that Steve had just enjoyed.
Carole just looked at me, her eyes bright and shining. She was obviously
not opposed to going inside.
"Okay," I said. "Carole?"
With a little smile she turned and walked into the cabin.

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