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02-21-2011, 12:30 PM
My friend Pam and I sometimes go out the the movies together
without our husbands--we like to watch some movies that our
husbands don't really care for, and we always talk and gossip, even
though we often go shopping together and talk on the phone too. One
night, during the week, we went out and were disappointed to
discover that the movie we thought was playing was gone! The new
movie didn't appeal to us, so we decided to stop in at a
restaurant/bar on the same road and have a couple of drinks. We got
a table, pretty soon we were talking away, and soon we were beyond
two drinks each. Eventually, we were revealing some pretty
personal things, and finally, I told Pam one of my deepest, darkest
desires: you see, Pam turns me on; I've never done anything with a
woman and actually I never expected to, but I sure had been affected
by Pam's body and I had fantasized what it would be like to touch her
and hold her. Well, that night I had probably had too much to drink,
and there she was across the table looking as beautiful as ever, and
we were revealing things we had never told each other before, and I
asked her if she were interested in trying sex with me. I was
instantly and completely embarrassed.

You know, for a second, it seemed like she was going to agree to it
immediately, but she stopped, and her eyes stared into space for a
minute the way they do when she is thinking. Then she said very
carefully "Actually, that sort of thing doesn't appeal to me, but
maybe we could work out a deal."

"A deal?" Now I was confused. "Well," she started again, "you could
do something for me, then I could let you see me...let you watch me
make myself come". I looked at her carefully...for a second it looked
like she was trying to be seductive. However, I couldn't help but
imagine her bringing herself off for me and I was definitely hooked.
"What would you want me to do?" I asked. "My husband is interested
in doing some things that I don't do" she answered, "You could let him
do it in your ass".

That confused me. You see, Pam knew very well that I didn't do
that...I had told her before that my husband wanted to do that and I
couldn't stand the idea. Furthermore, Pam's reaction at the time had
suggested that she did it all the time: she didn't say that she did it,
but she told me that with a little practice relaxing that I would find
it no big deal and might like it. Now I find out she also didn't do it,
and she expects me to do it with her husband!

I looked at her again, and realized I was really turned on. I could
make myself stand it for the chance to watch her. I couldn't help
myself and I agreed to her proposal. "Well, let's get to it" she said,
shocking me a little to reality, but soon I was driving her to her
house. When we got there, she gave me another drink and whispered
to her husband, David, who started looking really interested. In a
minute, they led me into their bedroom and Pam and I sat on her bed.
"Can you take your clothes off?" she asked. I got nervous and told
her I wasn't sure I wanted to do this, but she said "Let's strip
together...start by unbuttoning your blouse". She put my hand to the
top of my blouse, then slowly started unbuttoning the top button of
her own blouse. She paused, waiting for me to start and I just
stared. "Go on" she said quietly. Finally, I started slowly
unbuttoning the top button and she proceeded at exactly the same
time. Soon we were both slowly unbuttoning our blouses all the way
to the bottom and the air was thick with excitement. Nobody said a
word. Then she made as if to take off her blouse and waited. I
finally started taking off my blouse and soon we were both in jeans,
bra, and shoes. She started fingering her bra and said "Go on" again.
I looked nervously at her husband, David (who was quietly enjoying
the show) and unhooked my bra. We both took off our bras at the
same time.

Pam was beautiful, just as I knew she would be, and sexy as hell! I
was more turned on than I ever remember! She slipped off her shoes
and started fingering the front button of her jeans. I did the same,
and soon we were both pulling our jeans off, left just in panties.
She stood up and teased me a little, pulling her panties down just a
little to start with and soon we were both completely nude.

"Now, lay down on your stomach" she said and got me to lay so my
rear was at the edge of my bed, my knees on the floor and my body
across the foot of the bed. She sat on the bed at the head. We agreed
that David would rub my back for a little while while Pam ran her
hands up and down her own body. Soon, David was working on my ass
cheeks and between while Pam was playing with her nipples. I felt
David putting K.Y. Jelly in the crack of my ass and got nervous.
"Just relax" David said, and Pam started stroking her cunt while
David started concentrating right on my asshole. Pam was still
watching me and caught her breath a couple of times while she
masturbated. David was pressing the end of one of his fingers right
into my asshole. "Relax" he said again in a soothing voice. I noticed
that Pam was staring at what he was doing.

Pam pushed a finger into her cunt, and right at the same time, David
pushed a finger into my ass! I caught my breath, but I relaxed and
didn't have any problem with it. He started slowly moving it in and
out as Pam started doing the same to her own cunt. I couldn't take
my eyes off her. Soon she started edging a second finger into her
cunt and I felt David trying a second finger. That went OK, then they
each did a third finger. Then Pam took a dildo and put it up against
her cunt, ready to push in. I felt David's cock doing the same. "Are
you ready to watch this?" asked Pam in a breathy voice. "Yes" I
whispered. She started pushing it in, and I tried to relax as much as
I could as I felt David pushing into me. Pam's eyes were still locked
on what David was doing and she looked transfixed. After a short
pause, she pushed it the rest of the way in, and I moaned as David
pushed his cock in right up to the hilt. After the way he had
prepared me, it wasn't bad. Then Pam went crazy with the dildo and
David started fucking my ass in earnest. Pam came as did David and
as did I--in fact I don't think I had ever come like that before.

The first thing they did then was kiss, but then they helped me get
dressed as Pam dressed herself and they hugged me and saw me to
the door. "Come by tomorrow, right after work" Pam said as I was
going. I looked back and they had their arms around each other and
something told me they would be back in the bedroom as soon as I
was gone.

The next morning I didn't think I would go over there after work, but
as soon as work was done, I drove right over. Pam gave me a beer
and told me to relax and wait for David to get home. He was home in
a few minutes, and we went into the bedroom and did exactly the
same thing again. When I got home, I told my husband I had to work
late, but he was pissed that I hadn't called (as if he calls me when
he is going to be late!) However, the next day I stopped over again.
It was beginning to get easier, and within a week, we just quickly
and immediately undressed and it took just a minute to get David
into me quite comfortably. They were also more casual about
afterwards, letting me get dressed myself and let myself out of the
house while they just stood in the bedroom making out. We could do
the whole thing in 10 minutes, but I couldn't help myself from going
over there at just about every opportunity.

I showed up once and just David was there. He insisted that we do it
anyway and told me to imagine Pam there in front of me. I surprised
myself and came hard--I guess I have a vivid imagination!
Eventually, I showed up when Pam was there but David was gone. I
tried to talk her into masturbating in front of me, and eventually she
said that I should do something to "earn" it. She had the idea that
she would whip my ass with a belt while I lay over the bed! I didn't
understand what the point was, but we tried it, me fingering my cunt
and Pam fingering her own cunt while she stood behind me and
smacked me a bunch of times. It stung like hell, but seeing Pam like
that never failed to bring me off and I nearly passed out.

Another time, something else strange happened. I got there after
getting out of work late, and they were entertaining. They had
apparently been sitting around after dinner with another couple,
Danielle and Andy. I was ready to leave, but Pam said "wait" and had
me wait in another room while she talked briefly to the rest of
them. Soon she was dragging me into the bedroom with the others!
Danielle and Pam wasted no time getting their clothes off and
Danielle immediately got down on her knees and poked out her ass
just like I usually did. Pam immediately pulled her up and whispered
to her. Danielle looked at me and smiled and Danielle and Pam sat on
the other end of the bed.

They gave me a show that I won't forget. Pam must have forced
herself to overcome her inhibitions and get it on with Danielle for
my benefit. Both David and Andy took me in the ass, twice each,
taking turns resting. Danielle and Pam kept it up the whole time,
kissing and feeling each other up, then ending with a sixty nine.
Then they got me dressed and sent me on my way. But all the way
home, I wondered why Pam had never forced herself to do it with me.

02-22-2011, 12:42 AM
Thanks again