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02-21-2011, 05:40 PM
Joy, my wife, and I went to play base ball with some people from work. Well there was a lot of drinking going on and as the day progressed most of the wives went back to one of the others house to relax and my wife decided she was going to stay behind and drink with the guys. Joy told me to head on home and she would catch a ride later. This is the story as she related it to me:

Joy said they all got to flirting with her as she had quite the reputation as the girl that is always willing to put out.

Anyway she decided to make a bet that she could hit a ball farther then the guys and that for every guy that beat her distance could feel her up. Well they all hit longer then her and the men all started to rub their hands all over her body. She said that it would be easier if they took off her clothes and it would be much better for her, well they stripped her down naked and they all got hands on her and in her.

She laid across a bench as two men fingered her pussy and ass and the rest playing with her tits and their hands all over her until one of the guys took out his 10 inch rock hard dick and started to push it in her wide open wet pussy, she opened her legs and accepted it with pleasure and he rammed her to the hilt.

With that all the other cocks started coming out and one went into her mouth and the others waited their turn. The first guy started to cum and he filled her pussy full. His and her juice started flowing out of her as he pulled out. He was quickly replaced by another and she was howling for more. The guy feeding her his dick started to cum and he shot his load all over her face and tits at the same time the 2nd guy was unloading into her pussy. The rest of the guys started getting impatient so they stood her up and one guy say down on the bench and lowered her ass onto an 8 inch ram rod while another came in from the front to double penetrate her and a third guy stood on the side of the bench and fed his dick into her mouth. Two other guys grabbed her hands and wraped them around their dicks and now she was able to service 5 guys at one time. Every time a guy shot his load he was quickly replaced by another until she had rotated through all the guys. She wasnít sure how many there were but I guessed there were anywhere between 15 to 20 guys still there when I left and she said they had all used her. She asked them if they each had fucked her pussy and/or her stretched ass hole and they said they all had fucked her main holes and most had received a blowjob and came all over her face and chest. She was totally fucked and loved every minute of it. All the guys thanked her and asked if they could do it again. She said sure why not, some of the guys asked if they could bring some friends along so she could have different cocks all the time and she was fine with that too. She got up wrapped herself in a blanket because she couldnít find her clothes and then one of the guys gave her a ride home. Before he let her out he had to recline the seat and deposit one more load into her, got her cell number and left.

When she came into the house she was covered from head to toe in cum and with out a word went into the bathroom and showered. When she got out she came into the living room and kissed me and said that she had an awesome day, she told me she loved me while she stood in front of me in her nightgown. She undid the belt and let it fall to the floor. There she stood all clean except for the juices still flowing from her pussy and ass. Her pussy was open and red same as her ass. She told me to get undressed and to sit back and enjoy myself. Joy took my dick in her mouth and began sucking it coming off it to tell me how this was how she had sucked the guys off too. Then she straddled me and sat down burying my dick in her cum filled pussy. That is when she started into detail off how she had been well used. After she was done with her story, she told me how much she loved it and wanted to do it again I was so hot I shot a load of cum in her that was unbelievable.

Later that night she told me about all the guys wanting to do it again and to invite others to join in wanted to know how I felt about that. I asked if she wanted to do that, she said that she did very much. I told her that if it made her happy then itís all good with me but maybe she should consider getting paid like she did in the old days. She said it is something to consider.

02-22-2011, 12:45 AM