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02-21-2011, 06:01 PM
I love the beach and seeing the sexy girls and guys who frequent it. I once told my hubby I would love to find a grassy area close to the beach and get fucked by some of the guys I saw walking around.On hearing this he said he would take care of setting that up and he did the very next week. Frank, my hubby, had a range of thick and thin, average and supersized cocks for me to experince. They were 6" long but 3" to 4" thick. Others were 9" to 11" long and slim to thick. Some had curves and some were straight. I would never know who these men were, because Frank wanted me blindfolded so I couldn't see the different sizes he had managed to set up. but I knew they would leave me with a lasting reminder.

I could hear several voices and pictures being taken. Hands roamed over my body, pulling on my hard nipples and my clit. I soon felt a cock pressing against my cunt lips. It was pushing hard, stretching my opening for access to my tunnel. He pulled on cunt lips as he pushed his way in. It wasn't long before he had shoved it all the way in. I wanted to groan out loud as he split me wide open with his thick cock. I could only imagine how big he was as he filled me completely. He slammed his
tool hard and deep and I screamed out in total pleasure.

The dick in my pussy pounded me faster and harder as if he hadn't had pussy for years. He lasted for what seemed hours before I felt him empty into my hot, wet hole. As soon as he pulled out another took his place, thrusting into my already wet cum filled hole. He was thinner but longer than the first one. I could hear them telling the others about who was getting my slut pussy next. Frank told them that they would all have a chance at all my holes. This made me wetter than I had been
so far. After he had exploded in my hot hole they readied me for more.

What I didn't know then was that there were ten of them as I was told later. Frank had sent out an ad on the net and asked for men who would be Interested in fucking his wife to send him a message. He had also included a picture of me naked. He had 60 responses in the first day. He narrowed it down to ten local men and told them when and were he wanted them to arrive. He wanted a range of sizes and shapes to fill me.

As each one had his turn at my pussy, I tried to keep count but between the pounding and cum pouring out of me I lost count. They would grab my hips and pull me onto their cocks and slam me hard. My tits jiggled as the fucked me harder and harder. I must have cum at least ten times before they stopped. I felt my arms being lowered and then I was bent over and a cock was shoved up my ass hard. I tried to hold in the scream but it was to much for me. I yelled out and felt a hand slap my ass hard and my nipples pulled. The cock in my ass had to be at least 8" and as thick as a cucumber. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back so he could shove his dick in farther. He rammed it in harder and stood me partially upright. I knew someone was moving between my thighs and soon I there were fingers at my pussy. Then there was a hand going in and then a fist. He shoved his fist all the way into my hot hole as the other pumped my ass. I was truly happy being fucked like a whore on the street, only this was better. I found myself pushing backward so that the dick in my ass could go deeper. They all started saying that I was a real slut and a whore to want so much fucking cock. I came right then. My juices poured out onto his fist as he continued to fuck me with it. They continued to fuck my ass until it was so full of cum that it ran down my thighs and I could almost taste it. Now I thought they would be finished but they were just getting started. I was lowered down on what had to be the biggest cock of the night. My knees hit the ground my cunt was full again. He lifted me up by my hips and pounded me back down hard. He moved faster and harder in me, then someone pushed me forward and slammed their cock into my ass. I was exhausted and about to collapse
when another one was rubbing on my lips. I gladly opened my mouth as he slid down my throat. He held my head as he pumped his dick deep, fucking it as if he were in one of my other holes.

I was told later by Jay that I had been getting fucked for three hours at this point. My holes were getting sore and I knew I was just about at the end of my endurance. All of my holes were full and I was really getting the full treatment. I was a true whore for them, except that I was giving it away. They continued to fuck me in all my holes as I groaned that I was about to explode. I could feel their cum rising as they pounded me mercilessly. They seemed to all explode at the same time as cum poured out of my mouth, pussy and ass. They pulled out of my holes and moved away. I was again stretched out and I could feel someone near me as my ass was squeezed. Then another rubbed my nipples and then my pussy received a massage. I was shocked at the amount of energy I still had left as they continued working over my ass and pussy. My clit was on fire as they rubbed it. My nipple hard as stone and they continued to suck and rub them. As I exploded, I was filled with total satisfaction. I was told to stay there and to leave the blindfold on. They continued to talk as they rubbed their cocks and told me what a real slut I was. They would tell their friends about me and maybe I would give them a good fuck like I gave them. They jacked off and shot their loads all over my body. They walked away and I was soon left alone, laying on the grass.

My body was sore but I was satisfied. I finaly had my fill of cocks for the night. Frank came over to me and told me to get up on my knees. I did as I was told and he bent me over and pushed his cock into my sore pussy. He fucked me hard and whispered in my ear that I was a true slut wife now and he loved seeing me fucked by lots of guys and covered and filled with their cum. I told him I really enjoed it to and would love some more, which meant fucking anyone anyplace. I was getting excited again as he moved from my cunt to my ass hole. He pumped me hard and as he filled me up he told me to get use to this because liked fucking me after a lot of men had used me. He pulled out of my ass and shot his cum all over my ass. He pulled me to my feet and removed my blindfold. He led me to the shower and washed my body throughly. He carressed my pussy and my nipples as the soap ran over them. He tenderly washed my ass, rubbing it softly.

He dried my body and helped me lay down on our bed and asked me how I felt about the evening. I told him it was the most wonderful night I had ever had. I never felt so good in my whole life. My pussy , ass and jaws were sore but now I knew what a slut really feels like and I loved every minute of it.

I knew this would be just the beginning of more interresitng fun. Next time I want to see Frank fucking some girl off the beach. I would love to try some pussy with his cum in her. Now that would be a great night of fun....

02-22-2011, 07:57 AM
Another well told story thanks for sharing.