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Slut Wife Party Game

A few weeks ago, my wife Krista and I attended a party at her friend's
home. It was an informal affair, just drinks and snacks. There were about
9 or 10 couples there, all of us married and in our late twenties. It was
a holiday weekend and everyone was drinking quite a bit. The host had made
arrangements so those who lived beyond walking distance could sleep over.
This made the drinking a little heavier than normal.
My wife was a little tipsy. I could tell because she was flirting with all
the men there and laughing quite a bit. Krista was wearing a short skirt,
exposing about two thirds of her sexy thighs. Her top was kind of a scoop
out design with thin straps. Since she wasn't wearing a bra, her firm tits
bobbed and jiggled every time she moved. This little show wasn't lost on
most of the men in the room.
Krista is kind of a closet flasher. Once and a while she will put on a
little show for me, leaning over and exposing her tits. I really kind of
encourage it and it turns me on when she gets like this÷ a little tipsy
and playful. I know that pretty soon she will be flashing those sexy tits
with her puffy nipples. Sure enough, it had already started and Krista
glanced over and gave me that little smile and a wink that says "I'm
showing off for you." I returned her signal with a smile, mouthing the
words ÷ "I love you"÷ back to her.
The more the party went on, the more Krista was flashing and flirting with
the other men. She was laughing and having a great time. Sometime, late in
the evening, all of the women seemed to have disappeared into another
room. Before long, our hostess Susan had emerged from another part of the
house and made an announcement.
"I'm glad you have all stayed so late tonight." She began. " And I want to
invite you all to play a little party game with us. Now I've already
spoken to the wives and they're willing if you are. Why don't you talk it
over with them and we can get started. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun
for all of us."
Moments later our wives entered the room and Krista came right over to me.

"You're going to like this one honey." She giggled. "Susan and Bob want us
to play a little musical chairs with them."
"Huh" I questioned "All this production over musical chairs?"
"Well not exactly traditional musical chairs, its strip musical chairs.
All the husbands get naked and sit in the chairs. The wives parade around
the room while the music plays. When the music stops they have to grab a
seat in one of the husbands' laps. The one left without a husband to sit
on, loses a piece of clothing. The guy who is playing the music gets to
remove whatever article of clothing the wife chooses to loose. This
continues on and on until all the wives are naked."
"Wow, now this makes it a real interesting party!" I said spontaneously
"I'm ready to play ÷ If you are?" Krista confirmed, with a seductive look
in her eye.
"You bet!" I answered quickly.
"Not so fast" my wife cautioned me "Susan says that, a lot of times the
husbands start feeling up the boobies of whatever wife is in their lap.
Sometimes they even try to stick their cocks up inside the wives too! Are
you sure you're okay with this? You won't mind if one of these guys is
feeling up my boobies or trying to stick his cock up inside me? You wont
get mad at me right, ÷. if this kind of thing happens to me?"
"Sounds like great fun!" I exclaimed "Krista honey, I love it when you
show off for me. You're so sexy and I get so turned on seeing you. I can't
wait to see you!"
"So you're doing this to see me then. To see me showing off for you?" She
asked "Not so you can feel up the other wives, right?"
"No not at all." I lied "I'm agreeing because I want you to show off for
me, that's all!"
"That's great!" Krista said "Because I volunteered you to be, the odd
husband out, the one who's playing the music and removing the clothing."
Shit! I thought to myself. I finally get a chance to have some fun and
Krista volunteers me for the dull part. After a quick mental calculation
of the pros and cons of this new development I decided to agree. After
all, I would be getting to remove the clothing. That could be pretty fun
too. But more importantly I would get to watch my sexy wife parade around
and show off her centerfold body. I was already getting hard just thinking
about it.
Susan took a quick poll of the room. One of the couples decided to leave.
The rest were willing to play the game and we moved on to the dining room
which was set up with 8 chairs in a large circle all facing in toward the
center. In the middle was a small table with a boom box. All the husbands
stripped down while Susan gave me instructions on how to work the C/D
player and we selected some music.
Krista looked hot with anticipation. She came up behind me and kissed me
on the neck.
She whispered a question into my ear "Do you want me to be the first? The
first one to lose something? I can lose on purpose if you want me to."
"Would you do that for me?" I whispered back " I want you to lose your top
first and show off your tits for me."
Krista gave me a playful smile and joined the other women in the center as
the husbands all took their places in the circle of chairs.
We had picked out a rock song and the wives all danced around the room for
a couple of minutes. Susan had told me to keep the music on for at least 2
or 3 minutes before the abrupt stop. I held my finger on the button the
whole time while I enjoyed, along with the other husbands, our wives
dancing around the room.
Suddenly I stopped the music. There was a mad scramble for the husband's
laps. My wife was a little obvious in not trying to grab a seat.
"You lose Krista" Susan shouted from across the room "Now you have to lose
an item and tell him what item you want him to remove."
My wife came over to me and gave me a big kiss. She had a devilish grin.
"I will forfeit my top" Krista announced with a big smile.
Krista raised her hands up high over her head. I one swift movement, I
pulled the top up over my wife's head and off. The room cheered as Krista
stood in the center with her full breasts and pink puffy nipples fully
exposed. She looked terrific. Her golden tan was sharply highlighted by
the white outline left by her bikini top. She shook her hair all around in
a sensuous movement, then took her place in the wife parade.
I started the music again. My eyes were fixed on my beautiful wife as she
proudly paraded around the room. Her tits jiggled and danced with every
step. Every now and again she would look over at me and smile. When the
music abruptly stopped it was Gale who was without a lap to sit on.
Krista ended up seated on this guy Frank, a person that she knew but
didn't like very much. My wife was sitting awfully high on his lap and she
was laughing as she leaned back into him. Frank was doing something under
Krista's skirt and my wife gasped softly. Gale came to the center and
asked me to remove her shoes. I took my time removing them slowly one at a
time and massaging Gale's calves. When I glanced over toward my wife I
noticed that Frank was openly massaging my wife's tits. It looked like she
was enjoying it as she was leaning back into him, and she offered no
resistance at all. My wife's eyes were closed and she had a sort of dreamy
look on her face. Frank had a huge grin as he continued to feel up her
tits and play with her pink puffy nipples.
The game went on for a while and several wives lost their shoes. Two wives
had lost their tops too and were parading around in their bras. Every time
I glanced over at Krista she was on a different guy's lap. Often times
they were bouncing her up and down causing her tits to swing and jiggle.
It seemed like every man in the room had a chance with their hands on my
wife's tits feeling them up and pulling on her puffy nipples. She looked
like she was really enjoying the whole event quite a bit. Sometimes she
would look over at me and give me a smile and a wink.
The whole sight was very erotic for me. My cock was rock hard in my pants.
Removing the clothing was okay too and I got to sneak a few feels, here
and there, from the other wives. But the husbands in the chairs were
having the real fun. They were sliding their hands up the wives' tops and
rubbing the wives crotches to their heart's content. It was a real free
for all and none of the wives seemed to care.
My center of attention was on my own wife and the live sex show she was
putting on for me. She looked so sexy and she was really getting into the
action. One particular round landed her on the lap of her boss, Robert.
When I looked over at them I could see Krista bouncing in his lap. Robert
has his hands up under my wife's skirt and it looked like he was feeling
her ass. When Krista bounced up and down I don't know what jiggled more ÷
my wife's tits ÷or her boss's fat belly.
On the next round Krista lost again and requested that I remove her
panties. When I got down on one knee and reached up to remove her
underwear my wife lifted her skirt and gave me a little surprise. Krista's
panties were pulled over to one side fully exposing her moist slit and
large pussy lips. I reached up and touched her cunt. She was wet, soaking
wet and almost dripping.
"Looks like someone beat me to it" I whispered to her.
"It was Frank who did that to me." she confessed "When I sat down on him
Frank kinda pulled on my underpants. He pushed them out of the way and
stuck his big thing all the way up my cooch. He started rocking me on his
lap with his big cock stuck way up in me. I didn't know what to do and it
felt so good that I decided to leave it up there until you started the
music again."
"Frank? Isn't Frank that guy you think is a perverted snake" I asked her.
"Yeah, that's him. I didn't know what to do. I know you wanted me to show
off for you and be your naughty wife so I let him fuck me just a little
bit. You're not mad are you?"
"I'm not mad" I whispered back "I just hope no one else noticed."
"I'm sure that everyone noticed" Krista remarked "Cause after that they
all started putting their cocks in my cooch when I sat on them. Bob even
squirted his cum up there and everything. My boss, Robert, was fucking me
and sticking his finger up my ass too! I thought that's what you wanted me
to do so I let them do everything while I sat on their laps. That is what
you want right? You want all of them to feel up your naughty wife's
boobies and all have a chance to fuck her just a little bit, right?
"You're right honey." I assured her "Whatever happens I still love you."
On the very next round it was Krista who lost again. My wife requested
that I remove her shoes and while I was taking them off she whispered to
me÷. "Honey, I want to be the first one naked ÷ okay? I want to lose
everything and show off for you. I want you to see them sticking their big
cocks up my cooch. I want you to see them feeling up my boobies and
fucking me on their laps. You want that too right? You want them all see
me naked, and all to have a chance to fuck me, right?"
"Yes, Krista, I want you to put on a show for me." I encouraged her.
A couple of rounds later she lost again and I had to remove her skirt. Now
my wife was boldly parading around the room totally naked. Krista looked
great. She has long legs and a nice rounded ass. Her full breasts have
pink puffy nipples, which look very sexy. My wife has a golden tan and the
string bikini tan line made these bright white triangles in just the right
places. Her tanned and toned body looked striking and she knew it.
When the music started Krista looked fantastic dancing around the male
circle with her head back and her chest out. Her tits danced jiggled and
swayed with every step. When the music stopped I looked over to see her on
Wayne's lap. Wayne is our next door neighbor. He had pulled her up high
and it appeared to me that he had his big cock up my wife's cunt. Krista
was rocking rhythmically while Wayne massaged her tits. She was too
engrossed in the sexual moment to notice me looking. I took my time
removing the bra of the wife who lost and copped a little feel for myself.

Once again, I started the music and watched with great delight as my sexy
wife pranced naked around the room. The appreciative grins were growing as
more and more wives lost more and more clothing. The next time the music
stopped my wife took her place on her boss's lap and once again, it looked
to me like he was fucking my willing wife while he caressed her tits
gently pulling on her puffy nipples. His other hand was on her ass again
and I was sure that he was sticking his finger up her ass. Krista had a
deeply erotic look on her face. She looked over at me and then reached
down between her legs to tickle Robert's balls.
The music started and stopped over and over. I was trying to sneak a few
feels here and there from the wives I was undressing. All the wives looked
like they were getting their fair share of being poked and stroked on the
husbands laps. Still, my wife Krista and her letting all the other
husbands fuck her and play with her tits had me mesmerized. She looked
like she was really enjoying the whole scenario and so was I. This was the
most unbelievable scene I had ever witnessed.
After a good deal of starting and stopping all the wives were finally
naked. I could tell from my close up exams as I removed their clothes that
quite a few had been recently fucked. Susan suggested we have a few more
rounds anyway just for the fun of it. Most of the wives were getting
fucked and felt up quite a bit. Some were resisting but about half, like
Krista, were letting the guys do whatever they wanted. At 2 am we decided
to call it quits.
Krista and I accepted an invitation to sleep over. I couldn't wait to get
my wife into the bedroom.
"I love you baby." I told her "You were so hot tonight."
"Your not mad at me are you?" Krista asked
"Why should I be mad?" I was curious
Krista took my hand and rested it on her hot wet and swollen pussy.
"I might have gotten a little carried away" Krista confessed "Every man in
the room stuck his cock up me at least twice maybe more. I think everyone
saw them doing it too! The wives all noticed that the guys were feeling up
my tits and fucking me. Your not mad are you? You said that I should be
your naughty wife and that I could let them feel my tits and fuck me a
little bit. So I did it for you, to give you a sexy show. I even let my
boss do what he wanted with me. Some of the guys squirted their stuff in
me too!"
"Their hot cum was dripping down my legs while I walked around the room. I
was hoping that would happen so you could see it. I saw you watch them
feel me and stick their big things up there to give you a little show. I
let them all have turns fucking me and feeling up my ass and my boobies as
much as they wanted. It was all mostly for you but I loved it too!"
"I'm not mad" I told her "I'm excited"
"Then eat me" she commanded. "Show me your not mad by eating out my hot
pussy that has all their hot wet stuff in it."
I immediately went down on Krista and started eating her out. I found the
thought of eating my wife's freshly fucked pussy wildly erotic. My wife
was loaded with sexual juices and I brought her to two orgasms almost
I wanted to fuck her. I was mad with desire. I mounted my wife missionary
style and started to pump her but her pussy was way too loose to create
any friction. I rolled off of her and stated rubbing my own little pecker.
I tried feeling her tits but she complained that they were too sore. The
thoughts and images of the party game replayed over in my mind is all I
needed to reach a climax anyway. Before long I had cum in my own hand.
Krista leaned over and whispered in my ear "I love you honey." After a
brief pause she continued ÷ "Susan told me that they are holding another
party next month. This time they have special plans for a game of TWISTER.
Do you want to go?"
That's a party I'm really looking forward to.

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Novel twist on the old musical chairs theme should prove interesting and I bet a lot of couples would love to try this game out.

06-28-2011, 02:51 PM
nice twist