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Jan, the stuck-up teacher slut

It was 1975. I had started teaching at Madison High in the
fall. Fresh out of school. I was one of the three new teachers at
the school and the only new black male teacher. The school, though
integrated, was located in the black ghetto and had a predominantly
black student body and faculty.

The faculty was the usual assortment with most being aging
civil servants that were just marking time until retirement.
There were only a few of the brothers in the crowd. One was John
Baker, the Dean of Boys so powerfully built that he could
intimidate a grizzly bear. Two of the coaches were known as Butch
and Link. If they had given names, I never heard them. Butch and
I became friends and he kept me tuned into what was happening at
the school.

The female teachers were for the most part a sorry lot. Old
maids and uptight little housewives that wouldn't think of saying
any thing to a young black teacher.

One was exceptionally well built though. Her name was Jan
Fritz. Instead of calling her Mrs. Fritz, the students and male
faculty called her Mrs. Tits. She had what must have been 40DD
tits and stood about 5' 11" tall. Despite being incredibly stuck-
up like the rest of the white women, she wore tight miniskirts that
showed off her long legs and great ass. When she walked down the
hall, all of the male heads turned to follow her bobbing tits and
ass. I don't think I was able to say three words to her the first
months I was there.

Being the "new-kid-on-the-block", I was not up on the social
scene of the faculty. I used my time in serious pursuits. Most of
my evenings were spent doing lesson plans and grading homework. I
quickly discovered that it was unwise to give extensive homework
assignments. The kids resented it and me for assigning all that
work. In addition, it meant more work for me to in grading the

This was the pattern of my life. It all changed one blustery
day in mid-October. I had ground's duty at lunch time the day of
the October PTA meeting. Butch came over to talk to me while I was
keeping an eye on the parade field.

"How's it hanging, my man?" he asked.

"Oh, pretty good. And you?"

"Couldn't be better. Couldn't be better. You got any plans
tonight after the meeting?"

"No. Why do you ask?"

"Let me ask you. How do you feel about white pussy?"

"I don't know, I never had any. I guess it's like any other."

"No, No, my man. White girls have a thing for black cock.
They scream. They holler. They just can't seem to get enough of
it. I don't think you have ever had any pussy, black or while.
With the right white bitch, even YOU can feel like the greatest
lover in the world."

"Sounds good to me. What's the drill?"

"I am asking for $25 each -- just to pay my expenses mind

"Sounds cheap enough if the girl is good."

"The best man. Would you believe, our Mrs. Tits?"

"Now you're shitting me. No way."

"Listen to me man. She parties. I've had parties with her

"I still say you're shitting me. She's so stuck-up, her feet
don't even touch the ground."

"I'm telling you, I've fucked her. I've been to her house and
taken Link with me too. We've both fucked her."

"Oh yeah? And where was her husband? Holding your coat?"

"No, he's one of those honkey shit heads that think work is
more important than pussy. He works night and day, and leaves his
hot little wife at home alone."

"You know I have heard stories that she and Ralph had a thing
going." (Ralph is the Vice-Principal. He is white, middle-aged
and not very good looking.)

"That was her first year here last year. His wife got wind of
it and threatened to kill him if he didn't stop seeing her. Word
was that her husband knew about what was going on but couldn't or
wouldn't do anything about it. Baker moved in on her late last
year. He's the one that tipped me off about her."

"Shit, count me in. Does she do this often?"

"No, this is a little surprise party we've got planned for

"Now wait a minute man. She doesn't know? I mean we've just
going to show up at her house?"

"Look, I told her that I was uncomfortable with her kid around
so we needed to go to a motel. There will be about six of us.
She'll be surprised all right but will love it. I showed up at her
house with Link and she damn near went crazy at the idea of two men
at once. She was insatiable. She just couldn't get enough black
dick so don't worry. Her husband doesn't let her drink when he's
around. Get her a little blitzed and she will let you do anything
to her"

"Ok, so what time is this little event going to take place and

"I figure we can cut out of the PTA meeting about 7:30 and
make it to the La Quinta out on the Interstate by 7:45. The rest
of you can trickle out after we leave. I will let you know the
room number tonight at the meeting. I will have her there and
start getting her drunk before you guys get there."

"All right, here's my contribution," I said fishing into my
wallet for the money.


That night, the meeting was as boring as you would expect.
The only thing that made it bearable was the prospect of what was
to come. Just before the meeting was called to order, Butch came
over and told me to meet Link in front of room 225 at 8:00. I
later watched as he and Jan slipped out about 7:30. I saw Link and
a few of other teachers slip out a few minutes later. Then it was
my turn.

I drove a couple of miles to the Interstate and then east to
the motel. The motel was one of those along the Interstate between
the highway and the service road. Room 225 was upstairs around
back facing the Interstate. It was well placed so that our comings
and goings would be out of sight of the office.

Link wasn't there yet. I saw about a half a dozen cars with
guys setting in them so I figured that I had some how managed to
beat Link. About 8:05, Butch came out and we all got out of our
cars to go and meet him. There were eight of us counting Butch.
I didn't recognize half of the guys. The only thing common about
us was we were all black. Butch told us that Link was to bring the
beer and should be along shortly. He said he had told Jan that he
was going for more beer. About this time Link pulled up and we all
helped unload the beer while Butch went back up stairs.

"Hey bitch, why aren't you out of those clothes? Get them off
right now!" We all heard him yell while standing in the open door

We moved up the stairs to just outside the room. Butch held
out his hand to show that we should wait. The thought of her
taking off her clothes in that room for the nine of us was giving
me a boner that wouldn't quit.

"That's ok. You can leave that on," he said as he signaled us
to come in. As we were moving into the room, he said, "We needed
so much beer that I had to get it delivered."

Once in the room, I saw her naked, but for a garter-belt and
stockings, on the bed. She looked frightened. She was gripping
the bed but not making any move to coverup. Butch moved quickly to
her side with a can of beer while Link fastened the door behind us.

"Now babe, I know how much you love black dicks so I arranged
for a few of our friends to help you out. Here drink this. It
will help relax you," Butch told her in his calmest voice. He
began rubbing her tits and practically pouring the beer into her
mouth which kept her from saying much about what was going on.
"We're going to thrill you babe."

Link motioned for the rest of us to gather around the bed. We
knelt down next to her and started stroking her. I was down by her
right leg and started stroking the inside of her thigh. The guys
holding her arms were rubbing her tits. I could feel her tremble.
I could not tell if it was from fear or passion.

Link striped off his pants and announced that he was going
first before the rest of us stretched her out. When he had his
pants off, he said, "Hold the bitch's legs open for me."

Link didn't have the biggest dick in the world. It looked to
only be about five inches long, but when he touched her pussy, she
started moaning like he had a horse cock. Butch had moved away
from her mouth and had two guys holding down her arms while I and
another guy were holding her legs. The other three guys were
taking off their clothes.

"Don't . . . don't cum in me, pleeease," she gasped between
Link's thrusts. "I don't have any protection yet."

"Tough, slut. I don't want you turning me white with that
silly foam of yours, so forget it," Link said and at the same time
started pounding harder.

Link finished in just a few more moments. Maybe the thought
of fucking a fertile, unprotected white woman gave him a little
extra incentive. We all set back for a moment to think about what
we had just seen and decide who was next. One of the guys holding
her arms held another can of beer up for her to drink. They were
having a noticeable effect on her ability to talk. As she finished
the beer, the next guy stepped between her legs.

"Slut, this is Van. He's going to be fucking you next. He's
a fireman so he knows how to handle hoses," Butch called out from
across the room like some sports announcer giving the batting

I didn't know Van. He had what looked to be a thin eight inch
dick that slid right into her well lubricated hole. He began
working in and out of her slippery cunt. Her moaning became louder
as he worked his prick in her. I was mesmerized by his up and down
motion until I hear her moans become muffled. One of the other
naked guys was pushing his thin prick into her mouth. She was
starting to suck on it very enthusiastically.

"That's right, suck that dick babe. That licorice stick you
have in your mouth belongs to Pete. He's the janitor at our sister
school. It looks like he's going to clean your pipes," Butch
continued his play by play, or should I say blow by blow
description of the action on the bed.

I continued to watch spellbound as this woman that I had
regarded as unapproachable was fucked at both ends by two brothers
that she had not met until tonight. This stuck-up honkey bitch who
wouldn't even give me the time of day, was spread out now in front
of me ready to take on one man after another. This southern belle
was having nigger sperm shot into her unprotected cunt and mouth.
My dick was so hard I couldn't stand it.

Van was speeding up his pounding of her box. He let out a
yelp as he came off deep inside her. He rested a moment to catch
his breath and pulled out of her. I looked at her open pussy with
cum oozing out and down to her asshole. Pete took advantage of the
break in the action to reposition her so her head was at the edge
of the bed. With her in this position, he was able to start
fucking her throat. She made some muffled gasps between thrusts
and tried to wiggle away from him, but the fellows holding her arms
wouldn't let her get away. Van in the meantime had replaced Mitch
holding her other leg and Roy was moving between her legs. Roy had
a prick about the size of Van's and slid into her as easily.

"A new prick bitch. This is Roy. Roy is an old friend of
mine. He helped me in remodeling my house. He's very good at his
hands. He will soon be making an addition to you," Butch said
enjoying his wit and adding to her debasement.

It was only a few years ago that we had been told that rape of
the whites was a political statement. I had the heady felling that
we were making a statement here with sexual use of this white
woman. That she was willing to be defiled did not alter the fact
that we were subjecting her to our sexual pleasure. We were grudge
fucking her. At that moment, she represented all of the affront
and indignity that any of us had ever suffered at the hands of
white people. All of the contempt we had ever gotten from any of
the snooty honkey bitches. "Yeah, fuck her harder. Give it to
her," I found myself saying.

Pete started coming off and pulled out of her mouth to spray
her face, hair and tits for our enjoyment. He was adding to her
degradation. She was merely a receptacle for our jizm. Before the
evening was over, we would wash her inside and out with our semen.
As Pete recovered, he came to take my place. I stood up and began
removing my clothes and waiting my turn at her cunt.

Mitch now moved to her mouth. He grabbed her by the back of
her head and forced his thin prick between her lips.

"Hey cocksucker, this prick belongs to Mitch. You know Mitch
the social worker at our school. We all hope he doesn't have a
social disease. I told you who it was as I figured you couldn't
see him for all of the cum in your eyes," Butch said.

Pete was soon finishing his work between her legs and I
pressed between them. Her pussy was wide open and oozing cum but
I was so excited by the prospect of fucking this white bitch.

"Greg is fucking you now. He may even be a virgin so be
gentle with him," Butch said to a chorus of laughter.

I could barely feel her cunt around my dick but I didn't lack
for excitement. Her huge tits looked up at me and begged to be
sucked. They were too grimy from sweat and cum to make this an
attractive prospect. I contented myself with resting my hands on
them while squeezing and twisting them. It was obvious that others
had done this before me as her tits were already showing some
bruising from the rough handling we were giving her. I watched as
Mitch begin trusting violently in her mouth. She fought to keep up
with his spurting dick but some slipped out of the corners of her
mouth. As he pulled out of her, the last few spurts went with
others on her sticky wet face.

I heard some discussion behind me while the remaining two guys
were figuring out who would get her mouth and who would get her
cunt. One looked to be a young boy and the other was a rough
looking character who insisted on getting her cunt. The young boy
took his place at her mouth. His tentative actions brought Jan to
get one of her hands loose to bring the boys cock to her. She had
an impish look about her as she felt him tense when her tongue
touched the head of his prick.

"Another one to be gentle with bitch. This is Earl. He is
Mitch's nephew and he is only 13," said Butch. "He will probably
be in one of your classes next year. I wonder what grade you will
give him for tonight's lesson."

At this, Jan seemed to redouble her action on the boy's cock.
This was too much for me and I shot off so hard in her in her, it
hurt. I half collapsed between her legs. I did not get to rest
long though. The rough guy wanted his turn and started pulling me
off of her. He practically fell on her while jamming a very large
prick into her. She let out a gasp but kept on sucking Earl for
all she was worth.

"This last prick belongs to George, a cousin of mine," Butch
continued his announcements. "He is definitely not a virgin but
hasn't been with a woman in five years. George just got out of
prison so you had better watch out when he starts to cum. He may
drown you. Then again, by now he may be more turned on by the
boy's ass in front of him."

With George, it was most certainly a grudge fuck. I found out
later that he was sent up for rape and was using Jan to get back at
the women who put him in prison. He was pounding her hard until
the boy came and moved away from her. With him out of the way,
George pulled her legs up and almost bent her double to get the
deepest penetration. He was pushing into her so deep and hard that
he was knocking the breath out of her with each thrust. She was
letting out gasps as she tried to breathe between each plunge. The
gasps became weaker and we realized that she had passed out.


When we had all had a turn at fucking her, we took a break.
It was about 9:00. We had been fucking her almost continuously for
almost an hour. She lay on the bed moaning and slowly rolling
slightly from side to side jerking occasionally. Her body
glistened from a combination of sweat and cum. Her hair was matted
and wet. After a few minutes, her breathing returned to normal and
she began to take more notice of her surroundings.

"I have to go home," she said.

"Go get yourself cleaned up," Butch told her. She slowly
obeyed him, and staggered off into the bathroom.

"She is some piece of ass, where do you find them," said

"I keep telling you, they are all around you," Butch replied.

"Yeah, I'd like to get some more of her. She is the hottest
quim I've ever seen," said Mitch.

"Damn, I wanted to fuck her ass too," said George.

"Have no fear gentlemen, the night is still young," answered
Butch. "While you were getting your jollies, I took the bitches
clothes and car keys and stuck them in my car. She's not going any
place for a while. Also Baker says she loves it in the ass and if
she can take Baker's donkey dong, she won't have any trouble taking
you guy's little dicks.

Jan reentered the room. She still looked pretty strung-out
but was considerably cleaned-up. She was looking for her clothes.

"Where are my clothes?" she asked.

"Don't worry about them right now. Say why don't you go get
me a Coke?" Butch said.

Jan looked around the room some more. "Where are the Cokes?"
she asked.

"Oh they're in the vending machine a couple of doors down,"
Butch told her.

A look of horror spread over her face. "I can't go out there
like this," she said.

"Sure you can. There's nobody out there this time of night
and besides, you don't get your clothes back until you do," Butch

She started to protest and then realized it would be futile.
With a look of resignation, she held out her hand to him for some
money. He gave her the change for the machine. Link got the door
for her. As she left the room, she was holding one arm over her
ample tits and one over her pussy. She reminded me of that
painting of Venus rising from the surf. It was obviously hard for
her to move and shield herself at the same time. We all got a
laugh out of her efforts.

"Are you sure it's wise to send her out like that? Somebody
might see her and report it," Link said.

"The chances of anyone seeing her and wanting to do anything
about it are too small to worry about. I wanted to show the bitch
who was in control. Besides, if anybody did investigate, she
rented the room in her name. She invited us to come over and ball
her. The thing just wouldn't play any other way," Butch

Link had closed the door so she had to knock to get back in.
Butch signaled for him to take his time. Just as he opened the
door for her, we heard a long blast on an air horn from an 18-
wheeler on the Interstate. Evidently someone saw her and
appreciated it. She came in all flushed and shivering from her
experience. When she had recovered, she brought Butch his Coke.

"Can I have my clothes now?" she asked.

"Now why would you want them? We still have plenty of beer
and as you can see the guys have fresh hard-ons they want you to
take down for them," Butch told her.

"But I have to get home before my husband does. I have a
babysitter that can't stay out too late," she pleaded.

"Don't worry. We will have you home before your husband gets
off work. It's only 9:15 and I know he doesn't get off until after
midnight. Your babysitter lives next door so she can stay a little
later. Have another beer," Butch suggested.

"Thanks," she said taking a beer from Link. "You promise I
will be home before my husband gets home?"

"I promise babe," said Butch.

"Ok," she said chugging her beer, "who's on first?"

Link again went first. He lay down on the bed giving us a
wink where she couldn't see. She straddled his body and slowly
impaled herself on his revived dick. Once completely on him she
leaned over to steady herself. Link reached up had pulled her down
on him. She was enjoying being held close to him. He motioned to
Roy to come up behind her. She didn't know that Roy was behind her
until she felt his prick press against her little brown anus. She
tried to squirm away immediately but Link held her fast.

"No, please, not like that, not here," she begged.

"We know you like it bitch, so just settle back and enjoy it,"
Butch advised.

Submitting she said, "At least use something to lubricate me."

With that, Mitch reached over and poured some beer down the
crack of her ass toward her asshole. We all laughed at that. Roy
used the beer to wet his cock and began again to wedge it into her
backdoor. She buried her face in Link's shoulder, too embarrassed
to face us. We had heaped yet another indignity on her to add to
her defilement. Roy was now sliding in and out of her slippery
anus while we watched and waited our turn in her butt.

As we watch, we could see that the double assault was having
it's effect on her. Slowly at first and then faster she was
working herself back on to the impaling penises.

"Oh yes, fuck me hard! Fuck my ass! Yes!" she was crying.

Roy couldn't stand very much of this and soon shot off in her.
He quickly crawled off and was replaced by Mitch. Roy got up and
walked to the head of the bead and offered his cock to her to clean
off with her tongue. She shook her head to refuse. Roy grabbed
her hair and forced her mouth onto his prick. She looked like a
pink pig skewered on these black pricks. When she was finished she
asked for another beer with cum leaking from her mouth down on her
tits. Roy held it up to her mouth and she drained about half of
it. As Mitch finished, he too moved to her mouth and Pete took his
place in her soft, round rump. Earl just wanted a blow job so it
was my turn to fuck her butt.

I had never fucked a woman in the ass before. I was looking
forward to it and so was my Johnson. I eased up between her spread
legs. Cum was oozing out of her open asshole as she lay inert on
Link (how he was able to keep from cumming off is beyond me). Her
ass had been so stretched that it wouldn't close and remained open
and inviting. I thought of how this woman had snubbed me at
school. I thought of all of the whites that had ever snubbed me
and jammed my prick into her as hard as I could. I was rewarded by
a gasp from her. I began pounding into her butt. Soon she was
moving back to meet my thrusts. In a few moments, her body was
convulsing. I thought that after time I would be able to
hold off longer, but when she started shaking, I reached the point
of no return in cumming and just had to pound faster. With a gasp,
I came too.

She had been given more beer between sucking dick clean. When
I got out of her ass and up to her mouth, she was barely conscious.
I was able to get her to lick me a little, but it was very
uncoordinated. She only grunted as George buttfucked her as hard
as he could. She couldn't move back to meet his thrust as she had
the rest of us. She had passed out again.

When George finished, Link finally moved out from under her
and took his place at her rear. He looked down at her well-fucked
ass and tried to get some friction on his prick. "Damn, she's got
so much jizm in her that I can't even feel her asshole." So he
decided to take her pussy instead. She had cleaned up a bit after
the first round, but she still had a lot of cum in her pussy too.
It took him sometime to get off in her pussy.


When Link finished it was about 10:30. Butch had kept his
clothes on and didn't fuck the bitch. I don't know why he didn't
fuck her too, but he didn't. Butch pulled an instant camera from
under his chair. He approached the bed and shot a picture of her
upturned ass with a gaping hole seeping cum. Butch then asked us
to turn her over on her back. He wanted her setting-up in the bed
with her legs spread. When he had her where he wanted her, he
asked us to gather on either side of her and shot another picture
showing her nude between eight buck-naked bucks. He moved and shot
another picture so close that it could only have shown our cocks.

"Hey, can you get a picture of me with my dick in her mouth?"
asked Van. "I want to have something to show the guys at the

We all stepped back so that he could get a good picture. When
we saw the pictures, we all had to have a shot of her with our
dicks in her mouth.

With our souvenir pictures, we began to dress and leave. As
I was finishing dressing, Butch came over and asked me to help him
get her home. He said he would bring me back for my car later. We
used a blanket from the bed to cover her and with one of us under
each arm, Butch and I took her down the steps to her car. When we
got her in the passenger seat of the car, I saw what a mess she
was. Her hair was matted with cum and sweat. Cum was running down
both legs. She reeked of sex.

I got in and followed Butch to her house. I was nervous about
being at her house when her husband came home but Butch assured me
that he would not be home for at least another hour. When we got
there, Butch went up to the door and gave the babysitter some song
and dance about Jan being ill and that we would see to her. He
paid her out of Jan's purse with a generous tip. She was leaving
as we were getting Jan out of her car. I know that she saw that
Jan was naked under the blanket from the shocked expression on her
face but she said nothing to us.

We got her into the house and I wanted to take her to the
bathroom to clean her up. Butch said to take her to her bedroom.

"If her husband sees her like this he will know that she had
to have been fucked by a bunch of guys," I protested.

"So, let him know what a slut he married. It will do him some
good," Butch retorted. "Let the honky bastard know that his wife
is having to get her jollies from nigger dicks. Hell, he may even
get off on having a slut for a wife. I've heard stories about some
limp-dicked white boys that like to watch other men shag their

"I thought you might want to do her again sometime. She will
probably never speak to you again. Hell, she may even cry rape."

"That's why I had her get the room before the meeting. We
have witnesses that will say she must have planned the rendezvous.
As for doing it again, of course we will do it again. Hasn't it
soaked in to you yet that she is a nympho. Hell, Baker got her so
drunk she passed out. Reamed her ass on her living room floor.
Left her spread out with her ass toward the door just a few minutes
before her husband was due home. He waited at the corner where he
could see the front door when her husband found her. He said it
was priceless to see him freeze in the door as he saw his wife's
open asshole with cum pouring out. He went to see her a few days
later and she acted as if nothing had happened. She needs it like
an addict needs a fix. She will be back wanting more and probably
within the week," Butch answered.

Butch left the photo with just our cocks hanging over her on
his night stand. As a final insult Butch took her lipstick and
wrote GREAT LAY on her tits. We covered her up. We left her for
her husband to find her scum covered and with graffiti on her tits.


We did, indeed, have more sessions like that with Jan for a
couple of months. Butch showed the group picture of her to the
black members of the football team and promised that if they took
the conference title, he would arrange a party with her for them.
They did and he did.

After about two months, it all stopped. Jan seemed even more
distant. Within four months we could all see why. She was
pregnant. As the year progressed, she got bigger and bigger. When
ever her name was mentioned, it was usually accompanied with

Somehow she made it through that year, but didn't return in
the fall. Rumor had it that the baby was black as could be
expected with all of that black cum she took in her holes. It
seems her husband was finally forced to divorce her. We also heard
that she had moved to another town to try to live down her
reputation. The rumor said nothing about what she did about a
mulatto baby.

I am still teaching and am married now. I stay on the
straight and narrow in my marriage. Though I am faithful to my
wife, I sometimes I take out the dog-eared picture of Jan with my
prick between her lips and remember the night that I lost my
virginity to a stuck-up white nympho.

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