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Things all started a while back when I met Tommy. We met at a cafe after he
answered my personal in the newspaper asking for an attractive open minded male.
Tommy was just that... attractive and incredibly open.

I walked into the cafe and started talking to him and we immediately hit it off.
This, I knew, was going to be a great match. After chatting for about an hour he
got up and asked me to follow him, that he was going to show me how open he was
and test how open and gutsy I was.

We went out to his car and he got in and grabbed a duffel bag out of the back
seat. I went to sit down and he shouted "STOP!"

I backed up and he started with his speech, "Before you get into my car, there
are some rules you need to follow. The minute you agree to get in here you are
submitting your cunt to me, it will be mine to do with what I want to, you are
not to have any say in what I do to it in what manner I do it and where I do it.
Your cunt shall now be referred to as cunt, sloppy cunt or any form of cunt as I
see fit. Your cunt will be my toy to do with as I please from here on out. You
are to do as you are told with your cunt, if for any reason you go against what
I say or do, your cunt will be punished."

For some reason, my lips instantly said ok.. later I was shocked that I would
agree to such a thing from someone I just met, but there was something about him
that hypnotized me.

"Good, then take off your panties."

I was wearing a short skirt, well it wasn't very short.. it was about half down
to my knees. I slipped my panties off and put them in my purse.

While I was doing that he put a dildo on the seat of the car and ordered me to
sit on it.

I was already wet from his speech so it effortlessly went in my cunt as I put my
weight on it and sat down in his car.

"Good cunt slut," he said as he started the car and drove away.

At this point in time I knew I was in for the ride of my life.

We drove to the grocery store and parked. I started to get out of the car
leaving the dildo behind on the seat when he stopped me and told me that I
needed to keep what he orders to have in my cunt in until he says to remove it
or removes it himself. I bent down to put the dildo back in my cunt and he
stopped me "That is not necessary. Bend over with your knees on the side of the
car spreading your legs a bit please."

I did as he came over to my side of the car with another dildo he grabbed out of
his duffel bag. He shoved it in my cunt. it was 3 times bigger then the first
one and it throbbed with pain.

He helped me up from my bent over position and I could feel the dildo adjust in
my cunt as I stood straight up. I grabbed my purse and looked up and saw that
there were two guys in the car right beside us and they watched the entire

We started walking towards the grocery store and I knew my face was bright red.
Especially considering the fact that I had to of been walking funny. I had a
huge dildo in my cunt.

While walking around the grocery store I soon realized that his grocery list was
more a "what will fit in my cunt" list.

He got the obvious cucumber, a can of soup, 2 liter bottle of soda, a juice
bottle, a water bottle, a bottle of conditioner that he thought was a good
shape, a balloon type punching bag, 2 boxes of taper candles, 5 boxes of
pencils, a mini football, some rope.

"That will do for now," he stated.

I could feel my cunt getting wetter and wetter as we walked around and he
referred to every object as a sex toy. But I wasn't at all expecting what
happened next.

We got to the checkout line and the man asked if we found everything ok. He
spoke up and said "for the most part yes, You would be surprised how many good
objects I found to force into her cunt (pointing at me).. I am sure we will be
back for more"

I turned BRIGHT red.. the checker looked at me then back at Tommy and he got red
himself. Tommy then leaned over and told the guy about the dildo in my cunt at
that very moment. I thought I was going to just die of embarrassment.

We walked back to the car and I was again instructed to bend over with my knees
on the side of the car. he told me to reach into one of the bags and grab the
first thing that my hand touched. I grabbed the pencils. I smiled inside
thinking.. phew.. something smaller.

He opened the box of pencils and slid one pencil up beside the dildo that was
already tight as hell inside of me, then he leaned my seat back and instructed
me to get in the car.

I leaned back in the seat reclining way back with a pencil and a dildo in my
cunt just wondering what on earth was going to happen next.

He got in the car and informed me that we were going to go for a little ride. He
then blindfolded me and gagged me and off we went.

I had no idea where we were going or what was going to happen. I felt the car
come to a stop and all of a sudden felt him pushing another pencil up in my

This went on for a while, car stopped, pencil in, car stopped, pencil in, car
stopped, pencil in until he spoke up.. "good.. all of those pencils are gone" 10
pencils in my cunt!!! god, no wonder I wanted to cry!

He stopped the car and turned off the engine and un-blindfolded me and un-
gagged me. As soon as he took the gag off I spoke up.. "This fucking hurts! Are
you insane?!" I screamed at him.

He laughed and smiled at me "I know it does. That is the point. You will learn
to crave being in that pain." Then got out of the car and motioned for me to do
the same.

It wasn't easy to get up with a dildo and pencils shoved in my cunt but I did
manage it eventually. When I stood up I had my legs separated slightly and three
of the pencils fell right out on the ground. He picked them up making the
comment, "We will deal with that later." and motioned me to follow him into his


We walked in and he put the bags of groceries/sex toys on the coffee table and
pulled out another box of pencils. He grabbed me and bent me over the side of
his couch with my stuffed cunt up in the air and grabbed the box of pencils.
"This is what happens to little girls that drop things out of their cunt," he
said with almost an evil giggle about his words.

He got some KY jelly and rubbed it all around my cunt, he lifted out the dildo a
bit and put some on it and the pencils still inside of me then shoved it back
inside of me. He announced every pencil he got inside of me until he got all 10
plus the 3 that I had dropped inside of me with the dildo and the other 7.

He grabbed my legs and flipped me over onto the couch so I was laying on my back
and he came and sat beside me making sure my legs stayed spread apart. He turned
on the TV and made it very clear that my condition wasn't going to be changing
anytime soon.

He kept his hand right next to my cunt twisting a pencil or two now and then.
After some time, he got up and got us a couple of drinks, included with the
drinks was a small bowl of ice cubes. He placed one ice cube between some of the
pencils letting the ice cold water drip down into my cunt as it melted.

I stayed in that condition for 2 hours when he turned to me and started slipping
out the pencils one at a time out of my cunt then the dildo. He grabbed the KY
and rubbed it all over his fist. His fist slipped right into my cunt without
hesitation. He felt around inside of me for a while then lifted out. He pointed
me to the restroom so I could clean up.

While taking a shower I reached down to feel my cunt and about fell to my knees
when I felt how stretched out it was. I couldn't believe I had let this man do
this much to me.

I got out of the shower and got dressed again. I went out in the other room and
bent down to get my panties out of my purse when he came up from behind me "You
aren't putting those on just yet." and he forced a dildo back inside of me.
After ramming it all the way in, he took it out and showed it to me. "See what
your cunt can take already?" he said. It was a short, about 5 inches long, and
very fat, and about as big around as a small beer bottle. It had one large ball
on it that I could feel pressing against my clit.

"Now you can put on your panties" he told me. "That is to stay in until I say
otherwise, You are to ask my permission to remove it for any reason. If I found
out that you don't do as I say..."

He left the conversation at that and motioned me to the car. We get in the car
and starts driving me back to my car for me to go home. He pulls out of his
jacket pocket a small pinky vibrator. He hands it to me "cum for me with this on
your clit and do not stop until I say so."

I do as he instructed, putting the vibrator on my clit. It felt so incredible. I
found myself moaning and getting into it pretty heavily. I started grinding on
the dildo that was inside of me while moving the vibrator all around not paying
a bit of attention on anything around me.

"I will have two number two's with two cokes please" I heard him say. I looked
over and saw that we were in the drive thru at Burger King. I took the vibrator
off my clit and started pulling my skirt down. He glared over at me "You are not
to stop until I tell you to stop," and lifted my skirt back up again.

I put the vibrator back on my clit as we drove up to the window. "that will be
$8.76" said the young man at the window. "Just a moment" he replied. I knew he
was stalling. He wanted to make sure that the guy at the window knew just what
was going on. I could feel the young man's eyes just glued on me but I knew I
couldn't stop. I moaned a bit and started getting into the fact that this young
boy was watching me masturbate.

Tommy gave him the money finally and we drove off. "Now I have to get some gas"
He pulled up to the gas station and got out of the car. He came over to my side
of the car and told me to roll down the window. "have you cum yet?" he speaks in
a normal tone of voice looking at me then at the woman pumping gas next to us.
"yes, once I have" I replied. "Good cunt"

The other woman pumping gas spoke up, "I know this is none of my business but
may I ask what you have her doing in there?" He replied, "If you would like, I
will have her show and explain it to you." "Yes please, I am a bit embarrassed
to admit that the thought of a woman in a car masturbating turns me on a bit,"
she says to him in a fairly soft voice.

She walks over to the car window and asks me how I am doing. Tommy followed
with, "Go ahead, you can pull out that dildo and show it to her." I pulled it
out. "This is what I have in my pussy..." he quickly interrupted.. "CUNT.. it is
your cunt!.." he sighs. "I will have to tell you 'cause she, I am sure, will
leave things out."

The woman turned back to Tommy. "She is my cunt whore and I like my cunts
stretched out, able to take anything I want to stuff them with. Earlier today
she had a dildo and 20 pencils inside of her cunt to start her with this

He continued to recite the entire days experience to the woman, who appeared
very interested. "If you would like, you are welcome to join us here." He pulled
out his wallet and gave her a business card. "I just might give you a call." she
said as she walked back to her car. Before leaving she yelled, "Have fun with
that dildo and vibrator honey!"

I was so embarrassed.

That night I got home exhausted from the day and went to plop on the couch. When
I did I felt the dildo's balls push hard against my clit making me jump up
again. I couldn't believe that I still had this inside of me. He won't know the
difference if I take it out! I took off my panties and slipped out the dildo,
placing it on the coffee table and plopped back on the couch and turned on the

I must of slipped into sleep cause I was awaken by a knock on my door. Startled
I got up and answered it. It was a guy that I met about a month ago that I had
had over for drinks a couple of times. I was surprised but glad to see him so I
invited him in. I closed the door behind him and turned around when my eyes
instantly focused on the dildo that I left on the coffee table.

"I see you were having some...uh...fun with yourself. Was I...uh... interrupting
anything?" you could hear his blushing clean thru his words.

"Umm.. no.. you weren't." I said, knowing my face was bright red as I picked up
the dildo quickly and put it on the table in my room.


"Well... ummm.. I just came buy to see if I could borrow the CD of that group we
were talking about earlier"

I got the cd for him and he rushed out the door.

I flopped back on the couch when he left wondering if I would ever see him or
that cd again and put serious doubts on both.

I turned off the TV and the lights and decided I should just go to bed.

I woke up the next morning to someone banging on my door. Half awake I opened
the door. It was Tommy carrying his duffel bag. "Good morning, beautiful" he
commented as he let himself into my house. I welcomed him in and closed the
door. As soon as the door shut he looked at me with an evil look and grabbed me,
picked me up, walked into the bedroom and threw me on the bed.

"I didn't get a call from you all night, cunt. And unless you peed with that
dildo inside of you, you took it out without calling to ask me"

I shivered in fear. Not only did I take it out, I haven't had it in all night.
He ripped open my legs finding nothing inside of me. His face got red with
anger. He looked around the room and saw the dildo on the table in the corner of
my bedroom. He went over and picked it up and rammed it back up inside of my
cunt. He kept hold of one of my legs and got rope out of his duffel bag and tied
down my foot to one corner of the bed, then the other, then both arms so I was
spread eagle on my back on my bed with my robe untied and open.

He pulled out another dildo from his duffel bag and worked it in beside the
first dildo in my cunt not taking much care into how painful it might be for me.

"I told you that your cunt would be punished if you did not do as I instructed.
You will now feel exactly what I mean...."

He pulled a gag out of his bag and wrapped it around my mouth "This is to stop
your screams of pain from penetrating the room"

I watched him as he went back down to standing between my legs and he ripped out
both dildos at the same time. A muffled scream came from me knowing that this
was only the beginning.

Out of his duffelbag he pulled out the punching bag that we bought yesterday
with a pump attached to it. He got out the KY and got the punching bag fully
coated with it along with his fist.

He put the punching bag in his hand then slipped his hand into my cunt getting
it all the way inside of me. He spent extra time twisting his fist all around in
my cunt and moved it side to side making my body toss and turn from the force
then slipped in 2 fingers from his other hand pulling my walls from his fist as
he slipped his fist out of my gaping cunt leaving the punching back deep inside
of me.

He put the pump down between my legs. He pulled out this strange contraption out
of his bag... a g-string with a metal front? He untied my legs and slipped it on
over me then spread my legs and tied them back down. He put the tube of the pump
against my clit and upward then clamped the contraption around me.. it was a
chastity belt!!!

"This will keep things from coming out... from now on."

He started to pump. I could feel the punching bag growing inside of me.. pump
pump pump filling my cunt more with every one. It pressed firmly against my
walls and he wasn't stopping.. I tried to scream only getting out a small
muffled noise. Pump pump pump.. "I swear I am going to fucking explode!" I
thought in my head.

The pain was terrible.. it was so extreme that I actually passed out. When I
came to, my pussy was still in complete pain but not near as bad as it was just
a moment ago. "Either I am getting used to it or he has let off a bit," I
thought to myself.

He saw me waken and smiled. "There you are... your cunt is finally adjusting to
the pain.. very good to see."

He untied me from the bed and instructed me to get up. I rolled to the edge of
the bed and got my feet on the floor, when I sat up, I could feel the air
shifting in the punching bag and I moaned. He told me to get dressed offering
suggestions with what he wanted me to wear. He liked my super short
"cheerleader" skirt and insisted I wear that along with a tube top.

After dressing he reached down the front of my skirt and pulled up the now
clamped tube that was still attached to the punching bag blown up inside of me.
"Keep this out where I can see it, I want to have easy access to it," he told

We left my place and got in his car. Him with pump in hand. He told me that we
had a lot of running around to do today and that I should be prepared for a
"pumping" at any time.

There was something he failed to tell me about his g-string chastity belt and
that was the ability to vibrate via a short range remote control. The second I
sat down in his car, he started it's engine. "This is also something that you
should be prepared for," he smirked.

First stop, hardware store. We walk in the door and he immediately turns on the
vibration, turning it up (which of course was louder) when I was around people.

We went to the section were they had pumps and asked the sales person if he
could check them out to compare them. The salesman was happy to help him and
demonstrated the different types and how fast or slow they pump on a raft when
Tommy spoke up, "I would like to see that one there demonstrated on my
girlfriend here."

The salesman looked at Tommy oddly as he grabbed the tubing that was coming from
the top of my skirt "Please, sir, you do it, just one up/down motion to see how
she responds."

He did as I moaned loudly and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. Tommy put
the clamp back on the tube with this new addition of pain inside of me and told
the salesman as we walked away, "You just pumped more air into a punching bag
she has stuffed in her cunt."

I didn't look back...I didn't want to know what that salesman was thinking at
that point. We went to the checkout with the tools that he had picked up. While
waiting in line he turned the vibrating on the highest level and played with the
tube coming from the top of my skirt "Too bad not everyone here knows what this
little tube is to, eh?" he said in a plain voice. I just blushed and didn't say
a thing and tried to adjust to the again extreme pain still between my legs.


We got to the checkout and like at the grocery store... "Have a good afternoon"
the woman told us as we were walking away.. Tommy's response "Oh, I will.. my
cunt slave will be in pain though with that punching bag inside of her all day"
and we walked out.

"Take off your skirt" Tommy ordered me

"WHAT? I am not going to take off my skirt are you nuts!" I exclaimed.

"Ok.." He went and grabbed the pump from the car and stuck it on the tube and
started to pump

"OK STOP!!!! I will take off my skirt."

So I did just that, in broad daylight in the parking lot of the hardware store.
I took off my skirt.

"Now get in the car" he told me with a stern voice.

He didn't talk to me at all when we were in the car. He grabbed one of my legs
and moved me to sit facing him in the car, legs spread so he could see my
covered/stuffed cunt. We drove for about 20 minutes until we got to this
building. It wasn't finished being built yet. "Get out of the car." he ordered.

I got out of the car still without my skirt. He walked me inside the building
and I heard a ton of voices. "PETER!!" he screamed "I am bringing back the
hammer I borrowed along with a bonus for me taking so long."

A voice from down the hall yelled,, "IN HERE!"

We walked into one of the rooms where they were obviously doing construction.
Four guys stopped working and looked at me.

Tommy ordered me to lay on the ground with my legs spread and he picked me up by
my legs, cunt in the air.

"She isn't as stretched as I like them but she has been a bad cunt, you guys
want a piece of her?"

They all stopped and came right over as Tommy took off the chastity belt and let
out a little air out of the punching bag then ripped it out of me with a lot of
the air still in it, then he grabbed Peter's hand, "Make a fist, buddy."

Peter made a fist and Tommy rammed Peter's fist in my cunt. "She likes this.
Give her everything you guys want, I'll be back to pick her up in a couple of

Peter grabbed one leg with his other free hand keeping his fist in my cunt and
dragged me down on the ground letting his fist rip out of me. He grabbed a saw
horse and put my legs up on it spread eagle and two other guys tied my legs
sprawled apart.

They all pulled their cocks out and started stroking them looking at this open
cunt at their face. One guy got on his knees and got behind me and put his cock
in my ass and started fucking my ass like it was a sopping wet pussy, not caring
how much it hurt me.

While he did that, Peter put his fist back in my cunt standing to one side of
me. He told the other guy "Hey, come see if you can get your fist in here with
mine." He came over and first tried punching at my cunt, I SCREAMED in pain
"Shut up cunt. You know you like it." said one of the guys. The one that was
trying to get his fist in my cunt along with Peters got angry. He got violent
and took two fingers from his other hand and pulled back my pussy walls from
Peter's fist, leaning back you could see that he was putting a lot of force into
it. I could feel myself tear when he slipped his hand inside of me next to
Peters and let go with his other hand.

The guy that was busy fucking my ass screamed in pleasure as it tightened my ass
against his cock while he came. I had two fists in my cunt and a cock up my ass.
How could any human enjoy this!

I thought it couldn't get any worse, but the 4th guy came over and sat down on
my face and forced me to suck his cock. While doing so he stuck his first two
fingers along side of the fists in my cunt and used my cunt and my clit as a
handle to move himself back and forth on my face.

The other two guys jacked off and came on my stomach. They were all thru with
me. They all walked away and went back to work leaving me tied up used and

"How do you feel, cunt?" Peter came over and asked me.

"Sore, please let me up!" I begged.

"HAHAHA not hardly, in fact I think we should see what else your sloppy cunt can
take" he replied

He went over to one side of the room and got out an industrial size spray can
and put the butt end of that in my cunt. "HA HA god you have a loose hole, you
slut!" he said while easily slipping the can in and out of my cunt.

"Guess you need something larger stuffed in that hole of yours," he said walking

"Peter!" one of the other workers yelled.

"How about this for that sluts cunt?" he holds up one of the banister nobs that
goes at the base of the staircase

"OOH that would work well I think.. but lets do one more thing..." Peter grabbed
one of his drills and drilled all the way down on the nob then held up the drill
with the nob on it and went to my cunt. He spit in my used pussy and slipped his
fist in and out a few times getting it worked up and taking the juices from deep
inside of me and spreading them around the edge of my cunt. He then placed the
nob at my cunt and leaned into it pushing it inside of me slowly as my cunt took
it more and more until PLOP as it gets to the smaller end of the ball and pulls
it inside of me. Then he turned on the drill forcing the ball to rotate inside
of me spinning and twisting my pussy lips as they got caught on the edge
twisting it round and round until he reversed the drill and left the banister
ball inside of me.

"I think Tommy will like to get you back like this," he said as he walked away.

- story continues,

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