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My name is Ana and I'm a 24 year old slut for black cock. I'd like to share with
you the experience that led me to this submission to black cock. I've always
been a slut. From a very young age I realized that I loved sex. I have 36 DD
tits that came in when I was 14. Needless to say, I was popular with the boys.
My first sexual experience was shortly after my tits blossomed with a 16 year
old boy. While he was clumsy and the sex was short lived, I knew then that I'd
be wanting more.

Because of my big tits I was able to get into clubs at about 16. I'd spend my
weekend nights at a club in my home town just waiting to get picked up and taken
back to some strange guy's apartment and get the shit fucked out of me. While
there were black men at the club I never really was attracted to them and didn't
think of them as possible sexual partners. That is until my first black

It happened when I was 16. I was at the club, sitting at the bar waiting to get
picked up. It was a slow night and the pickings were pretty slim. After a while
a young black man named Darryl came up to me and asked me to dance. Figuring I
wasn't going to get laid that night I accepted just to have something to do. We
had been on the dance floor for a while when my hand brushed up against his
upper thigh unintentionally. I felt a bulge in his pants and I thought to
myself, "Oh my god,this guys got a hard on!." I acted like I hadn't noticed and
we continued to dance for a while. About an hour later we were still dancing and
again I brushed up against his thigh. I still felt the bulge in his pants. I
couldn't believe he could stay hard that long just dancing with me. While the
bulge wasn't the biggest I've ever felt, it was decent size. I felt a little
tingle in my pussy as I thought about how long this guy could probably fuck. I
dismissed those thoughts quickly, as I had no intention of fucking a black man.
We danced for about another hour, taking a few breaks and talking small talk.

It was getting late and I told Darryl I had to get going. He offered to walk me
to my car and I declined, but he insisted. After going back and forth I figured
what harm could it do. The club has an under-ground parking lot and when we got
down to the level where my car was I was glad Darryl was with me. It was very
dark and very deserted. There were a few cars, but no people coming or going. I
walked to my car and started to open the door. Darryl politely asked me for a
kiss good night and I told him that I wasn't really interested. "Aw, come on
baby. A little kiss ain't going to hurt nothing." he pleaded. I continued to
decline and then he started to get angry. "White bitch, you can't be teasing a
brother like that. Who the fuck do you think you are?"

Darryl grabbed me and turned me around facing the car. It was at this point that
I realized just how strong he was. I tried to fight back but I had very little
impact on what he was doing.

"All right, bitch. Now I'm going to give you a little taste of black cock." he
growled as he grabbed my head and shoved it down against the hood of the car. I
started to scream and suddenly I felt dazed. At first I didn't realize what had
happened but then as the fog cleared a little I realized that he had smacked me
on the side of my head very hard. "Shut up bitch, unless you want some more of
that." I was petrified. I didn't make another sound.

He flipped my skirt up over my ass and because I wanted to be ready for action
that night I wasn't wearing any panties. I heard his zipper go down and a second
later he kicked my legs apart with his leg. Then I felt something push up
against my pussy. At this point I realized that Darryl didn't have a hard on
while we were dancing. The size of his head as it pushed up against my pussy
felt like a tennis ball. Oh my god! I thought. He was limp on the dance floor.
His cock is huge! He kept pushing harder and harder and rubbing the head up and
down my slit.

Then it popped through. The pain was unbearable and I let out a scream. Darryl
smacked me on the side of the head again and told me to shut the fuck up.
"You'll get used to it bitch, and when you do, you won't be able to do without
it." I didn't make another sound as he pushed his cock farther and farther into
my pussy. The pain was overwhelming and I thought I might pass out. Then I felt
his balls nuzzle up against my ass and I realized he was all the way in. He must
have been at least 12 inches and it was fat too. He left his cock in me like
that for a few minutes and gave me a chance to adjust to the size of his huge
cock. Then he started to slowly withdraw and thrust back in. The pain was still
nearly unbearable but I started to feel a new sensation that I had never felt
before. As he started to thrust faster and faster.

The pain subsided and the new feeling grew. I recognized this new feeling as
pleasure, but it wasn't the kind I was used to from being fucked. As it grew
stronger and stronger I felt my desire to resist diminish and I started to relax
my muscles. "That's it baby. See, I told you you'd like it." The new feeling
started to overwhelm me and I lost control of my body. My entire body started to
convulse and I had an orgasm like I'd never had before. Darryl didn't slow down
one bit as I came. He just kept plowing my pussy with that huge black cock and
as my first orgasm subsided another overtook me. I started to moan, telling him
how good his cock felt inside me. The second orgasm ended and Darryl just kept
on thrusting. Suddenly I heard voices in the distance. I stopped moaning and
listened. There was a group of about 6 men and women coming into the garage. I
was startled and I figured Darryl would quickly pull out and zip up but he

He just kept right on fucking me. I could see the group and now they could see
us. They stopped and looked over at us. Darryl just kept on fucking me and
suddenly something snapped in my head. At that moment I decided the pleasure of
his black cock was the most important thing in the world to me and I didn't give
a shit about anyone or anything else. I let myself go completely and gave myself
to Darryl. I started moaning again and screaming, "Yes, yes, fuck me with that
big beautiful superior black cock, Master. I love your black cock. I'm your
little white whore slave."

I started cumming over and over. It was like one constant orgasm. "Now you
understand." Darryl said as he leaned over close to my ear. I had forgotten all
about the group that was watching us. I looked up and they were standing about
30 yards away with very puzzled looks on there faces. Then I heard one of the
guys say, "What a slut." They laughed and moved on.

"You gonna be my bitch from now on, aren't you?" Darryl asked. "Yes." I moaned.
"Your a little white whore for black cock now?" "Yes." I moaned again. "You
understand that the black man has a superior cock? No more of those little white
boy cocks for you, right?" "Oh yes, master." I answered. "I won't let anything
touch this pussy but black cock from now on." "And you gonna fuck any time, any
place and anybody I say, right?" "Yes Master. I'll do anything you say."

I couldn't believe what I was saying but the pleasure his cock was giving me was
like nothing I had ever experienced before. I couldn't say no to anything he
asked, and I knew I meant yes. It was like something had snapped in my head and
my highest priority now was giving myself to him and pleasing him any way he

He continued pounding me for some period of time and I continued to cum over an
over. He reached around and started to play with my big tits, grabbing them
roughly with his large black hands. Then he reached under my blouse and undid my
bra, pulling it away from my tits. He then grabbed a nipple and each hand and
started to pinch and twist. I went into orbit. I couldn't believe that such
pleasure existed. I have no idea how long we were fucking.

I was in another universe. My orgasm daze was broken when he grabbed me by my
hair and pulled my head back. "I'm gonna cum, bitch. Where you want it?" I
wasn't on birth control since I require my partners to use a condom, but I just
had to feel that hot jizz shoot into my womb. I didn't care if I got pregnant.
All I cared about was that big black cock inside me. In fact, the idea of
getting pregnant actually turned me on even more. "Shoot it in me, Master. Give
me that black seed. I want to feel your hot jizz inside me." "You on the pill,
bitch?" Darryl asked. "No." I gasped. "You know the black man got some potent
seed, bitch. You likely to end up pregnant." Darryl barked while pulling my head
back even further. "I don't care. I want to feel that potent black seed shoot in
me. Seed me master! I would be honored to have your child inside me!"

Hearing myself say this sent me to a new level of pleasure. My continuous
orgasms got even more intense. "All right bitch, here it comes." Darryl grunted
as he thrust one last time deep into my pussy and started to cum. Feeling his
hot jizz shoot inside me and knowing that it was probably impregnating me sent
me even higher. Darryl shot load after load into my pussy. It felt like a gallon
of cum. My entire body was spasming in orgasm. "Yes! Yes! Yes!... " I screamed
just before I passed out.

When I woke up I was in the passenger seat of my car and Darryl was driving. The
first thing I felt was an aching in my pussy from the stretching it got from
Darryl's massive cock. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Don't you worry about it
bitch. You belong to me now. You're my property and you'll go where I tell you
and do what I tell you." Hearing Darryl say this gave me an unexplainable warm
feeling all over. I was completely content to be his property, his white whore
for black cock.

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