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Chapter I (Martha)

My intercom buzzed, it was my boss, the owner of the company, Lawrence Greenwood. I’m his executive secretary.

“Martha, I hate to ask but could you stay a little late this evening, there are a few things I need to go over with you.”

“Certainly, Mr. Greenwood, what time would you like to meet?” I inquired.

“Let’s make it six, here in my office.”

“Of course Mr. Greenwood,” I said.

I’d been expecting this call for a week, I imagined it would be an evaluation of my performance, there was a 90 day probationary period before company benefits would kick in and I’d even qualify for a raise. I’d only been on the job for eighty-two days but it was far and away the best position I’d ever held.

Greenwood & Associates was a fast paced sales organization staffed primarily with hard charging younger associates. The floor was always a hive of activity, the phones and computers ringing non-stop, it was a busy but a great place to work and the main reason was the boss.

When I’d had my first interview I was surprised that I was even being considered. Mr. Greenwood was young, I guessed him to be around twenty-eight or twenty-nine and all of the employees I’d seen were twentysomethings, too. All that is except Mr. Greenwood’s executive secretary, Magda Schultz; Magda was sixty-five and retiring. I was being interviewed as her replacement.

I was a bit early for my interview; Magda and I chatted. I commented on the youthfulness of the staff. She said that Mr. Greenwood demanded energy, long hours and dedication; in return employees could expect the highest compensation and the best benefits package in the industry. She mentioned that she’d been Mr. Greenwood’s father’s secretary and had stayed after his death.

Mr. Greenwood buzzed that he was ready for me; Magda wished me luck and I went in.

“Martha, please have a seat.”

I sat across his desk from him, it was stacked with work and there was a silver framed picture; Mr. Greenwood, a beautiful blonde lady and two children. It was posed on the lawn of a huge, ornate home. I assumed it was his family, I’d learn later that it in fact was.

“Martha, may I call you Martha?”

“Please do.”

“Martha, let me tell you a little about the company: it was founded by my grandfather forty-seven years ago, he held the Chairmanship position for thirty-one years before retiring. Mr. Father ascended to the leadership position, he headed the firm for the next thirteen years and upon his untimely death three years ago the mantle fell to me. We’re a sales organization and I expect a great deal from my associates, all of my associates. Performance, unbridled dedication and loyalty are what we demand here. If that’s forthcoming this can be a nice place to work.

Now, please tell me about yourself.”

“Mr. Greenwood, first, and I know this is really not the way to start, but I’m surprised to have this opportunity to even interview, everyone here is so young.”

Interrupting he said, “Ah Martha, I think I understand.” Glancing down at my resume he said, “I see here that you’re fifty-eight, well, yes, I do want youthful exuberance in my sales force but, in my executive security I want experience and skills that are no longer taught, as an example, I prefer to dictate correspondence and I need a secretary that knows shorthand, that sort of thing, so, for this one position I seek maturity.”

I smiled; maturity I did have; at fifty-eight I’d been doing secretarial work for thirty-five years.

“Yes well, I am experienced,” I said, “I’d been with my previous employer for seventeen years, we were suppliers of materiel for the construction trades. When the current economic crisis hit and building dried up the firm filed for bankruptcy, I’ve been unemployed for four months. As you mentioned, I’m fifty-eight, I’ve been a widow for the past nine years, I live with my thirteen year old granddaughter, I lost my daughter several years ago so I took Margo in.

I do have Gregg shorthand skills but I’ve kept up to date, I’m familiar with most of the business computer programs, Microsoft Office with Excel and the other related applications, I can handle those as well.”

We talked for about another thirty minutes, reviewing my resume, what my former duties had been, that sort of thing.

“Martha, I’ve enjoyed meeting with you; I do have several other candidates to speak with and, if we move on we’ll need to do a little background check; I’ll have Magda give you a call in a few days, make it three days, one way or the other.”

“Thank you for your time, Mr. Greenwood,” I said as I left his office.

I said a silent prayer as I took the bus home, “Please give me this opportunity,” I prayed, something had to break, I was at my wits end.

When I’d given Mr. Greenwood details about myself I’d held a few things back. Not about my work history or my skills, no, not that, I could do everything I’d said. It was my personal affairs that I’d omitted.

After my husband had died I’d moved into a small one bedroom apartment, it was really all I could afford but I’d been making it; then Margo had come to live with me. My daughter had gotten into the drug scene and Margo’s home life had been pure chaos. When her mother’d overdosed, it nearly pushed her over the edge.

Margo had been with me a little over two years, she was rebellious and things were just getting worse; I knew she needed counseling but I simply couldn’t afford it.

Then I’d lost my job. The last four months had been pure hell, I was past-due on the rent; fortunately my landlord had worked with me but that couldn’t last forever and if I lost the apartment we’d be homeless. Sure I was getting unemployment compensation and I’d applied for food stamps but it just wasn’t enough. The job situation was bleak; I’d been beating the streets for four months and still didn’t even have a prospect. I owned an automobile but it was parked, I couldn’t afford to have it repaired.

Margo complained that she felt like a waif, wearing hand me down clothes, no Ipod, none of the things other kids had.

Truth be told, I felt the same, I shopped at Goodwill. I kept our clothes clean but they were a little worn, a little shabby and our **** was atrocious, all I could afford were fatty cuts of meat if we had meat at all, mostly we lived on beans, rice and other starches. It filled our bellies but that was about it. I was putting on weight, flabby weight from the poor **** and so was Margo.

And so I’d said a prayer. I was a religious woman, I’d been raised in a strict Presbyterian home and still attended Sunday services; Margo refused to go.

I thought, well at least I had a phone, it was from Lifeline and I got it for no cost. Now if it would just ring with a job offer…

And three days later it did ring, “May I speak with Martha Van Dorn please?” The female voice asked.

“This is Martha,” I replied.

“Martha, this is Magda, Mr. Greenwood’s secretary, if it’s convenient he’d like to meet with you again tomorrow morning at eight, will you be available?”

“Yes, Magda, yes, of course, I’ll be there.”

On the bus ride the next morning I was so jittery, again I prayed, “Please, please let this work out.”

“Good morning Magda,” I greeted.

“Hello Martha, Mr. Greenwood can see you right away, go on in.”

His office door was open, I walked in.

“Good morning Martha, please have a seat.”

“Martha, I’ll get right to it, we’ve completed our background investigation and you’re the candidate we’ve selected. If you’re still interested, I’d like you to join our firm.”

We hadn’t discussed salary, benefits, nothing, still I didn’t hesitate, “Sir, I look forward to working with you.”

“I’d like you to start tomorrow morning if possible, Magda is leaving at the end of the week, it’d give you a few days for her to show you the ropes, can you?”

“Yes Mr. Greenwood, I can start then.”

“Ok, now that that’s settled, there are a few things we need to discuss. Your starting salary for instance.”

He told me, I was glad I was sitting, I’m afraid my knees would have failed me, his offer was more than double what I’d been making at my previous employer, he continued, covering the benefits that I’d be entitled to after my ninety day probationary period; he was emphatic that I understand, for the first 90 days I could be terminated without any cause or reason being given. I told him that, yes, I understood that.

“Martha, I don’t want you to feel or take what I’m about to say in a demeaning manner, but I like my employees to look sharp, particularly my executive secretary; you’ll be my gatekeeper and provide the first impression of the company.”

I was anguished; I couldn’t afford a new wardrobe, my face dropped.

He handed me an envelope that he’d pulled from his drawer, “I realize you’ve been out of work for several months and that things are probably tight financially; I want you to have this, look at it as a signing bonus.”

As I left, I said to Magda, “He hired me; I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

Outside the building I had to lean against the wall, I was overcome emotionally, my prayers had been answered. I looked in the envelope, there were ten one hundred dollar bills, a thousand dollars, I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

I didn’t go home right away, he wanted me well dressed, I walked to a department store for some shopping, shopping for nice dresses, clothing I hadn’t been able to afford for years.

I selected three dresses, full skirted to conceal the fact that I was a woman’s size eighteen, God I thought, had I put on that much weight, I wasn’t a small lady but I’d been a size fourteen for years. I also chose two new pairs of shoes, low heeled, sensible shoes. Then I make a stop in the teens’ department. For Margo I bought four short sets, several new Tee-shirts, some panties and a couple of bras; she got a new pair of sneakers, too, she’d be elated. I felt good being able to do something nice for her.

As I left the store I realized I’d neglected to stop in the ladies’ lingerie department, my panties and brassieres were pretty raggedy, some of them with holes. I started to turn back then thought, I want to get home. I’d get them the next time; no one was going to see them anyway. I’d neglected to get back.

Now, I’d been with the company eighty-two days and the job was even better than I’d expected. Mr. Greenwood had an open door policy; associates were always coming and going, with suggestions as to how productivity could be increased. And he always took the time to listen to and give consideration to their ideas.

You could tell his people loved him; some of the female associates would flirt a little when they had the chance, he was a handsome man, he fended them off but never in a way that was embarrassing, but why would he stray, he had a lovely wife and family.

I’d learned that it was a family photograph he kept on his desk, his wife had come to the office several times for luncheon dates, and she always had a greeting and a kind word for me.

He even kept in touch with Magda. I knew he visited her every Tuesday and always took her a little gift. Magda had confirmed this; she’d stopped by to visit last week.

We’d had lunch together and asked if I’d had my private meeting with Mr. Greenwood. When I’d told her no she’d said I could expect to hear from him in the next several days and then, he’d probably want to see me at least one evening a week. She said he called them organizational meetings but he only held them with his executive secretary, his one mature employee.

Was she enjoying her retirement thus far I inquired?

Mr. Greenwood gave me a nice pension; I’m quite comfortable, in fact I’m planning to take two weeks to visit London and Paris starting the first of June.

I commented that Mr. Greenwood had scheduled a vacation for the same period, he was taking his family, they also would be in London and Paris.

“Yes, I know,” she replied, “He’s paying my way. We’ll say at different hotels but he thought he might need a secretary and asked if I’d be willing to travel. I really couldn’t turn him down, now could I?”

Was it true, did he still visit with her?

With a little smile she said,

“Oh yes, he comes over every Tuesday evening for about an hour, he always brings me a little something, Swiss chocolates, a fruit basket, some little treat.”

She told me that he and she had always gotten together on Tuesday evenings when she was his secretary but she thought he’d want to see me on a different day.

I wondered out loud why he’d want to change his schedule.

Again, with a smile she said, “Well he does visit me on Tuesday evenings.”

So I was meeting with Mr. Greenwood this evening at six. I was a little nervous, I was still probationary but I didn’t think I’d done anything to warrant complaint. I phoned Margo, yes; she had her own cell phone now, and let her know I’d be a little late.

Promptly at six I went to his office.

“Martha, please close the door,” he asked.

I thought that a little strange, his door was always open, none the less, I did as he’d asked, I thought I heard a lock engage when the door closed.

“Please have a seat,” he asked.

As I sat I noticed some odd differences. His desk that was always covered with pending paperwork was completely clear, even the picture was gone; I saw it on his credenza.

He started, “Martha, your ninety days are ending in a week or so, I wanted to find out how you feel about your job thus far.”

I may have been a tad overboard in my exuberance as I gushed, “Mr. Greenwood, it’s a dream come true, the people here are wonderful, and the pay, my goodness I’m still amazed at what my salary is. I’ve gotten my car repaired; Margo and I both have new wardrobes, we’re looking for a larger apartment in a nicer area, we even get to go out to a movie or for pizza occasionally. And you, Mr. Greenwood, I think you’re the best boss in the world.”

He smiled, “I take it you like it here then.”

“Mr. Greenwood, I think it’s fantastic working here.”

“Have you had an opportunity to look over the benefits you’ll receive in just a few days?”

“I haven’t gone over them thoroughly yet, no.”

“Let me recap what you’ll have; your insurance will be completely company paid, there’s no deductible for anything, full medical and hospitalization, prescription medications, dental and vision are included and you’re entitled to dependent coverage. Margo can be covered, too. Did I mention the mental health provision, I know you’d like for Margo to get some counseling, it provides for unlimited sessions with either a psychologist or psychiatrist; she can get the help you want for her. We have nine paid holidays, of course a liberal sick leave policy and you qualify for four weeks vacation after you’ve been here a year. You’ll receive five hundred thousand life coverage and finally, should Margo choose to attend college we provide financial aid, no need for student loans. Oh, I forgot to mention, on your ninety-first day you’ll receive a ten percent pay increase; after that we’ll review your work on an annual basis. Do you have any questions?”

My mind was awhirl, my future was set, all I had to do was a good job for the company, Margo’s, too, with counseling and an education she’d be off to a good start in life and, since she’d be my beneficiary, she could look forward to a half a million windfall at some time in the future.

I could only nod, no, I didn’t have any questions.

I’d spoken to Magda earlier and she’d asked if I’d had my meeting yet. I’d said no, that it was scheduled for six this evening. I thought it strange when she said,

“If you decide to stay give me a call tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to the Sisterhood.”

“The Sisterhood?” I asked.

“Yes, there are three of us, all older retired women, you’d be the forth.”

“Can you tell me what that’s about?”

“If you stay you’ll understand, call me tomorrow, ok.”

I’d gotten off the phone thinking, what an odd conversation.”

Mr. Greenwood interrupted my thoughts by saying, “Martha, I’ve got a couple of questions for you.”

He had a strange look on his face, almost a leer as he stared at me.

He pointed toward the family photo, “You’ve met my family?”

“You have a lovely family, Mr. Greenwood, I’ve met your wife, she’s beautiful.”

“Yes, isn’t she, delightful arm dressing.”

“I think she’s more than just that sir, she seems to be a wonderful woman.”

“Yes, she’s pretty but Martha I’ve got to confess, I really much prefer mature ladies. Did you know I still visit several of my retired employees?”

“I know you see Magda once a week, I didn’t know about anyone else.”

“There are two others, they weren’t my executive secretaries, they were from other departments, women that had worked for my father before me and decided to stay. Unfortunately after Father’s death several of the older ladies chose to leave.”

“You don’t want to leave the company do you Martha?”

I thought about my earlier conversation with Magda, the Sisterhood, she’d said there were three of them, that if I chose to stay with the company that I’d make four.

My mind spun, some older women had chosen to leave the company but at least three of them had chosen to stay. I thought about Magda’s smile and I thought about her generous pension, the gifts and the trip. And I thought about myself and Margo.

I got a bad feeling, a very bad feeling. I was a religious church going, God fearing woman, I didn’t know exactly what Mr. Greenwood wanted but I knew it wasn’t my prayers that had been answered, if I stayed it would be a pact with the Devil.

With a shaky, tremulous voice I answered, “Yes Mr. Greenwood, I want to stay.”

I was committed and I knew he was about to exact the price for the good life he was offering.

“Yes Mr. Greenwood, I want to stay,” I repeated.

He scooted his chair back and stood, he had something in his hand but I couldn’t identify it. He pointed to a drawer in the credenza.

“Martha, please get what’s in the drawer and bring it to me.”

I opened the drawer, it only contained one object. I picked it up, it was a large jar of Vaseline. I turned to look at him and heard an ominous snap. The object he’d been holding was a rubber glove. It was now on his right hand.

I nearly collapsed as he said, “Open it and bring it to me.”

“Please Mr. Greenwood, no, please,” I begged.

“Martha, you can still chose to leave, I’m not going to insist that you do anything against your will.”

I stood frozen.

“Martha, I’m afraid it’s time for you to make a decision, bring it to me or clean your personal effects from your desk and leave, it’s your choice.”

My body sagged but I walked toward his desk.

“Around here Martha, come to my side.”

I followed his instructions and handed him the jar. I’d noted that it was over half empty, it had been used before, I thought of Magda and her Sisterhood and knew I was about to become an initiate.

He took my shoulders and turned me so I faced back over his desk.

Lie across my desk Martha.

Now I knew why it was cleaned off, it was to accommodate me.

I bent over the desk.

Martha, please raise your dress above your hips.

I hadn’t started pleading you but I knew I would, instead, I raised my dress. I had on a cotton slip.

“The slip, Martha, the slip, up with it, too.

Finally, as I lifted the slip I started, “Please don’t do this to me Mr. Greenwood, no one has ever done this to me, God I’m fifty-eight and no one’s ever done this.”

“Oh I’d hoped that was the case, all three of my other ladies were anal virgins, too. I adore the sounds you older gals make, and Martha, you’re going to make some sounds you’re probably gonna cry a little, too, we’ll see in just a few moments. Now lift the slip.

Slowly I raised it above my hips, off of my back side.

“Oh Martha, Martha, I’m so disappointed in you,” he gasped.

Thwack, one side, thwack, the other side, he slapped my bottom, my puffy cheeks quivering from the impact, tears flooded my eyes.

“You nasty girl,” he said, “I gave you money for new clothing and yet your panties are rags, never, never let me see you like this again.”

He was enraged; he ripped the fabric as he tore the offending garment from me. He dipped his gloved hand into the jar, with his other he spread me and crammed his fingers in. I gasped at the intrusion.

He pumped his fingers in and out of me, railing at me, “Never, never come to work like this again; we are going to have a meeting every Thursday evening, I want to see new panties next week. Don’t make them sexy, I like this older woman’s style you had on but I want them whole, not holy, do you understand?”

I could only moan, “Yes sir.”

His fingers came out and I heard as he removed the glove then his penis probed me.

He grasped my hips and shoved forward, no finesse, no gentleness, he slammed into me. I felt like I’d been split, rent in half, torn.

I screamed, “Nooo, God nooo, please nooo.”

“Oh that’s my girl, scream for me Martha, scream for me.”

He was pounding into me, I was being shoved forward on the desk and I did, I screamed,

“Oooh, oooh, oooh, nooo, please, nooo.”

“Martha, you’re music to my ears, more beautiful that any symphony and God you’re tight. All of my other ladies are loose now, sing for me again.”

He really started hammering me, I thought he was tearing my guts apart and I screamed, God, why me, what did I do to offend you, what did I do?” I pled.

He just kept at me, I couldn’t scream again, tears were flowing from my eyes, all I could get out were sobs and a little whimpering sound. He pulled me back to him and I felt his cum, hot and vile flooding my insides. He pulled out and patted my bottom.

“Get cleaned up and go home, I’ll see you tomorrow morning and don’t forget, tell your granddaughter you’ll be late getting home on Thursdays.”

I stood, my slip and dress fell back into place, I was in agony, bent and holding my stomach I started to leave, then, remembering, I retrieved my purse and limped to the lady’s room.

In a stall I sat, his nasty fluids were draining into the toilet, I wiped, there was his cum, Vaseline and a little blood on the paper. I flushed it and went to the mirror.

My eyes were swollen and blackened from crying and my hair was disheveled, sweaty, I did what I could for my appearance and left the building. I still had to make one stop before I could go home.

The department store was only a few doors down. I bought new panties and brassieres; he’d never find me in tattered undergarments again; then retrieving my car from our company paid employees parking lot I drove home.

Margo was watching TV when I came in. Brightly she said, “Hi Grams.”

Then she looked at me, “Grams, are you sick, you don’t look to good?”

“I’ll be ok honey, have you eaten?”

“No, I was waiting for you.”

“Just make yourself a sandwich or something; I don’t want anything but a bath and my bed.”

The next morning it was like last night had never happened, Mr. Greenwood was his normal outgoing self, as he breezed by he said, “Good morning Martha,” will you come into my office, I need just a moment of your time.

Shut the door please and come over here. He indicated a spot beside his chair.

Let me check Martha,” he said as he ran his hand up under my dress and lifted it, he eyed my panties, they were brand new.

He dropped my dress and smiled approvingly, “I knew we had an understanding, I’m proud of you Martha.”

Later when he’d gone out for lunch I phoned Magda.

“Hello Magda, I still work for Greenwood & Associates.”

I didn’t have to say more, she told me,

“The Sisterhood meets on Saturdays here at my house would you like to come?”

“I think I would,” I replied.

“Four o’clock, Saturdays: we talk and drink a little wine; it helps.”

“Can I bring anything, the wine perhaps?”

“Martha, that would be sweet of you; bring several bottles, there will be four of us remember, and we’ll see you tomorrow.”

She gave me directions.

It had slipped my mind, yes, tomorrow was Saturday, I was now Thursday’s engagement and it had happened last night, so today was Friday; somehow I got through the day.

I gave Margo some money and sent her to the mall after explaining that I had a four o’clock appointment

I stopped at “Ye Olde Wine and Spirits Shoppe” and asked for assistance in making my selection, I wasn’t much of a drinker.

He helped me chose a German Riesling, a slightly sweet wine, a California Chardonnay, a Chilean Cabernet and an Australian Shiraz from Greg Norman’s winery; all were reasonably priced.

Magda answered the door, took the bottles and made the introductions, no one would ever have guessed that the four of us composed a twenty-nine year old man’s harem but, as it developed we did.

It was almost like a twelve step meeting, we all had glasses of one of the red wines, Magda was chilling the whites.

These women already knew each other’s story, the introductions were for me.

Chapter II (Edna)

Martha, I’m Edna Witherspoon, I started with Greenwood & Associates a year after John Greenwood founded the firm. Now there was a driven man with huge appetites, whether it was business, sporting events, drinking or women he had an all encompassing hunger; he’d wager on anything, he was a real risk taker and a man’s man. Truly, I loved him. I was thirty-two when I started with the firm and he took me within the first week. For thirty years John was my lover. John was a lover, he knew how to treat a lady, oh he had lots of women over the years but he always had time and affection for me. When he retired I was sixty-two, and God how I wished he’d stayed. He didn’t, of course, he kept his home here but he spent most of his time in the islands and his son Roger took over.

Roger was a crude, rough man; he had none of John’s good points and all of his faults. Edith and Magda raised their glasses to that comment; they’d both dealt with him. Edna continued, Roger came to me in the first week that he headed the company and he was blunt, He’d get what he wanted or I was out the door. He didn’t romance me or even coerce me, it was we fuck or you’re history. We fucked but I got out as soon as I could, three years, he had me for three years. I only got Social Security, no pension but I escaped. I was sixty-five, living on the few dollars that the government in their largess is so kind as to provide but at least I was shed of Roger, I absolutely abhorred that monster. Again, Edith and Magda clinked glasses, Edith joined them. Then she continued her story. After Roger passed away and his young son Lawrence had ascended to the Chairmanship she’d received a call. Lawrence, the current Mr. Greenwood wondered if she’d be so good as to let him visit with her, he mentioned that they were beginning a new pension program and even retired employees could participate. Of course I wanted to hear. I was impoverished, anything that could provide a benefit I wanted to learn about. He asked if it would be convenient for him to visit on the following Monday, I said, yes, that would be most convenient, he suggested six, I said yes.

Martha, that was three years ago, I’m seventy-eight years old, I was seventy-five then and I’d been gone from the company for ten years, I wondered why he’d want to help me, why the company would offer me anything but I certainly was willing to listen.

Promptly at six on Monday evening my doorbell rang, I answered and it nearly took my breath away, Lawrence looked so much like his grandfather, slim and handsome. His father, Roger was heavy featured and sullen, not Lawrence, he handed me a small package, it was wrapped in gold foil, it was a pound of Lindt Swiss chocolate truffles, my absolute favorites, John used to give them to me. I hadn’t had any in years; Social Security doesn’t accommodate the little luxuries. He does know how to charm.

Oh yes, he can be a charmer, he’d even brought a bottle of wine, a nice red as I remember, he asked if I had glasses, he’d even brought his own corkscrew, while he uncorked the bottle I got two pieces of stemware. I hadn’t had occasion to break them out in over ten years.

Edna, I wanted to discuss what I have in mind, it won’t affect all of our former employees, only those with thirty or more years service, but if an individual has given that much to our firm I think they should be rewarded, you’re one of our retirees that would qualify, I wanted your opinion; he refilled my wine glass.

I thought, I couldn’t remember anyone who’d been with the company for thirty years or more and retired but myself; I asked, who else can take advantage of this?

Lawrence asked, “Does it really matter, I wanted to get your opinion, yours are the only thoughts that really matter to me, I know how important you were to my grandfather and later to my father, do you think perhaps you’d like to talk to me?”

He was making me a little nervous, the conversation was a little to intimate, mentioning his grandfather and then his father, but he seemed so calm, so at ease talking to me.

I answered, “I guess it really doesn’t matter, tell me what it is that you want to say.”

He refilled my glass; I hadn’t even realized that I’d drained it I was so nervous, he said,

“Edna, I know you gave years of loyal and proficient service to the firm, we’d never gotten to where we are without your help, I want to reward you for your years of service both to my father and, even more so to my grandfather, I’d like you to perform the same type services for me; if you’re willing to do so, the firm is prepared to take care of all your medical expenses and award you a pension of $6500.00 monthly. Would you consider my offer?”

Oh, I certainly remembered the services I’d performed for his forbearers but I was seventy-five years old, I knew he couldn’t expect anything like that and the money, my God the money, my Social Security was $1101 monthly, the State had granted me food stamps of ninety dollars a month. Now he was offering to raise my income by $6500 monthly and give me some benefits; I thought the man was a Prince, of course I wanted to here more.

I had to ask, why me, why would he want to bestow this on me, I’d been gone from the company for ten years.

When I asked he stood and walked to me, he stepped behind me and massaged my shoulders as he said, “Edith, you provided valuable services to my father and particularly to my grandfather, I’d like you to resume, give the same service to a third generation if you will.”

I was a little confused, I thought I knew what he was asking for but, Christ, I was seventy-five, I had to be wrong. I just looked at him.

He handed me an envelope and said, Edna, please look in there, it’s yours whether you choose to take advantage of our new retirement program or not, it’s yours

I opened the envelope, it was fat and the contents spilled out over my lap. It was hundred dollar bills, lots of hundred dollar bills, he said, Edna, you can gather them up later, they’re yours, there is five thousand there for you. It’s yours with no strings attached, what I really want to know is if you want to join in our retirement program

I was stunned; he’d just dumped five thousand dollars in my lap and was asking if I’d like another sixty-five hundred each month. Like I said, I was getting $1101 a month and things were pretty desperate in my one person household

I finally said, “Yes, Lawrence, I’m interested.” By the way, I’ve always called him Lawrence; I’ve known his since he was born.

I was sitting, he took my hand and lifted me to my feet saying, “Edna, I’d like to have a very private conversation with you, please lead the way.”

I thought to myself, my God, he wants to take me to bed, there was no one else in the house, no one else to keep our conversation from but none the less, I led him to my bedroom.

He had a little purse like bag in his hand, it was in his left as I led him by his right, in the bedroom he told me that the five thousand was mine no matter what I decided but the $6500 monthly along with increases each year was contingent on my enrolling in the retirement program

I told him, yes, I wanted the retirement program.

He smiled at me, said that he had hoped I would. Then he took me by the shoulders and turned me so I was facing the bed.

“Edna, I’m afraid it’s been a little over ten years since upper management has had an opportunity to examine you, Edna, are you still sure you want in on the retirement program?” He asked.

Oh I wanted the money, God I wanted it and I needed it, I said, “Of course Lawrence, I understand the requirement.”

He helped me to lie on the bed, my feet remained on the floor, he simply bent me over the bed.

“Are you comfortable,” he asked.

It wasn’t uncomfortable, I answered, “I’m fine Lawrence.”

I was dressed as a lady, as most of us no doubt still do, how were usually attired for work or for guests, I had on a dress of course, a slip and, since it was a rather important affair, at least to me, I’d put on stockings. I’ve never worn panty hose and never will, I had on a garter belt and stockings, I still like to dress like a lady, do you girls know what I mean?”

We all did and nodded the affirmative.

Edna went on, he was massaging my back, his hands were on me when he asked, “Edna, will you lift your dress for me.”

His words or maybe his tome chilled me. I didn’t immediately respond, he repeated, “Edna, please lift your dress, I’d like to move forward with the exam.”

I knew then this was no exam, I was a little afraid of what he’d do next, but, he hadn’t hurt me so far, I lifted the hem of my dress.

“Please, raise your slip, too,” were his next words. I raised it so that he could see what he obviously wanted to see.

I heard him catch his breath, “Edna, you’re wearing stockings, you really are quite the lady, I can see that my grandfather chose well,” he said as he unclasped my garter belt.

You’ re lovely, truly lovely he intoned to me as he slid my stockings down, they were still affixed to my garter belt.

“Lift your hips Edna; let me get these out from under you. I complied as he slid my garter belt under me and took my stockings down. Now, I lay before him, only my panties keeping his eyes from me. He started massaging and kneading me, my bottom,

“Oh yes, I can see, even after all these years why you were Grandpa John’s favorite, God woman, even at your age; what are you, seventy-five? I can still why you were his favorite.”

He eased my panties down over my hips and off me then he asked, “Edna, are you still sure you want to join my retirement program, you can still opt out you know.”

I needed the money too badly, I suspected what he was going to do but still I said, “I really do need those benefits.”

He had a little bag that he’d laid on the bed beside me. I heard him unzip it and turned toward the noise, “Edna, you don’t need to see this, look the other way, please,” he asked.

I was lying; waiting for whatever he was going to do, my senses were acute, I could hear when he unscrewed what I guessed was a cap then I heard a snap, a sound I’d only heard before in my gynecologists office and I knew he’d pulled on a rubber glove.

“Edna, I want you to relax, please just relax,” he talked to me, I felt his hand on my bottom then he held me open back there, you know what I mean. His hand was greasy when he touched me, he rubbed me a little, he talked to me while he rubbed, “You really are a desirable woman Edna, I’m elated that I can share what my grandfather enjoyed.”

I foolishly thought I’d escaped any violence, oh I knew what was coming but he’d been so docile, almost kind up until then, he even was gentle when he lubricated me, one finger penetrated me, then the second but slowly, making sure I was well coated and prepared.

He put the head of his penis against me, and then, God I’ll never ever forget the pain. He had me by the hips and he pulled me back to him just as he stabbed me, I thought he’d gutted me, I just knew he’d ripped me open and the bastard, the little bastard whispered in my ear’

“Scream for me, oh yes, I love to hear you, that’s right woman, scream for me.”

Sweet Jesus, I screamed, not for him, I screamed for mercy, I’d never endured such pain, I knew he’d killed me but I didn’t die; I continued to scream, I was in agony and he laughed as he pumped into me, the laugh was almost maniacal,

“Haaa, haaa, yeah granddad, it was good, well old man it still is,” he wasn’t entirely sane, I’d been his grandfathers and now I was his.

He didn’t take long with me that first time, he pumped me four or five times then he came in me. He pushed me across the bed when he pulled out, he told me to just stay there ‘til he’d left then he wiped himself on my panties and left with a parting remark that I didn’t understand until the next week. He said, you’re Monday, the next Monday I understood. As I’ve understood each and every Monday at six o’clock. Now, I answer the door and walk to the bedroom, I don’t even bother with any clothing on Monday evenings, just a robe. I drop the robe at the bedroom door and lie on the bed; he’s done and gone in fifteen minutes.

Like I said Martha, I’m Edna and I’m Monday.

Chapter III (Edith)

Magda then spoke up, Martha, you already know that I’m Tuesday, I’ll talk a little later but I want to give Edith a chance first, Edith…

“Yes, well I am Edith, I wasn’t an executive secretary, Martha did you know, only executive secretaries get the dubious pleasure of the Chairman’s desk, that’s true, like Edna all of their pleasure taking with me has been at my home. Roger came to visit me; I’d only been with the company for a few months. John was gone when I was hired, and Roger asked that I come to his office. I was afraid I’d done something wrong; I mean, the Chairman of the Board asking me to come to his office, I was terrified, afraid I’d lose my job but no, that’s not what happened, he simply said,

“Edith, I have something very important and very private to discuss with you, would it be convenient if I came to your home this evening?”

I said, “Of course Mr. Greenwood, what time may I expect you.”

“I shall be there at six,” he replied.

He was prompt and he was terse, he told me that my probationary period was nearly up and he wasn’t sure that I’d be retained.

I knew there’d been no complaints about my work so I asked why. He was blunt, he told me that he found me desirable, that he’d made several advances and that I’d rebuffed him, that if I wanted to keep my job that he’d be my lover. I was nearly sick, I’d made commitments based on what I was earning at Greenwood & Associated, my mother required around the clock care, she was in the latter stages of Alzheimer’s and I couldn’t care for her, my salary at Greenwood was so much more than I’d ever earned, I was able to provide for her and there were other things that I’d committed to, commitments I’d never be able to meet on lesser earnings. I nearly vomited when Roger set out the terms of my continued employment but I did it, so I guess you’d have to say I was a volunteer. I’ve heard everyone else’s story; I guess we’re all volunteers. Anyway, Roger was a crude man like was mentioned, he said,

“Show me to your bedroom Edith.”

I did and he took me, no preamble, he raised my skirt, pulled off my panties and screwed me. Thank God I was still on birth control; I think that if that monster had impregnated me I’d have committed suicide. The happiest day of my life was when I learned he’d died of a cerebral hemorrhage; I thought I’d been freed.

Lawrence called me to his office just a day or two later, he inquired as to my intentions, with the change in leadership, he mentioned there would be some alterations in policies and procedures and he wanted to know if I felt I could adapt.

I was just so pleased that Roger was gone I told him I was certain he would make nothing but positive moves. He told me he really appreciated my input and that he’d like to carry on our conversation outside of the office, he said, “The Walls Have Ears, You Know,” and asked if we could meet at my home that evening at six. I got just a little chill, it was Wednesday, Roger’s day and six was Roger’s time, none the less, I told him ok and gave him directions.

He was prompt and he was a gentleman, he’d brought me a small box of candies, yes, it was Swiss chocolates and a bottle of wine. He insisted we share the wine while we talked. Lawrence told me some of his plans, how he was going to recruit only the best, the brightest and how they’d all be young hard chargers, just exactly what he’s done. I thought he was there to let me go and my stomach cramped, I doubled over in pain. Lawrence was just so solicitous; he helped me to my room and eased me down on the bed. I was lying in pain and embarrassment, here I am, I just know my boss has come to take my job.

That didn’t happen, instead, he rubbed my back and tried to sooth me and he said,

“Edith, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, I really wanted to take you out to dinner tonight and have a conversation but, I guess dinner will have to be another time but we can still talk. Like I said, I want to make some changes in the company, go for young dynamo’s, that’s where we’re going but I’m still going to need experience in some of the areas, for example, our secretarial pool, the staff will be young but I want a mature lady heading that department. I wanted to talk to you about that position. I think you have the qualifications I’m looking for; I wanted to know if you felt up to that task.”

My immediate thought was, Edith you’re sixty-three years old and will retire in two years, why is he even talking to you, those were my thoughts, all most like he was reading my mind he said,

“Edith, I realize you’ll be retiring in just a couple of years, that’s one of the reasons I’m here, I’d like to promote you to our executive management committee, the job I’m considering you for would involve that, too. You’d go from your hourly wage to a salary with bonuses and several other perks. Then he told me what I could expect. I’d been concerned about how I was going to make do after I retired; there was no pension plan in place for hourly employees then. He was offering three times the money I was earning and a pension that was double what I was making working there, then he told me about the benefits that the company provided for their executive personnel. I was hooked, lying on the bed, him talking to me, I suddenly felt oh so much better, I started to sit up.

“Edith, just lie there, I know you’re not feeling too well,” he said as he eased me over on my stomach and started rubbing my back.

Another time, another place I’d have screamed for him to take his hands off me but it wasn’t another time or place, it was that moment, he continued talking, he said he had several people he was considering for the job, he even mentioned some names.

My tummy really was cramping then, I was sure he was just dangling this fantastic opportunity in front of me and was going to snatch it back.

For a moment I thought about Roger, I’d hated the bastard but at least he’d never threatened my job, that’s what I thought Lawrence was doing. In my emotional turmoil I hadn’t even noticed that he wasn’t rubbing my back anymore, his hand had moved down, he was caressing my bottom.

“Edith, I really would like you to get this job,” he said.

His hand had moved under my skirt, he was kneading me; the only thing between me and his hand were my panties.

He asked point blank, “Edith, do you want the job, you could start on it tomorrow, the raise and the perks would be yours starting tomorrow.”

He took his hand from under my skirt and rolled me onto my back so he could look into my eyes when he made the offer. His hand was on my belly, he was gently rubbing, he asked if my tummy still hurt, I told him no, I was feeling better. He let his hand drift down, he came up under my skirt and he cupped my sex, it’s the only time he’s ever touched me like that and he said,

“Edith, I understand you were one of my father’s favorites, would you like to be one of mine. I’m only going to retain a few of our older employees; I’d really like you to be one of them, have you considered my offer?”

I thought I fully understood what he was asking; go on with him like I’d been doing for years with his father or go out the door.

I thought why not, I’d get three times the money for the same work I’d been doing, I told him yes, I wanted the job.

Just like when he went to Edna’s he had a little leather bag with him, he’d put on the bed, it was lying beside me. He said, “Edith I really do like mature women, I want you to do something for me then we’ll make your promotion official, ok?”

I said, “Ok,” I thought I’d been his father’s whore, why not his, I spread my legs.

“Edith, I believe you’ve misunderstood me, I don’t want to make love to you, not like Father did, please, just roll over onto your belly.”

I turned.

“Now, Edith, please raise your skirt over your hips, yes, just like that.”

I’d turned over and my skirt was raised, he looked at my bottom and said, “Edith you’re wearing some fancy underwear, I know Father expected it, I don’t, I want to see clothing more befitting your age, buy some of the full panties ladies in their sixties usually wear,

From the corner of my eye I saw him pick up his bag, I couldn’t see what he took from it but I heard that snap that I recognized from my physician’s office then he took my panties and pulled downward while asking me to lift my hips. I did and the garment was freed.

He caressed my naked bottom, “Edith, you really are firm for a lady of your age, if I’d realized that, I wouldn’t have made the offer to you, I much prefer nice soft puffy bottoms but we have our agreement so I’ll stick to it. I will bring you chocolates and sweets, let yourself go a little, enjoy life and add a few pounds. She looked down at herself,

“I guess you can see, I’ve done as he asked.”

Anyway, to continue my story, I’d heard that snap then he held me open and stuck a finger in me. I clenched my cheeks, I didn’t mean to, it was an involuntary muscle contraction but he said,

“”My God Edith you’re tight, this is going to be a real pleasure.”

He pumped his fingers back and forth several times then I heard him take the glove off and he straddled me.

“Just this once Edith we’ll do it this way, from now on I want bent over the bed but tonight we’ll do it this way.”

He guided his cock to my anus and plunged into me, God, I’d been a virgin there, I was sixty-three and I was skewered on his penis, oh, it hurt and I screamed,

“Roger, nooo, nooo, nooo.”

“Oh Edith I love the screams but I’m not Roger, scream for me again,” he demanded as he pounded into me.

I did scream and I cried and I wailed, I was in agony, I have two children, their deliveries weren’t as painful as what I was dealing with. He still tells me I was his best screamer and I guess I was, I went on and on, I was trying to escape from him, he just held me down and plummeted me, he went on and on, there was no let up, no reprieve, not that night, he finally came, even then he just stayed laying on my back, still in me. That’s a little vague to me, how he finally finished and when he left. The only thing he said that really made an impact was, get some rest, your new job starts tomorrow and, oh by the way, keep Wednesday evenings open, I’ll be here at six next week.

From what Edna and Magda have told me I think I may have endured the most vicious assault, I lay on the bed for two hours after he was gone, I couldn’t move. He’d torn me pretty badly and I was bleeding. I ended up throwing the linens away; I couldn’t get the stains out. The next two days were two of the worst of my life, the bleeding wasn’t completely gone, I wore a pad so I wouldn’t soil my dresses but I had to go to work, I had to watch him walk through the office. he even leaned over and whispered to me, remember, chocolates, lots of chocolates, I want you plumper. Maybe that’s why he hurt me so, I wasn’t exactly what he wanted, for sixty-three I had a tight ass, it’s not tight anymore though, I did put on some weight, my cheeks are plumper, I’m flabbier there but I’m loose inside too, I ‘m concerned about incontinence, my sphincter has been stretched so much. He took over three years ago and he hasn’t missed a single Wednesday, that’s over one hundred and fifty times he’s taken me.

Anyhow, that’s what happened, I’m Edith and I’m Wednesday

Chapter IV (Magda)

Magda spoke up, “I guess it’s my turn to add to the litany of sad stories, I was Roger’s executive secretary, I don’t suppose you know it yet but only executive secretaries get abused on the bosses desk, the rest of the ladies are met at their homes.

The Greenwoods, and it started with John always choose some of the single girls for their attention, well Edith was a widow but, I’ve never heard of one of them pursuing a married gal. I suppose they want to avoid husband problems and they always go after someone who’s financially distresses, I guess we’ve all been turned into whores, we continue, even now, Edna’s seventy-eight, Edith’s sixty-nine and I’m sixty-five yet we continue to endure and, yes, it’s for the money. Martha, you’re still working there, why did you stay after Thursday?”

I was blunt and I was terse, “The money, Magda, the money,” I answered.

My story’s just a little different, see, I was Roger’s lover. Sure he had other women, I knew about Edith and there were others but it didn’t matter, he was my lover.

Our sex was not the violent battering that Edith experienced nor the pain that Edna got, no, Roger was kind to me. I was his executive secretary and I was his right hand. Sometimes we did cavort on his desk but more often we went to a nice hotel after diner and a show. He liked to take me on business trips with him; he needed his secretary of course. He’d rent adjoining rooms for appearances sake but we’d only use one.

He wasn’t an accomplished lover, like Edna pointed out; he could be a crude man but with me he tried to show tenderness. If I tell the truth, I still miss him, the good times we had.

I was heartbroken when he passed away and I was quite concerned about my job. An executive secretary’s position is unlike any other in the company, more an extension of a particular executive than an employee, often when there is a transition she goes, too, I was worried about that.

Roger had been my lover but he was a niggardly man, cheap and miserly, our pay was below what others in the industry received, there were no benefits and our pension plan was a joke. Whatever else we may say about Lawrence, he is generous and he gets maximum performance from his staff, the company’s more profitable than it’s ever been despite what he pays out. People want to work at Greenwood & Associates and he hires the best.

But I’ve gotten off track. I was worried, even more so when Lawrence asked to meet in his office on Tuesday evening. Everyone except he and I had left for the evening when I entered, he asked me to shut the door and have a seat. I did so.

“Magda, I want to talk about the job as my executive secretary, I know you and Father worked closely, you know his style. Mine won’t be the same.”

We all knew Lawrence, he’d worked summers when he was in high school and college then had become full time when he graduated with his degree in business management. He had experience working in all of the departments of the firm. His most recent position was as executive vice president of sales; he’d already started recruiting his young guns.

He went on, “Compensation and benefits are going to be upgraded, our total package will set the industry standard and our retirement program will be unrivaled. I want the best employees, I’ll demand effort, dedication and loyalty and I’m prepared to pay to get it. Your position for example, my executive secretary’s salary will be…

He quoted a number that exceeded my pay by nearly three times. He went on to explain the benefit package and explained it would be completely company paid.

“Magda, I’m not so sure we could work together though. What do you have, three more years ‘til you can retire; maybe there might be something in the steno pool?”

I honestly thought I was going to faint, from executive secretary to a pool stenographer, even if the pay was the same the humiliation would be unbearable.

“Please Lawrence, I’m certain I could make myself invaluable to you, I know all of our major clients, most on a first name basis, I’ve been to dinner, have had the chance to interact with them socially, I know we can work together,” I was pleading.

“Magda, just a couple of things, I’m Mr. Greenwood in the office now, Lawrence was fine but now that I head the firm, I believe Mr. Greenwood is more appropriate; after all, you did address Father as Mr. Greenwood, at least in the office, isn’t that correct?”

“Yes, Mr. Greenwood.”

“Thank you Magda, now, I think we could work together but we need to get some things out into the open, you will not be my lover, you will be my secretary. If I want more, I’ll let you know, is that clear?”

“Yes, Mr. Greenwood.”

“Fine, now I have one request, only one. If you agree to it you’ll start tomorrow morning as my executive secretary at the salary I mentioned. If you should to decline my request you’ll need to clear out your personal effects, you may report to the steno pool in the morning or resign. It will be your choice, I’m not going to attempt to force you to do anything, do we understand each other?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Magda in that drawer is something I want you to get and bring to me.”

I opened the drawer; it contained only one object that no doubt still resides there. I picked up a large jar of Vaseline. Vaseline, I thought that odd.

“Please open it and bring it to me,” he asked.

He’d pushed back his chair and was standing waiting for me. It wasn’t until then that I noticed that the surface of his desk was completely cleared. I handed the opened jar to him. He sat it to the side on the desk.

“Magda, I’m going to ask you to do something now, something you probably won’t want to do. Remember, your other options are still open, so you still have a choice.

He took my shoulders and turned me so that I was facing back out across the office.

“Magda, please lean across my desk.”

I looked back over my shoulder at him. He nodded, go ahead. I suddenly understood my options, acquiesce to his demands or hit the road, I went for the money.

Once I was sprawled on the surface he said, “Magda, please lift your skirt above your hips.”

I complied.

He rolled my panties down, “Step out of those Magda.”

“Ok, now spread your legs, I want to see what was so enticing to Father.”

He just surveyed me, I felt like a horse at auction having its health checked. He probed me, my stomach, then my sex organs, there was nothing romantic about it, it was purely clinical.

“I don’t want to seem to be insulting Magda, but I really don’t see the attraction, esthetically, I find my mother far more alluring.”

His mother, Roger’s wife was five years my junior and a beautiful woman, I’d had the same thought from time to time.

He went on, “You know, Magda, Mother is a very beautiful woman yet because of you my Father virtually ignored her. When I was sixteen she turned to me for solace, she was my first lover.”

She broke from her story, “Edna, Edith and Martha, I want you to listen closely to what he told me next.”

She carried on.

“Magda, she was fearful of becoming impregnated, you were consuming all of my Father’s frightfully meager sexual energies, had she become pregnant he’d have known it wasn’t his, so I wasn’t permitted vaginal penetration.”

I was a little befuddled the first time, she said, Lawrence, there’s a jar of Vaseline in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, please get it. When I returned with it she explained what she wanted done.

“Magda, because of you my Mother became my lover that day but also because of you I’ve only known Mother, in a carnal sense, analy. Have you had the pleasure of anal sex Magda?”

I told him no, I thought it was dirty, I’d never do that. I still thought he wanted my vagina. I was soon disabused of that idea.

“Magda, this is the last time I’m going to ask, would you like to leave now.”

“No Mr. Greenwood.”

“Magda, this is for my Mother,” he said and he spanked me.

He was pressing down on the small of my back, holding me down while the other hand whaled my bottom, he was hitting me with crashing blows, alternating from cheek to cheek

Finally he stopped, “Magda now I’ll have the pleasure of teaching you what I learned in my Mother’s bed. Don’t get up, I’ll be right back.”

He stepped away from me and I heard that now too familiar snap of rubber on flesh, he’d donned his glove. I saw him dip his hand into the jar of Vaseline; he pulled my cheeks apart and crammed his finger up my ass. It hurt and I cried out.

“Oh that was nice Magda, like a soprano exercising her voice in preparation for her aria, and Magda, you will sing for me tonight.”

Everything else followed swiftly, the fingers came out and his cock broke in. My sphincter had clamped shut when the invading fingers were removed, I was tight, my muscles clinched when he shoved into me, I screamed, never had I experienced such intense pain, I knew he’d torn me and as it developed, he had. It didn’t matter to him he just said,

“Scream for me, that’s right Magda, scream for me.”

I shrieked at the top of my lungs, “Nooo, nooo, you bastard, nooo.”

“No Magda, I’m no bastard, if Father had knocked you up your puppy would have been though, isn’t that right Magda, did they ever suck one out of you, did you ever have an abortion, get rid of one of my half sibs?”

I thought, no, he can’t know about that, too.

He didn’t he really didn’t it was just one more thing he could say to make me suffer.

I was pinned to the desk surface and he was thrusting into me so hard my feet were being lifted from the floor; he was railing at me, “Scream you bitch, scream, scream.”

“Oh please Lawrence stop, you’re killing me,NOOOOOOOOO, God no more.”

I couldn’t endure it and I couldn’t stop it, I fainted on the desk top. My next memory was of a painful slap against my bottom.

“Get out of my office and get cleaned up Magda, you’re a mess. By the way, we’ll have an organizational meeting every Tuesday at six, plan appropriately.”

So, like you already know, I’m Magda and I’m Tuesday.

Chapter V (Martha)

So, ladies, what are we going to do about it? There are four of us, we could go to the police, have him arrested. I think that’s what we need to do.

Edna, the oldest and longest suffering of the women asked, “What do you propose to accuse Lawrence of, what’s his crime?”

I did have to think about that for a moment or two, “Coercion at the very least.”

Martha, Thursday was the first time for you so you probably didn’t pay close attention, think, everything you did, everything you’ll accuse him of forcing you to do. Didn’t he preface each and every one with something along the lines of Martha, you don’t have to or, Martha, if you don’t want to or Martha, I’m not going to force you to, didn’t he say those things each time.

I could only say, “Yes, I guess he did.”

Martha, he used Vaseline with you, didn’t he?”

“Yes,” I hissed.

“Did you get it and bring it to him? Did you appear to willingly lie across his desk, in fact, didn’t you lift your own dress inviting him to partake of your special treasures, didn’t you do all of those things?”

“I suppose it could look like that,” I said.

“Not suppose, Martha, it does look like that, his office is wired for video and sound, it’s all recorded, think how it would look.”

“So what are we going to do, he’s a viscous sexual predator, he preys on older women, on us.”

“Martha, was that question rhetorical or do you really want an answer?” Edna asked.

“I want an answer,” I said.

“Edna, please let me, she’s not ready for what I know you or Edith would say. Things are still fresher with me, I still remember that he can be a monster, so let me, please,” said Magda.

“Your answer, well, if he hurts you, tears you, call one of us. You can either come to us if you’re able or one of us will come to you; we’ll tend to your wounds. Do not under any circumstances call the police, come to one of us.”

“Why handle things that way?”

“Martha, please think, you’ve only been on the job for three months and he’s only taken you once. Edna has three years with Lawrence but thirty previous with John and Roger. Edith the same, three with Lawrence the rest with forbearers, the same with me, three with Lawrence the rest with Roger; what I guess I’m trying to say is we’ve paid the piper, now we’re reaping the fruits. (And please excuse my mixed metaphor)

“Magda, what are you saying, what are you implying, we just let him get away with it?”

“Edna, I guess you’re gonna have to explain how you feel.”

“Martha, I know how you feel, remember, I was there, too. I’m Monday if you recall; Lawrence is at my door every Monday promptly at six. Martha, I’m seventy-eight, I have no gentlemen friends and really very few women that I’m close to except Edith and Magda and what do we share? We share Lawrence. So, all week nobody knocks on my door and my phone doesn’t ring, no one pays any attention to me until six o’clock on Monday evening, promptly at six. I open the door to a handsome young man who is bringing me candies or fruit and always wine. We share the bottle of wine, and yes, we finish it, we talk about anything and everything then we retire to my bedroom. There we have sex, the way he wants sex from me, just like you he takes my bottom and just like you he makes me offer it to him. Unlike you I do it willingly, no, that’s understating it. His visits are the high point of my week, he’s even gotten so that he’ll put a hand under me and let me ride his fingers, I can get an orgasm, Martha, I hadn’t had one in twenty years before Lawrence. So you’ll understand how I feel, I’m seventy-eight, I’ve outlived most of my contemporaries, and if they are still alive, sex is nothing but a distant memory but that’s not the case with me. I have a handsome twenty-nine year man that visits me once a week, he cares about me, in his own way he cares about me, he’s seen that I’m comfortable financially, he brings me little gifts, he does things that make me feel like a woman who’s desired by a handsome young man. I feel that way because it’s true, Lawrence wants me, seventy-eight year old Edna and he wants me. Martha, don’t do anything to hurt Lawrence, he’s my lover and I’ll protect him like a she-wolf.”

I was dazed, I never in a million years expected Edna’s response. I asked Edith how she felt.

“Martha, I really can’t add much to what Edna’s said except to say that I’m a little younger and, not to offend anyone, I’m in better shape. I got a little fat for him but, I think you can see I’ve shed some those pounds, not all of course, he likes plump, so we bounce around the bed, sometimes we hoot and holler like teenagers, God he can make me blow my cookies all over both of us just with those two fingers he lets me ride. I used to want him in my pussy but I got his philosophy, he said bottoms are fun, pussies are for making babies, I know he has sex, vaginal sex with that beautiful wife of his every two or three months but he’s on my old bottom every Wednesday night, I’ve begged him for one more nights but he won’t do it, the prick says that variety is the spice of life. I tried saying all assholes are the same; all he said was au contraire. If Edith’s a she-wolf, she’s got a Grizzly sow as her partner, stay away from Lawrence.

The last thing, the very last thing I expected from these women was support for that fucking pervert, I looked to Magda.

“Yeah, Martha, I hate to say it but I’m with them. They both love him; I knew that before I invited you here. I’m still at the, I endure stage, but I’m coming around, he is so sweet, you know he’s taking me to London and Paris, I thought it was so he’d have my bottom available; Tuesday he gave me tickets to several expensive attractions and told me to have a good time, he’d call me and maybe we could have lunch in Paris but that I shouldn’t expect to hear from him other that that. He’s just giving me that vacation, he’s already made me financially secure and for that he demands one hour a week, what he requires of that hour was demeaning at first but, Martha, I’ve gotten over it, think what our lives would be without Lawrence, are we paying to high a price? I don’t think so. I won’t attack you like Edna and Edith might if you try to take Lawrence down but I certainly won’t help you either.

I was utterly amazed, I’d come to Magda’s expecting to find warriors in the fight to drag Lawrence Greenwood before the bar of justice what I’d instead found were three elderly ladies who’d really like to sit at a bar with him, have a drink then have him take his pleasure with them sprawled across a mattress.

I began to wonder, should I rethink my aggressiveness, these three women had endured far more than I, I’d had one experience and they’d made it pretty clear, if I acted unilaterally they’d torpedo me.

My mind was wandering, it was Monday and I was at my desk, I felt hands on my shoulders, gently massaging my shoulders, it was Mr. Greenwood.

“Martha, I’m told you’ve enlisted in the Sisterhood.”

I was shocked that he knew about that, I didn’t reply.

“Martha, the Sisterhood isn’t secret but it is exclusive, I’m so happy that you’re an initiate, one day when we have some time I’d like to discuss my philosophy. In fact do you have lunch plans for today, if you have time I can get away for an hour around one?”

Lunch with the boss is really not optional, you make time. At exactly one I walked into Mr. Greenwood’s office.”

He got up and took my arm saying, “Why don’t we go this way.”

I thought we were going to walk into a wall but he clicked a small device he held and a panel opened, there was a hidden door. He ushered me in and followed, we were in a foyer. He said, this way, we walked through to a dining room where he seated me.

He took a chair then said, we’re in a private apartment, I don’t often use it but I thought it might be nice to have lunch here today. It will be about thirty minutes before we’re served, may I offer you a drink while we wait.

I didn’t really want to be here and I rarely drank but, what the heck, I said, “Yes Mr. Greenwood, I’d like a Cosmopolitan if I may.”

Another gentleman appeared, Mr. Greenwood asked for my Cosmo and a Martini for himself.

As we sipped our cocktails Mr. Greenwood came directly to his point.

“I suppose what I want to talk to you about are my sexual peccadilloes. I’m told you think I’m an ogre and perhaps I am. It’s true, I have coerced each of you ladies, you, Edna, Edith and Magda into having what I’m sure you feel, are unnatural sexual relations with me. Martha, I’m not so hypocritical as to deny I take great pleasure in those relations but it’s also true that each of you have bestowed your gift to me willingly, none of you were forced, each of you, for your own reasons have elected to be my partner. I appreciate the kindness each of you has granted me and I try to show my appreciation.

Each of the other Ladies of the Sisterhood is financially independent, as you will be in a short time. Each of the other ladies could simply refuse me; I really don’t have much leverage. Of course they receive their pensions but once they start I have no control over whether or not they continue, besides, they don’t even need them. As I said, each of them is affluent. Yet they continue to see me each week.

I believe the ladies told you but, if so, I’ll repeat it. My sex education started when I was sixteen, at my Mother’s hand or, more accurately, at her bottom. She taught me well Martha; she is enraptured by being sodomized. From her I developed the philosophy, or more likely I adopted hers, that anal sex is fun sex, vaginal is only for procreation. Whatever the case, that’s how I am; Mother is an older woman, I love my Mother, I relish our intimacies, ergo, sexual pleasure for me is anal sex with an older woman. Mother and I still indulge, in fact, she’s Saturday.

It’s true, I know that sometimes I inflict some pain and I won’t deny that I enjoy it. I did love listening to you scream, first time ladies, virgins if you will, just as you were last Thursday are my greatest delight. I hope you’ll scream for me again, there is going to be an again isn’t there Martha?”

I just sat there, baffled, where was this going?

I’d hoped his question was rhetorical, that he didn’t expect an answer but it was obvious that he was waiting.

What he was saying, the course of his conversation was unsettling to me, my tummy was turning flip flops, I couldn’t reply, I turned away.

My hand was on the table top, he took it and squeezed.

When I looked back at him he repeated, “Isn’t there Martha.”

I cut my eyes away from his gaze, it was mesmerizing, I wanted to run, but instead I whispered, “Yes Mr. Greenwood.”

Saying only, “Lunch can wait,” he rose from his chair; he still held my hand, I stood and like a lamb to slaughter he led me to an adjacent room.

It was a bedroom. He closed the door and turned me so that I was facing him.

“Martha,” he breathed and he kissed me, just a small kiss as he began to unbutton my dress.

“But it’s Monday, Edna…”

“Oh, there’ll be plenty for Edna and she needent know.”

He took my dress from my shoulders and folded across the arm of a chair, a large overstuffed chair. Then he unfastened my brassiere. My unfettered breasts hung nearly to my waist, large and sagging. He kissed each of them.

Slowly he lowered my slip dropping it to the floor, “Step out please,” he said.

I complied, now attired in only my panties I stood under his scrutiny. A strange thought passed through my mind, yes, Lawrence, they’re an old lady’s panties but they’re clean and they’re silk and I thought and yes, you’re the reason I can afford to wear silk panties.

He knelt before me and slowly lowered my panties, over my hips, down my legs to my feet, I stepped free of them.

Still on his knees he encircled my hips and pulled me to his face, buried in my wild gray bush he inhaled me then giving me a little kiss down there he stood.

We were face to face, he put one arm around my shoulders, with his other hand he cupped my sex, “Martha, would you like me to do for you what I do for the other ladies,” he quietly asked.

He was still touching me, holding me, I knew what he meant, Edna, Edith and Magda had told me. I hadn’t had an orgasm in over nine years, and I got squishy, wetting his hand at the thought. I nodded yes.

At the side of the bed there was a kneeler, heavily padded for comfort, he led me to it and with soft pressure on my shoulder, he directed me down.

I lay on the bed, bent at the waist, knees on the padded bench while my torso lay across the bedspread. He pulled one of the pillows over and laid my head on it.

Then he caressed my body, the sides of my breasts, my back, along my sides and down to my bottom, I could hear his breathing getting raspy, his arousal climbing and then he said, “Martha, you’re beautiful, so desirable, so alluring.”

He was massaging my cheeks as he spoke and just for a moment I did feel young and beautiful. I believed he loved me in his way, as he loved the other Ladies of the Sisterhood.

He took his hands from me and I heard the snap of his glove, then he rubbed me and opened my fanny. He lubricated me, circling my rosebud then dipped a finger into me then I heard the glove come off. From the side of my eye, I saw him grease just the tip of a finger in the lube. He pressed into me and I screamed,

“Nooo Lawrence, please nooo,” I wailed.

Not from the pain, although there was some, but for him.

“Thank you Martha, thank you.”

He lifted my hips slightly so that he could get his hand under me, he parted my vaginal lips then lowered me, his fingers rested on my clitoris, he began to slowly stroke into me, he was taking his pleasure in my bottom but I was getting mine from his fingers.

He mounted me, some of his weight resting on me and increased his speed and I rode his hand in rhythm to his thrusts.

My arousal washed over me, I ground into his fingers and pled, “Please Lawrence a little faster, please.”

Faster and harder he pounded against me, I could feel him deep in my bowels, plumbing the very depths of me.

I began to tremble, sensations that I hadn’t experienced, enjoyed in nine years overtook me, and the contractions started, my uterus clenched, my vagina and anus clutched, I had Lawrence gripped by my sphincter when he exploded, spewing into me, roaring as he came and I released, nine years of pent up sexual frustration poured from me, each contraction forcing fluids from me, as he slowed then stopped pumping he softened and withdrew from me. I continued to lay sprawled across the mattress; he sat beside me, cooing sweet nothings to me and stroking my flesh.

I surrendered, I was his woman, his Thursday.

He asked me if I wanted to clean up, I didn’t I wanted to keep him in me.

We dressed, had lunch and reentered the office. He gave me a task to perform and I returned to my desk.

A little later I gave Magda a call, we chatted and I told her of the assignment Mr. Greenwood had given me.

“Magda, I’m to assist in the recruitment of another older lady, he’s looking for Friday.”

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