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03-03-2011, 03:25 AM
I知 sitting here in my living room looking at tranny porn, playing with my hard cock.
I知 wandering what it would feel like to touch one of their hard cocks. To stroke that cock till it becomes hard and it starts to leak precum.
For her to stand up in front of me and offer me that leaking cock of hers. To stick out my tongue and taste her precum. To slowly open my mouth and take her cockhead in my mouth, feeling that monster grow with each lick.
Ooohh man my cock is so hard now. I want to grab that ass and make her shove that cock of hers in my mouth, let me feel it enter my throat. And as she pulls it back out I suck hard on it.
She pulls it out and slaps my face with it. I suck on her balls, taking them one by one in my mouth. I finger her tight ass and lick her shaft from the balls to her pisshole.
Damn my fucking mouth is starting to water here, would I actually suck her off if she was in front of me? I don稚 know maybe it will always just be a fantasy. I continue licking her shaft until I can稚 take it no more and stuff her fat cock back in my mouth. I grab her cock with my right hand and start to jerk her off while I知 sucking on that juicy pole.
I can taste her musky precum on my tongue as I take more and more into my mouth. Fuck I知 so turned on now I知 tasting my own precum and damn it taste sweet.
I continue sucking on that sweet cock, harder and faster. I take it out just long enough to tell her to fuck my mouth, to fuck it till she sprays all her sweet cum in my hungry mouth.
And she responds by stuffing that fat cock back in my mouth, grabbing my head and just start to let loose. She sticks it so far that I start to choke on it, I feel myself gagging as she tries to stick it down my throat.
She alternates between hard and fast and soft and deep. When she does it soft and deep she slowly pushes her cock in my mouth, then my throat where I start to gag. She holds it like that for a couple of seconds and slowly pulls it back out again. She continues this torture for a couple of minutes. I feel her balls start to get tighter and that is a sign for me that she is ready. I grab her cock with my right hand, take her cockhead in my mouth, look up at her and suck hard on it. Meanwhile I start to jerk her off and use my left hand to fingerfuck her ass. I jerk, suck and fingerfuck this hot shemale like my life depends on it. And it starts to pay off cause I can hear her moaning and groaning. And then she screams, grabs my head and shoves her cumming cock deeper into my mouth. Her thick creamy juice is coming in globs in my mouth. I savor the taste and then swallow it.

To be continued....

03-06-2011, 09:14 PM
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