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Iím a computer troubleshooter where I work. One day I got send out on a call of a new customer who had trouble with her computer. When I knocked on the door it was answered by this smoking hot girl wearing a short black mini dress. My first thought was damn Iím a lucky man today. She was about 1.65 m, medium built, almost no breast but a great looking ass. She had some delicious looking thighs and a beautifull face to match. She was Indonesian and light skinned. So she led me to the room where her computer was and I got to work. While working on her computer she started to tell me how she works in the IT business and that she needs her computer badly. So I asked her what kind of work she does.
With a twinkle in her eyes she tells me she a sexcamer. I looked at her and told her that a beautiful girl like her probably makes so much money that she can afford a new computer.
She laughed and told me that Iím partially right.
I didnít quite get the joke but kept on working, but believe me I had a hard time keeping my eyes off her. Especially those legs of hers were driving me crazy. I had a hard on you wouldnít believe. Anyways I finished up, gave her the bill and started to leave. She asked me what the hurry was and if I wouldnít mind staying for a free show. I was like hell yeah I would love to watch you give a show.
So I sat down while she started up her chatting software. I didnít take 2 minutes before she got her first customer. She started doing her thing, shaking that hot ass of hers, teasing the customer. She rolled down the top of her tanktop and showed her sexy nipples, her breast were just tiny little bumps but man they looked hot enough to suck.
She started to show off her nice ass but getting on her knees and bending over for the camera, just barely showing the bottom of her ass cheeks. She bent over further and here skirt climbed up higher so I could see she was wearing a black thong. It was trapped between her ass cheeks and showed off her beautiful ass cheeks. All I could think about was how I would love to suck on that ass.
I had to loosen my jeans cause my stiff cock was starting to hurt from being pressed so hard against my tight jeans. I slowly started to stroke my cock to this unbelievable free show I was getting. Then came the biggest shock of my life.
She turned around, spread her legs and there was this 6 inch cock peeping out the top of her thong. She started stroking her cock and licking her finger for the customer. My cock was confused, I couldnít believe that this gorgeous girl was a really a guy. But at the same time I was starting to increase the rate of my massage. My mouth started to water and my heartrate started to increase.
Then she got up and walked over to me, I was mesmerized by the sight of that hard cock sticking out of this hot chick. She stopped in front of me, grabbed my chin and made me look at her. With her sexy voice she asked me ďYou like what you see dear?Ē
I nodded yes and she asked me if I wanted to taste it. I was still kinda confused so I didnít answer, so she grabbed her cock and slapped my face with it. I looked up at her and told her I have never sucked a cock before. She moaned and smiled. She told me there is always a first time and that she would instruct me on how to suck a cock. And that by the time she was done with me that I would be a regular cockwhore.
I thought to myself how hard can this be, Iíve been a porn addict since the age of 15 and have watched women suck cock so many times, so I thought what the hell. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer. I then grabbed her stiff cock and slowly started to lick it. Starting at the base, along her bald balls, up the shaft and then her cockhead. I licked her pisshole and right under the cockhead. I can hear from her moaning that Iím not doing a bad job. While Iím licking her tasty cock I caress her tight ass and sexy legs. Her cock was starting to leak some precum so I decided that I wanted to get a taste of her juices and placed her cockhead in my mouth. When that precum hit my tongue it was like a whole new world opened up to me. It was sweet and sour at the same time, salty and musky, a flavor thatís just to difficult to explain. All I can say is that I was hooked. I worked more of that hard cock into my mouth, I got it till the entrance of my throat but I started to choke, so I pulled back. I looked up at her ad told her that is a lot o cock to take in one time. She told me to just continue what I was doing and not to stop. So I did as I was told and continued sucking on that cock of hers. In and out her cock went, everytime she went just a little bit deeper into my throat. Before I knew it I had my nose to her flat stomach. I couldnít believe it I was deep throating this beautiful shemale. I could tell she was really enjoying it cause she grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth to her own pace.
She pulls it out and then slowly work it back into my throat. When her cock is all the way in she hold it there till she feels me choking. Then she slowly pulls it back out. This cocktorture continues for a couple of minutes. I can feel she is near now cause she starts to increase the pace. Faster and faster she fucks my face, her balls slapping my chin until finally I feel her balls start to contract. Damn man this shemale is about to blow her load in my mouth and believe it or not Iím turned on as hell. My dick is hard, my balls are tight and my mouth is being fucked silly. Oooh man Iím enjoying getting my mouth fucked by a cock that is about to explode in my waiting mouth. And then it happens, she explodes in my mouth with a load I canít believe. Thick globs of cum splash in my throat and mouth. The sticky sweet taste is driving my crazy, my mouth is full of the stuff and she just continues to unload in my mouth.
I look up at her, cum leaking out of my mouth and then swallow. I asked her if I did allright.

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