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( This is part three in my teaching amanda series. I posted parts one and two in the "mature" section, But i thought this story would be better in here. Hope you all enjoy ^^.)

I stood in front of the bathroom mirror in Graham's apartment. My makeup and perfume was strewn all over the counter as I did my best to create the perfect level of seductiveness with the black eye liner. Graham had come home from work ecstatic. He handed me a gorgeously wrapped box which when opened, revealed the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen. He told me to quickly shower and put on the dress, ignoring me when I asked why. The dress was a creamy colour consisting of a scarf like piece of material that came around my neck to cover each of my breasts. It then wrapped around me to cover my arse and crotch. Each strip of material did little to hide my large E cup breasts and I was proud of the way they hung just outside of the material almost showing off my saucepan nipples. The dress only covered the top part of my thighs and my soft round bum cheeks were just visible at the back.

As I finished applying my makeup, Graham had got into the shower. He left the curtain open and I smiled to myself as I was given a great view of his firm bum. Mr Miller and I had been dating for three months now. Most of the time we were at his apartment, naked, but he treated me like we were very much in a real relationship. The 28 year age difference had become a real turn on for me. I now found myself looking at other much older men and imagining what it would be like to fuck them.

Graham also liked to regularly drop hints about ‘sharing’ me with other men and tell me how I would make a great gang slut. I admit the idea of being used and fucked by a group of men was becoming more and more arousing to me. I had never considered it before, but now that Graham had awakened the whore in me I was definitely up for it. We talked about it a lot, imagining hands all over my breasts, ass and pussy; rubbing and pulling at me as big cocks were being pushed into my face… By that point the conversation would have me so turned on I would cum.

“Where exactly are we going? You dress me up like this and don’t tell me anything” I said pointing to my dress as we pulled away from the drive in his car.

As I’d sat down the dress had risen up exposing my bare pink pussy lips to the warm air in the car. I always kept my pussy shaved and it was quite puffy, the lips protecting my swelling bud. Graham turned to smile seductively at me, his deep brown eyes drifting down my voluptuous form to gaze at my crouch.

“You look stunning Amanda. We’re going to a party tonight,” he paused briefly as his eyes returned to the road, “and you’re the present.”

As I mulled his comments over in my mind I began to realise exactly what kind of party it would be. But who was I a present for? My mind started to conjure the scene Graham had painted for me during our many love making sessions. My pussy began to moisten noticeably and my legs parted just a little to allow the draft of air being pushed out of the car fans to travel between my thighs and caress my mound. As we drove through the traffic I became more aroused. Unconsciously, I parted my legs wider and began massaging my thighs with both hands.

Graham noticed before I did. “Mmm, the boys will definitely appreciate how eager you are my dear,” he reached over and cupped my mound with his large hand as he spoke.

Assuming all pretence was now gone, I asked with a soft moan, “And who are the boys?”

As Graham’s hand began to gently massage he replied, “Well you don’t know all of them, only Mr. Lars and Mr. Dawson. The other three are just some friends we play poker with.”

I sat up suddenly nervous, “Dawson and Lars? But they teach at the college!”

Graham chuckled shaking his head. His hand was still groping at my pussy, and a small patch of dampness was now visible on the car seat.

“Don’t worry Amanda. They have heard all about you and can’t wait to get to know you better. Besides, they’re my good friends, and I know you’ll like them.”

I didn’t know what to say, but in the back of my mind I was even more excited that I only knew a few of the men who I would be with tonight. Mr. Dawson was a rather short, chubby man with very short black hair and his round face always wore a friendly smile for me. I was sure he was in his 50’s but not sure of his exact age. Graham talked of him and Mr. Lars often as they had been friends for a long time. Mr. Lars, however, was 62 years old. I knew this because Graham and I had gone to his birthday last week. He was quite good looking and was very tall and lean. His grey hair was thick and curly, the kind you want to run your fingers through.

We drove the rest of the way in silence while I tried to picture the other two lecturers naked and Graham talked about art. His hand continued to rub my bare pussy for the entire drive and he never once parted my lips, just caressed me lovingly. The house we stopped at was quite secluded. It was down its own lane and a few minutes away from the nearest house. The letter box outside the house read ‘Lars’. So, I thought to myself, Mr. Lars was hosting this little ‘party’ was he?

We hurried to the front door, Graham's arm protecting me from most of the cold as we knocked. We waited a moment and then entered the house. The house was beautiful. On the outside I could faintly see that it was made of wood and once inside I was greeted by the beautiful deep red of the wooden walls. Straight ahead of me was a small hall through which I could see a kitchen. On my left was a modern style living room and to my right a staircase leading upstairs. As we walked down the hall into the kitchen I could hear light music playing, but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from.

Graham walked in ahead of me and greeted Mr. Lars who was pouring two glasses of red wine. I smiled nervously as I took my glass, “Hello Mr. Lars, what a lovely home you have.”

Mr Lars smiled. Chuckling as he walked behind me, he removed my large over coat. “Amanda, don’t be shy, we all know what we’re here for, and may I say you look stunning!”

With my coat off I now stood only in my cream dress with most of my lush flesh exposed and my hard nipples giving away my apparent arousal. I stood with Graham’s hand resting on my lower back and I was a little surprised when Mr. Lars came forward and placing his lands on my hips. As he pulled me against him, his lips pressing against mine and he kissed me deeply. Graham’s hand continued to rub my back, reassured, I began to kiss him back slowly at first then harder as I got more excited by the situation. He kissed me down my neck and along my collar bone. His hands ran all over my body but were careful enough not to disturb the flimsy material of my dress. I looked back and Graham and he grinned at me, nodding that it was ok. I began to feel more comfortable about the situation knowing it was something that we both wanted to happen.

“Mmm Mr. Lars, do you like my dress?” I asked, hopeful that he enjoyed it as much as I was at the moment. He stood looking at me, his hands still rubbing my arse, fingers briefly brushing my bare skin there.

“Oh Amanda please, call me Phillip. And yes, of course I love the dress! We all pitched in to buy it especially for you, didn’t we?” Graham smiled and nodded as I looked up at him with my arms wrapped around Phillip’s neck.

“And Amanda,” Phillip continued, “please don’t feel you have to be so formal. You know me and Ned Dawson from college. We’ve also invited three more friends who we’ve known for years. Jack, Steve and Bob are in the back room with Ned.” Phillip paused while he grabbed the half empty bottle of wine and another from the fridge, motioning for us to follow him. “We all want you to feel relaxed and take this at your own pace. Please not to be so nervous and just have fun! I’m sure Graham has told you that if you want to stop, you can at any time.”

I wasn’t nervous, however, not anymore. While kissing Phillip in the kitchen with Grahams reassuring hand guiding me I had come to a decision. I realised I wasn’t scared, I wanted to do this. It’s what Graham and I both wanted and I had no reason not to enjoy myself. The men had made me feel comfortable, so wanted and sexy. I wanted to please the men around me.

We followed Phillip into a large room. It was located at the back and appeared to be the entire length of the house and quite a bit wider than the kitchen. Down the far end of the room was a large bed with cushions everywhere. It was quite low and looked rather comfortable. At the other end of the room was a lounge setup and sitting between the two large couches were four other men. Since we had come into the room from behind them I had a quick chance to study them before they noticed we were there.

The four men all looked quite mature, and I noticed Ned Dawson right away. The other three looked average in height. The man on the very end of the couch was quite muscular, while the other two both looked soft and comfortable. I guessed they were in their late 40’s maybe 50’s, and I happily admit that their age made this experience all the more exciting.

In front of the couches there was a large screen TV, it was playing a porn film, I didn’t know any of the people in it but from what I could see it was very exciting. Phillip coughed into his fist, an attempt to get the boys attention while he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and steered me to the middle of the room.

“Fella’s please! Our guest has arrived!” Graham spoke his introduction with a terrible posh voice.

“Ahh Amanda, finally we get to meet. Please come, sit down,” Ned’s greeted me as he and another man took my hands and led me to sit on the couch between them.

Graham and Phillip also took seats on some of the cushions, as the other men began to introduce themselves. To my other side sat Bob. He was an accountant, but he promised me that he was definitely not boring. I smiled and began to relax into the couch as the wine started to work its way to my head. Jack and Steve told me they were builders, that they had worked together for a few years and now owned their own company. As the wine continued to flow, the conversation was quite normal as we got to know each other. Ned and Bob had relaxed quite a bit. Ned put one arm around my shoulder and the other tenderly stroked my knee. Bob was quite a bit braver; he leaned forward to kiss me squarely on the lips while his hands rubbed the tops of my thighs. His kiss was hard and urgent yet I sensed he was still a little bit hesitant. I lifted a hand and stroked his chest. As I kissed him back softly and my tongue stroked his lips, the other men fell silent, watching

Ned continued stroking my knee and his lips left soft kisses on my shoulder. During the time we had been talking the porn film on the TV had continued to run, from what I could tell it was beginning to heat up again. The sounds of moaning from the TV excited me more and I let out my own moan of pleasure as Phillip came and knelt in front of me. He stroked up and down my legs, kissing my calves as he took off my shoes. Ned and Bob had begun to stroke my body more freely and as their hands roughly ran down my breasts and tummy and I decided to lay back and let them go ahead. They each took a breast and groped hard, pulling and pinching my 40E cup breasts. As they did the flimsy material of the dress fell off my chest, exposing my large mounds and hard nipples. All the men in the room applauded and I blushed just a little.

As Phillip kissed higher up my thighs, I felt Graham standing behind me. His hands came down to cup my breasts and he held them up. My nipples were standing to attention as he spoke to the other men, “Why don’t you taste them boys? She loves her tits being used.”

Ned and Bob seemed to agree and each took a nipple into their mouths. Their hot warm lips pulled and sucked at my hard nipples causing a chain reaction in my crouch which was being slowly exposed by Phillip. He slowly pushed up the bottom of my dress so it rested on my round hips, his hands spreading my knees apart. They all began to mumble appreciation when my bare pussy was exposed, my soft moan encouraging them.

“Oh I bet she loves to be used Graham!” Steve said as he and jack came over to stand by the couch.

I noticed they had both stripped and two large cocks stood staring me in the face. I guessed Steve was about seven inches but Jack had what looked to be a whopping nine or ten! I gasped and stared as he smiled cheekily at me, stroking the semi hard monster tenderly.

I was distracted from the beautiful cock by Phillip who lifted my knees up onto the edge of the couch, my pussy and asshole now exposed to the room of men. I smiled around the room at the looks of pure lust in their eyes. The six, much older men clearly desired me and I truly felt like a sexy big woman. I wasn’t ashamed of my curvy figure or the size of my arms or tummy, and neither we’re they.

I had a hand on each of Ned and Bobs thighs and I began to stroke my way up to their crouches, feeling their members through their pants. As I did I smiled down at Phillip, my legs up and open wide as he leaned forward. His tongue snaked out and brushed against my slit. With his tongue Phillip pushed my puffy lips open, spreading them so his tongue could slide into my open hole. I gasped, firmly gripping the two cocks either side of me as the men freed them from their pants.

Graham was still holding my breasts and he rubbed my firm nipples, occasionally mumbling encouragements to Phillip as his tongue slid in and out of my cunt. Bob got up and removed the rest of his clothing as I stroked Ned’s cock which was only about six inches, but very think and circumcised. Bob came back and kneeled on the couch, his thin eight inch cock level with my face. Graham took the opportunity to brush my hair back with his fingers, gathering it into a pony tail and using it to hold my head still. I got the feeling I was definitely going to be used tonight and this forceful side of Graham excited me. Bob held his own cock, rubbing his against my cheek and lips, telling me to hold my tongue out so he could hit his cock against it.

“Oh what a good slut, mmm yeah, suck my cock baby.” Bob moaned as my lips closed around his cock, its full length sliding down my throat, causing me to gag.

My gagging apparently caused him great pleasure as he gasped and smiled down at me while my head was held securely in grahams hands. Bob pulled his cock out of my hungry mouth and slapped my tongue with it, smearing his thick pre-cum all around my cheeks before shoving it back in my mouth. Behind me Graham had undressed and his semi hard cock was nestled against my neck.

“Suck that cock slut, mmm show these men what a good little whore you can be huh.” his voice making me groan around Bob’s cock.

I felt Philip slide a finger slowly into my open cunt, holding my lips open with the other hand as he decided to put another thick finger in. I look down; Bob’s cock was twisting in my mouth and Phillip pumped his fingers in and out of my cunt harder, staring me deeply in the eyes as he did.

“You like that whore? You like me finger fucking you?” Phillip spoke roughly.

I could only nod, my mouth feeling stretched as my throat became accustomed to Bob’s cock. Jack and Steve had begun jerking their cocks harder and I noticed they were stroking each other thighs. I hadn’t known they were bi-sexual but the contact between them turned me on even more. I was happy to let the watch me, having an audience I discovered was definitely a turn on.

I had been stroking Ned’s cock eagerly. My hand was teasing his bare cock head and my fingers were cupping his balls, something I loved to do. I was more than happy to let go though when he stood and got down in front of my cunt with Phillip. He lifted my legs higher and held them wide open, my pussy lips spreading and Phillips fingers clearly visible pumping deep inside me.

Apparently this sight was also pleasing for Bob and his cock was twitching in my mouth as Graham held my head tight, forcing my mouth over his cock. I gagged on the head of his cock and as I did I was rewarded with a hot load of cum. It filled my mouth, choking me as I tried to swallow. Bob groaned as he pulled my head roughly, emptying his load. When he pulled out he smeared the remaining string of cum over my face, teasing my cock hungry mouth before he sat back down.

Graham leaned over me and kissed me deeply, pushing the sperm on my face into my mouth. “Ohh what a good whore you are. You’re doing Great Amanda!” he smiled, as he took my arms and lifted them over my head, holding them in place.

I looked up at him but am quickly distracted as I feel my pussy stretch. Ned’s finger joins Phillips as they’re sliding deep inside me. I began to pant, moaning louder as I was pounded with the 3 fingers. My cunt ached and squeezed them as I felt my own orgasm rising inside me. I closed my eyes, pleasure washing over me. I can still hear the forceful, encouraging words from the men as I was finger fucked harder. I almost screamed as I thrust my body forward, my own orgasm rushing through my pussy as the dirty words trigger my release.

“Cum you little slut, that’s its whore, beg,” Ned encourages as my pleasure slowly subsides.

When I opened my eyes Ned was next to me again and Graham kissed me. All four of the men around me were stroking, kissing and groaning with appreciation. I looked over at Jack and Steve and saw their chests covered in cum. They briefly kissed each other, smiling at me as if to thank me. As my panting slowed and I decided I could trust myself to stand I told the men I was off to pee.

“Oh well don’t be long dear Amanda, that was only round one after all.” Graham said. He continued with the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen a man wear, “I told you that tonight you would be our slut and as such you will cum and fuck until we say otherwise.”

As I happily walked to the bathroom, my raw pussy still aching with pleasure, I had to smile. I was having the night of my life and it was nowhere near over yet.

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