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03-15-2011, 03:39 AM
She hands me the glass, her hands cupped mine and lingered there. ‘Take a sip, and I’ll tell you why I bought you.’

This is interesting…black high heels, a 50 year old science teacher, never thought they’d look this good in this combination. My eyes traced up, Mrs. Daine’s bare calves and thighs glistened under the porch light. As I went up the stairs to her door my eyes were filled with a blue sparkly dress that hugged her curves. The deep V neckline showed some of her full breasts pale and soft. They weren’t perky, but fake balloons would look out of place on this classy lady. She wore a gold necklace with a pearl pendent that matched her earrings. Her dark hair was bobbed; even the streaks of silver looked perfect. I also noticed that she wore dark eyeliner that made her look exotic.

This gothy Gidget look is popping me half a chubby.

‘Good evening, Mrs. Daine,' I said politely, as any young man was taught to do. ‘You look very lovely this evening.’ I really meant it.

She smiled back, ‘Good evening, Desmond, you handsome dude!’ Did my physics teacher really call me a dude? She brushed a loose strand of her back and her breasts jiggled with the motion.

My chubby got a bit bigger. ‘Are you ready for our evening?’ I offered my arm.

‘Yes, I am,’ she said slowly, flashing a mysterious grin, ‘It’s still early, come in for a drink.’ She turned around and headed in her apartment. Her hair smelled like a fruit drink I had last summer at Cabo.

I watched her ass wiggle as she sauntered. That tight dress clung to her so well that I saw the lines of her thong. She said, ‘I know you drink, Dez; I’ve seen you and your water polo buddies. Have you had a good scotch, Desmond? A man really needs to know his whisky.’ I swallowed hard, ‘yes, ma’am.’ even though I haven’t.

She poured two glasses, ‘for the rest of the evening, I'm Jill.’ It wasn’t a request or a command, it just was. She handed me the brown shimmering liquid with the pungent scent that would forever make me think of Mrs. Jill Daine, even though there never had been a Mr. Daine.

She handed me the glass, her hands cupped mine and lingered there. ‘Take a sip, and I’ll tell you why I bought you.’

Hello, everyone! I stumbled upon this picture today and I had to write something. http://galleries1.adult-empire.com/68/6850//38/2.jpg

Please comment how you liked the start of this new story. Too wordy? too slow? too dramatic? too generic? any and all constructive criticisms are welcome!

04-20-2011, 05:27 AM
good start....perhaps you should finish it....

04-20-2011, 06:43 AM
It was a good start but for me the opening line rather spoils the ambiance of the story, now you have given away one of the great secrets of your story that the woman is rich enough to buy her sex slaves. it would have been better if you had left out the opening line and replaced the closing one with a simpler statement like; "Take a sip and I will tell you why you are here and what I expect of you!"

02-06-2013, 02:52 AM
Started almost 2 years ago?
Are you going to finish it? :)

By the by, I'm a noob-writer and I also get inspiration from pics I see!