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03-16-2011, 01:56 PM
“Lori honey, could you get me another beer?”

We were watching a television movie, Lori was sitting beside me on the sofa, she got up and brought me a Becks.

I like my beer from a glass not a bottle. The glass I’d used was on the cocktail table.

“Ah Jeez Lori, I need a fresh glass,” I like a frosty mug, they’re in the freezer.

Lori went back to the kitchen and fetched a glass.

I guess I could have gotten my own beer; I was as close as she was but that’s not how things work in our household.

Like my father before me, I expect to be catered to by my woman. Dad got home at six and expected dinner to be waiting on the table. After dinner he’d go to his recliner, he’d read the evening paper then call to one of the females to turn on the TV for him.

“Would you turn on the news for me,” he’d ask then fill in the blank, whoever was closest; Lucy, my mom, or Linda my sixteen year old sister, or Lauren my fifteen year old sister or Lureen, his fourteen year old. He never asked me, I was male, I wasn’t expected to step and fetch.

He took earned the money and took care of the lawn, all chores indoors were woman’s work, so mom and my sisters cleaned, cooked, ironed and answered his beck and call.

And that’s exactly what I expected, expected hell, I demanded in my home.

I expected breakfast, a hot breakfast before Lori left for work, I expected her to prepare dinner when she got home and, of course Saturdays she needed to vacuum, dust and do the laundry.

Of course mom had three daughters to help her and was a stay at home housewife but I didn’t consider that, Lori did the woman’s work and that was that.

She was the convention manager for a large chain hotel. She was expected to look sharp and be sharp, conventions are a big revenue producer and she’s integral in bringing in the business.

And look sharp she does. Lori’s a big girl, five feet ten inches and she carries her one hundred and fifty pounds in a dynamite package. She’s blonde, long blonde hair that she normally wears in a pony tail has icy blue eyes, voluptuous 38D breasts, wide hips and a high, tight behind. When she’s in her high heels, a pants suit or skirt and blouse she reminds of the Valkyrie of Norse lore.

She’s sharp of mind, too. Lori has her degree in hotel management; she’d been on the job for six years. She started as a management trainee and now she’s convention manager. She gives a lot to the company but the company reciprocates; she’s well paid, has excellent benefits and some perks like free rooms in other company hotels.

She has to hustle, to get bathed, make up applied, dressed and have breakfast on meant she was up at five. She often didn’t get in until seven or later, meetings, event planning and the supervision of her staff all had to be taken care of. Occasionally she was much later; client dinners and entertainment also fell under her purview.

If she was going to be particularly late I expected her to fix something that I could microwave, I mean, I would do that.

One evening, several months ago she got home around seven-thirty; I gave her a kiss then asked, “What’s for dinner?”

“Hal I’m whipped, can we order some Chinese or something; I’m just not up to cooking.”

“Lori, that’s not how we do things,” I replied.

“Hal, I know, I know, but just tonight, please, I’ll pay for it.”

“Well, ok, just for you, go ahead and call in the order; I want moo goo gai pan and hot and sour soup.”

After the food was delivered and we’d eaten she cleaned up and went upstairs. I went in to watch a little TV.

Lori took off her jacket, blouse, shoes, and slacks; she just let them fall to the floor. She pulled on her nightie and fell between the sheets, exhausted she was asleep in seconds.

After I’d turned off the TV I fired up my computer and prowled some porn sites so by the time I went up to bed I was aroused.

My beautiful Lori was sleeping but she had her conjugal obligations. I crawled in beside her, she was on her side, I was behind. I raised her nightie.

God she had a desirable body, I rolled the back of her panties down over her bottom and was working them over hips when she awakened.

“Hal, please not tonight,” she asked.

I paid her no never mind, I pulled her panties over her feet and rolled her onto her back.

Her eyes pleaded with me but when I put my knee between her legs she spread her thighs.

She’d be dry, I knew that but I was pretty small, only five inches and rather thin, I wouldn’t hurt her, I was sure, I’d done this quite a few times in the four years we’d been married.

I thrust into her; she gave a little moan as I parted her dry flesh. It didn’t take long, thirty or forty seconds at most and I had my relief. I rolled over and was asleep in seconds.

But Lori didn’t, she lay on her back staring at the ceiling and seethed.

I’m just about at my wits end, she thought. I cook, I clean, I do the laundry and what thanks do I get for it, nothing. I even had to beg to be able to buy dinner tonight. My God with my work schedule along with all the household tasks, I’m lucky to get five hours sleep a night

Damn it, he tele-commutes on his job, he’s here all day. He could at least put in a load of laundry now and then.

The little twerp she thought, and he was a little guy, only five six and around one hundred twenty-five pounds, the short dick little twerp. He won’t perform oral on me and he’s good for about ten or twelve strokes when he has sex with me; I can’t remember the last time he’s given me an orgasm.

Something’s gotta change around here, I won’t divorce him but something’s gotta give.

He hadn’t given her an orgasm but that didn’t mean she hadn’t had some. She got out of bed, went to the bathroom and got her toy from where she kept it hidden. Sitting on the toilet with her legs spread she started the buzz.

That was her little secret, her vibrator, with a sigh, she brought herself release.

She rinsed her butterfly, stowed it and went back to bed, at last, blessed relief, an orgasm and sleep.

I didn’t know about Lori’s little secret, at least not then; had I found out I’d have been amazed at her brazenness, I screwed her a couple of times a week, what more could she want?

I had my little secret, too.

I’d grown up in a household with four females. I’d seen tits, pubic areas, pantied bottoms, breast filled brassieres from the time I could remember. I was the baby; they didn’t give a thought to their immodesty. If dad wasn’t home they’d all parade around in their underwear, even mom.

I can’t count the times I’ve witnessed a naked body going or coming from the shower or that a bathroom or bedroom door was left ajar, female flesh lots of female flesh for little Hal’s viewing pleasure, even if I got caught all any of them would say was, “Hal, get out of here.”

My favorite was when the bathroom door wasn’t closed; I’d peek and listen, their tinkle sound and their panties pooled around their feet, that’s how I felt my first arousal, I was twelve, it was Lauren and I got stiff.

As soon as she left I went in, locked the door and dug in the clothes hamper. Lauren’s panties, the ones she’d just taken off were on top. I picked then and brought them to my nose, they were damp in the crotch and still fragrant, I didn’t know it then but it was a mixture of young girl and urine, I inhaled then touched my tongue to the gusset, tasting Lauren.

I dug a little further; there was a pair of mom’s. They had a more powerful scent. I wrapped Lauren’s around my throbbing cock, held mom’s to my nose and masturbated, I’d never felt anything that felt better than that first cum. I buried the panties at the bottom of the hamper and went to my room.

Over the next six years I became a panty connoisseur, I didn’t even have to look, I could just sniff, I knew whether they were Lucy’s, Linda’s Lauren or Lureen’s, they all had a slight nuance in aroma and taste. I could always tell when mom and dad had sex; there’d be a white residue in her panties.

When I was thirteen, it was a Saturday and I was alone it the house, I wanted to try something a little different, I had several pairs that I’d taken to my room, I was naked, sniffing and the idea came to me. I pulled Linda’s panties on. Hers were the sexiest and the feel of the nylon against my bare cock was fantastic. I pulled them down, masturbated then pulled them back up. I wore them the rest of that day and every time I got the chance, I had panties on under my jeans.

I equated panties with pussy and pussy with pleasure; I had a major panty fetish, still do.

I revel in the fact that I work from home, I often walk around in nothing but a pair of Lori’s panties, dirty ones, ones that smell like a woman not laundry detergent. For a real treat I slip into one of her camisoles or chemises, they’re both comfortable and arousing.

When I masturbate and I masturbate frequently I like to lie on the bed, pull up my top garment, lower my panties to my knees, put a pair of panties over my head so my nose is buried in the gusset and jerk off with another pair. I’ve been doing this for as long as Lori and I have been married and she’s none the wiser.

Then several weeks ago I screwed the pooch, big time.

I had all day and a big chunk of the evening, Lori had a client dinner and had told me not to expect her ‘til about eleven. She’d fixed me up with a microwavable pasta dish for dinner.

I’d finished my work by noon, now it was Hal’s party time; I was already dressed for fun. Lori had several sets of baby doll lingerie with matching panties, the outfit I had on was apricot in color. After a several hours surfing porno sites on the net I was about as aroused as I was going to get, I got two pairs of her soiled panties, put one over my face and began to prepare. Slowly I raised the top, my hands caressed my stomach, my abdomen was clenching in anticipation, I rolled my panties down to my knees and massaged my upper thighs, I was hard as a steel rod, all five inches of me was sticking straight up, I wrapped myself with the other pair and stroked, slowly, slowly, drawing it out, I’d bring myself to the brink then stop. The crotch of the panties over my head was in my mouth, I was sucking them, tasting Lori, smelling my wife, finally I was ready, my hand was flying, it was coming, it was coming, I bucked my hips, I came. I caught most of it in the panty but several drops hit my stomach. I deflated.

Wow, I thought, that was great; maybe I’d have time for another after I ate dinner.

I lay back on the pillow and relaxed. I still had my head in the panties; my panties were still around my knees. I dropped the cum filled ones on the floor beside the bed and daydreamed.

Then it became more that a daydream; I dozed off.

Lori had dressed to impress, the man she was having dinner with was a convention planner, he could steer a lot of business her way. She towered over six feet tall in her four inch spike heels, she was wearing a black pencil skirt and matching belted jacket, they were from Donna Karan, there was a little bit of stretch in the fabric, it fit her like a glove.

Then at nine-forty five she got a call, it was Dave Larsen, he dinner companion for the evening. His wife had taken ill overnight, she’d been admitted to the hospital, he couldn’t make it. After expressing her best wishes for Mrs. Larsen’s quick recovery she asked him to give her a call when he wanted to reschedule.

Lori sat at her desk, it was an odd feeling, she was usually as busy as a one-armed paper hanger but she’d cleared her desk in anticipation of her meeting and dinner with Dave; she didn’t have anything to do and it was only four.

Why not she thought, she was all dressed up with nowhere to go. She’d surprise Hal, take him out to dinner, she needed something to jump start their relationship, this could be the catalyst; she drove home.

Hal didn’t meet her at the door like he usually did. She walked in, “Hal,” she called, “Are you here?”

She checked his office, no, he wasn’t there. She went upstairs.

The curtains were drawn in her bedroom, it was dim but still she saw.

Hal was dressed in her apricot baby dolls, the panties were pulled down to his knees and his face was covered by the panties she’d slept in last night. She saw the pair he’d discarded on the floor, picking them up she found them wet, cum stained.

She tossed them aside and ran from the room; she thought she was going to be sick. Back down stairs she poured herself a glass of wine to steady her nerves and sat down on the sofa.

A tear ran from each eye, down her cheeks, tears of frustration, she was devastated.

He wouldn’t give her oral but he could chew on her panties, he spent his meager amount of semen on her lingerie not in her, he made her do all the work, he was a man, men didn’t do woman’s work but he was laying up there dolled up in her clothes. What kind of man was that? He wasn’t a damned man he was a panty boy and she got angry.

Lori stalked up the stairs, we’ll see about this she thought. She stood by the bed side and flicked on the light.

“Harold,” she said.

Hal came awake, the only one that ever called him Harold was his mother when she was pissed off at him, it couldn’t be her he thought as his eyes came open.

Oh Christ, no it wasn’t his mother, it was a hundred times worst.

Glaring down at him was his wife, her legs were spread, stretching her skirt, her arms were crossed under her breasts and he would have sworn she was breathing fire.

“Harold, what is this?”

I pulled the panties off my head, it was impossible to deny what she saw; he was in her clothing with his panties around his knees.

“Lori, I can explain…”

She cut him off, “Harold, there’s no way you can explain what I’m looking at, get out of that bed and pull your, err, my panties up.”

I got up and she sat down she grabbed my arm and pulled me so that I was standing in front of her.

“Harold I’m so angry with you I could spit. I work my ass off and you sit home here all day not lifting a finger, what is it you say, “That’s woman’s work.” Well it looks to me like you want to be a girl, so I’m gonna treat you that way. You’re not Hal around here anymore; you’re Halle, like Halle Berry.”

“Now then Halle, do you like my underwear or do you want your own? I only ask because you are to wear nothing but ladies undergarments. I’ll even get you some nighties if you ask nicely.”

I stuttered, Nnnno Lori, I don’t want you to buy me nighties or underwear.”

“Fine, then you’ll wear mine but you will always be dressed in lingerie unless I give you permission to do otherwise.”

“Halle, you’re a girl now, my little girl. You will help with the housework. You can’t cook and I know you can’t iron, I’ll keep those until I can train you but as of right now, you clean the house, wash the clothes and do the dishes, are we clear?”

“Lori I’m not gonna clea…,” I started.

She grabbed my arm, pulled me across her lap and spanked me, on the panties. I squirmed trying to escape, she pinned me and pulled the panties down, thwack, thwack, thwack, “I said are we clear,” thwack, thwack, thwack, “Answer me Halle, are we clear,” thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack; ten hard smacks on my bare butt. I had tears in my eyes and was sniffling when she stood me back up.

“Once more, are we clear on what your responsibilities are?”

“Yes Lori,” I managed to choke out. I was afraid to say anything else.

“Oh good, now I want you to go in and take a bath, a bath not a shower, call me when you’ve finished washing and I’ll teach you how to shave.”

“Bbbut, I already know how to shave.”

“Halle, you’re a girl now, I’m talking about your legs and your arm pits. I think your pubes need a bit of shaping and trimming, too.”

“One other thing Halle, if you’re disobedient or you don’t keep up with your chores, I spank, we both know what’s expected, I won’t warn you, I’ll spank.”

She turned me around, gave me a whack on the bottom and said, “Go get your bath.”

Lori sat went to the guest room, it also served as her office; she sat at her desk and started a list of supplies she’d need Halle to shop for.

1. Her own razor and blades.
2. Half a dozen pairs of panties, they’d be sharing now.
3. Three new baby dolls, same reason.
4. A couple of padded bras, Lori’s little girl needed breasts when they went out.
5. A nice pants suit and a slinky black dress, same reason.
6. A small butt plug, the remote control kind, when Lori had her period and had a Tampax up her, Halle would be required to wear that.

That seemed enough to get started; Halle could just wear cotton panties and a Tee-shirt around the house when she was doing her chores. Then she remembered, she’d need a pair of dress shoes, Lori added it to the list.

I called to her that I was ready. She got the shaving gear I needed, Satin Care Shave Gel, and a lady Shick razor.

She shaved one leg for me, showing me how it was done. She had me do the other.

“Halle, next is the tough part, a gal’s gotta be ambidextrous to shave her under arms,” she shaved my right on for me then let me do the left, “you need to learn to shave left handed.”

“Get dried off then bring a towel, put it on the bed and lie down on it.”

She took the razor and gel and added a pair of scissors.

When I was on the sheet she clipped my pubic hair really short then she used the gel and shaved every thing but a little patch in the middle.

“Ok, lift your legs.”

I raised them; she pushed back ‘til they were nearly on my chest.

“Hold em and don’t wiggle,” she said as she lathered and shaved my perineum and around my anus.”

“You’re gonna have to do this in the future, maybe if you’d squat over a mirror it might work.”

She tossed me a bottle of skin conditioner, “You’ll want to use this, it’ll make your skin softer but more importantly, it’ll keep you from chapping.”

She’d taken her Donna Karan outfit off and was in a robe and night gown although she’d kept the same panties on.

“Put something on and come downstairs, you can set the table for me.”

“And Halle, when we’re here alone I want you to call me Mommy, I’m gonna train you to be a good little girl just like a Mommy would.”

I put the apricot baby dolls on and went down to set the table.

She made a quick meal, tossed salad, penne pasta with marinara sauce and garlic bread.

After we both were seated she asked if I wanted a glass of wine, when I said yes, she told me to get two.

I poured our wine and we ate.

After I’d cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher we went in to watch some TV.

She wanted me to sit next to her on the sofa.

“Halle honey, I want to talk to you about our sex life; and yes, we’re still gonna have a sex life, but you’re gonna need to learn how to satisfy Mommy.”

I just nuzzled against her.

“Baby, your clit’s a little small but that’s ok, if you learn how to use it Mommy still wants it, so, I don’t want you to cum unless I tell you it’s ok, I want you to save that for me. No more masturbation, no more stains in our panties, we understand what I mean don’t we?”

I knew the answer, “Yes Mommy.”

She pulled me over, hugged me and gave me a little kiss. “You’re gonna make a sweet girl baby.”

Then she lifted me and put me between her legs, I was kneeling in front of her.

“Halle, take Mommy’s panties off,” she said as she lifted her robe.

She raised her hips as I tugged them down.

“Would you like to smell them, you can, it’s ok.”

I brought them to my nose, they were still damp.

“Taste them honey, taste Mommy,”

I licked the crotch; both her smell and taste were stronger than usual. Maybe because they were fresh or maybe she’d gotten aroused training me, I didn’t know.

“Do you like that baby; do you like Mommy’s taste and smell?”

“Yes Mommy,” I shyly answered.

“Good baby, that’s good. Mommy wants you to like her taste and smell; now I want you to open my lips and touch me.”

With my fingers I opened her labia, she was a deep pink color and she was moist.

“Halle, I want you to lick me,” she said, her voice was raspy.

I turned my head away, refusing; I couldn’t imagine anything more repellant.

“Halle it’s either your face in my lap or your bottom across my lap. Either one, it’s your choice. I’ll give you a caution though, if you choose over my lap we’ll go through this again tomorrow night and every night ‘til you do it.”

I thought she should have been on my college debating team, she’d won this argument with no effort; I leaned forward.

Tentatively the tip of my tongue touched her outer labia; I wiggled it along, touching just the rim.

Mommy lifted her legs and laid them on my shoulders.

I was trying to avoid making contact with where she was wet but that wasn’t going to happen. She curled her legs around my head and forced me against her.

“Lick me Halle; lick me all up and down my slit.”

I didn’t have much choice, it was lick or be suffocated, I licked.

“Aaah, yes, that’s a good girl, now a little higher, yes, yes, that right, Baby that’s my clit, suck on it, gently but suck on it, while you’re sucking tease the tip with your tongue, aaah, yeah.”

“Aaaaaah, yessssss, yessssss,” she trembled, her hips slammed my face and she came, a flood gushed out of her in spurts.

I wasn’t concerned about suffocation any more, now the risk was drowning.

“Lick me Halle, lick me, drink my juice, suck on my vagina, my cunt hole, get it all get it all and swallow me, aaaaaah, Baby, oh Baby,”

Her legs fell off my shoulders, they lay limply beside me, and she looked spent.

I was dazed, we’d been married for four years and I’d never seen anything like it, her climax was earth moving and I’d given it to her.

She smiled at me, “Come here and give Mommy a kiss.”

I climbed onto her lap; she held me and kissed me.

“Halle, that was wonderful, did you like making Mommy feel wonderful?”

I did, I really did and I told her so.

“I’m so happy with you. I’d like you to meet me at the door when I come in from work, have a robe for me and you can help me undress, just fold my clothes and put them in the chair, you can take them up stairs while I cook dinner. But before I start cooking I’d like to sit down and relax for a little while. I want you to pour me a glass of wine then I want you to take off my panties, you can keep them for later if you want but I want you to taste me while I sip on my wine.”

“Let’s go to bed honey,” she said as she stood, told me to pick up her panties and led me to bed.

She laid me down and climbed up beside me.

She hugged me to her breast, “Honey would you like to suck my breasts while I talk to you a little?’

I’d never had that inclination but right now, more than anything I wasted her nipples in my mouth, “Please may I suck your breasts Mommy.”

She sat up and took her nightie, she was naked in the bed beside me, she pulled me onto her lap and fed me a breast.

“Honey what I want to talk to you about; you’re a little girl and you’ve got a little clit,” she was rubbing my penis through my panties, “ I might like it a little bigger but we can work around that, that’s not the real problem. When you use it you just don’t use it long enough. We’re gonna work on that problem, I’m gonna teach you how you can last longer and give Mommy more pleasure, you want to give Mommy more pleasure don’t you?”

I had a nipple in my mouth, I just nodded yes.

She let me suck for about ten minutes then she transferred me to the other breast, she’d worked my panties down almost to my knees and was masturbating me.

I started to buck my hips; she stopped.

“Halle honey I told you that you can’t cum unless I say you can; did I say it’s ok to cum?”

I took my mouth off her nipple to answer, “No Mommy.”

“Ok then settle down, we don’t want an accident here, do we?”

She said accident, I understood, she meant, you cum your ass is mine.

You try that damn it, a 38D in your mouth and you’re getting masturbated or as she explained it, my clit was being played with, see if you can stop from cumming, but I did, my butt was still sore from earlier.

Another ten minutes on her breast and she laid me back against a pillow.

She rolled over on her tummy and took me in her mouth. She’d never done that before, I almost immediately started to swell. She bit me and shook her hear no.

She’d bring me to the brink then she’d stop then again then stop, she held me on the verge of climax for over fifteen minutes then she stopped.

“See Baby, you can be patient, it’s all a matter of desire and motivation, and you’ve done fabulously for the first day.”

She patted my ass, rolled over and seemed to go to sleep.

I put my arm over her, and with blue balls and a red butt, I thought I’d gone from Master of my home to Mistress to my Missus in one afternoon and evening, I went to sleep.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on one’s point of view, this happened on a Friday night.

Saturday morning dawned, Lori was already up, she was just coming out of the bathroom.

“Get up honey, I want to show you how to sort the laundry, you need to do it today.”

She showed me how to sort the whites, the coloreds and the delicate fabrics, told what setting I needed to use for the washer and dryer and said,

“Go ahead and start a load, I’ll fix breakfast but you’ve got some shopping to do this morning.”

I started with the white, a little bleach and the detergent, let the washer fill then add the clothes, didn’t seem that tough.

Lori had scrambled eggs, bacon, home-made hash browns, buttered toast, tomato juice and coffee waiting.

After we’d finished and I’d cleaned up she handed me her list.

“Halle, you’re gonna need a few thing, here’s a list of the things I want you to pick up today, when you get back maybe you’d like to give me a private fashion show of our new clothes.”

“Mommy you’ve got a butt plug on here?” I questioned.

“Yeah, get a little one, here I’ll show you,” she took went to her purse and pulled out a little case, it contained two Tampax, she pulled one out, “Get one about this size but be sure it’s battery powered and has a remote control.

“Where am I suppose to get this?” I asked. I figured the internet.

She gave me perfect directions to a sex shop that was only about four miles away.

I did my shopping, it was embarrassing, try matching your size to the brassiere you’re buying or guess your dress size, at least I could try on the shoes, I got some with a two inch heels.

The sex shop was a real experience, I’d never been in one before and, of all things, the cashier was a tattooed, piercing wearing girl, I took my purchase and nearly ran to get out of there.

Once home I transferred the washed clothes to the dryer and put in the colored things to wash.

“Halle, are you ready to show me our things yet?” Mommy called to me.

“Just a second Mommy,” I answered, I carried my purchases upstairs, stowed my toilet items beside hers and pulled on my new pants suit.

Then I got a little learning experience, even in only two inch heels, going downstairs I had to relearn how to walk.

“Bring me a glass of wine and show off for me,” Mommy said.

It was early, I thought a white appropriate, I poured her a glass of Chardonnay and strutted my stuff. I handed her the wine and pirouetted before her,

“Whatta you think Mommy?”

I’d put on my padded bra, it was a 34B but I’m pretty small, I filled out the top nicely.

She patted my bottom, “Yup, you’re hot,” she said, “Let’s see the “Little black Dress.”

I hurried back upstairs and changed. I put on a garter belt and hose to compliment this one. Even I thought I looked smokin’ in the mirror.

I’d gotten a little better with the high heels, I sashayed down the stairs, did my best imitation of a model’s slinky walk and approached Mommy, she was impressed, If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought she liked girls, I mean for sex.

When I posed in front of her she ran her hand up under my dress, her hand came to the top of my hosiery,

“And a garter belt no less, I’m afraid to take you out, you’ll out shine me.”

“Ok Cutie,” she said, let’s see the lingerie.”

I nearly skipped up the stairs, I was pleasing her.

Next I displayed the baby dolls, she said I was cute.

Finally, I had six pairs of panties.

I “borrowed” one of her mid tummy camisole, it stopped at my belly button, the panties were on display but I wanted to continue the illusion of femininity, I still had my bra on, I still had breasts.

First one pair then the next I showed her.

It was after the forth pair that her eyes changed, she’d been so tickled with my appearance then it was like a curtain had fallen over her face. She let me get to the last pair before she said anything, after I’d made my last sexy presentation to her.

“Halle, come over here please,” she asked.

I walked and stood in front of her.

“Turn around,” she commanded as she pulled our new panties down, “Bend over.”

I bent, displaying myself to her, she ran her hand between my legs, I heard the rasp and I felt the rasp, my perineum had a “five o’clock shadow,” I had no idea that hair could grow so rapidly.

“Pull your panties up honey,” she said to me.

She stood and took my hand, there was a sad look on her face when she said, and “we need to go upstairs.”

She tugged on my arm and I followed, she led me to the bedroom and sat on the bed, she stood me in front of her and talked to me.

“Baby, you’re almost perfect, I want you to know how proud of you I really am but, you remember, I explained that there would be no warnings, I told you the rules and you agreed. I don’t even think you knew did you?” She asked.

“No, I didn’t realize,” I said.

“You’ll be more careful in the future won’t you?”

All I could answer was, “Yes Mommy,” I did know the rules and I’d broken one; not intentionally but, none the less I’d broken one.

“I’m gonna give you ten on the bare, do you want to take your panties down or do you want me to do it?”

My nuts contracted and my guts clenched, if she wanted to spank me I didn’t care, I wanted her to touch me even if it was her wicked hand, I wanted her to touch me.

“Would you do it please Mommy?”

She circled my body with her right hand and bent me over her lap then tugged our panties down to my knees and she slapped me.

First the one then thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack followed. She spanked me harder this time than she had the first, it hurt and I’m not a macho guy, I was sobbing when she finally stopped.

She pulled me up on her lap and comforted me; she opened her robe, lifted her nightie and put me on a breast. She stroked my hair and rubbed my back while I sucked, I truly did feel like her little girl, I was a bad girl, I took my punishment and then she succored me. Once I was able to gain control of my ragged breathing I was cooing in contentment. There was no place, not a single place that I’d rather be than at Mommy’s breast.

Finally, she said, “Let’s finish up the things we need to do.”

I got off her lap, went to the bedroom and changed, I put all of our new things in the laundry, they’re softer after they’re washed Mommy told me, put on a Tee-shirt and a pair of white cotton panties and finished my housework.

Our next few weeks were almost heavenly to me, I’d taken over the shopping, she still gave me lists, of course, she still did the cooking but I was learning, I’d adapted in ways I couldn’t have imagined, I got to taste her, drink her fragrant juices every evening when she got home, she sipped her wine, I sipped her, I thought I got far the better of the deal, then, every night she’d masturbate and suck me, holding me, making me wait. I had those blue balls more that once but she could keep me hard, waiting and wanting for over and hour now.

She’s only had to spank me once; I don’t know what happened, where my mind was. I met her at the door with her glass of wine…no, no, no it’s the robe then the wine, she had that hot Donna Karan outfit on, she walked me to the sofa and bent me over her lap. My white cotton panties came down and my butt got blistered. I won’t make that mistake again.

She even let me have sex with her last night, she’s let me cum several times now she said she thought I was ready, I was so anxious I was ready to cum just walking into her bedroom.

She made it easy for me, she undressed me, my Tee-shirt slid over my head and my panties were tugged down, I was nude.

“Help me Halle,” she asked.

I helped her out of her top, unclasped her bra, took it from her shoulders freeing her magnificent rack then I rolled her panties over her hips.

I was on my knees, I looked up in awe, the most magnificent example of womanhood ever created stood over me. Tall, intimidatingly tall, with lavishly magnanimous breasts jutting forward, a flat belly flowing down to her nicely manicured mons veneris, just a hint of pink displayed itself through the very top of her trimmed blonde curls. She was a Venus de Milo, an Aphrodite, a Goddess; I couldn’t resist, if she disciplined me later, I was prepared to suffer the consequences of my rash act. I reached for her, my Goddess and I pulled her to me, my tongue opened her, I tasted her exquisite flavor, I reveled in her redolence, I nursed on her sweet hot stem.

Mommy fell to her knees, I followed her down my mouth never left her, she rolled to her back, she lifted her legs and my tongue wandered to an abyss I’d never imagined. I was in her anus, my tongue was tasting, my nose was breathing in her earthiness and I was intoxicated, I rose between her thighs, my cock was a titanium rod wrapped in velvet, I took her, I took my Mommy, I fucked her, my little dick was a piston but I didn’t cum, no, Mommy had taught me how to hold back, how to slow down and when to, I rode Mommy for half an hour, my little cock stabbed her, she reacted, I got an orgasm then another then another from her, finally, I came, like I’d never cum before. Little spurts, hell no, not this time, I thought my guts had flowed out my cock, like a rabbit I kept ratcheting into her, she wrapped her fantastic legs around me and sucked me in.

God, I came, I blew it, jet after jet pumped from me, she was wailing, “Aaaaaah, God Yessssss, yessssss, her pussy was flooding me, I was shooting like I’d never done before.

I collapsed over my beautiful wife, her breasts were exposed, I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked. She let me, as she calmed down she let me suck her, it had become my “Security Blanket,” she let me lay across her tummy, she held me and stroked my hair while I nursed.

“Halle, do you like my breasts,” she asked in a raspy voice.

“I like you to suck me Baby, it feels so nice, you make me clench down below, you’re really becoming an accomplished lover and an accomplished little girl.”

She had me lain across her, lap, I was nursing, God how I loved being at her chest.

“Halle, did you cum?” She asked, she knew the answer; she had a cunt full of me oozing out of her.

“I’m sorry Mommy,” she hadn’t given me permission, it didn’t seem important at the moment but now Mommy was asking.

She took her nipple from my mouth and turned me so I was across her tummy then she sat up. Suddenly, I was lying across her thighs.

She was rubbing my back, kneading my bottom, caressing me, “Halle, what we did and what we’re gonna do, I think it’s fantastic, do you?”

“Mommy, I’ve never felt so good, it’s the very, very best I’ve ever felt and I thought I made you feel good, too.”

“Baby, you did, Mommy felt fantastic, you stayed in me, how long, thirty minutes. You’ve really learned to be a lover.”

She pulled me up and kissed me, she gave me a big hug then she lay me back across her lap.

“Halle, Baby, you did break the rules though, didn’t you?”

She was rubbing my bottom while she talked, “Didn’t you baby,” she asked again.

The hand that was caressing my back was now a pressure, holding me down.

I was completely unclad, open to any abuse.

My tears were already forming in my eyes; I knew what was coming, I said, “Yes Mommy, I came without your permission.”

Carrack, she hit me.

“The rules Halle, the rules,” she intoned as she hit me four additional times. Heck, I almost felt blessed; I only got five instead of the usual ten.

Then she asked, “Want the other five or will you do Mommy a favor?”

She still had me pinned to her lap, the next five or how many she chose to give me could rain down at any time of her choosing.

“I want to do Mommy a favor,” I answered in a fearful raspy voice.

She helped me get into position; she had me lying so that my face was at her crotch. I’d had unimaginable pleasure right here over the past few weeks, every evening I got my heady mixture of scent and taste, every evening I had the absolutely stupendous gratification of making Mommy proud of me and my efforts.

Not tonight though, my choice was evident, take the spanking or clean her. Normally no choice, I’ll go for her pussy over any sweet dessert, she’s exquisite, but now, she’s giving me the choice, clean up what I put in her or pay the price.

My tongue snaked into her; she lay back, opening her legs, opening herself.

She wasted no time explaining what she wanted, “Halle, suck my cunt, get all the juices out of me, I want to see you swallow, swallow every thing that’s in me.”

She probably couldn’t lubricate when I was done, I’d vacuumed her better that I ever did when I was cleaning. She gave me a break that night; we went to sleep in each other’s arms.

A couple of weeks later she phoned me at mid-day, it was again a Friday, she told me how proud she was of me and told me to get dolled up, my slinky black dress, my high heels, garter belt and black hoses and some really sexy underwear, we’re goin’ out tonight, be ready, Baby, I’ll be there at seven-thirty.

This is really the first time, we’ve been out to a couple of lounges, testing my outfits, testing my attitudes but this is the first time I’ll be out there as a gal, a stand alone woman. I’m nervous.

Upstairs, I take a warm relaxing bath, I use the same bath scent that Lori and I share, I soak, spending time. Then the water starts to cool I get out and towel off then I start to get ready, Lori has taught me how to use make-up, not a lot, I apply a little shadow to my eyes, a line to my brows and just enough lip stick to make my lips glisten. I put on some really sexy undergarments and shimmy into my “Little Black Dress.”

When Lori came in, I did greet her as I’m supposed to, I wanted to service her, I’d grown to crave her taste,

“”Not right now, maybe later but we need to get to the restaurant, I want to have a drink or two before dinner; you may call me Lori while we’re out.”

They were having their second cocktail, there would be wine with their meal but Halle was on her second McClelland’s and Mommy was working on gin and tonic with a dash of bitters number two; she said,

“Tonight’s your night Halle, I’m gonna make it real special for you, I hope you like it.”

Her special treat for me, well it gave me a little chill but it gave me a cramping way down low, I feared it and I wanted it; what ever it was.

The meal was all I could ask for; we started with crab stuffed baby artichoke as our salad then we had filet mignons cooked to perfection, twice baked Idaho potatoes and asparagus spears. We had a vintage Zinfandel with the meal and, in the dessert room we split a flan while we sipped on a finger and a half of a1954 Madeira. She drove me home.

Mommy led me upstairs. In the bedroom she undressed me; she unzipped my dress and helped me step out of it, she left my bra on, I didn’t have breasts without it, she unfastened my garter belt, tugged my hosiery to my feet and rolled my panties down and off then she undressed.

She got out a brand new set of baby dolls and a pair of satin slippers, “For you,” she said.

As I put them on she donned a matching set, Hers and Hers outfits.

“Lori this is so nice,” I told her.

With a sad smile she turned to me and took my hand.

“Thank you Halle, but we’re at home now not at the restaurant.”

As she led me to the bed I realized my slip, “I’m sorry Mommy.”

“I know you are honey, I know it was just a slip of the tongue but we have our rules.”

She lowered me to her lap and pulled the back of my panties down. Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, just five and she really didn’t put much effort into it.

She pulled my panties up and stood me up.

“Would you like to taste Mommy?” She asked.

I knelt between her legs, rolled her panties down; she lifted herself so I could get them over her hips.

I feasted on her, her slick love juice was like drugs to an addict, I licked her.

She was petting my hair; she hadn’t cum, “Ok honey, that’s enough for now,” she said, “Mommy has a few things for her baby.”

She went into the bathroom; I heard her rummaging under the sink. When she came back she had two bottles with nozzles on them, Fleet enemas, and a tube of KY Jelly.

She sat, pulled me back across her lap and took my panties off.

“We won’t need there anymore,” she said as she tossed my underwear over on the chair.

“Mommy’s going to show Halle how to douche,” she said.

She spread my cheeks and, with her finger, daubed a little of the KY on me. She inserted the first bottle and squeezed.

“Just lie here ‘til you need to go,” she said as she rubbed my back.

I felt a fizzing in my bowels; I got up and went to the bathroom.

When I came out, I went back to her lap, she repeated the process.

When I’d finished I returned to the bedroom. She’d turned out the lamp but had lit several scented candles; they provided illumination and the aroma of gardenias, my favorite flower.

She helped me out of my top and bra and lay me on the bed, “Baby’s gonna get a massage,” she said as she turned me onto my tummy.

She had a scented lotion, also gardenia; she started on the bottom of my feet and worked up. When she got to my back she straddled me, I could feel her heat and dampness against my bottom.

She turned me over, “My, your little clit seems stimulated,” she said as she slowly stroked me. Then she massaged my front.

As she finished she gave me a little kiss saying, “I’ll be back in a moment.”

When she came back she had something in her hand, but I hardly noticed, just the sight of her was awesome.
I was still lying on the bed; she towered over me. She had on a full length white satin robe, the top was open enough that I could see her breasts, she’d removed her baby dolls, on her feet were five inch high heel Marabou slippers, she took my breath away.

“Halle, let me put your bra and top back on, I like you with breasts.”
She fastened my brassiere in place and helped me back into my baby doll top. Then she took a pillow and put it at the edge of the bed.
“Help Mommy,” she said as she rolled me onto the pillow. I was on my back, my hips were elevated.
She slowly stroked me as she whispered, “I hope Baby likes her little surprise.”
She lifted my feet and put them on either side of the pillow, from the night stand she took one of the things she’d put there and inserted it in my anus, I felt a cool gel being pumped into me, it was Astroglide Stroke, she took the second and added it then rubbed some of the KY around my hole, I felt squishy.
In a tremulous voice I said, “Mommy,” it was a question, a fearful question.
She dropped her robe to the floor. She stood over me naked except for a flesh colored strap-on penis, it was at least eight inches long and more that twice as big around.
“Halle, every girl’s got to lose her virginity sometime, tonight’s your night.”
She guided the head of that monster until it pressed against me.
She’d stopped stroking me, her free hand was resting on my abdomen, she could feel my tension.
Rubbing me with a circular motion she said, “Relax baby, Mommy won’t hurt you, just relax.”
I did, her soft voice, her soft touch; I let my muscles go; when my sphincter eased the head slid into me.
I gave a little wince and mouthed, “Unnnnh,” when she entered me; there was a little pain but nothing like I’d feared.
She took it slow with me, she was still stroking my body as she inched her faux phallus deeper. I could feel myself being stretched to accept her girth, not painful, me ceding my body to her. She was taking me like a man takes a woman, I was her virgin, she treated me gently.
As she inched into me I felt an incredible fullness. She smiled at me, I could feel her harness against me, she was in, all the way in.
Slowly, ever so slowly she began to stroke, she’d empty me then refill me, empty then full, she made contact with my prostate, my cock jumped.
She took me in her hand and pumped.
“You can cum honey, do you want to cum now or would you like Mommy’s pussy, you can cum in me if you wait.”
I took her hand, stopping her from masturbating me.
She lifted my legs over her shoulders, her hands gripped my hips, she leaned into me driving her cock deeper with each stroke. She was brushing my prostate with every penetration, I was on the verge of orgasm, I mentally thanked her for having taught me patience and control. I didn’t want to cum, not yet.
She sped up then pulled me back on her, her eyes glazed and she trembled, I saw her reach down under her cock, she was cumming, then I felt her cock shooting into me, she was cumming and she was cumming in me. Realistically, just like a man would, she slowed her pumping then stopped and pulled out.
She was unstrapping her device as she asked, “Did Baby like her surprise?”
I could honestly say yes, I’d enjoyed the fullness in my bowels but most of all, I felt like I’d given myself to her, I was hers to do with what she chose and she chose to love me and make love to me.
“Yes Mommy,” I voiced, low and softly, “Yes Mommy.”
She handed me the apparatus, “Wash this, please then put it under the sink for next time.”
I took it into the bathroom, I cleaned it but I took a moment to check it out. There was a nub that fit against her clitoris, that’s why she’d climaxed. The balls were a hollow reservoir; she’d filled them, when she squeezed them the fluid was forced out, that’s how she came in me.
She was waiting on the bed when I came out. I walked to her and she lay me down on my back.
She straddled me and guided me in. She lowered herself; smooth as butter she slid down on me.
“Aaaaaah, Heaven,” I breathed.

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