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03-19-2011, 02:18 AM
She looked down at me and said ďfrom now on you will be my little cocksucker. She bent over and French kissed me. Sticking her tongue deep into my mouth, tasting her own cum. While kissing me she started caressing my hard cock.
Then she turned around, bent over and told me to lick her ass, to get it nice and wet so she can enjoy me ramming my hard cock into her ass. I wasnít sure if I could do it but when she spread her ass cheeks and gave me a look at that tight asshole with her half hard cock hanging under it, I just lost control.
I moved closer, spread her ass cheeks and started licking and sucking that asshole as if it was the sweetest candy I had ever tasted. It seemed she liked it cause she started grinding her ass harder into my face, getting all hot and nasty. She moaned and started talking dirty to me
hmmmmm lick that ass you dirty cocksucker, oooh your one nasty ass sucker bitch, yeah thatís it, stick your tongue in my asshole, oooh goddamn it bitch you suck ass almost as good as my dick, oooohh yes baby lick my ass crack, fucking lick my ass crack you cockwhore.
I never knew sucking ass was so hot much less sucking a girl with cock her ass. I was in a sexual limbo, not knowing if I was gay or not enjoying the taste of cum and ass so much, yet I couldnít give a fuck. This was to good to be bad. I needed this bitch her cock so bad I didnít care what I had to do to get it.
She practically had to pell my face of her ass when she was ready but when she did her ass was so well lubricated I could stick my hand up there without a problem. She turned around, pushed me back on her couch. She looked at me and asked ďyou want me to fuck that hard cock of yours donít you, you asssucker. You want me to stick that cock of yours into my tight asshole donít you cocksucker. You like my asshole donít you baby. Iím gonna give you a reason to love it even more.
she grabbed my cock and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. I can feel my cockhead enter her ass and damn itís so tight. She continued lowering herself until my dick was up to itís balls in her ass. When she got there, she slowly started grinding her ass on my cock. I have never had a feeling like this. A tight ass grinding on my dick while I feel a hard, hot cock on my belly. She slowly increased the tempo of her grinding. I grabbed her cock and started jerking her off. I knew I wouldnít be able to last long cause this girl had the tightest hole I have ever felt. That combined with the the thought that Iím having the hottest sex ever with a beautifull shemale. Man my cock was ready to explode, but she knew very well what she was doing. When she felt me coming close she slowed her grinding. She bent over and kissed me, telling me that it not time to cum just yet.
She slowly got up of my cock and walked over to her desk. She bent over and looked over at me. With a sweet and sexy voice she called me over and told me to fuck her like the bitch she is. In a trance like state I walked over to her and grabbed her hips. I spread her ass cheeks and slowly stick my hard cock in her ass. Man I couldnít believe what was happening to me, sticking my dick in this hot and sexy woman. Her ass was so round, her tight asshole wrapped around my cock. God this was to good to be true. Looking at that ass I totally forgot that I was ass fucking this hot shemale. I started fucking her harder and harder, slapping that ass till it was red. With each slam into her ass I could feel her balls bounce back on mine. That was a real kick to me. I really wanted to come in this beautifull ass but when she felt me approaching my climax she pulled back and dropped to her knees.
She grabbed my cock, looked up at me and said ďI want you to cum in my mouth baby, I want you to fuck my face and blow all that sweet cumjuice in my throat.Ē She placed her mouth on my cock and grabbed my ass. I started fucking her face, deeper and deeper she pulled me until I could feel my cock enter her throat. While I face facefucking her I could feel her playing with my ass. Her fingers got closer and closer to my asshole. But I was enjoying her throat to much to pay much attention to it. That is until I felt her finger enter my ass. That pushed me over the edge. I came in this earth shattering roar. I felt all my energy drain into her mouth as my ass clenched her finger.
With my cum dripping from her mouth she looked up at me and said ďI see you like getting something stuck up your assĒ. As I slowly faded into unconsiousness I remember thinking to myself ďwhat the fuck did I get myself inĒ

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Good story if a little short for my liking. Never the less well worth the read. Thanks for sharing it here

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