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03-23-2011, 03:57 AM
I woke with her standing over me with a tube of KY jelly in her hand and my hands cuffed to her table. I asked her what the fuck was going on. She looked at me with that evil look in her eye and told me “I’m gonna fuck you up your ass you cocksucking son of a bitch, but don’t worry I know it’s your first time so I’m gonna lube you up good. Now turn around bitch so I can get to your tight hole”
I wasn’t ready for this at all and tried to resist but I couldn’t do shit with my hands cuffed to the fucking table. I told her that this was more then I bargained for and that she needs to stop this shit now.
That really pissed her off, she slapped me in my face and said to me “now listen here you cocksucker, you think your gonna come her, get your cock sucked, fuck me up the ass, cum in my mouth and just fucking leave. I told you I was gonna make you my bitch and that’s what’s gonna happen, or you want me to spread our little session all over the net. Yeah that’s right bitch, I recorded everything we did. I got a nice shot with my cum dripping out your mouth bitch”
Now I was really scared, I couldn’t figure out what was worst, getting fucked up the ass or everybody knowing I’m a cocksucker. I decided that my ass was worth my reputation and gingerly got on my knees. She laughed at me and said “That’s more like it bitch, now spread those cheeks, I got a good mind to fuck you dry but I want you to enjoy this so you come back for more”
She started licking my ass and to tell you the truth that feel half bad, she licked my crack and then my tight little pucker. Ooohhh god that felt good, I heard her open the tube of jelly and felt a cold glob on my ass. She massaged my ass with the lube and gently inserted her finger up my ass. That didn’t feel to bad, she continued the lubbing and before I knew it she had 3 fingers up my ass. I was really enjoying it and started gyrating my hips to her thrust. Still I was thinking this really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Then she stopped, I looked back and wanted to ask her why when I saw her lubing up her cock. Damn that motherfucker looked huge.
She took position behind me, spread my cheeks and gently inserted her cock into my tight asshole. Holy shit her finger were nothing compared to that monster that she was trying to up my ass. She slapped my ass and told me to relax or else it would hurt a lot more. I was like that easy for you to say, your not the one getting fucked up the ass, when I remembered that I just did the same thing to her. That thought kinda relaxed me and her huge cockhead popped into my tight pucker. I let out a slight aaaaahhhhhwwwww. She continued penetrating me. The pain was almost unbearable but there was little else I could do but take it like a man. Goddammit this bitch was huge, it felt as though her cock was ripping me apart. Then I felt her pelvis hit my ass and knew she was all the way in. She stayed like that for a while to let my ass get used to her huge cock. Then she slowly withdrew her cock until only her cockhead was still in my ass. Then she thrust it back in, harder this time. That one took my breath away, I was starting to see stars. Iwas begging her to take it easy but that only made her fuck me harder. But with each stroke something strange was happening.
I started enjoying it, my ass was getting rammed by this huge cock and I was enjoying it. My cock started getting harder with each thrust and before long I was actually fucking her back. Getting real hot and nasty “ooohhh goddamn it, aaahhhh yeeaaahhh, aachhhh fuck yes, fuck me please, fuck my ass with that big cock of yours”. I grabbed my own cock and started jerking off to her tempo. She continued fucking me up my tight ass until she got tired of it. She pulled out her cock and told me to turn the fuck around. She wanted to see how I enjoyed getting fucked up my fucking asshole.
I got on my back and she pushed my knees to my head giving her easy access to my fucked up ass. This time there was no patience, she took her dick and just rammed it up my asshole. She looked me in the eyes and with each thrust she degraded me. “you like that cock up your ass don’t you little cocksucker, oohhh yeah that’s a tight asshole, oooh you motherfucker that ass of your is just trying to milk my cock isn’t it, ooohh yeah play with that cock bitch, jerk your dick off for me, show me how much you enjoy getting fucked up the ass by me.
I was her little fucktoy, there was nothing she could say that I wouldn’t do. She fucked me hard and fast, pumping my tight asshole with her huge pole. It felt like her cock was till in my throat. I could feel her getting close, her eyes all glazed over, fucking the shit out of me. then suddenly she pulled out her cock, moved up to my mouth and stuck her nasty cock into my mouth. It tasted like my ass but I didn’t care. I let her fuck my mouth, I was hers to be used any which way she desired. I guess my complete willingness pushed her over the edge and before I knew it my mouth was full of her juicy load. It tasted so sweet that I shot my load then and there on my stomach. I don’ think I have ever had such a climax in my life. I shot it all over her back and ass. Eventhough my mouth was still full of her cum, she instructed me to lick her back clean.
After doing as I was instructed she released my handcuffs and said to me, from now on you will be my little bitch and that she would be mine and if I was a good boy she would teach me things that I never dreamed off.

The end (for now)

03-25-2011, 01:42 AM
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