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First off let me say that these stories will be a collection of messages that a girl I know has with a friend of hers overseas. She started posting some nude pics to a certain website (after a dare from me, mwahahahahaa) and that's how all this started. He likes to hear the details of her sordid little sex life and when she told me about these messages I asked her to start emailing them to me at the end of each day. So she went back to the beginning and copied me on all these messages. Now I find them to be pretty erotic, maybe that's just because I know her. And I know her well enough to believe her stories, I've never known her to be a liar. So let me know if you all enjoy them, if so I might compile them all into an erotic book or something. Oh yeah, I've removed all the lol's and text shorthand, corrected the spelling and made it readable.


Frank: Hey baby, love your pussy.

Tanya: Thank you.

Frank: That's got to be one of the best ones I've seen on this site. And that tight pink little asshole. I want to suck them both.

Tanya: *laughs* Thank you.

Frank: How old are you? And where do you live?

Tanya: 25 and I never say where I live.

Frank: Awww, how come?

Tanya: *laughs* Because I don’t want some stalker who lives close to me to decide to try to track me down. All I will say is in the US.

Frank: *laughs* Ahhh, so hooking up is not what you’re here for I take it.

Tanya: *laughs* No, I just like to show off. And guys like looking at it.

Frank: Definitely, thank you for doing so. Why no face pictures?

Tanya: I don't want someone I know to find me on here. If my boyfriend found out he would kill me, he's super ultra jealous.

Frank: You could send me a private one.

Tanya: *laughs* You might be one of them.

Frank: Not likely, I live in the UK.

Tanya: How do I know that for sure?

Frank: A little paranoid aren't you?

Tanya: *laughs* Well, I'm new to all this.

Frank: Really? What made you decide to post them?

Tanya: It was a dare.

Frank: That’s a good dare. Who dared you to do it?

Tanya: The guy who took them, I know that probably doesn't sound right.

Frank: Is that him tasting that amazing pussy?

Tanya: *laughs* Yes.

Frank: You naughty little slut. Does your boyfriend know about this friend?

Tanya: Well he knows about him, but he doesn't know this obviously.

Frank: So tell me about this dare? You've got me interested now.

Tanya: Ok, well I was over hanging out at my friends house and we got bored and he says 'hey I got an idea, let me take some pictures of your pussy'. I don't even remember how he finally convinced me but it ended up sounding like a good idea. Afterward he asks me if he could post them on the internet. I said no because mine isn't cute and pretty like others on the internet. Then he tricked me, he showed me a picture of a pretty one and asked if mine looked like that would I let him post it. I said yeah because I liked it, then he showed me that it was mine and then he was like 'you said I could if it looked like that'. So I said yeah ok, as long as you don’t show my face so no one will know it's me. Then I made him promise he wouldn’t tell anyone and he said ok. Then he found this site and dared me to post them, he said they looked good and they would probably be very popular. So I went for it *laughs* AND THEN he went and told his friend ‘hey, if you ever wanted to see Tanyas pussy here’s the site’ and gave him the link.

Frank: *laughs* Were you pissed?

Tanya: Not really, now it just feels weird when his friend is around.

Frank: Fuck, I would like to be your friend when you get bored. Tell him thank you so very much for daring you. And he was right, they are popular, you seem to be developing a large fanbase pretty quick. I bet you get alot of messages.

Tanya: Fuck TONS! Non stop since I posted them.

Frank: You like it though don't you?

Tanya: Actually yes. *laughs* I didn't think I would but he said try it out, talk to some of the guys and girls, and if I didn't like it I could take them down, but the dare was to leave them up for a week and see what happens. Now he created a monster. I've been doing it for 2 days now and I love it.

Frank: He created a slut monster *laughs*

Tanya: *laughs* Yes he did.

Frank: Do you have an instant messenger?

Tanya: No, the first day I put these up I tried to chat, but I had so many people wanting to chat that I couldn't keep up, so now I just answer these messages.

Frank: Are you horny right now?

Tanya: Fuck yes, I've been answering messages nonstop about guys and girls wanting to lick me, suck me, fuck me. Some hot guys are sending me pictures of their cocks, and the girls are sending me pussy pictures. I've seen some cocks I wouldn't mind squeezing my pussy around.

Frank: *laughs* Your friend is going to be jealous and wish he didn't dare you to do this.

Tanya: Oh no, actually he isn't. This is the kind of thing he's into. As long as we're all having fun he doesn't get jealous. It might sound weird, it did to me at first, but we have a sexual history together. But he's not interested in a committed relationship, but he's so good at sex that I'll never quit fucking him. Anyway, it's all complicated I know, and I have a boyfriend I know, but my friend has been trying for some time to have me find some girl or guy that I like and bring them in this with us. He doesn't care which, he says if it's a girl he wants to watch me eat her pussy, and he wants to help. And if it's a guy he wants the guy to eat my pussy while he watches me enjoy it. The only rule with the guy is that the guy has to leave his clothes on while he's in the room, he said if the guy wants to fuck me that's fine but he'll just leave the room.

Frank: That's cool. That's what I would do too, I would share you with anyone babe as long as I could have you too. So are you wet right now?

Tanya: *laughs* I am really fucking wet right now, I'm starting to worry that it's soaking through my jeans.

Frank: Well we'll just have to fix that. You should just slip out of them.

Tanya: *laughs* I can't, my boyfriend is home.

Frank: So, I don't think he'd mind if you wanted to sit around the house naked playing with yourself.

Tanya: Oh yes he would, first off he would be pissed because you can see right into our living room and the neighbors might see, and second why am I masturbating and all wet while I'm on the computer. He would be fucking pissed. That's why I hope my wetness isn't noticeable.

Frank: Tell him you're chatting with some hot girl.

Tanya: You would think that would work, not with him. Guy, girl he doesn't care, he says' it's all cheating.

Frank: Wow, this guy doesn't deserve you, you need to be with someone who appreciates you for your body and personality. Someone who would share you not keep you locked away from the world.

Tanya: Yeah, it's such an extreme opposite reaction from my friend. My boyfriend gets pissed and throws a pouty fit when someone even looks at me and my friend was always trying to get me to flash my pussy or ass to people at parties.

Frank: Sounds like your boyfriend lacks confidence, or has alot of insecurities. I think your friends attitude is noble and generous, that's how I would be if you were my girlfriend.

Tanya: Would you let me go over and fuck my friend anytime I wanted? Because I need it alot and since it has to be all secret and covert we only get to do it like once a month or so. And in case I hadn't mentioned, my boyfriend sucks at sex. Maybe 5 minutes at the most, and one time he came before he even put it in.

Frank: Absolutely babe, I would never try to keep you from your friend. You could even invite him over and fuck him at our house, hell we could even do a threesome. And if you wanted alone time with him I would totally respect your history together and let you do it. I don't think it's right not to share someone as hot as you.

Tanya: Seriously? Or are you just saying that. Because most guys I talk to agree with my boyfriend. At least where the guys are concerned, they think he's nuts about the jealously over the girls. But there's and interesting double standard, because EVERY SINGLE DAMN ONE OF HIS FRIENDS has asked me to fuck them. And they are not kidding. Some of them are persistent too, texting me all the time trying to get me to send them naked pictures. I mean don't they realize what would happen if he were to pick up my phone sometime when it's laying on the counter and they send a text like that? Fucking idiots. And I've never once gave them any indication that I would, or would even think about it, the answer is always 'FUCK NO'. I don't cheat on my boyfriend, except with my good friend. And that's only because I can't give that up, no way in hell.

Frank: *laughs* You should just tell them if they want to see you naked here's the website.

Tanya: *laughs* WHO do you think I'm trying to hide from? They're the ones I don't want knowing about this, I'm not worried about my boyfriend personally finding it, he never goes on sites like this 'he loves me and I'm all he needs blah blah' why does he have to lie? I wouldn't care if he liked to look at naked girls, but he's so afraid I'm like him that he won't even risk doing it. But anyway, no I'm afraid of his asshole friends finding it and either telling him, or using it against me as a way to fuck me. This way nobody can prove it's me even if they suspect. And if I think someone figures it out I'll just delete the whole account.

Frank: Don't do that, I must see more pictures of that incredible pussy and asshole. And I would be honored if you could send me a picture of at least your eyes. Also hopeful that maybe we can meet up someday and I could taste those love juices of yours. I know that's a stretch with the pond between us and all.

Tanya: *laughs* Well I'll see about the eye picture at least.

Frank: *laughs* Ok, I understand. A little too fast. What about chatting with just me, nobody else even has to know you're on.

Tanya: Well I'm too stupid to figure out how to turn off the thing that lets people know I'm ****** *laughs* I couldn't even figure out how to post the pictures to this site so my friend had to do it for me. Plus my boyfriend keeps walking through and it's just easier to answer messages when I get a chance.

Frank: Are you still wet?

Tanya: Yes, all this talk plus all the messages I keep getting. I'm talking to this one guy right now. Oh my god! His body is rock hard and so is his fucking huge ass cock. He's got me so wet right now *laughs*

Frank: Oh *laughs* what do you want to do to him?

Tanya: Oh fuck, if he were here right now I'd have him knock out my boyfriend while I stripped down butt ass naked and when he came in I would so eagerly spread my legs for his dominance. I wouldn't even be shy about exposing myself in full view for him. Just to have him hovering over me with that body and having that thick hard shaft pumping my soft little pussy. I would SO let him fuck me.

Frank: Well you put those pictures out there for us to see too exposing yourself.

Tanya: That's different, those are pictures, this would be in person.

Frank: Oh I see, you're brave when you're anonymous but are a little afraid of the real thing?

Tanya: Not with him I wouldn't be *laughs*

Frank: So what's he saying to you?

Tanya: Here, I'll just copy and paste the messages

">Hey you


>Thanks for all the comments on my pictures

>No problem, that's a nice smooth cunt you have there and sweet pink little butthole

>Thank you, and that's one hot body and major cock you have :)

>You like it?

>God yes, I've been thinking about you all day

>I'd by lying if I said I wasn't thinking the same thing

>I keep imagining your tongue all over my cunt and ass

>I would shove it deep into both holes

>I love that cock, I imagine that thick hard shaft and my soft delicate pussy. It like aches or something, like tickles with anticipation when I think about you. Would you satisfy it for me puh-leeeze?

>Of course, I would slide it in real smooth and pump it nice and slow

>fuck, you have me so wet now. I masturbated last night thinking about it. I'm sure I would ooze cum with every thrust.

>And I would slide a finger in your ass

>Mmmmm, do whatever you want, I just want to spread my legs for you, expose myself fully and relaxed to you. Out of all the guys who have been messaging me you're the only one I've had this kind of reaction to. I'm actually a good girl, I only cheat on my boyfriend with one guy, but I would make another exception with you.

>I'm honored, you're a hot little slice of flesh. What are you wearing right now?

>Jeans and a t-shirt

>Why don't you slip out of them and get on a chat with a cam?

>Oh for you I would, except I don't have a cam, and with my boyfriend walking in and out I can't rick having a chat open either, just these messages. I wish I could put on a show for you, I would love to rub my clit and finger my ass knowing you were watching.

>You got me so hard right now baby, I want to see you bend over and slide a finger in your ass. I love the way it looks in your closeups. I love that hairstyle too. You’re a very pretty girl.

>*laughs* Thank you. So, you like my little pucker biscuit?

>Mmmmhmmm I want to run my tongue all over it like that guy in your pictures. He's a lucky bastard.

>*laughs* He thinks so, he loves eating my ass, which works out great since I love having it eaten. I want you to give it a tongue bath. And people could ask ‘Who’s the lucky bitch getting licked by the tongue’.

>*laughs* Well good, because I'm going to. And I'm going to have you sit on my lap with my cock up your ass and have your legs spread and slowly rub your pussy with my hand while squeezing your tits with my other hand.

>I just came a little, well alot actually

>So if you can't be naked right now how are you stimulating yourself?

>*laughs* You know that little knot in the fold of the jeans where everything is stitched together? It sits right on my clit, and I'm just pushing on it, plus thinking about you gets my juices flowing quite well.

>*laughs* Yes, I have that effect on people. Even guys write me wanting me to fuck their girlfriends.

>Have you ever?

>Oh yeah, I've met up with probably around 20 girls from this site, but only the hot ones.

>Did you fuck them all?

>Well yeah, that's why we met up.

>No fair, now I'm jealous I feel like I'm missing out. Now I really want to fuck you. So how do we do it? Where are you?

>I've found that it's safer if we pick a city somewhere and meet there, that way neither has to reveal an address.

>Oh yeah, that'll work. That's a good idea, where is a good place?"

That's all I have so far. That's yesterday and todays worth of messages

Frank: Holy fuck babe, you have me so hard right now. I wish I was that guy, I would love you to give me free reign over your hot hard body. Some guys have all the luck, I never get attention like that from girls. How does he know what your hairstyle looks like?

Tanya: Ooops. Well, I sent him a private picture. *laughs* Sorry

Frank: I see, that’s ok. So you already broke one of your rules with him and you’re talking about breaking another?

Tanya: *laughs* I know, and I would totally cam for him if I had one. *laughs* I can’t help it, he looks good and talks good, and I get the achy tickly feeling between my legs when I think about him. I just want to bend over, arch my back, lay my head on my folded arms and let him do whatever he wants. I need to go masturbate or something.

Frank: Are you actually going to meet up with him?

Tanya: Well I was thinking it would be fun and I wanted to, but I wasn't sure, but when he said he does this all the time then I decided I had to. I'm not going to miss out. This is kind of scary, my heart it beating like crazy thinking about it but I have to let him fuck me. Some way somehow I'm going to have to come up with something.

Frank: Will you tell me all about it? When are you going to do it?

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Good story shows a lot of potential if weaved with a little emotional feelings from both parties. thanks for sharing it here

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