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Frank: Will you tell me all about it? When are you going to do it?

Tanya: *laughs* Sure, why would you want to hear about it though? Most of the guys Iím messaging want to either cyber sex me or meet up in real life. Nobody wants to hear about what Iím doing with other people.

Frank: *laughs* Well, your stories are quite arousing, they turn me on so I want to hear more.

Tanya: Ok cool. Iíll definitely tell you how it goes.

Frank: Have you heard from him today? Have you guys set up the secret meeting yet *laughs*

Tanya: Not set up yet, but I have been messaging him. I told him where I live (broke another rule) so he could find a place close to set up the meeting.

Frank: So, what have you guys been saying?

Tanya: Mostly just sending private pics back and forth, well mainly him sending me pics. I was up late talking with him.

Frank: Ooooo, copy and paste them.

Tanya: I canít.

Frank: Donít be shy.

Tanya: Well, I chatted with him, he was mainly camming for me while I masturbated. I kept getting jumpy thinking my boyfriend woke up. It kept sounding like the bedroom door was opening. *laughs*

Frank: I thought you didnít have a cam?

Tanya: I donít. He was camming me, I was just in my robe and panties in case my boyfriend woke up, but nothing else and was playing with myself rubbing my clit with my hand inside my panties.

Frank: Ahhhh, Sweet. What are you wearing now?

Tanya: Jeans and a t-shirt.

Frank: *laughs* Thatís what you were wearing yesterday.

Tanya: Itís my standard wardrobe. *laughs*

Frank: Are they tight jeans?

Tanya: Yes, they pretty much form to my body, make my ass look good *laughs*

Frank: Your ass looks good anyway *laughs* So what do I have to do to get you to send me a picture of your face?

Tanya: Ok, Iíll send you one *laughs*

Frank: Oh my god babe. Youíre fucking gorgeous. Those eyes.

Tanya: Thank you *laughs*

Frank: Itís nice to put a face with the pussy, especially when they both look that good.

Tanya: *laughs*

Frank: Thank you for sending that. So what kind of cybering are you doing with the guys.

Tanya: They all are pretty much the same. One guy gets a little too detailed and the messages bore me before Iím halfway done with them.

Frank: Is your boyfriend home today?

Tanya: Yeah.

Frank: Is he always home?

Tanya: It seems like it *laughs* He is home a lot though, he works odd jobs so I never know when heís going to be gone.

Frank: That sucks, are you talking to your secret meeting guy?

Tanya: No, heís not on right now, I just mainly got on the answer a few messages. I was feeling a bit horny *laughs*

Frank: How horny?


Frank: How horny?

Tanya: Sorry, I had to sign off so soon the other day. HE came in *laughing*

Frank: *laughing* Thatís ok. I missed talking to you the last few days. Howíve you been?

Tanya: Pretty good. How are you?

Frank: Not bad, better now that youíre on? So, any naughty conversations going on lately? *laughs*

Tanya: *laughs* No, not the last few days

Frank: Have you set up your meeting with the other guy yet?

Tanya: No, heís going to arrange something in the next few months. Woo Hoo I canít wait !

Frank: Is the boyfriend home today?

Tanya: Nope, got the whole day to myself. Thatís why Iím on here today

Frank: Oooo, what are you in the mood for?

Tanya: My ass needs a tongue bath and so does my clit.

Frank: Mmmmm well, strip and get back on the couch, grab your ankles and let me do my thing babe.

Tanya: Ooo, that just made me a little wet. Glad my boyfriend isnít home today so I can just go with it *laughs*

Frank: Even if he was home, you wouldnít care if he walked in once Iíd been tongue fucking your pussy and ass for a little while, Iíd make you cum in my face so hard.

Tanya: *laughs* Did I ever tell you that I squirt? My other friend makes me squirt in his face while he eats my pussy and fingers my ass.

Frank: Mmmm I love a girl that squirts. Used to get so much from my ex I made cum/vodka cocktails. Do you think youíd be able to squirt in my face as you took my hard cock in your ass?

Tanya: Of course, I've had a good teacher over the years *laughs* I could squirt all over you and it would be messy.

Frank: Good, I love to get messy and wet.

Tanya: Well you will for sure *laughing*

Frank: Why donít you tell me your filthiest fantasy?

Tanya: *laughs* I donít know, I never thought about it?

Frank: Aww címon. Thatís not a very convincing lie, everyone has that one dirty fantasy they donít want anyone to know.

Tanya: *laughing her ass off* Maybe, but those are secret.

Frank: Tell me, I think youíll find it quite liberating.

Tanya: *laughing* Ok, geeze. Well, to have a bunch of guys begging for me, jacking off watching me, wanting me to let them touch me, and only picking one guy to have that honor, and make the others watch, making them horny and jealous.

Frank: Mmmmm theyíd be so hot watching me fucking you theyíd probably start playing with each other.

Tanya: Ewww I hope not, that would be a turn off for me. And what makes you think Iíd pick you? *laughs* I also want to be licking some hot girls cunt while some guy is giving my ass in the air some attention.

Frank: Mmmmmm nice. Would she lick my cum out of your pussy?

Tanya: I don't know, I want to lick her, I think that would be hot, but I don't know about another girl licking me.

Frank: Itís only fair if she gets your tongue in her pussy - and Iím sure you wouldnít mind after a huge gushing orgasm and my cock shoved in your mouth.*laughs*

Tanya: Well, my friend would probably be able to talk me into it. He talked me into posting these and I never thought I would do that. *laughs*

Frank: I hope youíre glad you did though baby.

Tanya: I am glad, itís fun. More than I thought it would be.

Frank: I hope it turns you on a bit to think of all us guys (and plenty of girls Iím sure) getting hot looking at you - have to say, you have the cutest, sexiest little pussy Iíve ever seen.

Tanya: Thatís what I keep hearing. So why do YOU like it so much?

Frank: I donít know exactly what it is, itís partly because it looks so smooth and kind of untouched - and also those lovely puffy lips in your avatar, with your clit just peeking out, just sooooo sexy.

Tanya: Well thank you.*smile*

Frank: Youíre very welcome - thought of another picture Iíd love to see of you, if you donít mind, a nice shot of you on all fours so I can see all of your ass.

Tanya: Thatís what my friend keeps trying to get me to do. I donít know, maybe. He wants to do full body shots and face shots, but I gotta make sure my boyfriend never finds out so I don't like to show too many identifying features. I have a butt cheek tattoo.

Frank: Ahhh, I understand babe. But mmmm I can imagine your ass is as sexy as what Iíve seen of you.

Tanya: Well, I do get hit on a lot.

Frank: If we were meeting, what would you wear? (hypothetical of course, as Iím on the wrong continent *laughs*)

Tanya: I have a dark blue dickies skirt that is pretty cute, makes access easy too ;) and Iíll wear no panties.

Frank: Mmmm what about above the waist?

Tanya: It's a one piece skirt dress thing, you'll just have to lift the whole thing up.

Frank: Yummy, no bra Iím guessing, so one pull and Iíve got you naked and wet.

Tanya: Exactly! Put your hand on my soft pussy and rub around.

Frank: Slipping a finger in you, as we kiss hard.

Tanya: Then what?

Frank: Then move round, my hard cock over your mouth as I take my first taste of that lovely pussy.

Tanya: Me on top riding your face while I suck on your cock.

Frank: Me pushing my tongue into your pussy and a finger in your tight ass as you swallow my cock.

Tanya: Mmmm yes, thatís just how my friend does it, so you win points for that. My juice, the creamy kind, will be filling your nose as it oozes out all over. Iíll be moving my hips up and down a little as you flick my clit with your tongue. Describe how you would be eating me.

Frank: Slowly tongue fucking you, then moving to lick from your clit to your ass, and back to suck on your hard clit before slipping my tongue back in you, lapping at the juices flowing out as you moan around my hard cock.

Tanya: Ok, Iím really wet now, I can smell my cum through my jeans *laughing* WOW

Frank: *laughing*, Take your jeans off then babe, and tell me what youíd be doing to my cock as Iím lapping at your juices.

Tanya: Ok, I can't believe Iím doing this but my jeans are off and Iím playing with my pussy, itís fucking soaked. Iíd be jacking and sucking you off.

Frank: Mmmmm Iíd suck hard on your clit, nibbling it as your pussy gushes over my face.

Tanya: Eat my ass.

Frank: Grabbing your tight cheeks, pulling them apart and pushing my tongue into your ass, tongue fucking it as you cum hard.

Tanya: *laughing* I had to move off my couch so my neighbor couldn't see me finger fuck myself.

Frank: Fuck that, give him a show he'll never forget as you cum all over your fingers.

Tanya: He probably can't even really see me, but if he can do you think he would say anything to my boyfriend?

Frank: What, and admit to spying on you? If I was your boyfriend I wouldnít be too happy if he did. I wish you were riding my cock in your ass as you finger that dripping pussy, with your neighbour watching us and rubbing his little cock

Tanya: True, Iím going to try it and imagine he's watching us fuck.

Frank: Strip naked, as you would be with me fucking you - make sure to make lots of noise too

Tanya: Oh yeah noise, he's not looking, let me try moaning.

Frank: Is he paying attention now?

Tanya: Damn, if it was warmer outside I would open the window, I don't think he can hear me, or he is deliberately ignoring me *laughing* Fuck, that sucks, Iím feeling all naughty and want someone to watch me, Iím completely naked and dripping wet.

Frank: Youíre hot and going to get hotter, open the window and moan his name

Frank: Hey babe, you still there?

Tanya: *laughing* I had my ass in the air in his direction rubbing my clit and I was watching him in a mirror so I wasnít facing him, he went inside and opened his shades, I think he's watching me though his window. I hope he can see, itís pretty easy to see in here, the room is pretty bright when I have both the front window shades and back shades open. Thatís why my boyfriend never wants me walking around naked *laughing*

Frank: Show him how hard you want me to be fucking you right now.

Tanya: He opened his garage and was standing back in the corner WITH BINOCULARS! The fucking little perv! I saw him while I was in my kitchen, he didnít know where I was so I came back in the living room. Iím bending over with my ass facing him while typing to you. Iím going to give him a show. I canít believe Iím actually doing this! I canít believe YOU talked me into this, but you make it sound fun and nasty and Iím actually liking it.

Frank: Bet you canít believe how wet doing this is getting you either can you babe? Find something nice and big to fuck yourself with for him.

Frank: Hope he enjoyed the show babe.


Tanya: It was funny, I was busy watching him in a mirror while my ass was pointed toward him, meanwhile I didn't notice my neighbor in the house BEHIND me was watching me too and he thought I was looking at him while I masturbated, so he decided to hop the fence and come over. I didn't know it until my sliding glass door opened and in he walks. I grabbed my shirt and covered myself up real quick and yelled at him. He said he thought I wanted him to come over since I was looking at him like I was (which I wasnít) and then he tried to lift up my shirt, he kept saying 'let me see your pussy, let me see your pussy', then the guy who was watching across the street rang the door bell looking in the window saying 'Is everything ok? I heard you yelling.' Yeah right, he never came over any other time he heard me yelling. So I run over and open the door hoping the other guy will leave. There I am holding my shirt up to cover myself with two of my neighbors standing there, the first guy finally says it was a misunderstanding and leaves, and the guy across the street asks if Iím ok, and I said yes so he left, but on his way out I turned around and bent over to grab my jeans. I know he got an eyeful *laughing* It was scary but funny, my heart was pounding like crazy. Last night I kept thinking about it, I liked itÖÖ.ALOT!

Frank: Oh babe, not the way I was hoping it would pan out! I hope it wonít put you off being naughty again - hopefully the idiot next door has learnt his lesson.

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