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Tanya: Oh it definitely wonít put me off, if anything it has made me want to do it more. I tried to do it again yesterday but no one was around. I keep masturbating to the thought of the guy who came in, if he would have just been a little more forceful he could have gotten me on the couch and if he would have started licking my pussy, I would have let him

Frank: Mmmm good girl. How far would you let them go if they both walked in on you again?

Tanya: I donít know if they both walked in, but if one of them did they could do whatever they want to me, if they wanted it bad enough, I wouldn't just lay back and let them, they would have to get pushy about it before I gave in. Not sure if that would work though, that might scare them off.

Frank: Mmmm wanting your horny neighbour to 'rape' you huh baby? Holding you down and forcing their hard cock in that perfect little pussy?

Tanya: *laughing* Well sort of. I keep thinking about the guy who kept trying to lift up my shirt while I was holding it to cover my tits and pussy. He was pulling kind of hard but not really and my hand was wrapped tight around it to keep it safe *laughing*. But the fact that he wanted it, and was getting forceful was turning me on. I'm getting wet now thinking about it, if the guy across the street didn't come over he might have kept going and ripped the shirt away from me, then pushed me on the couch, by then I would have been opening my legs for him, and he would just have buried his face in my wet aching pussy. It aches now thinking about it, in a tickly way.

Frank: Mmmmm and are you stripping off now to take care of that tickly feeling?

Tanya: No, my boyfriend is home today so I have to be not so obvious, but my thoughts are making me wet, and I want to play with it to satisfy the urge thatís building.

Frank: Strip off and beg your boyfriend to fuck you, he doesnít have to know whatís got you so horny.

Tanya: Yeah, except it would be over in 30 sec and I get nothing, he actually came once before he even put it in.

Frank: Awww that gorgeous pussy deserves a good long fucking. You need satisfying after all babe.

Tanya: Thatís what my friend says, course he'll say anything to lick and fuck me, but since he's so good, he's the one I need every now and then.

Frank: Wish I could swap places with your boyfriend, Iíd let you invite your friend over to join us.

Tanya: That would be so much easier, then I could post full body pictures and face pictures and let people know where I live. We would have lots of fun

Frank: Oh we would have a lot of fun baby, no need to bother with clothes or curtains.

Tanya: Would you let my friend take pictures of you licking me?

Frank: We can take pictures and video of all of us doing everything.

Tanya: That would be awesome.

Frank: Mmm it would - and you could try anything you wanted.

Tanya: We could organize a sex party group. *laughing*

Frank: Mmm yes, with lots of pictures of course - make it a 'force Tanya' group.

Tanya: With lots of tongues, pussies and cocks all over the place. *laughing* I want the whole room to smell like pussy.

Frank: Mmmmm yummy, everyone taking a turn licking your pussy and ass, till you beg to be fucked hard.

Tanya: And fingers, I want everyone reaching up into me making me feel good

Frank: Mmmm yes, two or three people fingering your holes, as you have two cocks at your face.

Tanya: What about pussies? I want more pussies around too.

Frank: Well, you could be licking pussies as youíre getting fingered instead.

Tanya: Yes, I wanna do that, and finger them.

Frank: I want to slide my cock into that dripping wet pussy and fuck you slow and deep as you lick and finger a strangers pussy. How wet are you right now baby?

Tanya: Well, Iím sitting on a little vibrator so it rubs the knot in my jeans, and I'm soaked, but my boyfriend doesn't know what Iím doing. I just try not to whimper when he walks through the room.

Frank: I dare you to nip into the bathroom and slip the vibrator in your pussy and put your jeans back on baby.

Tanya: Ahhh, thatís a good idea. Iím gonna do it.

Frank: Good girl.

Tanya: My panties are soaked with cream, but I did it.

Frank: Mmmmm itís a girl with her fingers in you as you lick her. Now pinch your nipples for me baby.

Tanya: Iím riding the chair, I keep grinding my hips, I have to be careful though.

Frank: In your mind, what is the girl youíre eating like baby? Young /old? Slim?

Tanya: Young, slim, hot.

Frank: College girl rubbing her little smooth pussy in your face as she sucks your clit and finger fucks you?

Frank: Did you get caught baby? You still there?

Tanya: Yeah that! I like the smell and taste of pussy.

Frank: Mmmm and Iím next to you with her roommate riding my cock, she reaches over to squeeze your breast as you start to cum....

Tanya: What about machines? Would you like to watch machines fuck all of us?

Frank: Film you getting pounded fast and deep by a machine - with me fucking your mouth at the same time baby.

Tanya: I wish I had a machine.

Frank: If you have a big dildo and a cordless hammer drill itís easy to make one baby.

Tanya: I want one so I can just lay back, relax, spread my legs and let it pump me until I cum all over.

Frank: One with stirrups so you donít even have to hold your legs open, and it leaves your pussy and ass ready for filling?

Tanya: Yes, I can just rest them and completely relax and feel the pleasure.

Frank: Mmmm maybe suck my cock as the big thick 12inch dildo pumps in and out of that beautiful pussy.

Tanya: Maybe you could suck my nipples while it does that?

Frank: Mmmm would love to baby, sucking and nibbling them, reaching down as I do to push your hard clit against the dildo.

Tanya: That would feel good.

Frank: What else are you thinking about while that vibrator is turning your pussy to jelly?

Tanya: I want to get naughty again. I was thinking about the guy that lives behind me, I want him to watch me masturbate again *laughs* Cybering is fun and all, but doing stuff for real gets the blood pumping and the juices flowing. And now Iím addicted.

Frank: Thinking about him pushing you back onto your chair and licking your pussy?

Tanya: Definitely, or maybe jacking off while he watches me.

Frank: And of course youíd let him cum in your face.

Tanya: Iíve never really liked that, he would have to just do it off to the side because not in my mouth either. *laughing*

Frank: *laughing* Fair enough. I hope you donít mind cum in your pussy though baby, because you know Iíd love to cum deep inside you.

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