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04-07-2011, 04:18 PM
New neighbors had moved in next door to me about a month age, it seemed it was a single mother and a young teen daughter, I’d never seen a man there in that month.
I waved to them if I was in the yard and they were outside, too but nothing more. I hadn’t even gone over to introduce myself but, by the same token, they hadn’t come over to my house either.

I had looked them over from a distance and frankly, I wasn’t impressed, the mother I’d guess to be around forty. She had dark hair, either very dark brown or black with a swarthy complexion, I supposed she was either Italian or Hispanic, she a dumpy build, large breasts but a bulging waist line and her skirts were stretched by her broad bottom.

Her daughter’s build couldn’t have been a greater contrast, she had the same dark hair and dark complexion but she was thin, no, she was skinny, I really couldn’t estimate her age, somewhere between twelve and fourteen would have been my best guess but she could have been even younger, from my distance her breasts were nonexistent and her shape, her figure, well, it wasn’t, no definition, no waspish waist, no flared hips, now she did have a cute little bubble butt but that seemed to be her finest feature. I thought that if she was lucky, like the “Ugly Duckling” she’d blossom into a swan; I certainly hoped so, I am a true afficinado of pulchritudinous femininity and she was my neighbor.

Ah well, I decided I’d be the good neighbor, I’d bake a dozen brownies, kinda my specialty, take them over and introduce myself. I had a pool, they didn’t, maybe the youngster would like to swim.

I was upstairs in my office; I run a home based business, I broker auto transportation, you want your car moved from New York to California, I’ll find an independent trucker that has room on his load, he’ll haul your car and drop it off where you want it to go, I charge two hundred bucks for my service, not a lot of money but I’ve got good contacts, I turn a pretty heavy volume, four or five thousand weekly during the summer months when people are relocating, a couple of thousand a week the rest of the time.

Summer had wound down, we were in early fall, September so my business had slacked off, I had a little time to waste. I wasn’t working out routing schedules, not accounts receivable, not even my payables; no I was surfing the web, checking out some of the porn sites, I guess I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur, I know I’m forty-one, shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing; masturbating to a sexy story, I should have a wife and family. I don’t, no kids and my wife and I divorced five years ago, I date occasionally and, once in a while I get lucky and bring a lady home for the night but mostly my sex life is a hot story with Polly Palmer and her five ugly daughters.

The lights are low in my office, most of the illumination is from my computer screen, I glanced to my right, out my window, I stare, I can’t be seeing what I think I’m seeing, I turn off my computer and scramble around, oh God, where had I put my binoculars, Swarovski Pocket 8x20 B TYROL Binoculars, expensive but I bought them on e-bay, less than half retail price, and I can’t find the damned things. Oh hell, I remember, they’re in my top left desk drawer, I grab them and duck down behind the window sill, no, I hadn’t imagined it, my new neighbor is relaxing in her recliner.

I can see the flicker, I know her television is on but I don’t think she’s watching a network sitcom.

She has a glass, I imagine wine, she’s sipping on that, holding the glass in one hand but it’s the other hand that has my attention, she’s busy.

My optics are the best, I can pick out an individual hair from where I am; I am. She’s got her skirt worked up above her hips, her panties are on the arm of her chair, she has on thigh high hosiery, black thigh highs and she’s got a butterfly vibrator strapped on, one hand is resting on it, the other’s filled with her wine glass, she’s staring intently at the TV, my God, a kindred spirit, she’s masturbating and watching porn. Screw the computer, this is live and in living color and it only gets better, she’s finished her wine, she puts her glass down and scoots down the chair, her broad bottom is over the edge, I can see all of her worldly goods and I gotta tell you they’re looking better, I start to stroke myself.

My eyes follow her free hand; I hadn’t noticed before, on her side table is a tub of sexual lubricant, she picks up a small dildo and dips it into the tub. Then she scoots a little further forward, my God, it’s a butt plug she’s holding, I watch as she slowly slides it in.

I shoot, spewing against the wall under the window but I can’ take my eyes off her, she has a remote controller, it’s not for the television, she must have turned it on, the butt plug, I could see her quiver, Christ, I’d just watched her have an orgasm and she kept at it.

Fuck, I was hard again and I’m a handful for me, stroke and stroke some more, ah Jesus, she’s doing it again, she’s shaking all over her chair, trying to push that butt plug deeper then she just sorta collapses, she’s had hers, I had another, the wall’s catchin’ hell.

And as she pulls the butt plug out, unstraps her butterfly, turns off the television, gathers up her lube and panties, switches off the light and starts for the stairs. I’m gonna be there tomorrow and it’ll be at least two dozen of my famous brownies, I’ve never had a better sex show than I’ve just witnessed.

I scanned up to the second floor waiting for a light to come on in her bedroom, I wanted a little strip show, wanted to see her skin out of that skirt, wanted to see her blouse come off and her brassiere, I wanted to watch as she unfettered her breasts, she’d be nude, she was carrying her panties, that’s what I was waiting for, just a little more of the show. That’s not what I got.

I was anticipating her room, I thought I knew where she slept so that’s where I was concentrating but two windows over there was a dim light, my optics are excellent, I track over there and the sight takes my breath away.

Young, I think all guys like them, young, tender, virginal, desirable; my hand starts working again.

On the bed, the daughter, she has on a short night gown and she’s just gotten into bed, the covers are down as she works her panties over her hips and off, she just lay them on the bed beside her then brought her knees up.

I’d underestimated her age, she was at least a mid-teen, her mound is lush with her dark hair and she slips her fingers down, rubbing, when she opens herself I can see that she’s a luscious coral pink, she toys with her clit, rubbing herself, I watch as her body gives a little quiver, she’s given herself an orgasm, and next, when what she did next, the wall got another dose, two fingers, she dipped two fingers into her honey pot and brought them to her lips, she licked them then sucked them. She went back for seconds then she turned off her light, still sucking on her fingers.

Wow, fucking wow, me, tomorrow, three dozen brownies.

My show was over, if Mama’d undressed I hadn’t noticed, daughter held me enthralled.

Old Fred was spent, three loads against the wall, I’d clean that tomorrow, right now I needed my bed.

Next morning I watched through their living room window, the same window I’d stared on last night, when it appeared that they were ready to leave I walked out the front door.

“Hi neighbors, I’m Fred Arnold and I’ve been remiss, I should have come over earlier and introduced myself.”

She, the mother gave me a big smile, “Well hello Fred Arnold, I’m Consuelo Valdez and this is my daughter Maria. Call me Connie though, everyone else does.”

“Connie, Maria, I’m baking some of my world famous brownies today, may I bring some over for you this afternoon?”

Connie answered, “Fred maybe you could come around six, we can have them with coffee as our dessert, would that be ok?”

“I’ll see you two at six Connie, have a great day and I’ll see you this evening.”

Back in the house, I went up stairs to my office, checked on new orders, handled my business then went down to the kitchen; I had some brownies to bake.

Around six I walked over to Connie’s, Maria answered the doorbell.

“Ummm, those smell great,” she said, “Come in, Mama’s in the kitchen.”

She led the way back. The brownies did smell good, one dozen was cooled but the other was still warm, fragrant and chocolaty.

Maria looked a bit more mature up close, she wasn’t flat chested after all, she had shorts and a tee-shirt on, she didn’t need a bra yet but she had cute little buds with rather large nipples that were evident through her white top. Her hips were taking on a feminine roundness and her bubble butt was hugged by her white shorts, she even was showing a panty line; evident as I followed behind her.

“Hi Fred, why don’t you put those on the table and I’ll pour some coffee; black, cream, sugar, how do you like yours.”

I told her black was fine, she poured two cups, doctored hers with cream and sugar and came to the table. Maria got a glass of milk and joined us.

“Try the warm ones first, they’re gooey, the chocolate really stands out. The other ones are already cooled, they’ll be firmer.”

We chatted while we enjoyed dessert.

They’d move from Miami, Connie was a school administrator, my guess had been right on, she was forty. She’d had to take a small pay cut coming from Miami-Dade to Osceola County but her job remained the same, it was really a lateral transfer. She’d decided that since Maria was starting high school she’s rather live in a smaller city, less crime, fewer drugs, less risk. I didn’t disabuse her but we had our share of problems in Osceola County, too.

Connie was Cuban but she’d been raised in Miami. She’d married Hector Valdez when she’d gotten out of college, she had her Bachelors in English from Florida International University and a Masters in Administration from the University of Miami; she’d been twenty-four when she and Hector wed, two years later along came Maria.

Hector was from the Dominican Republic, Connie told me that about six years ago Hector had been laid off from his job, he was an electrician, and he started talking about moving back; Connie’d told him that she had no intentions of leaving the United States, that their daughter was going to grow up as an American girl. Short story, five years ago Hector decided to leave, Connie decided to stay, they divorced, Hector signed over their house, she waived child support, and he moved to San Juan.

Connie had sold the house almost immediately; the mortgage would have been too much. Fortunately she’d sold at the top of the market, she’d turned a tidy profit but she and Maria had spent the past five years in a two bedroom apartment, she wanted a house; now she had one.

Maria reiterated that she was fourteen; she’d just started high school in late August. She was proud of the fact that she was a straight A student. She said that, of course she had to make new friends but that doing so was pretty easy, there were a lot of Hispanic boys and girls in her school and they all spoke Spanish.

And I told them about me, a ********* degree from the University of Central Florida, and how I made my living as a transportation broker working from home.

Connie commented on how convenient to work from home. I agreed but mentioned what was, at least to me, the biggest drawback.

Working from home is convenient but I don’t get out much. Most of my contacts were via internet or fax, some phone conversations but it can get a little lonely, no work friends to have a beer with or to go see a game, I told her I missed the social interaction

She gave me a sly little smile, “Well Fred you have new neighbors; Maria and me, maybe we can interact socially, no?”

A picture of her as I’d seen her through my window ran through my mind, “I think I’d like that Connie, I think I’d like that a lot,” I replied with my own little smile.

It was ten, Connie sent Maria to bed, I was surprised, no argument.

After she’d gone I complimented Connie, Maria was unerringly polite, she hadn’t interrupted our conversation hadn’t been sassy to her mother and had gone to bed immediately when told.

Connie was justifiably proud of her daughter; she was polite, friendly and intelligent and she had a smile that could light up a room.

I got up to leave, “No, stay Fred, no need to rush off.”

I sat back down, I was enjoying me evening.

With her daughter no longer there, Connie showed me a biting wit, I think the kids call it snarky; and she showed the ability to laugh at herself.

When she helped herself to another brownie she said, “Mis nalgas regordetas”

I can speak and understand a little of the Spanish, she’d said, “My chubby bottom.”

Without thinking, I replied, “Tu tienes buen culo, Consuelo,” as I reached across and patted her bottom.

She answered in English, “You really think I have a cute bottom Fred.”

“Si senora, you have a beautiful butt.”

“Gracias, senor.”

And with those few bantering words the tenor of our conversation changed.

“Fred, I know you’re seen my bottom and a lot more, do you really like it?”

“Connie I don…”

“Fred, you can see me from your window, do you not think I can see you from mine?”

“Connie, I’m sorry, I feel like a peeping Tom.”

“Of course you were being a voyeur that is true but then you were suppose to look, I was being an exhibitionist, did you enjoy my little show?”

“Connie, it was spectacular, the most arousing thing I’ve ever seen; but why?”

“Usually I enjoy my little pleasures in the privacy of my bedroom but I’ve watched you Fred Arnold; I think you are a handsome man, a man I wanted to meet. Like you, I am lonely; Fred I am speaking from the heart, I know myself, what I look like. Men do not ask me out on dates, oh maybe we all go as a group after work, bowling, pizzas or maybe a cocktail or two but no man had said, “Connie would you have dinner with me, nothing like that.”

“I thought perhaps I could entrap you, get you to come visit me and you have come Fred; would you have come it you had not seen me.”

“Connie that question I can answer honestly, I planned to bake brownies and come introduce myself on Saturday, so yes I would have come but I did enjoy watching you, perhaps I can again sometime.”

A demure but desperate lady, my Connie, she cut her eyes away and she reddened a little in embarrassment for her brazenness, “Fred, I have not been with a man in five years, my toys provide a little relief but I want to be with a man; maybe you would like to watch my little show tonight, now, in my bedroom?”

She stood as she asked me and took my hand, I followed. Her bedroom was almost dreamy, gold and red damask wallpaper, gilt mirrors adorned the ceiling, there were large scented candles that she was now lighting, on a table was a bowl of chocolates and a bottle of vintage Madeira with two glasses.

She certainly kept a sensuous boudoir; it was as if pheromones filled the air. The room spoke sex.

“Fred would you pour each of a glass of the wine, have a chocolate if you like but no candy for me, mis nalgas regordetas, you know. I will be out shortly.”

I poured the wine and took a sip, it was a rich dessert wine, I wandered the room, the dominate piece of furniture was her bookcase, four shelves, three with books the bottom filled with videos. There was a piece of statuary on the top, the bust of a woman from antiquity, I walked over.

The bust, it was Sappho; I knew a little about her, she lived in the seventh century BC. For most that even know who she was they think lesbianism and, I suppose rightly so, the word lesbian is derived from her birthplace, the Island of Lesbos and Sapphic Love is a lesbian love affair, but that usage only came about in the nineteenth century and Sappho wrote of love with both sexes, in fact, she obviously had a male / female relationship, she had a daughter.

The books below were an eclectic mix of erotica, the writings of Sappho of course, joined with Justine and Juiellette by the Marquise de Sade, another that history has given a bum rap, yes, he liked spanking and had a few other quirks, enough to get him imprisoned but Sadism and it’s meaning, he didn’t really merit the distinction; de Sade was a French aristocrat, writing in the late 1700’s.

There was The Story of O, written by Anne Desclos though under a nom de plume from the middle twentieth century and Colette Gale, an earlier writer bridging the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

All of the above were writers of erotica, some of her other selections were, to say the least more risqué, she was heavy on anal sex stories and lesbian adventures but on the top of the bookcase were three paperbacks, two of which were face down and open, both on the same subject. On the Bare, spanking stories of young women by Fiona Locke; the other two were Naughty Spanking Stories volumes one and two, compilations of short stories, all dealing with spanking; very interesting, I thought.

When Connie came back into the room I saw no change, she was still dressed as she was when she’d come in, her skirt, her blouse, no change, I wondered about that. There were chairs arranged in front of the table on which the wine and chocolates rested. Connie carried a small case in with her, she placed it on the bedside table, picked up her glass and sat, “Come, sit with me, let’s talk for a few minutes more; I can see that you have questions.”

“Yeah, Connie, I guess I do. We all have our little secrets, I know, I do too, but, well, your reading selections befuddle me, you have classic erotica, that I can understand, I’ve learned you are a sensual woman but you’re got a lot on lesbianism and anal sex, nothing classic about those books, what do you get from that stuff?”

“Titillation Fred, the unknown for me, I have never had anal sex, well except for my little toy that you saw, but I am anal erotic, I touch myself there and I squirm, I can read and imagine, I have a very vivid imagination when I am in this room Fred, a very vivid imagination. Now the books about lesbians, there I have had one experience, when I was in college one of my female professors seduced me, I was young, naïve and a virgin and she got me to her bed. I cannot say I did not like the feel of her fingers, her lips and her tongue, in truth I did, but when she wanted to penetrate me, take my virginity with a piece of rubber, I left; still, I remember her touch, if only I could find a man who could use his hands, his fingers and his tongue as she did.”

“What about the spanking books, you have three on the top of the bookcase?’

“Ah Fred, two are for me; the Naughty Spanking Stories, those I like.”

“You like to be spanked?” I asked.

“Maybe a little bit sometimes, maybe you’ll have to spank me Fred, but only if I am a bad girl,” she gave me a wicked grin as she said that.

“But the other one, that is not for me, it is about young girls being spanked, as the title says, On the Bare, I leave that one on the top of the shelf and always open so that the title shows, that one is for Maria.”

“What, you spank Maria, she’s such a sweet polite young senorita.”

“Of course she is Fred, and only occasionally do I have to remind her, my hand on her panties is usually enough but if necessary, I will spank on the bare as the title says, for the worst transgressions and only if it is beyond the pale, I use the hairbrush. She rarely goes beyond the pale; I am happy about that, I don’t like to hurt her like the hairbrush does.”

“Connie, what’s beyond the pale?”

“The most recent, I was foolish, she is a developing young woman, and she had gotten into my books, she was reading The Story of O, now that book, I did not think was for a girl so young, have you ever read it Fred?”

I had and I said so, O is degraded, humiliated and sexually exploited but all with her acceptance and approval, I agreed with Connie, it wouldn’t be something I’d put in the school library.

“When I caught her reading that, I spanked her and I spanked her hard with the hairbrush. After I had done it I was sorry, I was trying to beat her back into childhood and I cannot do that, I apologized to her and I gave her access to my little library. Perhaps I should not have done that.

Fred, in many ways my Maria is a little girl, unlike many dark skinned girls she has been slow to mature, you have seen her, she did not get her period until she was well into her thirteenth year, she has only recently gotten her little buds on her chest and a womanly shape on her hips, yet she has pubic hair to rival mine, underarm hair that she is not yet shaving and worst, she has the tickle, you know what I mean, the tickle?”

I thought I did, after all I’d seen Maria scratching that tickle; “You mean she wants sex?” I asked.

“No Fred, she and I have talked, she is an Hispanic girl, virginity on her wedding night is as important to her as it was to me, she thinks anal sex is ok, she would still bleed on the white sheet on her wedding night, no, she won’t cede that virginity but so many young girls are now using anal sex as a preferred method of birth control and there are many risks in that.”

“What kind of risks?” I asked, I was kinda out of the loop on this subject.

“STD’s, infections, and maybe as much as any, if a young man has it out of his pants, his big head stops working and the little one takes over, he’s with a virgin, he knows he’s with a virgin; how many virgin conquests does a man have?”

I thought, I was forty-one and I had none, I understood her concern.

“Ay, Fred, if there was only a man in her life, a father that she could talk to, teenaged girls, they don’t like listening to Mama, what is it, an Electra Complex, maybe that’s good, she’s becoming a woman, a bit of little girl, a bit of woman, it’s a tough time to be a female, I remember, my own time, a man is important.”

I wanted to be important to her as a man but I waited.

“Ay, enough about my oversexed daughter,” she grinned at me, “Now we must deal with her oversexed Mama.”

Amazing, absolutely amazing how the human mind works, just over twenty-four hours ago Connie was a dumpy middle aged woman, I know, I saw her; how was it that within one day, only one day that she’d changed into a sex Goddess, I wanted her more than any woman I’d ever met. She was witty, she was funny, she knew who she was and I wanted her like I’d never wanted another woman in my life, I ached just to touch her.

Connie got up and moved to the bed, “Would you like to undress me Fred,” she asked.

And to that I could only think a Big Hell Yes; I joined her on the bed.

I remembered what she’d said about a woman’s touch, I wanted to be gentle with her. Connie was reclining, pillows behind her, propping her up. I moved to her and kissed her.

“You’re a complex woman Consuelo Valdez, witty, funny, and so very sensual, I’m so happy that you’ve chosen me to be here.”

I unbuttoned the first three buttons on her blouse; I could see the swell of her breasts, large and full. I kissed her, then I whispered, I feel like I’m unwrapping a special gift, are you a special gift to me Connie.”

As I talked I unbuttoned the remaining buttons and pulled the bottom open, it was tucked into her skirt.

“May I,” I asked as I removed her blouse.

Her breasts were encased in a brassiere, she was large, they bulged for the side of her bra, I slid my hand behind her. It had been a long time, teenage moments, drive-in theaters, but I still had the skill, one handed I unhooked her brassiere and brought it off her shoulders. She was large, she sagged a little and even with her dark complexion I could see her blue veins. Her nipples were long, at least an inch and nearly chocolate in color, her areolas large covering the entire tip of her breasts with Montgomery glands, bumps on her areolas.

Was she a sagging middle aged woman? It truly is, beauty I mean, in the eye of the beholder. I found her to be spectacular, a veritable “Mother Earth” was before me, she was glorious, I wanted to fall to my knees, worship her and nurse. I looked into her eyes, she saw how I felt, she knew she was beautiful, “Suck me Fred, please suck me,” she asked, no, she ordered, I think she knew at that moment, at that very moment I was hers.

I’d surpassed lust, I felt love, I’d known her less that a day and I loved her, I fell to her breasts, I felt them swell with desire, a desire matching my own, her large nipples were hard, waiting, wanting relief, a mouth, a tongue, hungry lips, seeking the solace of Mother. I almost wailed, I so wanted her to fill my mouth with her blessed life giving milk, there was none. I wanted to taste her so desperately, I wanted to fill her womb, bring her precious fluid to her breasts so I could drink.

She petted my head as I sucked her, “My handsome man, my wonderful man,” she crooned to me as she soothed me.

“Mi amor, my skirt, please help me out of it.”

I unfastened the clasp then unzipped her skirt, maybe six inches, the zipper, I worked it down over her hips, she lifted and I had it off.

Connie had on the thigh high hosiery of the type she’d had on the first time I’d seen her, different color this time, navy blue to match her skirt, I could see all of her imperfections, her breasts were large and sagged, her tummy was round, soft, bulging just a little over the elastic of her panties. She opened her legs just slightly, letting me see her silk wrapped treasure, there was a damp spot evident, her panties were light blue, she’d darkened them just a little.

There was a strange bulge under her panties, at her clitoris, it seemed there was something hidden.

I don’t know, did she want to hear the words of was she challenging me, “Do you like what you see Fred?”

I answered her without my earlier superlatives, “Yes Consuelo, I like very much what I see. I see a beautiful woman, one that I’ve come in just one day to respect and appreciate waiting for me.

Are you waiting for me Connie?”

“For five years I think, yes, I’m waiting for you, Te amo, I’ve waited.”

It was time, I took her panties and rolled them to her hips, again she lifted, they were off joining the rest of her clothing I’d removed, I left her thigh high’s on, I thought they were sexy.

I looked, she was wearing a device, the same thing she’d had on the first time I’d seen her.

“And, now mi amor, we have some fun,” she said as she took the little case off the stand. She opened it and took out two small remote control devices, “One for you and one for me.”

She turned hers on; it controlled the micro-butterfly vibrator that was strapped on her hips and thighs. I could tell how the vibrations were affection her, she got a momentary glazed look before she switched it off.

“We are going to try something tonight that I have never tried before. I am going to have two vibrators going and you Fred are going to make love to me. I have had a finger in myself with both going but never a man.

From her case she extracted the jar of lubricant and her narrow pink butt plug, she handed them to me, “Your toys, would you like to put that in me?” She asked as she drew her legs up exposing her anus. Her ring was dark, nearly black, no doubt her dark pigmentation, I dipped it in the lube and inserted it. Connie gave a little sigh as it went in then lowered her legs.

“Turn it on Fred, you have control of that one, please turn it on, I would like that little buzz.”

I could see that Connie was lubricating heavily, our preliminaries had been immensely arousing for both of us; I was stiff, nine inches, a titanium rod sheathed in velvet as Connie later called it.

She looked at me, “You are a big man Fred, you will fill me; please fill me now,” as she opened her thighs in invitation.

I switched off my vibrator and asked her to do the same, I wanted to feel her, fill her then we could use the toys.

I climbed onto the bed, between her thighs, she was unshaved, untrimmed, a mass of dark curls, I parted her lips and gazed at her, she was the color of an aroused adult woman, reddish, her lips were swollen, I run along between her hot lips, found her entrance and pushed in.

I followed through, filling her, I was larger than Hector, the only other man to plumb her heavenly depths, I stretched her and she moaned and I stopped when I was fully in her.

She had a rueful little smile on her face, she wasn’t a virgin but I’d been in virgin territory, she’d stretched but not without a little stress.

“Is it time for your toys yet,” I asked as I moved the little butt plug up to maximum vibrations, she switched on the butterfly, “Ayeee,” both of us, what a sensation, the bottom of my cock, with only the thin wall of her vagina separating me from her rectum where the little butt plug was dancing in her, and at her clitoris the butterfly was trying to take wing, neither of us moved, electricity, the batteries were doing the work, I thrust forward, burying myself to the hilt, holding her Rubenesque hips, Connie was bucking under me. I watched her climax engulf her, her breasts seemed to swell even larger, her round tummy went taut then rippled and I felt her clamping, her femininity, her uterus, her vagina, she wailed, “Siiiiiii, siiiiiii, oh yes, yes, yessssssssssssssssss.”

And Fred, he didn’t get left behind, with three or four hard pumps, I groaned out my climax, “Ohhh God, Consuelo, ay Dios mio,” I pumped into her, the toys buzzed, I shut mine off, she was fumbling for her control, it was too intense, the buzzing on her clitoris.

I was on my knees between her splayed legs, were staring at each other, almost in shock, the feelings had been unimaginably intense but, truth be known I liked making the feelings myself. If Connie wanted to do this again, I of course would, but I wanted her, I wanted to make love to her, me, Fred Arnold to her, Consuelo Valdez. One day and I was in love with her. We’d told each other that we loved one another but only in Spanish, like that didn’t count or something.

I bent forward and lay on her, I wanted her lips and her ear, the lips first, I kissed her, the passionate kiss of lovers then the ear, “I love you Connie.”

“Tomorrow night at my house, leave the toys at home, I want to make love to you Connie.”

“Fred that will be Friday night, I’m always so tired on Friday night after a long week.”

“You get home, what, 5:00 P.M., tell you what, I’ll have dinner ready at 5:30, I’ll barbecue some pork steaks, fix some baked beans and corn on the cob, some Cole slaw and garlic bread then cervezas for you and me and Coke for Maria. Wear your suit, we can swim a little, stretch some muscles then when it’s Maria’s bedtime I want you to come back, I’ll bathe you in my whirlpool tub, give you an erotic massage then we’ll make mad passionate love ‘til the wee hours; how does that sound?”

With a deep sigh Connie answered, “It sounds heavenly, utterly heavenly, it is a date.”

It was nearing midnight, time for me to go; I gave Connie a kiss and showed myself out, locking the door behind me.

Home, I unlocked the door and stepped in. My girl was anxious, she’d missed her supper; I’d feed her now, she greeted me as I came in. Seventy-eight pounds of hungry Rottweiler puppy, on her hind legs, she pawed my chest.

“”Down girl,” her training was coming along nicely except for her penchant for jumping on people, I needed to work with her on that, she was just too big and powerful.

We walked to the kitchen; I gave her fresh water and fed her two cups of Pro Plan lamb and rice with a half a boiled chicken thigh chopped.

Missy, my dog’s named Missy and she’s a sweetie, she has a sleek black coat with distinct rust markings on her legs and head. Missy’s a year and a half old and still growing; she’s 23 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs seventy-eight pounds.

After she’s eaten we walked upstairs. She headed for my bedroom, she sleeps with me. I’d let her into bed when she was just a little thing now I couldn’t get her out. Good thing my bed was a big California King, she takes up a lot of room.

I needed to check to see if any orders had come in so I went to my office. I glanced over, Connie’s house was dark. My computer’s on 24/7, I wiggled the mouse to wake it up and checked my e-mail; nothing that couldn’t wait ‘til morning. I started for my bedroom.

Again I glanced out the window, there was a dim light in what I knew was Maria’s bedroom, I looked over. She must have been waiting, when my computer illuminated the room she knew I was there.

It seemed that I was going to get another show.

Maria was on the bed, the covers were turned down, she was on the sheet. She was dressed in a nightgown, I watched as she rucked it up over her hips; she had on her panties.

Slowly, slowly she worked them down; like a strip show. I got my binoculars, I was gonna watch, this was a private show just for me, and I was gonna watch.

Her pubic hair was exposed, an amazing amount of black curly ringlets, then she lifted her hips, sliding her panties down her thighs and off her feet; she lay them on the bed beside her.

Maria used both hands to separate her labia, she held herself open, knowing I was watching, then she dipped two fingers into her vagina and lewdly brought them to her lips, licking, I could see her pink tongue as she cleaned them, she went back for seconds.

I was hard as a rock, what man wouldn’t be, but the show was over, Maria got out of bed, her gown fell back into place, covering her cute little bubble butt, she went to her night table, I assumed to turn out the lamp.

Don’t assume, Fred, I reminded myself; she’d taken something from the drawer and had climbed back on the bed.

Maria got on the bed on all fours, her bottom was pointed toward my window, she was continuing her little show. Her gown covered her, slowly it moved up, exposing her slim thighs then over her bottom, I could see the bottom of her labia, still tightly closed and her anus; like Connie, her ring was dark.

I was slowly stroking myself; I was watching perhaps the most erotic scenes I’d ever witnessed. Maria reached between her legs and is rubbing her little rosebud, I can see a sheen, she’s lubricating herself, her hand goes back under her gown then out, more lube. She dips a finger into herself then her hand disappears under her gown.

I hadn’t seen what she’d taken from the drawer, now I could.

She had a thin dildo, like Connie’s butt plug but this one is lime green, she’s had to probe a little to find her opening, she has, slowly she presses the plug in.

Maria holds that pose for a few moments then she lies on the mattress, I can still see the green base wedged between her cheeks, she pulls down her gown, covering her body then reaches and turns out the light; my show’s done and so am I, I’d spewed cum on the wall when she’d pushed that plug home.

In my bed Missy was waiting, when I got in she curled up; sleep came easily to her but not to me. As much as I’d enjoyed watching, Maria’s shows were troubling. She had to know that I’d been with her mother earlier, it was like she was setting up a competition, if so, it was one she was going to lose; I was already in love with Connie, I’d already had thoughts of her as my wife, maybe even as the mother of our child. But there was no question in my mind that Maria was attempting to seduce me. I wondered whether I should talk with Connie. Finally I fell into a troubled sleep.

Up at six the next morning, I put on my running shoes, shorts and a tee-shirt. Missy was on her leash, we were off on a two mile jog. She needed the exercise and so did I.

When we got back to the house I changed to a baggy swim suit and dove in, I wanted to swim twenty laps. A big splash announced Missy’s arrival; she was going swimming, too.

When I’d gotten Missy I’d taken her into the pool. Of course she could swim; she’s a dog, she dog paddles, with her head held high and her legs churning. No, I wanted to train her so that she knew how to get out of the pool, I’d sit on the steps and call her to me. She’s a quick learner, in just an hour or so she knew where to go. As her final test I’d tossed her in then went to sit at the poolside table. Unerringly she swam to the steps, climbed out and came to me. Of course, that’s when she decided to shake, big dog, lots of water, I got my shower from her.

After our swim I did shower; I dressed casually, khaki slacks, deck shoes, no socks and a Tommy Bahama shirt, I needed to go out later to the market.

After dog and man are fed, I went to my office and handled my accounts. It was after one by the time I’d finished.

I called Missy, “Wanta go for a ride?” No dog has ever said no to that offer.

I drive a Dodge Ram crew cab with a big V-8 hemi engine, Missy gets the back seat; and we’re off to the market. I keep a spare key in my wallet so I can leave the engine running and the air on for Missy in hot weather and September in Central Florida qualifies, I park and lock up. Do I have concerns that someone will break a window and steal my vehicle? You gotta be kidding, there’s a friggin’ Rottweiler in there, she beats the hell out of a squalling car alarm system.

My shopping list is for tonight, in the meat department I select six nice pork steaks and a package of turkey necks, the turkey’s for Missy, produce, the corn of the cob, frozen foods, the garlic bread and in the deli, I cheat, pre-made Cole slaw, I’ve got plenty of beans and beverages at home.

Back home, I put the baked beans in the oven at 2:30, I like to bake them on a low temp for two and a half hours.

My pool is screened, there’s a doggie door from the house to the pool and another from the pool to the back yard. I check the ph, it’s fine, sweep the deck and go on lawn patrol, Missy’s a big girl, so are her piles, I scoop up two with my pooper scooper and toss them in the garbage can.

The gals were prompt, 5:30 on the button. I greeted them, “Bienvenida mi dos damas bonita.”

That got a smile from both of them, welcome my two beautiful ladies; “Hi Fred,” in unison.

Missy was by my side. “Connie, Maria, let me introduce you to my little girl, this is Missy. I think we may be seeing a lot of each other, it’s important that Missy knows that you’re friends. She’s as easy going as can be but she’s a Rottweiler, they’re protective of their pack, I’m pack, I want you to be, too.”

I got us each a drink, Coke for Maria, beers for Connie and me and showed them to the pool area, “I thought we’d eat out here, ok?”

They both were dressed for the pool, short robes over their swimwear and flip flops. Both took off their robes.

Maria’s suit was a two piece, pink with purple polka dots. It made her breasts seem larger, probably a little padding in the cups, I admired her cute little bottom then thought about last night, watching it be pierced; should I talk to Connie about it? I was undecided.

I think Connie wanted to tease me, she didn’t sit immediately, she stood in front of me, her legs slightly apart, her suit was a single piece, legs cut high, nearly to her hips, black on black, a vertical pattern, it was slimming. Connie had nice thighs; my eyes flowed over them to her groin. She watching me look at her, at the junction, thighs to torso, the material rode into her slit; she had the nicest camel toe. I looked up to smile at her, she was already grinning at me.

After we’d finished our drinks I brought the food out. I gave Missy her kibble and one of the turkey necks and we all ate.

When we’d finished I got a second beer for Connie and me, Maria wanted to get wet. She jumped in, Missy was right behind her, she wanted to play. They romped, Connie and I laughed at their antics, Maria had Missy’s tail, Missy was towing her around the pool. I knew girl and dog were going to be friends.

Maria got out and came running to the table, her thousand watt smile on her face, she was having fun. I was sitting sideways, Maria turned to see if Missy had followed; she had, her bad habit, she jumped up on Maria, she wanted to play some more.

It startled Maria, she fell backwards toward me, I caught her; she ended up on my lap, when I’d grabbed her I had my hand on her groin. I tried to pull it away, both of her hands clamped down on mine, holding me against her.

“Maria!” Sharply spoken, Connie had seen what she’d done. Maria jumped up and ran to the pool but her mother had seen.

“Fred, I don’t know what I’m going to do with her. She’s a wonderful daughter but her teenaged hormones are raging, I’m getting concerned.”

I decided I did need to tell her about Maria’s nocturnal shows but I’d wait ‘til later, I didn’t want to spoil the evening.

At nine-thirty Connie got Maria out of the pool and I got wet dog. At their house I saw the light come on in Maria’s bedroom, it was ten, her bedtime, five minutes later it was extinguished. At ten-fifteen there was a soft knock, I let Connie in. She’d changed, trading her swimwear for shorts and a white cotton tee-shirt; it was evident that she was braless, her nipples stood out like the headlights on a Mack truck.

I gave her a kiss and led her to my bedroom. I quickly closed my door; Missy would have followed if she’d had the chance. There was a little whining and scratching, I gave her her down command, the noise stopped.

In the bathroom I started filling the tub, steaming hot water, relaxing, muscle easing heat along with the whirlpool jets. I wasn’t going to get in, I was going to bathe Connie, dry her, kiss her, massage her body and then make love to her.

Connie stuck a toe into the water, “Muy caliente,” she said, I agreed, it was hot.

All the better to help you relax, now get in.

As her body disappeared the frothing water, she said, “Oh, forceful, telling his woman what to do, like an Hispanic man,” I like that, “Next thing you’ll be spanking me, no?”

“Yes, if you’re a bad girl.”

“Sometimes I can be very bad mi amor,” in a teasing little voice.

I picked up the loofah sponge, soaped it and started on her shoulders but my mind was processing what she’d said.

She wanted me to spank her, now I had to figure whether she wanted it hard, a discipline spanking or if she wanted it as part of foreplay, I thought she’d let me know. And I had plans for more than just my hand and her bottom. I wanted her spread over my lap while I reddened her flesh then I wanted her over a stack of pillows. She was virgin there but she was interested, her reading selections and videos proved that.

I washed her, had her stand so I could reach the rest of her body, swabbed her fore and aft and rinsed her under the shower then helped her from the tub.

Two big fluffy Turkish towels and she was ready, I led her to the bed.

“On your back, I want to start on your front.”

As she lay down she said, “Oh so demanding, I must do as you say.”

I think she meant it, her Latin heritage, the father then the husband makes the rules, the women are to obey. Connie was a bright, articulate educated woman, competent, she was raising her daughter as a single parent and I knew she could take a stand, Hector had wanted her to go with him to the Dominican Republic, he was in San Juan, she was in my bed; still, I believed she wanted a dominate man; I’d try to provide it for her. Not hold her back, more like rein her in if I thought she needed it.

My massage started at the soles of her feet, I tickled her, she giggled like a little girl, her lower legs, the calves then her thighs, working her quads, taking her aches away, I fluffed her pubic hair but skipped her groin, her hips, rubbing then lightly across her stomach and up her sides to her shoulders, I concentrated on her deltoids for several minutes, I could feel her taut muscles easing, she sighed.

I teased her breasts, gently surrounding her nipples but not touching then flicking just their tips, feather light touches.

“Bottoms Up,” I said as I helped her turn over.

I admired her broad bottom, lush, Rubenesque, full and fleshy, I gave her a little slap, “Are you a good girl,” I teased.

“For you tonight I want to be your best girl Fred, your very best girl.”

I’d done her calves earlier, I started on the back of her thighs, working upward, she spread her legs, she wanted me to touch her; later, I thought. I let my hands flick against her hair then her hips and up her back. I had to straddle her to get to her back and shoulders; I wiped my cock with my lotion covered hand, a little slickness then slipped into her crack, the bottom of my cock gliding along each time I reached forward. After I’d finished with her shoulders and the nape of her neck I moved further down the bed. I massaged her hips then moved to her buttocks.

Kneading her gluteus maximus muscles, the largest muscles in the human body, I spread her cheeks, first looking at her tight dark ring then tasting, I rimmed her, anilingus, Connie shivered under my attention.

“Fred,” a question, I massaged her cheeks, keeping her spread as I licked her, inhaling her musky scent. I probed her with the tip of my tongue.

“Mi amor, what are you doing to me,” her breathing had become ragged. I wanted her to like attention here; I slid a hand under her and found her clitoris. While I licked I strummed it, I wanted her to cum while I was at her bottom.

Connie shivered, nothing earthshaking, maybe a release to go with the relaxing massage, there was moisture in her vulva, I licked her there, almost spicy, pungent, stronger than any other I’d ever tasted, I knew she was clean, I’d just bathed her, she was distinctive.

I crawled up the bed, she came into my arms and I kissed her, the taste of her and her still on my lips, we kissed, tongues entwining, our first really passionate moment. I nibbled on her ears down her neck to her breasts. Again, I gazed for a moment, the fine network of blue veins, her pendulous breasts swollen with desire, the Montgomery glands dotting her areolas, her distended nipples, tender to my touch. Connie was built for child bearing, her breasts perfect for feeding and only one had fed. I wanted her, wanted to marry her and have children, one at least, maybe two. I thought I’d discuss marriage, translate that, I’d propose. If she accepted I’d ask her to see her doctor, discuss pregnancy at her age. Marriage certainly wasn’t contingent upon the decision about children; I wanted Connie to be my wife come what may.

I took her nipple into my mouth, I knew she was tender, I was gentle with her, softly kneading one breast while I gently sucked the other then I moved lower.

Her tummy, soft and plush then down to her slit. I parted her labia with my tongue, her aroma like her taste had a pungency all her own, I traced between her inner and outer lips, then back up the other side. Connie was lubricating freely, I snaked down her vulva, tasting, enjoying. I didn’t know then, the only oral she’d ever received was from her one lesbian experience, Hector didn’t do it; fact Hector was a Missionary position guy, she’d only had doggie twice.

I laved back up and unhooded her clitoris, she was swollen, red, engorged; I took her between my lips then sucked her into my mouth where my tongue waited for her little gem, her pearl tip, I flicked it, teasing it, teasing her, enflaming her passionate arousal, Connie began to quake. I could see her body, her tummy quivering then her impassioned plea,

“Ooooooooh yessssssssssssssssss, mi amor, Oooooo ooo, Madre de Dios, take me, keep me, I want to be yours, Oh, oh, oh.”

I licked her vulva, reveling in her spicy flavor then lay by her side, she sought my chest and buried her face, I held her.

I decided, “Connie, take me, keep me, I want to be yours, did you mean them?”

“Yes Fred, I mean them.”

“Consuelo Valdez, will you marry me?”

“You mean that Fred, you really mean that, I mean, you’ve only known me for two days, I might be a bad woman.”

“Then I’ll just have to spank you, won’t I.”

“Yes you will and yes I will, I would like to be married to you Fred, I accept your proposal.” And she kissed me, sealing our pact.

“When would you like to be married Fred?”

“Soon, I want to be wed soon. Connie I want you to do something for me, I know you’re forty but you’re still fertile, I want you to have a physical and discuss the practicality of you having children, if the doctor sees no major drawbacks, I want to have a child with you, will you do that for me?”

“A child, our child, I’m healthy, maybe a little pudgy but I’m healthy, never sick, I’ll do as you ask, see the doctor. Maybe in one month we can marry, I’ll go off my pills, be ready to become a mother again for the night of our wedding.”

“You’re a treasure,” as I hugged my future bride.

“I can’t wait to tell Maria, she likes you so much, she’ll be so excited for us.”

Connie was so elated, truly I was, too, but there was the thing we needed to discuss, I started,

“Connie, I don’t know how Maria will react, I think she’s got a crush on me.”

‘You mean the thing at the pool?”

“Yes, that but there’s quite a bit more.”

I told her about my nightly sex shows.

“Connie do you have a little lime green butt plug?”

“Yes I do, well I did, I can’t find it.”

“Check the drawer in Maria’s night stand; I think you’ll find it.”

Then I told her what Maria had done the night before, how she had to have waited for me to be in my office and everything else she’d done.

“Ah coño, Fred what am I to do with that girl. I know what I am going to do tomorrow, like that book title, on the bare, she is getting a spanking on the bare.”

“Connie I thought you’d weren’t going to spank over her sexual awakening?”

“Fred, I am not going to spank her for what she did, for that, I would ask you to have some words with her if you would, no, she is getting her spanking for going in my room and taking my things without my permission, permission I would never have granted. She knows I would have said no, so she just took it, she also knows that I will not tolerate stealing and that is what she did. So tomorrow she will pay for that, just my hand, no hairbrush but it will be hard and it will be long. She will not want to sit down tomorrow night, I can promise you.”

“Connie, she’ll know I told you, I’ll lose her trust completely.”

“No Fred, tomorrow we clean, Maria dusts, vacuums and mops, I do the bathrooms and the laundry. When I put her laundry away I will “find” it.”

“Be at your window tomorrow at three o’clock, you will see me spank her, and maybe you will learn what a good spanking is, what you may have to do to me one day if I am a bad girl.”

“Fred, I am still so aroused, make love to me, please,” as she spread her legs in invitation.

I moved to her and tracked my penis down her vulva, I slide in, all the way in and Connie moans.

A low, soft, “Unnnnnnnnn,” as I seat my full length in her silken depths, stretching her a little, filling her a little more; male ego, I suppose, I like that I can make Connie moan, I’m where Hector never was and I like it.

I lift her legs to my shoulders, opening her, exposing her and I push deeper yet and again she moans; I begin to stroke way up into her; where I will soon be placing the sperm that will make our baby. She’s tight, for a woman of forty she is unbelievably tight, like a moist silk glove, hot. I stroke her harder, harder and faster, riding her high, my cock rubbing her clit, she’s getting there and so am I.

I scream first, my first of the night, her third, “Yessssss, yessssssssssssssssss,” I flood her as she moans under me, her climax overwhelmed by mine, “Yessssssssssssssssss,” Oh my woman, my sweet bountiful lovely woman, I’m spent as I lower myself to her plush body, my tummy to hers, my chest to her breast and my lips to hers.

“I love you mi amor, I love you my love.”

A night I didn’t want to end but…

I walked Connie to her door.

She turned, gave me a kiss then said, “At your window, tomorrow three o’clock.”

“Ooo, wicked Latin woman, giving orders to her man,” I teased.

“See, I warned you I can be a bad girl, maybe I need my spanking, I’ll show you how to do it.”

“I think maybe you do, we’ll talk about that tomorrow, you bad, bad girl.”

The next morning Missy and I jogged and swam then had breakfast.

I spent the rest of the morning and the early afternoon paying my few accounts payable and logging wire transfers for my work into my Quick Books account. At five to three I went downstairs and got a beer then came back up, pulled my office chairs into the shadows where I could watched unobserved and took up my binoculars.

Maria’s room was empty, then, like a silent movie the action began.

Connie came into the room; she had an arm full of folded laundry. She was wearing only a pair of white cotton panties, she was without a bra under her plain white tee-shirt. I watched as she put some of the clothes into one drawer some into another and finally a third. Her arms were empty when she opened the drawer to Maria’s night stand.

I had my binoculars focused; I saw her hand come out holding the lime green dildo and a tube of lubricant. She laid both on the nightstand and closed the drawer.

Connie took the chair from Maria’s computer table and set it in the middle of the room then went to the door.

I couldn’t hear but I knew she was calling Maria to come. Connie took a seat on the chair and waited.

Only a few moments later Maria came in, like Connie she was clad in white cotton panties and a white tee-shirt. Must be their cleaning outfits I decided.

I could lip read Maria’s, “Yes Mama, what is it.”

Connie pointed to the night stand, her lips were moving but it was silent in my office.

I watched a Maria turned, following her mother’s finger; there was fear in her eyes when she turned back to again face Connie.

Connie motioned for her to come.

Again I could read Maria’s lips, she was pleading, “No Mama, please Mama, don’t spank me.”

I could tell Connie had raised her voice, just by her demeanor, Maria was backing away but her mother’s words drew her up short.

Get over here and get over here right now or some equivalent because Maria started to slowly walk over to her.

When she was standing directly in front of her, Connie grasped the elastic of Maria’s panties at each hip, pulling them down, they pooled around her feet.

Maria seemed to be resigned to her fate. She stepped out of the panties and stood at Connie’s right leg. Connie’s arm encircled her small waist, taking her face down over her lap. She jiggled her body a little, getting her bottom up as the highest point.

Thwack, I saw the slap on Maria’s bottom, she jerked, Connie spanked her three more quick strokes, Maria squirmed trying to get away, trying to escape. Connie pinned her with her left hand on her back.

I wasn’t counting but Connie must have struck her twenty or thirty strokes on each cheek, she was moving up and down, reddening her bottom completely, Maria had ceased to fight, she lay limply, accepting her punishment.

Connie stopped spanking, I thought it had been pretty severe, but it was over. Maria evidentially knew better, she didn’t even try to get up.

Connie scooted Maria forward so that her thighs were on Connie’s lap then she struck her again, now I did count, fifteen strokes to the back of each thigh.

Any semblance of modesty had been abandoned, Maria’s legs were spread, she was kicking. Connie grabbed a leg, her right and pulled it up, exposing Maria’s inner thigh, soft delicate flesh. She struck again, ten viscous blows. Even through the two panes of glass I heard Maria wail, then Connie gave her ten on the right thigh.

Maria was limp across Connie’s lap; I could see that she was sobbing. Connie stood her up rose and walked out of the room. Maria collapsed onto her bed, pulled her pillow to her face and rolled up into the fetal position, crying in pain.

Her bottom was toward me, she was completely a fiery red with some purplish bruising from just above her knees almost to the small of her back.

After about ten minutes of tears Maria got up and gingerly pulled her panties back on, she still had her housework to finish.

I just continued to sit, reliving what I’d just witnessed; there was nothing erotic about what I’d seen. Connie had punished her; the only word I could use to describe was brutally.

More than that, Connie had intimated by her words of last night, “See, I warned you I can be a bad girl, maybe I need my spanking, I’ll show you how to do it” that was what she expected to get from me and I think she’s expecting it tonight. I wasn’t certain I could spank so viscously and, more to the point, did I want to; how could anyone want what I’d just seen?

I waited an hour or so before I phoned her, Maria answered, “Hola niña bonita,” I replied to her hola.

“Hi Fred, do you really think I’m a pretty girl?”

“The cutest, may I speak to your Mama?”

“Hi Connie, you know you left your toy in Maria’s bedroom, it’s still on the night stand.”

“I know, I forgot it, I guess I’ll let her keep it, you might say she’s earned it.”

“Yeah, I’d have to agree with that, you spanked her pretty hard.”

“My hand’s reminding me, it’s swollen.”

I chuckled, “Serves you right. Connie, can you send Maria to bed a little early, say nine-thirty. Get her down then quietly leave the house. Come in through my front door, don’t knock, be as quiet as a mouse, I’ll see to it that Missy doesn’t eat you. I want you here by ten, we’ll see if your spanking works. I get my show at ten, let’s see what she does.”

I saw Maria’s light go on at nine-fifteen, it was out by nine-twenty five, five minutes later Connie snuck in my door, I was sitting in the dark, “Woof,” I barked quietly then got up and led her by the hand upstairs. We could go to my bedroom, Maria couldn’t see that room.

Connie was wearing a pair of yellow shorts and a white button up blouse that had little blue cornflowers over the left breasts; on her feet she had white sandals.

Earlier, I’d put extra pillows on the bed and a tube of lube on the night stand, if the night went as I anticipated we’d get Maria’s show, I was almost certain she’d not be deterred by the spanking, then Connie and I would be back here to talk about Maria before she got her spanking.

I’d decided that if I bared her bottom for my hand she was going over the pillows, we’d see.

At around five to ten I took her to my office, my office chair was where I’d left it after I’d watched Maria’s spanking and gave her my binoculars. In the dark, I didn’t think Maria would see her. At ten I wiggled the mouse on my computer, waking it up and providing dim illumination; if she was there that was her signal.

Her light came on, Maria was standing near her night stand, she picked up what was there and set it at the foot of the bed, even without binoculars I could see that it was lime green.

Connie whispered, “Por Dios, my God, she’s going to do it, isn’t she?”

“I think so Connie.”

Maria walked to the window, backlit she shimmied her gown to her hips and lewdly thrust her pelvis forward, grinding. Then slowly she raised her gown and tossed it aside like a stripper. She lowered her hands to her crotch then worked them up over her body to her breasts.

She had one of her little buds in each hand, pointing toward us, like an offering while her body gyrated. She was being as erotic as a fourteen year old can. If her Mama wasn’t beside me that wall might be catching hell again.

Then she dropped her hands to the waist band of her panties, slowing lowering then, she continued to gyrate, Connie continued to watch through the binoculars. Her curly mound came into view then the panties were below her hips, she stepped out of them, she spread her legs, continued her strip tease dance then her hands fell to her groin. Unaided I couldn’t really tell what Maria was doing but Connie could.

I heard an intake of breath, as Maria’s fingers went to her mouth.

“My God Fred,” Connie said. Her voice was raspy; she was being aroused watching her daughter perform.

One more dip into the honey pot, once more cleaning her fingers.

Maria lay down on the foot of the bed, her feet still on the floor, she picked up the lube and squirted some on her fingers, she massaged herself with it then added more, a finger going into her. She smoothed some on the butt plug and began inserting it, a quarter of the way in then back out, half way in then back out, she was pumping herself with it, three quarters in, then out finally all the way in, she pushed on the base, seating it and tightened her bottom, holding it in place. After a few minutes she gets up, one hand is on her bottom, keeping the toy from sliding out, she bends and retrieved her panties and gown, tosses the gown on the bed and works into her panties, one handed, she’s still holding the plug in, she pushes up on the seat of her panties driving the plug deeper into her then puts her gown on and turns out the lights, she’s going to sleep while her penetration goes on.

Back in my bedroom, “God Fred, that was intense, better than the porn DVD’s I have and she’s my fourteen year old daughter, my nearly perfect child, what can I do?”

“Fred, she’s got a major crush on you, that show was for you, such things she does to herself, she’s showing what she wants, things that she wants from you Fred. Does she arouse you? She even aroused me, her Mama, how can you not be aroused.”

“Yeah Connie, sure I find her arousing, any man would.”

“But Fred, she’s not doing this for any man, she’s not trying to seduce any man, she’s after you Fred, would you do that, would you have sex with my little girl?”

Now that’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t question, after watching Maria, in the right environment I’d fuck her socks off, this certainly wasn’t the right environment, I’d proposed to her mother just last night.

I answered, “No Connie, I don’t want to have sex with Maria, she’ll be my step-daughter pretty soon, if you don’t mind I’ll take her Mama.” Ever the diplomat, good answer Fred, I thought.

I like to crapped myself with what she said next.

“Fred even if I asked you to, would you deny me?’

“Connie, why on earth would you ask me to do that?”

“Fred, she wants you, now she wants you but if you don’t, well if you don’t scratch her itch somebody else will, she needs a man, she’s needed a man in her life for many years, so she could learn the strength of a father. I can be her Mama, she loves me, I love her but now, she’s never had a man, not when she was developing, Hector left when she was only nine years old, she needs a strong hand to direct her, please Fred, be that strong hand, help her and help me, please.”

“What do you want of me Connie, what am I supposed to do?”

“Can you talk to her, try to be that father figure that she so craves, can you do that for me, even more for her?”

“I’ll talk with her, no problem, I’ll talk to her, tomorrow, have her come over around ten Missy and I will have out exercise done by then. But, Connie, what am I to do if she still wants me. I don’t feel real comfortable about this, what the hell am I suppose to do if I can’t talk her out of this foolishness?”

“Fred, mi amor, it is not foolishness to her, no it is very serious, she wants to give one of her little jewels to you, one that many men would pay much money to receive, Fred she wants to be a virgin when she is married but she wants to experience sexual relations, a conundrum, no?”

“So Fred is supposed to solve this conundrum that we call Maria?”

“Of course you can solve her, her little puzzle, she wants to keep her virginity, she’s offering everything else.”

“Do I understand you correctly Connie, I’m to talk to her, try to set her on the “straight and narrow” if you will and it I can’t change her mind I’m to have sex with Maria?”

“Perhaps she will understand when you speak to her?”

“Connie do you really believe that, do you think she’s gonna say, “You’re right Fred, I’ll stop going to my window, I’ll stop showing myself to you,” do you really believe that?”

“No Fred, that is not going to happen, I want you to give her a chance but, no I do not think she’ll stop. If she does not Fred I want you, no one else, you Fred, I want you to have sex with my daughter.”

“Do you want to watch, do you want to be able to see everything we do?” I asked.

“Yes, I think I would like to see but I cannot see your bedroom.”

“Connie, can you see my living room?” I asked.

“Best from Maria’s room but yes, I can see your living room, why do you ask?”

“I’ll spread a blanket, make like I have it there to play with Missy, if I’m unconvincing in our conversation we’ll be on the blanket; I want you to watch Connie, if I have to deflower your daughter, ah hell, let’s call it what it really is, if I have to sodomize your fourteen year old daughter I want you to be a witness; we both know I’m way to big for her, we both know I’ll hurt her, why do you want me to do this to Maria, Connie, do you want her to be hurt?”

“Maybe Fred, maybe I do want her hurt, maybe hurt so badly that she doesn’t want a man until she is married, do you understand?”

This lady and I really didn’t think alike, she was to severe, to pragmatic for old Fred but I did understand what she wanted, that I did understand; I was gonna talk to her little girl, about what she’d been doing, she was gonna agree to stop or I was suppose to make her wish she’d quit, nine inches up a virgin fourteen year old’s bottom; no way, but I would talk.

“Connie, we can stop talking about Maria for tonight, I will deal with her tomorrow, but tonight I think we need to talk about you Connie, do you not agree.”

“Fredrico, mi amor, I am so sorry, why I cannot remember my place, I don’t know.”

“Connie, you’re gonna be my wife and if everything works out the mother of at least one child, I really want three, but at least the mother of one child, yours and mine, your place is not one step behind me nor is it one step ahead, it is by my side, do you understand, I’m an American man, I don’t want you at my feet, I want you beside me?”

She seemed to fall back on her Spanish language when she wanted to show her subservience, “Si, yo comprendo,” she said, I understand, but she really didn’t, I didn’t want to spank her, at least not how she’d spanked Maria but that what she was asking for.

“Are you sure mi amor?” I asked.

She tried to crawl over my lap, I held her off, “Please mi amor, please my love.”

I let her sprawl over me.

“Please Fred; maybe you can rub my bottom, perhaps a little spank once in a while, just a little slap to remind me of my place, to remind me that I’ve been a bad girl.”

There was raspiness in Connie’s voice, she was becoming aroused. I thought, my God, she doesn’t want to be spanked because she’s a bad girl: she’s a bad girl because she wants to be spanked; it was a turn-on for her.

As if to prove my point, Connie squirmed on my lap. Yeah, maybe she did need a little spanking, nothing like she’d given Maria, I wouldn’t do that, but it was something she wanted, maybe even needed, I could do that.

“Connie, please stand up,” my tone made it an order.

She stood at the bedside expectantly. I sat on the edge of the bed with her directly in front of me.

“Take off your shoes.”

She kicked her sandals of her feet. I reached, grabbed her by the waist band of her shorts and pulled her to me and began unbuttoning her blouse, it was tucked into her shorts, I pulled it free.

“Turn around,” I instructed.

With her back to me I lowered her blouse from her shoulders and unhooked the clasps on her brassiere.

“Take it off and turn back around,” as she dropped her bra to the floor.

“You’re sure Connie?” I asked. She knew what I was saying.

“Please Fred,” it was almost t plea.

Her shorts had a hook at the top and zipper; I unfastened them and pulled the zipper down then lowered then, letting them fall to her feet.

“Step out of those Consuelo.” She kicked them away; they landed on one of her sandals.

Her panties were the light blue of the cornflowers on her blouse, I reached between her legs and cupped her sex, the gusset of her panty was damp, she was lubricating in anticipation of her spanking, I was getting hard myself, I was anticipating, too.

“Connie before we go any further there is something you need to do for me. Take three of the pillows and stack them in the middle of the bed, you have my permission to move from in front of me.”

When she’d complied I added, “Now the tube there on the night stand, lay it here on the bed.”

She picked up the tube, she looked at me inquiringly then her face changed, she understood.

“Back in front, please.”

As I lowered her panties, her spicy scent filled the air. I really wanted to taste her, make love to her but that wasn’t on tonight’s agenda.

Connie was trembling as she stood before me; I wondered whether it was in anticipation of her spanking or trepidation over what she now knew would follow.

I’d planned to have her over my lap, on the bed but at the last minute I changed my mind, I wanted her draped across my lap, head down on one side, feet on the other, bottoms up.

Pointing, I said, “Bring that chair to the middle of the room.” It was a straight backed chair that I usually used like a clothes rack.

She moved the chair as I’d directed. I got up went to it and sat.

She moved to my right side, she knew what to do, it was evident she’d done it before; I thought, Hector must have spanked.

I circled her waist with my right arm and folded her over my lap then jostled her forward a little, getting her into the perfect position.

I was rubbing her bottom, I was in no hurry; I was enjoying the view. Her pendulous breasts were hanging up toward her face, she could have sucked her own nipples had she chosen, or, if I ordered, I didn’t; her bottom was broad, all that my lap could hold.

I decided to tease a little.

“Connie, have you been a bad girl?” I asked.

“Si, I have, I’ve been a bad girl.”

“What happens to bad girls, Connie?”

Low, soft voice, “They get spanked.”

“Do you think you should be spanked?”


“Ask for your spanking.”

She was squirming all over my lap, she said, “Please give me a spanking Fred, I’ve been a bad girl.”

Thwack, the first, on her right cheek, right on the sit spot; she jumped forward. Thwack, left cheek.

I alternated, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, right cheek, left cheek.

She’d given Maria around a hundred violent strokes, I wasn’t going to do that, I thought that twenty good firm swats would bring her tears and yeah, I wanted to make her cry.

Thwack, thwack, thwack.

She started to moan, “Unnnnnnnnn, Unnnn, Unnnn.”

I finally heard the first sob when I hit her at the junction of her thigh and bottom; I swatted her there, on both sides.

Connie wasn’t crying hysterically but she was sobbing, I’d given her enough. Then I remembered what she’d done to Maria, she was going to get two more.

I spread her legs and slapped her hard, on the tender flesh of her inner thigh.

I’d finished, she continued to lie across my lap, I admired my handiwork. Connie’s dark skin had taken on a reddish cast, not as evident as if she’d been fair complected but still obvious.

“Connie, is that enough, have you been spanked enough?”

“Yes Fred,” she said between her soft sobs.

“Tell me thank you.”

“Thank you for my spanking, I’ll try to be a good girl.”

Helping her to rise I replied, “De Nada.”

I cupped her sex, she was sopping.

“You did like your little spanking, didn’t you?”

Embarrassed by the question and even more so by her answer, Connie cut her eyes to the floor and in a little girl voice answered,

“So now mi amor, you know my little secret, no? Yes, I like my spankings, not all the time not every time but sometimes I get a tingling, you know, then I want a spanking, Is that so bad?

Yes, now you know the secret I hold in my heart and, maybe in mi gatita. Now you are going to take my other secret, you are going to my secret place that no man has ever been, I will have no virginity left.”

“Mi gatita, probably a phrase she’d learned as a little girl, “My Kitty Cat,” “No Connie, it’s not so bad. If you want it I’ll do it for you and yes Connie, you will have no virginity left,” as I led her to the bed.

She didn’t need any prompting; she understood what the pillows were for. She crawled across them, her hips at the apex, her bottom raised.

I took the forth pillow, “Raise your head for me, you may want this,” as I placed it under her face.

I picked up the tube, unscrewed the cap and moved behind her and I beheld her.

I confess, I’m an ass man and, to me, her ass was spectacular, plush, soft, twin dark pillows separated by her tight black ring; now she had a russet glow.

I rested my hand on her bottom.

“Cute, very cute, Connie I love your bottom. You have a glow; you’re warm under my hand.”

“Warm bottom, warm heart, you already have my heart now you will have mi ano.”

Mi ano, her anus, I rubbed some of the lube on her then pushed some in, I wanted her well lubricated, I wanted her to take some pleasure I wanted to be able to come back, time and time again; I added more lube.

Two fingers pumping her, more lube. I’d used half the tube; I slathered some on myself and spread her cheeks wider with one hand while I guided myself to her pore with the other.

I pressed against her then began kneading her bottom, stroking her hips, talking to her.

“Te quiermo, Te amo Consuelo, I love you, you’ve made me so happy, I so want you for my wife, I want to make babies with you, I want to suck your breasts, taste you, your precious la leche, mi esposa, mi amor.”

Soft, gentle touches, soft loving word, Connie relaxed, I pressed in. Her sphincters yielded to me, my head was through, I was in her.

Connie moaned, “Unnnnngh,” as her final virginity was lost, I pressed slowly but steadily forward.

Inch by inch, she accepted me, inch by inch, her tightness gripped me, friction, even with the lube, friction, her tight ring succumbing grudgingly, still I press forward.

She’s full, she’s taken all of me with only the one moan, I pause and massage her for a moment.

“Connie?” I ask.

“I’m alright, just full incredibly full, I can feel you way up in me, I’m full.”

I began to stroke her, emptying, filling, emptying, filling her rectum, eliciting sounds from her, “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” with each forward stroke.

I had to be stretching her, the muscles of her sphincters, the walls of her rectum, being expanded, I massaged her big beautiful bottom as I stroked.

I crooned to her, in Spanish, her language, a beautiful language for the expression of love.

Curse, use English, for love Spanish, even a Spanish oath, vete a la mierda, in Spanish sounds so sweet, fuck you, the English, but I digress, I have something more important to do.

My strokes have been long and slow, I speed up, not shallower, still deep into my lover but faster, more strokes, more groans from Connie.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh,” moans, I know she’s got to be aching, way up in her guts, she’s got to ache, and I fuck her even faster.

I really want to mount her, ride her hard; not this time, not her first time. They’ll be other times to come, I can wait.

She’s not gonna cum and I’m not gonna help her, give her my fingers to ride, another time but not tonight, she got what she wanted; now I was.

And I stroked still faster, I was nearly there, stroke, stroke, ungh, ungh, Oh God, with a groan of pure unadulterated pleasure, I pull her hips back as I thrust into her and I cum, pulse after pulse, my cock jerking with each gush, I wash her bowels, filling her with my ropy cream.

Slowly I drain myself in her, I pull out and join her on the pillows, beside her, I hug her and she looks at me.

She’s whipped, a dazed look, sweat covered face, she’d felt the stress, her spanking, her first anal.

I hug her and roll off the pillows, bringing her with me, on top of me, more sweet Spanish words in her ear, a kiss, “Connie, spend the night with me.”

“I want to, oh how I want to but, you know I can’t, I need to be at home when Maria wakes up, get her ready to come here. Is this what you will do with her?”

“From what you’ve said this is what she wants, I want to dissuade her from doing anything, at fourteen she’s to young, to immature for the responsibilities of a sexual relationship, but if she insists, yes, this is what I’ll do.”

“Fred, you’ll hurt her, I’m a forty year old adult woman and it was all I could take; she’s fourteen, she’ll get hurt.”

“I know Connie, I know.”

Resignedly Connie said, “Por lo que se, so be it.”

She gave me a little kiss and got up to dress. I pulled my shorts back on, “I’ll walk you home.”

I gave her a hug and a kiss then waited ‘til she was in, when I heard the lock engage I walked home

I had a lot to think about, I wasn’t anxious for tomorrow to come.

I’d been up since six, Missy and I had gone for our jog and swim, I’d showered and dressed, Khakis and a different Tommy Bahama shirt, barefooted, commando under the pants. We’d had breakfast, I was sitting at the table having a last cup of coffee when the phone rang; it was Connie.

“Hi Fred, I wanted to talk to you before Maria comes over. She’s up in her room now getting ready, Fred; I think you’ve got trouble coming your way. She took a bath when she got up, not a shower, a bath with some of my scented oil. I glanced into her bedroom; she’d already laid out what she’s going to wear, her clothes smell nice, I think she’s sprayed a little cologne on them.

Fred she’ll be in a sun dress, cute, floral print, more fitting for June that September maybe, but it’s still warm here so I guess it’s ok. She’s gotten out her white dress shoes, I suppose because she’s going to wear hose, white thigh high hose. She only has one sexy pair of panties, they’re cut high on the hips, they’re lace trimmed, I bought them for her, she wanted something sexy, they are sexy they even give her a little camel toe. There’s even a bra, it’s a training bra, I joke with her sometimes, Yeah, training your boobs to grow but she’s going to wear that, too.

I’m afraid, afraid that you won’t be able to talk some sense into her. She isn’t dressing this way for conversation, she’s going to try to seduce you Fred, I know she is.”

We ended our conversation. I spread the blanket on the living room floor and waited, my stomach churning, I’d rather have been almost anywhere else.

Precisely at ten there was a soft knock at my front door, I answered it, of course it was Maria, I opened it further, ushering her in.

“Hola niña bonita,” Hello pretty girl I said. She smiled at me, that thousand watt smile that could light a dark room.

“Please, Fred, let’s speak English, Mama’s not here and I’m an American girl.”

“Ok, hello my pretty girl, better?”

“Better,” she beamed.

“Would you like a Coke or something?”

“No thank you Fred, I’m not thirsty.”

“Ok, Sweetheart, let’s sit on the sofa, I think we need to have a talk.”

She took the middle cushion, I couldn’t put any real distance between us, I sat to her left.

“Maria, what I want to talk about, what you do each night, you know I see you, that I watch you, why do you do those things?”

“Of course I know you watch me, that’s why I do it, I want you to see me, I want you to desire me, I want to be with you.”

“Maria, you’re still a young girl, you’re life is still ahead of you, there’s plenty of time for sex when you’re ready for it but fourteen’s too young.”

“There is where you’re wrong, I’m not a young girl, I’m a young woman. I’ve had my periods for over a year, I could have a baby, not that I’m going to, mi la gatita, I am saving for my wedding night but I want to do the other things with a man.”

Intrigued I asked, “What other things, what do you want to do with a man.”

She gave me a little grin; I must have walked into a little verbal trap, “Wasn’t it our President Bill Clinton who said, “I did not have sex with that women?” Now we know they orally copulated, but by Presidential Decree, sex is not sex unless it is intercourse. So, anything that is not intercourse is not sex.”

I wish she’d been on my college debating team, her logic was impeccable, unarguable; and I wasn’t going there, I was the asking the questions but I was losing the debate. My answers were stale clichés; “You’re still a young girl,” “Your life is ahead of you,” and best of all, “There’s plenty of time for sex when you’re ready.”

I wasn’t gonna convince her of anything the way I was going, I wasn’t saying anything she hadn’t heard at least a thousand times, her mother, her teachers, almost any adult had said the same things yet here she was sitting on my sofa fully intending to seduce me, I needed to change my approach.

“So Sweetheart, tell me, what are the things you can do?”

“My hands Fred, I can masturbate you, would you like me to masturbate you,” she asked as her hand came toward my crotch. I caught it and laid it back on her lap.

“Or I can suck you, let you cum in my mouth, I would swallow all of your cream, would you like me to suck you, would you like to cum in my mouth?”

I decided to confide in her, “Maria, I’ve asked your Mama to marry me, she’s said yes; just last night I asked, I’ll be your step-father.”

I expected that to be my ace in the hole, she’d be family, I couldn’t do it but again her logic, convoluted maybe but difficult to debate.

“Wonderful, we would all live together; when Mama is having her period or isn’t feeling well I’d be there for you. Maybe once a week, we could, you know and if Mama should have a baby, maybe you would need me more, I would be there for you.”

“Maria, where have you gotten these ideas?”

“From the girls at school, almost all have been with a man some way, boy friends, brothers, uncles even fathers. Last year in school I knew a girl, she was only eleven, she was two years behind me, only in the sixth grade. Her mother was gone, I don’t know where but when she was ten her father took her into his bed. Many of the girls I know aren’t virgins, twelve, thirteen, fourteen year old girls, opening their legs for the men in their lives. Not me though, la gatita is not for use before my wedding night.

Hands and mouths, they’re ok but even about these things I worry, men want to stick their thing in a hole, hands and mouths are ok for a while but a man will always want a tight hole where he can stick el pene, so, I think, and many of the girls at my school think, the bottom is best, tight for the man, safe for the woman, no risk of getting pregnant but a satisfied man.

“Maria, there’s a high risk of infection and sexually transmitted disease with anal sex.”

She brightened, “I know, health class explained all of that, I have two condoms hidden in my purse.” She patted the little handbag she’d brought with her.

She made her pitch, “Fred, will you do that with me, please.”

Expectation on her pretty face, her big smile, how could I turn down her offer, young, slender, lithe and virginal she was offering herself to me.

“Maria Sweetheart, I just can’t do that.”

And I watched her dissolve, devastated, she’d done everything but throw herself on me, a cute young woman, hormones tearing her apart, her crush on me, social pressures, she’d been certain I couldn’t deny her, what man would?

She looked bewildered, dazed and her pretty smile collapsed, she seemed to grow smaller before my eyes like she was crawling into herself, my heart melted, I remembered my own teen angst, the confusion, was I boy or man? Limbo, part one part the other, and I thought, it must be even worse for a girl. I didn’t want to leave her like that.

“Come here Sweetheart,” as I reached for her and pulled her onto my lap.

She broke down, she buried her face against my shirt and sobbed, “I’m sorry Fred, I thought you liked me.” Then she quietly sobbed.

“I do like you Maria, you’re my Sweetheart, I like you a lot, you’re my all time favorite young woman.”

“Then please make love to me.”

“Maria, I’d hurt you, I’m a big man.”

“I know, you’re grown, I’m not but that’s ok.”

“No Maria, I mean I am a big man, el pene grande, you understand, I’m big down there.”

“Fred, I am a woman, a young woman, I think a woman needs to meet the needs of her man, make your woman, please, I’ll share you with Mama, but please let me give myself to you.”

She’d melted my heart, now she melted my resolve; I’d do what she wanted but not here on the blanket. She was a young woman, not a specimen for Connie to observe, she wanted to give me one of her most precious gifts, she deserved her privacy for so intimate a time, she probably would hurt, she probably would writhe under me, she’d deal with it or I’d stop. I would have bet that she’d cope, she was strong willed, particularly about this but whatever happened the moment would be shared with only me.
I lifted her to the floor, stood and took her hand.

“Come with me Maria,” as I led her upstairs.

I took her to my bedroom, shut and locked the door; shut for Missy, locked in case Connie came to investigate.

I led her to the bed; the four pillows were still there.

“Sweetheart, did you go to the bathroom this morning?” I asked.

“I peed.”

“Did you move your bowels?”

“No, not since yesterday, why?”

“You need to be empty, your bowels, I’m gonna take up a lot of room, we don’t want an accident.”

“But I don’t hafta go, do we have to wait?”

“No Maria, I’ll take care of that, I’ll be right back.”

From under my sink I took out two things, a Fleet enema and a can of Boy Butter EZ Pump with benzocaine, this product is marketed primarily to the gay community, it’s not recommended for vaginal intercourse but the benzocaine desensitized the anus and it’s a fine lubricant, I don’t usually use it but with Maria I thought I should, maybe a little less pain.

I carried them back, sat on the bed and put the nozzle in the bottle and lubed the nozzle.

“Come here Sweetheart,” I asked as I took her hand, “Let me take off your panties.”

She shied away a half step.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I want it to be as good for you as I can make it, you can keep your panties, in fact, I want you to put them back on after you’ve finished in the bathroom. This is going to help you go to the bathroom so you’ll be empty for me.”

She moved closer.

I reached under her dress, pulled her panties down and handed them to her, “Remember, put them back on for me, ok?”

I raised her dress above her hips and bent her across my lap; she still had her shoes and her thigh high stockings on.

“I’m going to put this in your bottom, you’ll feel the liquid go in, then I want you to just lie on my lap ‘til you need to go.”

“I parted her cheeks, inserted the nozzle and squeezed.”

“Ok, just relax, you’ll need to go in a few minutes,” I said, I was caressing her bottom.

After a few minutes, “I need to go,” as she rose from my lap.

“Don’t forget your panties now,” I teased her.

“Why, you’re just gonna take them off again,” she sassed back.

“Unhuh, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.”

I heard the commode flush then the water run as she washed her hands.

She came back into the room slowly, a demure little smile on her face, she looked bashful, she looked young, she looked cute.

“That’s a pretty dress; it looks real good on you.”

“You really like it Fred?” As she pirouetted, modeling it.

“I love it, you look like the cutest young gal in the world.”

“Young woman, remember, young woman,” she pouted at me.

“Of course I remember, would the young woman like to come here to me?”

“She would,” she answered as she came back in front of me.

“I want to hold my pretty young woman,” I said as I picked her up and sat her on my lap.

She turned toward me, our faces were only inches apart, “I am your pretty young woman, Mama can be your pretty older woman but I am your woman Fred, I am your woman.”

“May I take off your dress?” I asked, I was already unbuttoning it.

She didn’t answer, she laid her head against my chest, she was trembling.

I rubbed her back, “Are you ok Sweetheart?”

“I’m nervous Fred, my tummy feels funny.”

“We don’t have to do anything, let’s stop now; maybe you’d like to undress for me, put on a little show?”

“Nooo, I want to do it.”

With her dress unbuttoned to the waist, I lifted her and pulled it out from under her. I waited a moment for her to object, for her to change her mind.

When she was silent, I took it over her head and off.

“Hey, my young woman is growing up, a bra, huh?”

“It’s a training bra Fred, Mama says it’s suppose to train my boobs to grow, I think she’s kidding but the are growing, wanta see?”

I unhooked it and took it from her shoulders; she puffed her chest out, showing off her little 32A, being generous, breast.

“Hey, they are cute and I’m gonna be the first man to suck them.”

She looked at me, “You’re going to suck my breasts,” Incredulous at the suggestion.

“I sure am, I’m going to eat you all up, you’re so scrumptious.”

I stood her up, “But first let me see your sexy panties and thigh highs.”

She took several steps away then turned, facing me, her legs slightly spread and her face just glowing, proud of herself.

She was sexy, no other way to put it, she was sexy. Dark skin, darker areolas, nipples large for her breasts, a lighter brown, her tummy was flat, she really did have a slight flare to her boyishly narrow hips, slim legs encased in her stockings, the flesh of her upper thighs exposed, in dark contrast to her light hosiery, and her panties, lacy, girlish but with the cutest little camel toe just like advertised.

I drank her in, my eyes beholding the budding beauty of womanhood; I rose, walked to her and knelt. I removed first one shoe then the other, the panties would go, the stockings would stay.

I slowly rolled her panties off, she was holding her breath, I lifted her right foot then her left, her panties remained on the floor when I picked her up and carried her to the bed.

I curled onto the bed carrying her with me, I whispered, “Maria, I’m going to make love to you like a woman.”

“I am your woman, make love to me,” she whispered back.

I was holding her, I kissed her, she was tentative, her lips momentarily resisting, my tongue was between her lips, her mouth opened, I tasted her sweet breath, she followed my lead, the tip of her tongue probed between my lips, we kissed, wetly, passionately, my lips moved to her neck and down to her breasts, she was swollen, her nipples enlarged and tender, I was gentle, lightly sucking her, my tongue ringing her areola, like Connie she was developing Montgomery glands, the little bumps surrounding the nipple, I paid my homage to each then kissed over her tummy, when I tongued her belly button, she gave a breathy giggle.

I was still amazed at the amount of hair she had on her mons, black, curly silken, I tugged at it with my lips. When I parted her labia she gave a start.

“Su la gatita, your kitty cat, is safe; she’s only going to get a kiss not a stab.”

I held her open, enjoying her light scent, youth, light, citrusy, then I tasted. She was small, I could bridge her slit with my tongue, I laved her, her vulva with the tip and each labium with the sides of my tongue, I’d never been with a girl so young, not even when I was a teen, I found out what I had missed, I’d tasted my share of the ladies, none could compare, she was moist, slightly lubricating, her fluids were light of aroma and light of taste, she was like a fruit, picked at the very moment of ripeness, fresh, sweet.

Maria was starting to pant, short shallow breaths, she’d probably had self-induced orgasms but none like she was about to experience, my mouth moved to her clitoris, I used my tongue to slip back her little hood then I sucked between my lips.

Maria trembled, she started bouncing, I was afraid she’d hurt herself against my teeth, I turned, my feet at her head, put my arms between her legs and lifted then back toward her chest, using a little of my weight to hold her down, my mouth was all over her, she was pulled up, her slit was open because of the way I held her, when the contractions hit, little squirts came from her, I could see and I could lick, she was as if she were in the midst of a seizure, wailing, tossing her head back and forth, still trying to buck, “Ayyyyyyyyyyyy, Ayyyyyyyyyyyy, ah coño, Ooooooooooooh, Ooooooooooooh.”

She changed her wail, Noooooo, no more, no more, please, no more,” she was trying to get her legs down, she’d grown too sensitive.

I released her, turned and lay beside her and gathered her into my arms.

She was having a hard time catching her breath but she hadn’t lost her sense of humor, between gasps she got out, “That wasn’t making love Fred, I know ‘cause Bill Clinton said so.”

“So, tell me Sweetheart, what was it?”

“Fantastic, phenomenal, phantasmagorical, all of the above, you made me see stars mi amor.”

“You ok now?”

“Oh, better than ok, way better than ok.”

“We can stop you know, I’ve had fun, you’ve had fun, we can stop.”

She grew serious, “No, now I am your plaything, your sweet tasting plaything. To be your woman you must make me your woman, to do that I must feel you inside me, get your cum in my belly, only then will I be your woman.”

“Ok, Sweetheart,” I said as I sat up and reached for the Boy Butter.

“Come over my lap, I’ll get you ready.”

She sprawled across me, I nudged her thighs open and spread her cheeks.

“This may be a little chilly,” I said. Boy Butter is in a pump container. I pumped three globs onto her dark ring, rubbed it around and pushed some in with my finger.

“You’re going to need to relax if we’re going to make this work, I pumped on three more globs and worked it into, she’d done a good job of relaxing, she’d need to. More lube, pumping with one finger, more lube, two fingers, trying to stretch her.

Maria hadn’t seen me erect, I thought better she didn’t but she could surely feel me against her belly, I was getting stiff; any man would, you’d have to be gay or a proctologist to have two fingers up a cute fourteen year old gal’s bootie and stay flaccid. I wasn’t a proctologist and I damned sure wasn’t gay but I was hard.

More lube, half the can gone, inside Maria. Good stuff, Boy Butter, it will stay slick a lot longer than most lubes, it’s made with tropical oils, great for anal, not so good for vaginal, Maria was ready.

“Roll over Sweetheart, lie here beside me.”

I gathered up the four pillows, placed one for her head and stacked the other three, I wanted her the same way I’d had Connie last night, bottoms up, head down and I thought Maria would need her pillow, I expected her to need to cry.

“Ok Sweetheart, over this,” I helped her to get into position.

“Maria, if I hurt you, tell me, I’ll stop. You don’t have to be brave, there’s nothing you need to prove to you or to me. We’ll both know you tried; might even give you your own story at school, ok. You tell me, I mean it.”

I had to take a few moments to admire her, her slim thighs partially encased in her thigh highs, her narrow hips, her bottom, two perfect small melons, dark in their ripeness, inviting in their firmness, I opened her, even her bottom was fragrant, like new grown moss in a shady glade.

I pressed the head of my cock against her tight rosebud, she was unyielding. I massaged her hips, kneaded her bottom and stroked her sides, her skin was dark, she felt like satin, so smooth, unblemished. I talked to her.

Soft voice, soft words, “Te quiero, Te amo, mi mujer hermosa, I love you, I love you, my beautiful woman.”

I could feel her melting under my touch, my words, a touch she wanted to feel, words she longed to hear.

“Relajarse mi amor, relajarse para mí, relax my love, relax for me.”

Both of my hands were on her hips, I was still pressing against her, when she sighed and I felt the tension leave her body I pressed into her, the my head was through both of her sphincters when she cried out,

“Ayeeeeeeeeee, don’t take it out, don’t take it out, Noooooooooooooo, Ooooooooooooh, mi amor, please, please let me rest but please don’t take it out, I will be your woman,” she panted, “I will, I will, I will, I will.”

She’d broken out in a sweat; her smooth skin was slick with her perspiration.

I wanted to stop, pull out, hold her, tell her sweet words, tell her I love her, I do love her, she’ll soon be my daughter, I don’t want her hurt, I don’t want to hurt her but she wants me to stay, really, in most ways, she’s endured the worst, my bulbous head is in her.

“I’ll wait mi amor, I’ll wait for you forever if you wish, I understand.”

I was rubbing her back as I talked to her, not trying at all to enflame passion, soothing, gentle caresses, light strokes, relajarse para mí, mi amor.

I was caressing her sides when she eased slightly against me, I pressed forward slowly, she accepted me, one quarter of an inch forward, she moaned, another quarter inch, another moan, it had to be an agony for her and another quarter inch.

I was less than half way in, maybe four inches.

“Maria Sweetheart let’s stop, I can’t stand hurting you like this.”

Maybe she was hurting but she was still a feisty little thing.

“Fred Arnold damn you if you stop now I’ll never speak to you again, I’ll hate you, I’ll bite you, it’s my body, I want to give it to you now damnit, fill me.”

She pushed back against me, another quarter inch, another moan, I pressed slowly but firmly forward. I had to he firm, the resistance was incredible, nearly unyielding, I couldn’t even see her dark ring, only my cock, her outer anal sphincter was forced inside, another quarter inch.

I don’t know how she endured it, I have no idea how she did it, her body went limp, over the pillows, like every bone had turned to jelly, like every muscle was atrophied, weak, and she opened like an orchid, all five additional inches slid into her belly, I stopped, waiting for her.

“Oh God Fred, Oh God Fred, I’m so incredibly full, I feel almost bloated, swollen up inside me, mi hombre you are big, you’re in my tummy, I can feel you so far into me, Oh I’m so full.”

I knew nothing so large as me had ever gone in her nor come out of her, her sphincters were stretched almost to their maximum, her rectum was full, as small as she is and as large as I am I thought I was probably completely through her rectum, into her sigmoid colon, I needed to be careful if I truly was that deep into her, she could be easily torn with disastrous consequences, I was pretty sure I was that far into her, if I was in her sigmoid colon it could feel like I was in her belly, the sigmoid colon has freedom of movement, it can gravitate or, as I now suspected, be forced into the abdominal cavity.

“Fred, you need to fuck me now, I want your cum in me.”

I gave her a little slap on her right cheek, “Language, Sweetheart, language,” almost a joke, I’m nine inches into her tight little bottom and I’m critical of her language? I think, Fred are you effing nuts?

I think she agreed, she was under a lot of stress, her voice was strained, “Fred, screw the lectures, save it for tomorrow, right now FUCK me damnit.”

So I began to stroke her and she continued her low moans and my mind wandered, I had a slow gentle rhythm, in, out, in, out, I wasn’t gonna ride Maria hard, no way, slowly and gently, repetitive motions, and my mind wandered.

Three days ago, Fred Arnold, single for five years, as the saying goes, “fat, dumb and happy,” well, I wasn’t fat, I don’t think I’m dumb but I thought I was at least happy. Missy and me, cool, jog a little swim a little, have some fun, occasional dates, occasional bed partners; life was good. So, what had changed? Oh hell, I don’t know, to everyone else, maybe not much; to me the earth had turned on its axis.

In less than three days I’d met a woman, fallen in love with that same woman, proposed and had an acceptance of marriage, decided that I was going to be a first time father at forty-two, experienced the seduction by a fourteen year old girl, received parental approval to have anal intercourse, call a spade a spade, I got Mama’s ok to sodomize her young daughter and right now I have nine inches into her, probably clear up into her guts.

And for Maria, I give her my fingers; it’s easy to reach around her slim body, to find her small clit, to rub. Between thumb and forefinger, I masturbate her. She’s still moaning each time I thrust forward but she’s beginning to gyrate her hips, accepting my fingers and feeling some pleasure.

“Unnnnnnnnn, Unnnnnnnnn, yes, harder, mi la gatita, pet my kitty harder please,” Between her moans, Maria pleads.

I oblige, I can’t speed up my pace, but I can help her.

And suddenly I want her, her body, my left hand slides forward, up to her breasts, my right’s still on her clit, I lift her body, she’s so light, I pull her to me, her back’s against my chest, I’m no longer pumping, I’m ready just waiting for her.

Left hand squeezing her tiny breast, right hand, fingers dancing across her clit, Maria presses one of her hands on mine, on her breast the other she uses to urge me harder and faster between her legs.

Impaled on my cock, she manages an orgasm, I feel it pass through her, anal contractions, grasping me, she tightens, I spew, her contraction passes, she relaxes, I slide even deeper, she’s sitting on me, deeper, Maria moans, the penetration further into her bowels, then another contraction, I’m still cumming, she relaxes, I slide still further into her. Her head hangs listlessly, my Sweetheart is spent, exhausted.

“Stay here mi amor, let me soften before we separate, it will come out easier.”

Maria pressed on her abdomen then took my hand.

“Feel, press there, that is where I ache, I think I can feel you in me.”

She did feel a little bloated, I thought maybe a little internal swelling then, realizing how small she is, nine inches penetrating her, from her bottom up nine inches, perhaps she was right.

I brushed the pillows aside, I was soft enough, I lowered her to the mattress, I came out with a little pop, she was distended, stretched but she’d soon close.

I lay beside her.

“Hold me, please hold me, sit up, hold me in your lap.”

I sat, back against the head board; she crawled onto me, buried her face in my chest and curled into a ball, her knees pulled up to her tummy.

I did it mi amor, I did it and now I’m your woman, your little woman, I have taken you into my body, I have your cum in me, yes, I am your woman.

“Yes you are Sweetheart, yes you are,” as I stroked her raven head.

I’d explain to Connie later why I’d brought Maria to my room rather than use the blanket, Connie and I were going to get married and, I was sure have children, I’d be Maria’s stepfather but if she wanted to have sex with me, we’d do it again; for now, she was exhausted, asleep in my lap; the future would have to wait until she’d awakened.

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