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Today I came home and saw a strange car parked out front. I didn’t think much of it and just drove into my drive way and parked my car in the garage. I went through my usual routine, not really noticing anything out of the ordinary. That was until I walked passed my room and saw my wife tied to the bed with her mouth gagged and blindfolded.

I thought it was some kind of sex game of my wife until I heard a familiar voice behind me, “Hello cocksucker”. It was liked my heart stopped and all that came out my mouth was SHIT.
I turned around and there she was, that shemale that deflowered me not one week ago. She walked up to me and said, “what did you think you cocksucking cumeater, I wasn’t going to keep my promise? I met your hot wife and had a little chat with her, showed her our little video we made. She kinda got mad and I had to tie her up so she wouldn’t hurt herself. I can see why you don’t want her to find out about your little fetish, she’s hot, I’m going to have a lot of fun with her.”

She walked over to my wife and removed her blindfold. When my wife saw me she started to struggle. That’s when she grabbed my wife’s pussy, shoved 3 fingers up her pussy and told her to relax and enjoy the show. Today your gonna see a side of your husband you have never seen before bitch and by the end of the show I’m gonna make you an even bigger slut then he is.

She called me over and told me to get on my knees. I did as I was told and got on my knees. The minute I set eyes on her cock I totally forgot about my wife and started sucking on it. I was so hungry for her cock I took the whole thing in my mouth. I slowly pulled it out and when I got to her cockhead I gave it a good rimming with my tongue. It popped out of my mouth and I started licking her shaft from the top down to her balls. When I got to her balls I gently took them in my mouth, softly sucking on them while I was firmly jerking her shaft off. When I was done with her balls, I moved back up to her glistening cockhead. Now she was at full erection and it was a lot more difficult to get it in my mouth. I continued on until her cock was pushing into my throat. I slowly pulled back being carefull not to scrap her cock with my teeth. I kept on sucking on that tasty cock, totally forgetting that my wife was watching her straight husband sucking on a huge cock.

Lientje (the shemale) was really enjoying my mouth as she was starting to fuck my mouth to her pace. She looked down and saw that my eyes were closed. “Open you eyes cumsucker, look at your wife while you suck on my hard cock, ooohhh yeah bitch your man has really learned how to suck cock. Can you imagine he can even deepthroat, here let me show you”
She grabbed my head and forced her cock down my throat. I started to gag but that didn’t stop her, she pressed on until her balls where against my chin. She kept it there for a couple of seconds and then slowly pulled it out.

”You see bitch, that was 7 inches of hard cock in your husbands throat and he enjoyed every single inch, didn’t you my little cocksucker.” I nodded my head not willing to let her cock out of mouth. As I was looking at my wife with a big fat cock in my mouth I noticed that she couldn’t take her eyes off us. She had her legs crossed and was rubbing her juicy legs over each other. I looked at lientje and told her that I think my wife enjoys watching me suck cock. She looked at my wife and asked her “is that true bitch, you like me fucking your husbands tight throat, you enjoy seeing him suck cock like a faggot. Answer me bitch, do you like watching your husband suck cock”

My wife looked at us and with a look of total defeat she nodded yes. Lientje leaned over and removed her gag. “Tell me bitch, tell me what you like”. My wife answered “I like watching my husband suck cock like a faggot, my pussy has never been so wet, I’m so fucking turned on by your cock in his mouth that I feel like I can cum just watching him swallow that huge dick of yours. I never knew he liked cocks much less a huge cock like yours.”
I guess lientje liked her answer cause she leaned over and French kissed my wife. When she was done she told her “Baby you don’t know half of it but I guess your gonna find out today how much of a faggot he really is and your gonna enjoy every minute of it, I guess we don’t need these anymore.” She grabbed a pocket knife that was on the dresser and cut my wife restraints loose.

Lientje then turned her attention back to me, looking back at me she told me to lick her ass. I grabbed her asscheeks, spread them apart, and started licking that juicy asshole. I ran my tongue all along her ass crack and tight hole. While I had my tongue up her ass I started jerking her dick off.

”your husband really knows how to suck ass bitch, the first time I gave him a taste he sucked on it so hard I almost came then and there”
My wife replied “Yeah I know he sucks my ass off so often I wondered how come he enjoys it so much and I guess I have my answer now, the cocksucking faggot. You like sucking on that ass don’t you cockwhore, but damn your making me horny the way your sucking her ass off.” She starts to play with herself, massaging her ample breast, fingering herself. I’ve never seen my wife so slutty yet.

This inspired me to do an even better job on lientje. I moved my attention from her ass to her hard cock once again. I turned her around, looked up at her and begged her to show my wife how deep I can suck cock, to fuck my face as if it was her own personal pussy to fuck. She looked at me and smiled. “look bitch I’m gonna facefuck your husband now, open your mouth wide cocksucker….. that’s it…… now swallow that cock….. hmmmm damn I forgot how tight your throat was….. that’s it…..all the way in……oooh fuck I can feel his chin on my balls, look bitch he has my whole cock in his mouth…..keep it there… a little longer… a little longer……hmmmm.. yeah choke on it cocksucker……..”

Just when I thought I was about to blackout she slowly pulled it out of my throat, damn it felt good choking on that monster. I grabbed her ass and pulled her back in, needing that cock so bad I swallowed it again. I kept this up for a couple of minutes, sucking on that sweet cock, feeling her precum drip down my throat, her huge cock filling my throat. Damn this shemale was fucking my mouth hard, my wife is watching and enjoying the show and I’m in totally extasy being manhandled like this in front of her.

I guess she got tired of watching and moved over to me, grabbed my cock and whispered to me “goddamnit baby I never knew you where such a cocksucking bitch, you actually enjoy that monster in your mouth don’t you baby. Damn it’s so hot watching you suck that cock, suck it baby, show me how you want me to suck you off.”

Lientje didn’t like her jerking me off so she instructed her to stop it and get on the fucking bed and spread her legs. She looked down at me pulled her cock out of my mouth and moved over to my wife. She told me to hold my wife’s legs wide apart and watch how a shemale fucks a woman. She grabbed that monster of hers and inserted it into my wife’s tight pussy. She jammed that cock so hard up my wife’s pussy, she almost hit her head against the bedpost. My wife screamed out cause she had never gotten anything so huge up that tight hole of hers. This irritated lientje as she instructed me to shut the bitch up, so I stuck my cock in her mouth. Damn it felt good to finally get something warm around that cock of mine and it seemed that my wife took some lessons from my blowjob cause she was doing things to my cock she had never done before. She actually grabbed my ass and pulled it in so she could deep throat me. I decided to take advantage of the situation and turned around so I could better fuck her throat. This also gave me the opportunity to suck on her clit while lientje ravaged her pussy. Every so often she would take out her dick and feed it to me. pussy juice mixed with precum damn that must be the most intoxicating substance ever. I greedily sucked up every drop I could get.

She continued to fuck my wife’s pussy sore but I guess pussy wasn’t really her thing cause the next thing I knew she got up and moved behind me. Without any warning she spread my asscheeks and stuck that monster up my ass. My god that cock of hers was huge, I felt like my insides were being torn apart but she had no mercy.

“ooohhh goddamn bitch I forgot how tight your husbands hole was, I remember the last time I took it, I had to blackmail him with exactly what I’m doing now. Fuck suck on my balls bitch while I fuck his ass up. Yes cocksucker suck your wife’s pussy, show her how much you like being ass fucked by a hard cock you fucking faggot.”

I did as I was told not caring anymore how my ass was being torn apart. Instead I focused on sucking my wife pussy which was soaking wet. With every surge of cock I was starting to enjoy myself more, feeling that huge cock up my ass, having it rub against my prostrate with each fucking movement. Before long I was gyrating my ass to her fucking, clenching my hole tight on her cock everytime she pulled back. At least this time I had the luxury of having my cock sucked the same time as I was being assfucked by this monster.

After making a gaping hole out of my ass lientje decided she wanted another ass to fuck. She instructed me to lie on my back and told my wife to sit on my cock. After doing as she was told, lientje got behind her and once again stuck her cock in my wife’s body. Only this time it was in a spot I was never allowed to go. My wife’s eyes almost popped out her head when that cock was stuck up her rectum. She screamed out in pain as lientje rammed her ass. Lientje grabbed her by her hair, pulled her back and told her “stop screaming like that bitch, your cocksucker of a husband took this same cock up his ass, so you should be able to take it to bitch. So shut the fuck up and enjoy the feeling of 2 cocks in your hot body. Yeah that’s it bitch, grind that pussy on your husband’s cock, oh yeah that’s it slut , fuck us both.”
My wife starts to gyrate her hips, slow at first taking 2 cocks in her body for the first time in her life. With each grind of her hips she starts to enjoy it more. Before long she was fucking both of us so hard I had trouble keeping my dick from exploding. Not only was my wife’s tight pussy wrapped around my hard cock but lientje cock kept grinding against mine through that thin membrane between my wife’s pussy and asshole. Man what an insane sensation, getting fucked by my wife while she in turn gets fucked by this hot shemale. It seems my wife does have a freak in her which I never knew excisted. She was fucking us both so hard she came in this unbelieveable climax, I was glad that we didn’t have any neighbours. As my wife slowly came down from her high lientje took her cock out of my wife’s ass and fed it to me. I greedily sucked on it while I played with her ass.

She wanted a cock inside her now so she pushed my wife off of me and straddled my cock. I was then treated to some of the best fucking I had ever had. Each time her hot ass crushed my balls I could see her cock get harder. Man this bitch had a tight ass. I guess my wife recovered from her climax cause the next thing I knew she was sucking on that bouncing cock. She was trying to match her sucking with lientje fucking. With each upwards movement of her fucking my wife would get a big fat cock down her throat. And my slut of a wife was enjoying each inch of it, it was like a dark and horny slut was awakened inside of her. She was sucking that monster like her life depended on it.
I guess lientje liked it also cause she was starting to increase her pace moaning all sorts of hot shit “goddamn it bitch you suck cock almost as good as that cocksucker husband of yours…fuck this feels good bitch…. Suck that cock while your man fucks my hole raw…….fuck I can’t stand it anymore…….suck it bitch……. Fuck it cocksucker……ooohhh yeah…..oooohh fuuuuucckkkkkkk……….suck ….it……..aahhhhhhhhhhhh…………………………… don’t you dare swallow my cum, I want you to feed your husband it, he just loves him some hot cum down his throat.”

So my wife moves over and gives me a deep tongue kiss, sharing lientje salty musky cum with me. I feel it dripping down my throat and I swallow it greedily.
After being humiliated in front of my wife so many times and being fucked silly in my face and ass I decided it was my turn to get me some. I flip lientje over on her stomach and tell her to get on her knees. My wife takes position in front of liente and gives her some wet pussy to suck on. I grab my hard cock and shove it into her ass. Seeing as it was already warmed up from my previous fucking it slide it very easily. I grabbed her waist and started pounding that ass. I alternate between hard strokes and deep grindes. Lientje liked my fucking cause her cock was starting to grow again.

I wanted to see her face as I fucked her silly so I turned her around, put her legs on my shoulder and once again continued my fucking. My wife moved over and starting sucking on her cock. Man what a sight, fucking a tight asshole from a hot shemale while my wife sucks on her cock. This was really to much for me and before I knew it I felt this mindnumbing climax hit me. I pulled out my cock and came all over my wife’s face and lientje cock. At that same moment lientje came once again and sprayed her spunk down my wife’s throat. This time she swallowed it all and then licked my cum off lientje’s cock.

As I recovered from my climax, my wife cuddled up next to me on my left side and lientje on my right side, I lay there, my ass all fucked up, my dick fucked out and my mouth smelling of cock and pussy, I realized I must be the luckiest man alive. I got the best of both worlds and unlocked a side of my wife I never knew existed.
What more can a man want

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