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Jesse Turner was 18, and beautiful, at least Sam Weller thought so. The boy was slim, tall, pale with dark hair and bright green eyes. All Sam could think about was fucking him. Sam didn't care as long as he had a place to slip his dick into and Jesse was pretty enough to be both male and female.
Sam was well aware that he didn't have a shot in hell...well not a LEGAL shot in hell so he hatched a plan, to wait for when Jesse was alone. He was lucky enough to work at the kid's school, in fact he was Jesse's Math teacher and when he heard that the 18 year old had Saturday morning detention from one of his teachers, Sam put his plan into action.
The school was large and had recently upgraded it's parking lot into a parking garage after several people complained about having to walk in bad weather. On Saturday's the garage was nearly empty, shadows where everywhere as it wasn't lit properly. Sam waited in these shadows for Jesse.
He drew in a deep breath when he saw him walking to his car, the simple jeans and t-shirt he was wearing made him even hotter to Sam, who chuckled when Jesse realized 3 out of 4 of his tires had been slashed. Sam snuck up quietly behind the bewildered teen. Slipping a knife onto Jesse's troat Sam whispered, " Do as I say bitch and I wont hurt you." he felt the kid go stiff as a board. "put your hands behind your back. Don't fucking talk or your a dead cunt." As the boy put his hands behind his back Sam got out the metal handcuffs that where in his pocket bought especially for this moment, cuffing Jesse's hands tightly.
Sam grabbed a fist full of Jesse's hair with one hand, sheathed the knife with the other in his pants pocket than opened the back car door. He sat on the edge of the seat, forcing Jesse onto his knees using his gripe on the boys hair.With his free hand Sam unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. By this time the boy was shaking and trying not to sob, tears had just begun to roll down his face, but he really started to try and fight when he saw Sam's almost 12 inch cock, that's when Sam who outweighed him by almost 180 pounds backhanded him with enough force to send the boy sprawling to the ground though Sam kept his grip on the kid's hair. " You'll do as I say or I'll break your fucking neck. Got it? Blink if you do." Jesse blinked, his eyes now streaming.
Once again Sam made himself comfortable in the back seat, forcing Jesse's head down onto his dick. He rubbed himself on the boy's face, soaking in the tears. When the 18 year old wouldn't open his mouth Sam leaned down and gave a gentle but meaningful squeeze to Jesse's throat, having gotten the hint Jesse opened his mouth and Sam shoved his monster cock in. He didn't wait for Jesse to get adjusted, just pushed it in and down his slender throat. Using his hands to push and pull Jesse's head up and down on his dick, Sam could feel the boy gag and choke on him as he struggled to take it all down. Sam let out a low moan when he felt his cock slip into the boy's throat enough so that his balls where resting on Jesse's chin, he looked down to see the kid's face turning a beautiful red as all of Sam's shaft was burried down his throat. Sam didn't even have to move as Jesse's gagging was milking him. His balls tightened and started to tingle right before he started to shoot load after load of cum into the suffering boy's throat. He held him there long enough that Jesse had to swallow, cum seeping out around his mouth and down his chin." You boy, are a natural cocksucker." Sam laughed as he let go and Jesse fell to the ground.
He watched as the teen tried to curl up into the fetal postion on the cold garage floor, "Not done with you you little cunt." He picked him up by his cuffed arms and hair, dragging the crying and gasping boy to the hood of the car. He wedged the boy between his body and the car. One arm was linked around Jesse's arm so that he was gripping the boy's shoulder and the other was unzipping Jesse's pants. That's when the struggle started again, all Sam had to do was punch the skinny teen in the ribs, certain he had cracked one, to stop Jesse from fighting. He slammed Jesse's head and body down on the hood, Sam's hard and stronger body coming down on top of him to keep him still. Using nothing but precum and Jesse's drying spit he rammed half of his huge cock into the boys ass. Before the kid could scream though Sam placed a hand on his mouth, pumping harder into him,"Yeah .....come on you little bitch.....scream for me as I fuck you ." He sighed into Jesse's ear. Pulling out only to slam back into the boy, keeping his hand on Jesse's mouth he let his other hand roam the teens body while whispering in the kid's ear as he pummeled his ass. " Your nothing but a little bitch boy whore aren't you? Well now your going to be my bitch, your ass is all mine." he groaned as he felt the rest of his dick slip into Jesse's ass. "Yeah take it boy!." he moaned as Jesse's screams grew loader under Sam's hand. Sam continued shoving himself in and out of the kid. He let his free hand grip Jesse's balls, that's how he found out that if he squeezed hard on them the boy would jump back to get away from the hand squeezing and onto his cock, in effect fucking himself. Sam lifted Jesse off of the hood, jack hammering now into the boy harder than before while squeezing the teen's balls, his nails digging into the kid's flesh. "Such a little cock whore." he breathed into Jesse's ear as he began to shoot the most cum he ever had in his life in to the sobbing and broken 18 year old.
Sam cleaned himself off on Jesse's t-shirt that somehow got ripped while Jesse struggled. He walked over to where the boy lay on the concrete, broken and sobbing, Sam knelt and began to rub his back." All right, come on then." he picked the boy up by his still cuffed arms an marched him into the back seat of his own car, throwing him in, after which he placed a ball gag in Jesse's mouth, got in and drove away.

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Thanks for the addition.

Brigit Astar
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My, such a violent story...

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I have to agree a violent story indeed but not my cup of tea, although shows great promise as a writer.

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;hubbaFucking G-R-R-R-EAT!!! I love the detailed descriptions of him forcing that huge dick up inside of that sweet, tight, young asshole. Made me remember the first time I had a cock inside my own asshole... Of course I was only 13 when I got raped by the thirty something yr old schoolbus driver on the way home from school.;dggy

Incest Master
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Nice story not into guys but after reading this got my cock hard and mind thinking,theres aguy that works at one of the local stores here that could pass for a girl dress,s kinda femmie thanks for the story