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05-12-2011, 12:42 PM
A voluptuous woman sat in front of her vanity, dabbing on sandalwood perfume. She had wide hips, slim arms, large breasts, soft flat stomach, and beautifully curved legs. She was wearing black thigh high stockings held by a red garter belt and red lace crotchless panties under a short red babydoll slip. She put on red rose studs, a black choker and red heels for good measure. Her long shiny black hair was down, flowing gloriously around her wide hips. She was made up too, with black kohl around her eyes and blood red lipstick that made her look like pure temptation.
Her cell phone buzzed on her table. Scarlett smiled as she clicked a button.
‘Hey Sexy.’
It was from Mara, her girlfriend. She had met Mara by chance, on a website forum. They had chatted for a while before being overcome by the creeping sexual tension. Mara had told her straight off that she was bisexual and Scarlett had not hesitated to disclose her pan sexuality. It was not long before they had begun to flirt over texts and emails.
Tonight however, she was going to do the deed. Over the phone.
‘Hey babe. What’s going on?’ She texted back.
A few seconds later Mara replied.
‘Just you, babe, just you.’
Scarlett grinned.
‘I want to try something new tonight.’
The reply could not have been quicker.
Scarlett hit Call. A moment later, someone picked up. “Hello?” They said shakily in a deep feminine voice. “It’s me,” She purred.
Scarlett had always had a sexy voice, ever since she was about ten. It was sweet, husky, and crooning, like a schoolgirl all grown up. It was her edge when she sang, and when she seduced. Today, she would use the second function.
“Shush. Lie back and let me talk.” Her smile became cat-like. “I was thinking about you today, and I got so hot and wet, I knew I had to talk to you.” She said, fingering her freshly shaven pussy. Mara’s breath hitched. “I’m fingering myself right now, you know.”
“Oh baby…”
“Shush, shush, I do all the talking today, baby. You I love to talk dirty to you. It really turns me on and makes my pussy ache for you.”
She paused as she fucked herself with two fingers; she was getting wetter, alright. “I’m going to put my pussy on the phone for you so you can hear what I mean. She put the phone down on her throbbing center so she could hear the delicious squelch of juices flowing from within her.
She picked it up again to hear Mara moaning.
“Are you touching yourself?” Scarlett asked knowingly. Mara made a small noise in her throat that Scarlett took as a yes. “You’re a dirty little whore,” Mara moaned.
“Am I? Let’s see if I can live up to that. How many fingers are you using?”
“Try three, baby. It’ll be the best. Remember the last time we fucked and you took charge?”
Mara made a strangled sound and gasped. “Yes, baby, I remember.”
“This time I call the shots. I push you against the wall, pull down your pants, and hold you up by the waist as I drop to my knees. I make you part your legs and I suck at your wet panties, already dripping juice.”
“Oh baby, you’re the best…” Mara faltered.
“I pull those down too, with my teeth until they’re somewhere around your knees, I don’t care. I have to fuck you, now.
“I have to fuck you, too.” Mara whimpered.
“Yes, yes, baby, but it’s your turn first. I lick down your puffy pink lips all covered in brown fluffy curls. I love how you keep ‘em nice and trimmed, just the way I like it. I fuck you with my tongue and eat you out. I put a finger in your asshole as I do this.”
“You’re so dirty…” Mara murmured.
“I love your clit so much and how it drives you wild but I save that until you’re about ready to explode and then I suck it so hard you cum, screaming, squirting all over my face.”
“Oh my goooodddd….” Mara moaned and Scarlett could tell she was cumming as she panted.
“Cum for me, baby. Cum for Momma.” Scarlett coaxed and she came, screaming just as Scarlett said. The sound echoed somewhere, Scarlett was startled. Was it that loud? She continued, puzzled.
“I wipe it off with my hands and eat it, then offer you some too. I can tell you want it so bad.”
“So bad, baby.” There was a knock at the door. Scarlett cursed and went to answer it. “Hold on a minute, baby.” She said as she opened the door.
There was Mara, hair askew and sweaty, in a trench coat holding a cell phone. Scarlett smiled. “I gotta go, babe, I’ll talk to you later.” And she hung up.

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