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This is a fantasy story involving my wife in a 'saga' that in my idea will have several chapters. I will write them considering 'also', or better, 'mainly' taking in considerations your feedbacks, inputs, suggestions.

Attached the pictures of my wide and her rival. These have been done elaborating real pictures to guarantee the privacy of the protagonists and to give you, at the same time, an idea about how they look like in the reality.

In the following chapters other characters will be introduced, and also for them an elaborated picture will be posted.

Last thing.. please forgive my english as I'm not a native english speaker.
I live with my wife Pat at the last floor of a building where there are other 3 families and since the beginning, and I really do not know the reason of that, there was an instinctive bad feeling between a mature woman living alone at the first floor and my wife.

Any occasion was good to have discussions between them, but without any particular consequence except some bad words shouted against each other.

The other woman is called Julie and she is 55 yo, tall about 5.3 for 120 lbs with thin and straight blonde reddish hair styled in a sort of helmet long to the neck base and with a fringe covering most of her forehead. Her face has stuck out cheekbones and it is a little squared. She is for sure not beautiful, but we can say that she has an interesting look and, considering the age, her body is still slim and well formed despite very small tits.

My wife is younger, she is 44 yo , tall 5.4 for 110 lbs and brunette with soft and a little wavy hair long to the shoulder base combed back and leaving her forehead free. Her face, and not because is my wife, is really nice with delicate outlines and wonderful brown eyes. She really demonstrates at least 6-7 years less than her real age. Also her shape is really good with well formed and sustained tits and ass, the only negative point is a belly a little too flabby, effect of her pregnancy.

Well… I do not know what really happened that day, but since that moment our life was never more like before.

It was a summer afternoon and I was looking the TV when suddenly, through the opened windows, I heard my wife and Julie shouting another time against each other with the usual bad words: the only difference was that the shouting this time was really long and particularly loud.

At that point I decided to go outside to see what was happening and I found the two women still shouting and discussing. Julie was shouting ‘You fucking bitch must finish to consider yourself as the princess of this house’ my wife replied full of anger ‘Shut up… frustrated piece of shit... you are pathetic, get out of here or I’m really going to crush you one time for all’.

Julie was red in the face like she was in fire and put her hands on the hips mocking my wife and hissing out ‘ I would really see that.. ugly little slut.. I would really see that’.
I was not able to say anything and by the way the two women were really ignoring me so taken by their quarrel while my wife was replying more in anger ‘I can’t wait to show you that.. old whore.. I’m ready when you want’.

At that moment I stuttered ‘Hey.. ladies.. do not you think is the right time to close this discussion here and now?’

Pat turned her face to me and I was really scared looking at her purple face full of anger: ’Stay out of here! Stay out of here! This is a deal between me and this old garbage’ and then, still facing her hated rival, hissed out: ‘Say where and when.. whore.. it is really time to define this affair one time for all.. you are going to be so sorry to bother me at any time’.

Still with the hands on her hips Julie badly smiled and smirked to my wife: ‘Yeahh.. finally you asked for this little bitch.. you will regret so much to mess with me.. let have this tomorrow at the same hour.. here… in front of all other people living here’.

My wife at those words seemed a little undecided and looking at Julie a little scared mumbled ‘What? What whore… what does this mean.. why in front of other people?’

Still smirking and smiling Juiie badly hissed out enjoying to see a trace of fear on Pat’s face:‘ Tsk... tsk… already scared skank? Do you remember.. you have challenged me.. and so I decide the rules for this deal and I say that this deserves a public show .. everyone here must know who is the slut in this house’ and again mocking my wife and more smiling hissed half closing her eyes:’.. but if you are scared like the slut you are.. that is fine: this means that we already know who is the slut here and I will do my best to have all the people knowing that’.

Again I tried to intervene and, taking one arm of my wife, I said:’ Come on.. honey.. get out from here.. do not care the words of this old witch.. she is only a frustrated poor woman’.

But I was not considering the pride of my wife, she pulled free her arm from my grip and stepped few inches from the face of her rival hissing out :’You are dreaming.. bitch.. I am not scared of you at all.. you are less than nothing.. and it will be a bigger pleasure to destroy and humiliate you in front of our neighbours.. let them see what you really are: only a big piece of shit! And I have some other rules for tomorrow.. the deal will be without rules and will finish only when the winner will decide to close it’.

‘Mmmhhhh..’ Julie whispered stepping more to my wife so that they were nose against nose ‘that is really good to me… and then.. let see what you have inside you.. the loser will have to beg be the slave and the slut of the winner until she wants.. is that still fine for you..HONEY?’

I said: ‘Pat.. finish this idiot thing…’ but my wife shouted turning her face to me ‘ SHUT UPPPP !!!!’ and facing again her hated rival hissed out almost spitting: ‘That is fine.. bitch.. you should look really nice as a doggy’.

Finally Julie stepped away from my wife and almost laughing said:’ Well slut.. than the deal is done… see you tomorrow.. we will have real fun’

I stepped to my wife hissing to her: ’Are you crazy ? Are you crazy? What have you done.. my God’, she looked at me and calmly said:’ I have done what I must to do.. It was time for this.. and do you really think that I could be scared of a so ugly and old skank? Come on! Yes, tomorrow we will have fun.. a great fun’ and saying that she stepped away to go back in our flat.

(to be continued)

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